Head of the Youth Sector, Carbone: “Vismara is my home, we will continue to follow our identity, the Primavera must return to the first division”

Angelo Carbone talking during an event. (@acmilan.com)

Angelo Carbone has given an interview to Tuttosport about the Youth Sector of the Rossoneri, explaining their mission.

Since July 1, Carbone has been the Head of the Rossoneri Youth Sector and coordinator of the Women’s department, where he is joined by Elisabet Spina.

The former Milan midfielder spoke to Tuttosport’s Pietro Mazzara on Friday to speak ahead of the new season.

“10 years ago I became part of the Attività di Base [the department of kids in ages of 5-12] and now I’m in the bridge of the ship of the Youth Sector? Has it been 10 years already [laughs]? I have a strong sense of belonging to this club, because I experienced part of the ‘Berlusconian’ epic,” he said.

“Mauro Bianchessi wanted me to work with him at Attività di Base and I touched al the bands of the pyramid. It’s a source of great pride for me to hold this position, also because today I have a complete vision of what is happening in the Youth Sector. Vismara [where the Youth Sector trains] is my first home, I spend 10 hours a day there and I come here with great pleasure and enthusiasm to do my best in this very prestigious role.

Angelo Carbone during Liverpool Legends-Milan Glorie at Anfield on March 23, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

“What is the mission that was given to the club? I certainly start from great foundations and I thank those who worked here before me. A very important work has been done on the concepts and methods of play, and on scouting. We need to give continuity to our work, because the results can be seen in the long term. The objective is to continue to produce players who can either be in the first team or in professional football, cultivating the talent of the players to train them in the best way and bring them ready to the gates of football of the big.

“In the past years Milan have won little in terms of trophies, preferring to form players? We must make a choice: to win or to form the guys. At Milan, in the last years, we haven’t put sporting results as a primary element, even though they are important because they are part of the guys’ training. We will continue to follow our identity, which is to teach the kids the principles of the play that make them complete. We have a precise identity and a way of playing that distinguishes us. You don’t form a player only with results. Sometimes you don’t want, but you know that behind you there are players who can become important. If you want to win, you take boys who are already structured and then you win.

“Specific programs dedicated to talents? I believe that talent should be placed at the center of attention, but nowadays the management of the kids is very important. Balances that are subtle and fundamental in groups must be maintained, otherwise there is the risk of creating bad tempers, and we can’t afford that. The talent must be cultivated and helped and we will do it, because we have to give players to the first team.

Angelo Carbone during Sacchi’s book presentation at Banco BPM auditorium on June 17, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

“What are the objectives for the Primavera who were relegated last year? Our Primavera must return to the Primavera 1 league. Last year there were some contributing factors that led to the relegation, but this year the club made an important mercato and we aim to return to where we deserve to be. The win at Memorial Mamma Cairo 2019 was a good sign.

“The other Youth categories? We want to be competitive in all the leagues, following our identity and always giving the maximum. Obviously we are Milan and we’ll try to go all the way.”

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