Serginho: “Giampaolo can help Duarte improve even more, Léo is aggressive, explosive, physical and technical”

Léo Duarte celebrating during Flamengo-Fluminense at Maracanã Stadium on October 13, 2018. (Photo by Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images)

Serginho, who worked alongside agent Alessandro Lucci to bring Leo Duarte to Milan, talked about the center back.

Léo Duarte is a new Milan player (only the signature is missing) as he arrives from Flamengo on a five-year deal for €11m.

The negotiations for Duarte took place between the leadership of the Rossoneri, and the representatives of the player in Italy – Alessandro Lucci (the agent of Suso and Davide Calabria among many others), and Serginho. The former Milan left-back spoke to today’s edition of the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport about the player.

“Why did I suggest Duarte? At 23, he already has great personality, he has 87 appearances at Flamengo, which is a very difficult squad,” he said. “He is aggressive, explosive, physical and technical. He is married and calm, even outside the field he respects the club’s philosophy.

“If he’s ready for Milan? He’s got everything to be. We Brazilians are more instinctive but he already has a sense of tactics and positioning. A period of adaption is normal but it’ll be easier for him. If he’ll be a first-tier defender at Milan? Two months ago we talked about him for the first time. [Milan head of scouting Geoffrey] Moncada came to Brazil and Duarte struck him.

“The consent of Paolo [Maldini], who is among the greatest ever in the role, is a decisive point. And then Giampaolo is a football profession, he can help him improve even more.”

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for 10m its a wise gamble, if it pays off we will have a great young defender on our hands, if not like was the case with Gomez, we should be able to recoup most of our money back. Based on videos i’ve seen he is a very physical defender like stam which is ideal for serie A.


Gomez is also very physical, and he cost only 8.5 M € at that time (approx. the same as Duarte’s today).
While physical ability certainly gives advantages to defenders, what really matters in Europe’s big leagues (especially Serie A) is tactical ability. You know it’s harder for latin players, because of their football culture.
Let’s hope he really learn a lot.


i was surprised we went after him and signed him but for this price and his age its low risk high reward signing, very similar to Krunic. Neither will be automatic starters but they will get their chance to shine and are definitely worthy squad players. Bennacir and Hernadez are the two standout transfers, both are fantastic signings. Leao is controversial for that price. My biggest disappointment so far is the sale of Cutrone, especially for 18m when likes of Moise Kean are sold for 35m. Cutrone has scored plenty of goals and is proven goal scorer and voted in… Read more »


Interesting one. I’m sure it’s hoped Caldara returns to form the first choice CB partnership, but this guy must be worth a look at the price. We have to get out the habit off paying twenty million for average dross like Bertolacci or the bog average spaniard we took back in the Bacca deal.