Calabria to Cutrone: “It’ll be strange after all these years not to be in the same dressing room, I will miss you”

Davide Calabria and Patrick Cutrone before Milan-Roma at Stadio San Siro on October 1, 2017. (

Davide Calabria and Manuel Locatelli have written emotional messages to Patrick Cutrone, who left Milan today.

The Rossoneri said goodbye to one of the most beloved players in the squad, as Patrick Cutrone signed a four-year contract with Wolverhampton Wanderers, reportedly joining the Premier League outfit for €18m plus €4m of bonuses.

Cutrone grew up in the Youth Sector of Milan and was a close friend of Manuel Locatelli, who last summer, like Patrick left the club on a permanent basis, and of Davide Calabria, who will soon sign a contract extension.

“It’ll be strange, so very strange, after all these years not to be in the same dressing room, wearing the same shirt, not having you constantly around at Milanello. But that is football. That is life,” Calabria wrote on Instagram. “You already know everything I think and what you need to do. It won’t be easy, but with your determination, you’ll succeed. I wish you the best, my friend, I’ll miss you.”

Locatelli posted a message of his own: “Brother, I still can’t believe it, but this is the reality. From Esordienti B to the First Team, a story to tell that the children who are chasing the same dreams we had. That dream that after eight years we could look each other in the eye and say, we did it.

“You embodied ‘Milanismo’ to perfection. I would like to write you many things, but for the moment I wish you the best because you deserve it for the person you are. Life confronts us with choices and we must take them. I hope for you that this is the right path. I am convinced that with your determination and hunger that only you have, that you’ll give your all and prove how much you’re worth in England too.

“Distance can never be a problem for us, and we’ve already proved that. I can only say that I’ll always be here for you. Good luck, my brother.”

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A story to write a book to be honest, 3 friends, 3 teammates and everyone gets in separate ways… It could have been all different and all could have stayed and played in the same team, but “that is life” and that says it all !!! I wish all of u good luck, many achievements and never change. Real friends are for life and i hope u all stay this way.



Sacrificed place and game time of Locatelli for Biglia (Flop), Pasalic (Flop) Sacrificed Cutrone for Silva (Flop), Higuain (Flop), Piatek (Justified), and now Leao (Will he be justified? I hope so but I really really doubt it). Calabria wouldn’t have made it if Conti was fit despite performing poorly. Now that he got the chance he is establishing himself as one of the best Italian RBs of present time. Donna, we all know how good he is. And yet, every single time there are few ‘fans’ who even want Calabria to be sidelined and Donnarumma to be driven away. It… Read more »


Higuain was a flop, but my friend, Pipita is Pipita anytime, you cannot play Cutrone when you have Pipita ! Piatek was lethal, it was hard for Patrick


from the beginning. should have been our core of players.
should have buyed players to complete our own jewels.


Very sad..great potential in Serie A and the absolute Milan DNA, without replacing him with a world class player..hope him all the best and w8 u back PC63


So emotional, I find it to believe they let him go just like that. Hopefully there’s a buy back clause in his contract. And also the Leao guy prove me wrong cos I will be the first person to start cursing him