Cutrone: “I love the Rossoneri fans, the messages of the fans got to me, leaving also affects me but life is like that”

Patrick Cutrone during Milan-Torino at Stadio San Siro on December 9, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Patrick Cutrone has left Italy to start his new adventure in the Premier League at Wolverhampton Wanderers and he said ‘decisions have to be made’ in life.

Milan are making changes in the squad and one of the players who have been sacrificed is 21-year-old striker Cutrone.

The Rossoneri have agreed a transfer with Wolverhampton Wanderers worth a reported €18m plus €4m of bonuses, and after days of reflection, Patrick also said ‘yes’ to their offer, accepting a four-year contract worth €2m per season.

Today, Cutrone, who with his passion, attitude and goals entered into the heart of many Milan fans since getting promoted to the first team from the Primavera, was at Malpensa to take a one-way flight to England, in order to have his medical and start his new life as a Premier League player.

“I’m fine. If I’m disappointed? Well, you’ve seen it… I have nothing to say. I’m always ready and fired up,” Cutrone, who scored 27 goals in 90 appearances for the Rossoneri, told reporters at the airport, per “Reading the messages of the Milan fans got to me. It means I made a positive mark on them. I wish the Milan fans and my teammates all the best. I love the Rossoneri fans.

“Leaving also affects me, but life is like that. Decisions have to be made. I’ll try to do my best. Now I’m just thinking about fitting in well and doing for them.”

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With tears…..I say goodbye and wish u all the best in your career. ..You are a true Milan fan. .You will forever be in our hearts….my profound and deepest gratitude goes to you for your passion and respect for Milan jersey.Thank you !

Nathan Graegin

This is truly an embarrassing day for Milan. How can you let someone like him go when he’s the future of Italian cf. we never even gave him a real chance to be the main man. When he got consistent play time he scored 15 goals in his first season. Now when we give him dramatically less play time, which results in less goals, all of a sudden we need to sell him. These ppl better hope piatek starts scoring again bc his link up play sucks, and he lacks the motivation to track back and help. Good luck cutrone,… Read more »


There’s two sides to every story and I believe something happened last season that didn’t sit well with Milan management that led to this situation. Milan apparently had no intentions of keeping Cutrone regardless if he wanted to stay.

The Big Dog

And what could that be Nick, please tell us? Don’t be a slanderer and an accuser without a cause. Cutrone was a decent Man in all respect. Sadly, Milan just didn’t appreciate his qualities and chose to let him go. Please don’t smear Cutrone’s good reputation with the Rossoneri. Show respect!

Baresis Dream

What happened is very simple – Milan mgmt decided that Cutrone is not good enough to build our future upon. Like everyone here, I also really liked Cutrone, but future of Italy cf is going a little overboard.


Good luck, 63!

I think he’s got the ability to move his game up a couple of levels. Only thing you can say is that this helps the FFP farce and we have additional funds with a homegrown player being sold so it’s a double benefit.

Still a number of players I would have liked to have seen sold before him. There is continued talk around Borini being shifted to the EPL. If that were to happen I think I might have to open a bottle of something decent.


Selling smoke as always


Good luck in your premiership experience, and I hope to see u wearing the milan Jersey again in the future

Nathan Graegin

Oh and there better be a freakin buy back clause in this ridiculous sale. Also if we need funds then it’s time to sell suso, hakan, biglia, borini and castellejo bc they are not good enough plain and simple. YEs they have skill but are not it’s consistent and are to slow in transition. If this is about money then sell them to. We are turning into the new inter Milan, only 3 Italians starting. AND almost none on the bench.


Poor Cutrone, it must have been really hard for him to leave Milan and its no doubt he loves the club very much but unfortunatly football is no longer about passion and hardworking players, its a business, and he or donna must have leave for us to continue. Its been a long time since we had someone so attached to the club at such a fragile age, probably Locatelli too, but this is life… Sad story but i wish him from my heart best of luck in his new adventure and i hope he will be at least so much… Read more »


Thank you Cutrone..Thank you Patrick…We the fans love you no matter where you are. Wolves will know that they’ve got the best cf in decades. Score 27+ goals this season, that’s our prayer for you. We live you….

Patrick Cutrone

Grazi everyone here.

I don’t comment on this website but I want to extend my gratitude to the fans for there support.


Thank you for your amazing crucial goals the last two seasons. You have a true milan spirit in you. It’s sad that he’s leaving but, we made good profit out of this deal. And in all honestly, Cutrone will never reach the heights of Inzaghi or Belotti for the next few years. And the chances of him turning into a borini is higher with his grit energetic displays. Yes he’s improving every month but that’s about it. Management wouldn’t be that crazy to let him go if he was an inzaghi calibre. And everyone complaining that our management let our… Read more »


I read this story with teary eyes. Thank you Patrick for what you did for Milan. You will forever remain in our hearts


Usually when our star players left to other clubs, what I felt towards the players is disappointment. This time I’m feeling sadness. Maybe this is what Lazio fans felt when Nesta had to leave Lazio for the club’s sake.
All the best Patrick! You stay in our hearts.


A real fighter, I am really sorry for him

Bajan Milanatic

Thank you Cutrone for all that you’ve done for this great club and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, but make no mistake about it, this may turn out to be the best move for your young career.
The way the game is played in England ( high tempo,free flowing) may add another dimension to your repertoire that will allow you to grow into the player most Milan fans expect you to become in the near future.
I, for one, would be more than happy to see you back at the club again.

Good Luck


Patrick you will always have my respect. I believe you will do well in England, with your grit, strength and agility in a team like wolves,, I believe you can be a surprise to england…goodluck bro


A true milanistas, I’m sad he’s leaving but I get it. He has limited space in the team and he’s a player who needs game time. I just wish we can add a buy back clause or something. All the best cutro! Grateful for everything you did. Sempre Milan!!


Wasn’t he the one who wanted to leave since he didn’t want to be a back up for Piatek?
No need to make a drama out of it


He whispered that to you, right?
Get a brain and stop believing everything you read online.


Why don’t you get one before you open your mouth and type anything that comes out of it?


At least they could’ve wait a littlein order to find him a good team… I always got my doubts on him, surely he won’t ever be an Inzaghi but I thought that with some faith he could’ve been a great player for us. His technical skills are deficient but his heart, hunger and playing for the club he loves would surely would’ve motivated him to grew stronger. FFS we hired the guy who made Quagliarella capocanionneri but we let Cutrone go away? I just can’t understand it other than balancing the books BS. He saved our asses in his debut… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Thank you, goodbye, and good luck.

And let’s not get carried away here; this is not Milan offloading zlatan and t silva to psg. We sold one of our bench players to a team where hopefully he can get more opportunities. That’s it. It’s sad because how can you not love the kid, but we are not tearing down the team by selling him.

soheil balini

It’s not just about the talent. I can give you an example. Ambro was never at Pirlo or Seedorf level. But we kept him because he had influence on the fans and the team. Cutrone sell was not necessary. It is against his will and he got some fans mad enough (like me) to not buy any tickets this time. Just check instagram and see at least half the fans, hate letting him go. It’s not a good moral for a new team and new coach. For me. Any games without scoring is Maldini, Boban, & Giampaolo’s fault because they… Read more »

Amos K. Dennis

I wish you well boy, Liberia is following


This doesnt make any sense; Cutrone is perfect back up for piatek. Back then milan had massaro, papin, ganz, hell even tomasson and crespo as back up target men. If milan really need money then sell castillejo, laxalt, borivaldo and probably even messie, certainly not a tenacious st like cutrone. A proper 2 st team should have 4 pure st.