Castillejo has attracted interest from Spain, his agent Quilon had a four-hour meeting at Casa Milan on Friday

Samu Castillejo celebrating during Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 6, 2019. (

Manuel Garcia Quilon was at Casa Milan for four hours on Friday and it is reported that Samu Castillejo, one of his clients, could leave.

Castillejo only arrived from Villarreal last summer, but with Marco Giampaolo switching to a 4-3-1-2 formation, the winger finds himself surplus to requirements and it’s reported that Milan are prepared to sell him.

Football agent Manuel Garcia Quilon was at Casa Milan today and according to, he had a four-hour meeting with the leaders of the Diavolo.

Quilon is the agent of Theo Hernández, who arrives to the club from Real Madrid, and of Pepe Reina, but he also represents Castillejo. MN claims that Samu could leave Milan in this transfer market and that he has attracted interest from a few La Liga clubs – Valencia are believed to be one of them.

When Castillejo was signed from Villarreal, Paolo Maldini stated that the 24-year-old forward could be the surprise of the season. However, one year later, the same Maldini seems willing to sell Samu.

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He showed glimpses of a great player, but he is way to weak for Serie A, he needs to leave


I wonder what they say during these four hour meetings?
“I have this and this player”
“Ok. ”
“Samu is on the market? Ok. These clubs are interested in him. ”
“Ok, sweet ”
“They offer this much ”
“Allright, lets go”.
Doesnt feel like that takes four hours haha

Baresis Dream

He’s also the agent of Hernandez if I understand correctly, and that’s was the main reason for the meeting.

Samu could have been a decent sub had we sticked to the 4-3-3, but if we are switching to two strikers up front he’s very much redundant.


The amount of average dross we are clearing or being linked to seeing exiting, it is truely heart warming. Keep it coming, or going, as it were.

Forza Milan!!