Di Marzio: “The agreement with UEFA was a bit of a liberation for Milan, now the sale of Donnarumma is a choice”

Gianluigi Donnarumma during Milan-Empoli at Stadio San Siro on February 22, 2019. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Gianluca Di Marzio has claimed that Milan don’t need to make a sale in unfavorable conditions anymore due to the sanctions of CAS.

Milan learned yesterday that they will not participate in the 2019/20 Europa League due to breaches of the Financial Fair Play break-even rule in two periods: 2015/2016/2017 and 2016/2017/2018.

This punishment, which arrived through a Consent Award between Milan and UEFA that was confirmed by CAS, replaces the previous punishments given to the Rossoneri. Therefore, they now have more time to negotiate a new, more favorable agreement with UEFA and as a result have more leeway in the transfer market.

“For the directors of Milan, even in a key mercato, the agreement with UEFA was a bit of a liberation,” Sky’s Gianluca Di Marzio said. “They are not burdened to make a sale before June 30 to make a capital gain, with the haste and the conditions imposed by the mercato, like in the case of Donnarumma.

“Now the sale of Donnarumma is a choice of the club, if he doesn’t renew then next year there would be inferior selling conditions. Milan will have to make wise choices in the next three years and start making capital again, with more calmness than yesterday.

Gianluigi Donnarumma during a Italy training session at Ennio Tardini on March 25, 2019. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

“The negotiation for Donnarumma can go ahead with more favorable paths for Milan: in regards to different conditions on the evaluation of Donnarumma, on the choice of Areola as part of the deal… everything changes. This is why I perceived satisfaction in the Milan directors.”

The initial offer of Paris Saint-Germain was €20m plus Areola, but Milan rejected it. The Diavolo can now set their own price and only sell Gigio for the price they want – if they want to do it.

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Great news. Let’s try not to sell the greatest goalkeeping prodigy in years please. If we need to sell to spend, there’s plenty of other options. Suso, Cutrone, Rodriguez, Silva or even Kessie are all players I’d rather we sell. However, hopefully this will allow us to spend more. A CDM is needed, hopefully Torreira (we should’ve gone for Diawara-20 million is a bargain). Then a CM, someone very creative and with high technical ability, Ceballos is the dream. A CB that isn’t too expensive would also be ideal. And finally, a SS to play with Piatek. I’d prefer this… Read more »

Baresis Dream

I’m afraid the decision about Donna has already been made.


It is not just about selling someone else dude. This kid’s salary is the problem at the moment. If we have renew his contract, raiola will ask for 8-10mil a year as he is already on 6mil. Unless he renew his contract on the same salary that he is already earning or cut his salary which is both highly unlikely, Milan will not be able to keep him at the moment.


Totally agree. Raiola will cause nothing but drama when it comes time to renew Donnarumma’s contract if he stays at Milan.

This will disrupt the team’s synergy as every player and their agent will be looking for a pay raise and an improved contract like the case with Suso.

I’m in favor of Milan selling Donnarumma because we can survive without him. I would be more upset if Milan was trying to offload Piatek or Romagnoli who are the only untouchable players at Milan in my opinion.


We can survive without him? You realize we won games because of some of his miracles. Its crazy how some of you are willing to let go of arguably the best young goalie in the world and the goalie of italy for the next 15 20 years.


We won games because of Piatek. So what’s your point? We lost games because of Donnarumma errors so it evens out. We need Piatek more than we need Donnarumma. So we can survive without Donnarumma.


You are the exact profile of a “fan” who reminds me of an age old question that go’s like…. I wonder why a dog chases after a car, and if it caught it what would it do? Here we have a goalkeeper who is in effect our biggest star and most valuable player not to mention our biggest lure for sponsorships and not because of anything else other than pure talent but for some strange reason you want him gone!! You who I have no doubt want Milan to win but to win you need the best so in effect… Read more »


Bro, Milan is in a poor financial state due to the previous management mistakes and bad spending.

I don’t want Donnarumma to leave because of any personal feelings. He is indeed a good goalkeeper but if Milan has to sacrifice a player I would rather Donnarumma instead of Piatek or Romagnoli.

Milan must sell to balance the books and to have money to spend to strengthen the squad. So it’s all about economics right now. Milan must sell in order to buy new players for Giampaolo.


Nick, we can sell castillejo, cutrone, suso, Silva RR anyone but Donnarumma, how can you think Piatek is more important than Donnarumma? What are you thinking?


I rarely post comments on here but dude, Piatek is that more important than Donna. To even think Donna is unsellable is just craziness.


Exactly. Based recent rumors the only untouchable players according to Milan are Piatek, Romagnoli and Paqueta.

As a matter of fact Milan are pushing hard to sell Donnarumma this season.


I don’t need rumors and clickbaits to have common sense. You guys clearly don’t have a clue how websites works. One season wonder against a kid who missed a few crucial games because high school. Sigh… Donnarumma gets no attention because he is a goalkeeper, but he is way more influential from all aspects than any other player since Maldini retired. Surely, we can replace him with a solid and cheaper gk, but then will send a message to the world that we are a feeder club. We need to improve, and replacing one of the best GK in the… Read more »


Whether you like it or not Milan are indeed planning to offload Donnarumma. Make no mistakes about that. He will be sold if a desired offer comes in for him and Milan is pushing for his sales even though Donnarumma doesn’t want to leave. No player is more valuable than the club and if Milan can sell ballon d’ors like Kaka, Sheva, Weah, Baggio and Gullit then Donnarumma is nobody special for us to take off the market. Besides every team is going through some sort of evolution which is typical in modern day football. Milan is not doing anything… Read more »


Allright Nick, Because Hazard, Modric Ronaldo, are begging to join us, Milan is a former glorious team and you don’t win with memories, you win with quality and Donnarumma is the best you can get for this project, young and promising and a plus for being Italian. Yes his wage is a disgrace and his parasitic brother even worst, but considering modern football he is a bargain for a keeper like him. He could be playing CL or earning way more in England he stays because he wants to be the next Maldini, he asked for the Armband and he… Read more »


We really don’t need overhauling of this team, we only need a CB & I believe Andersen is D man for the job. A CDM (Regista) option between Leandro Perades/Jordan Veretout, a CM (mezzela) either Dani Cabellos/ Denis Praet. We already have players that will complement the other positions. It will be great if Donnarumma stays by signing extension to his contract with the same salary or be shipped out.


Now that FFP restrictions have relaxed, we can keep donna and go for selling Suso/Biglia/Samu. Makes perfect sense. If there is any chance of keeping Donna in the squad, we should. But the problem is the shit-throwing contest that will begin next year when we would go for renewing Donna’s contact. I hate Raiola.

zahid hossain

Now we should fulfill our weak position first n then try to sell our 3/4 players according to Mr.Giampaolo’s choice….We should give him full support….. Good Luck Milan


What ever day can fake up to we belong. Is what i want.


They’re too many good goalkeepers, sale Donna it the best idea with €6m a year acmilan can paying three good players for a year just go after Navas he gonna cheaper a year


I agree and it makes more sense to do that.


Two many good keepers!!!! Who? I presume you guys are refering to Plizz and Reina? So tell me how many games has Plizz played in Seria A in his entire career? I think it’s none but maybe I missed something? So that leaves Reina who yes I agree is very very good but isn’t he rather old now? Maybe a couple more years at the top and God forbid he got injured do we put Plizz in goal? But yes you guys are right let’s sell Donnarumma for €50m and get a third choice keeper in his place for €5m… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Naz, I’m totally with you … Donna is worth every penny, and the price we’re hearing for him in the news is ridiculous- he is worth 90-100 million at least in my book. But to me it seems the decision has already been made, partially two years ago by Riola, and towards the end of the season by Elliot. And they are using Maldini’s pretty face to shield any fan frustration. Elliot will not loose money off of this project, even if it means stripping it and selling it as spare parts. If it were me I would cash in… Read more »

Rosso Joburg

A players price is not only made from his ability. It is known that he has only 2 years on his contract and he won’t renew. Hence everyone knows we can’t get top dollar for him hence he is worth 50m. Next year he will be worth 25m. The year after that 0.


Like Alessio Cragno, Merit, Perrin, Pepe Reina, Plizzari, etc. They are more quality keepers around compared to defenders and strikers.


Do you not understand like your fellow fan Nick that in order to win you need the best? Are the best cheap? No…. So you want to sell one of our best and sign 3 “good players” Do you see where this is going? Continue to take 1 step forward and then 3 steps back and before you know it Ac Milan is a memory like Nottingham Forest the once kings of Europe who now remain in old men’s memories So yes let’s sell Donnarumma and buy 3 “good” players so we can battle it out with Chievo for 12th… Read more »


Milan cannot sign players unless we sell. Alessio Cragno, Perrin, Merit, and yes Reina and Plizzari are all capable of covering the loss of Donnarumma.


Umm 2 points away from CL isn’t Giampaolo a maestro? He surely would get 20 points more of this squad, right? Why do we need to sell our biggest asset to buy average or promising men? The really good ones are around 50m. So please don’t be me


Dude, you’re being ridiculous man. Giampaolo uses a 4312 formation. Some of the players we have like Suso, Kessie, and Bakayoko are not the best suited for our new coach system and tactics.

Therefore, some players will leave and new players will arrive. Conte, Sarri and even Paolo Fonseca are doing the same thing at Juventus, Inter and Roma. Smh!


Excuse me, we didn’t have wingers remember? Kessie is a box to box midfielder, how wouldn’t he fit in? 4 roles in the midfield and we currently have defensive midfielder: Biglia and Kessie, box to box: Bona, Calhanoglu, Paqueta and Krunic. So? What are you saying? We have plenty of #9 and mid fielders, selling Castillejo and Suso we could balance the books and maybe give a present to Giampaolo.

This is getting ridiculous, 6 midfielders, and 3 strikers. And 2 points from CL with a “tactical inept coach” and some want to destroy the project. INSANE.


We are going to pay 40 Milan for a rejected Real Madrid midfielder but not buying proven Baka that is actually fit the best in Gianpaolo’s system. I don’t get it


Appearently bakayoko’s playing style does not fit the tactics of giampaolo’s 4-3-1-2
They say bakayoko is too defensive
The names we are being linked with are ball playing DMs such as ceballos or torrera


He is really good with ball!! just because he is tall and strong& does not mean he doesnt have talent


Management got fed up with Bakayoko’s behavior. He also didn’t want to stay anymore cos of the racial abuses he suffered. Both sides were no longer interested.


Baka behaviour? Being late one time & responding to an abusive coach?!! unlike most players, he gave it all for Milan’s shirt and yeah he got fed up with stupid management and fans!


@ Soheil, stop talking trash and listen. Bakayoko does not fit the new playing system. You seem to have passion for the game but your knowledge of it is out of this world. Lastly stop calling people stupid unnecessarily.


Coaches do disagree with players but they make up and move on, besides Baka was one of few world class players we had. But if he doesn’t fit in the coach’s tactics I understand.
Baka had the 3rd best dribble success rate in Serie A after Cancelo and Suso so he’s not too defensive.


Latest reports suggest Milan would like to take Ceballos on a two year loan worth 5-8 millions and option to buy for further 32-35 millions. In case Milan buys out Ceballos, Madrid would insert a 40 million buyback clause


So kabak joined shalke. Actually happy he didn’t arrive. Caldara is the natural partner for romagnoli and many forget to remember how good he is. While he recovers musacchio will do giampaolo will do well with those two. Also hearing veretout might go tk napoli which is fine for me. Players like torreira and cabellos are ones we should be looking for in midfield. Even if we get one would be huge. The only problem now is that we continue to be linked with numerous players and then the next day we’re not interested. We need to wrap a player… Read more »


Why are we missing out on so many of our targets?


Maybe they are not even targets, we only see reports on different sites. It could be that Milan are not even targeting Ceballos and Torreira.


Another thing

Dani Olmo has also been linked to Milan due to Boban-Dinamo relations. Been following him this U21 tournament and the kid was one of the stand out figures whole tournament. Should also be cheaper than Ceballos


If we are so short on money, we should have a look at Pulgar from Bologna for the DMF position. I just read that Inter, Napoli and Arsenal are after him, i wanted to propose him as the cheapest alternative a long time ago since he had great games in Bologna and it seems no one noticed him. His price was only 5mil but now since he reached the semi finals with Chile in Copa America his price went to 10mil. So his price is still affordable for us, he is tall and similar to Bakayoko maybe a bit faster… Read more »


Giampaolo is looking for players with a certain characteristics for the DM position. Someone who can be a deep lying playmaker like Torreira, Sensi, Praet, Veretout, etc. Bakayoko was not good at distributing the ball to kick start the attacking play. Pulgar and Bakayoko are good defensively but not good to transition the team’s attacking play. If Milan sign Pulgar it will most likely be for the sole purpose of giving the team a different shape by using an alternative formation depending on the opponent. He will cost lest than 35m which was the price for Bakayoko. Milan should also… Read more »


Yes i know Giampaolo prefers DMF playmaker, Pulgar can send long balls forward and play that roll for sure thats what he does in Bologna, but he also can provide deffensive cover like Bakayoko. He scored 6 and assisted 3 goals last season which is preaty good for a DMF, and i just red his buy out clause is 12mil. He is not Torreira but if we cant spend “big” for 12mil he is tottaly worth it and an upgrade to Biglia.


A good coach takes the best out of his players. It’s so easy to say I want this or I want that. I thought Giampaolo would do that as the master tactician he is. Now we/have the perfect scapegoat if things go bad, he wasn’t pleased in his request. FFP. I see the reason so many people have stopped arguing and posting their opinion. #nooffense. We just need mid fielders, our defense and offensive is fine. We have Bona(hopefully) and kessie who cover a lot of ground we need quality, a tactician in the midfield, just one an expensive guy,… Read more »