Di Marzio: “Milan decided to sacrifice Donnarumma, the negotiations have started and Gigio is waiting for news”

Gianluigi Donnarumma at the end of Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on May 19, 2019. (@acmilan.com)

Gianluigi Donnarumma is not the one pushing for an exit, as Milan continue to talk with Paris Saint-Germain.

Donnarumma has been Milan’s first choice goalkeeper since the age of 16, but this could be the summer that Gigio and the Rossoneri part ways, as negotiations to sell the player are underway.

“In this story there are two certainties: the first, Milan have decided to sacrifice Donnarumma, both for the FFP but also because they can’t renew the contract which expires in two years; the second is the negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain,” Sky Italia journalist Gianluca Di Marzio said on ‘Calciomercato – L’originale’ last night.

“When he had decided to leave Milan, Leonardo made it clear to the Rossoneri that the first purchase he would try to make would be Donnarumma. Now the negotiations have started, we’ll go ahead looking for an agreement on the evaluations of Donnarumma and Areola.

“The will to leave is not on the part of Gigio, who is waiting for news from his agent. If the negotiations go ahead, he will also sit down to seek an agreement.” The value of Donnarumma, claims Sky, is €50 million. The Diavolo, according to Eurosport France, have rejected PSG’s initial offer of €20m plus Areola, as they want to get a lot more money for the 20-year-old.

Sportitalia’s Pedullà adds that if it was up to Donnarumma then he wouldn’t leave, but as Di Marzio wrote on his website, Gigio understood the need of the club to sell him and make a capital gain.

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Donna if sold will always be a milanista. But should be at the right prize. One advice for Maldini. He shouldn’t allow the Galliani spirit envelope him.

Big Dog

Maybe Dollarrumma was a Milanista in YOUR WORLD! The dude loved money than he loved Milan. I have been wanting the lad to leave Milan for a while ever since he started eating 6 Million that he didn’t deserve. Giogio is one of the bad apples at Milan who must leave so that the Club can keep it’s integrity. Because of the lad, Suso started commanding as much when he has failed to take us to the CL. Maldini and CO are serious and are doing what Mirabelli and co should have done. No more giving world class wages to… Read more »


We should start asking for lots of money in return if we really need to sell and not accept the first offer it comes. Gigio had 2 wonderfull seasons and i think his value will only increase, aside for his salary and maybe bonuses we didnt payed money to get him so if we dont get at least 80 mil we should not even consider selling him. He is young, has top level experience and considering the prices from last GK sales in the premier league 80 mil isnt much at all. If we dont sell him this year we… Read more »


IMO.if milan sell dona, after 1/2 year wining the ligue1 trophies, he will become unhappy stating his desire to return home(italy)and Juve will pounce on him, using him as a long term keeper….though we will have Plizari/Areola/Reina
if milan must sell dona…it should be 40/50m+Areola..we pay heavily to get player and sell ours for peanut!!
if Giampaolo is gooding developing youth, he should look at the privera team for a potential CB, atleast we have musachio and romagnoli pending caldara get fully fit.


If you wana sell him plz do so in orderly fashion why exchange with PSG keeper when you are pretty much covered at this point…..at least we should squeeze 60 million cash out of them…..is it with 30th June deadline that is forcing us or something else…..I read and heard that milan need to raise 30 million by June or face further sanctions……it’s rather confusing why would a club be so desperate to sell him with player swap plus cash I mean even if we get 30 million plus that PSG keeper jeez it’s still worst deal for us……


Even if no part of me wants Gigio to stay because he loves the paychecks than he loves Milan. However, Milan still need to command big money for him. The right price is 80 Million. No less than 60 million at the very least.


If the need is to raise capital gain then get as much as money as possible. 20mil+exchange player is a bad deal for milan. 60mil the least or even 70 to 80 mil make more sense in todays market…

Rosso Joburg

Donna is a great keeper but not really in the ball playing mold that the PL is favouring now days. I don’t trust his agent for 1 second. We have had no offers on anyone else and his value will be half of the 50mil if we wait a year or free if we wait 2 years. We can’t afford to up his salary to entice him to a new deal. Now is the time to cash in. I have only seen 1 club showing any interest. We should accept any deal that amounts to 50mil if it includes Areola(Only… Read more »

Big Dog

I expect Milan to play their cards right. They will try to protect Gigio like he didn’t want to leave like Kaka and Thiago Silva did. Only Ibrahimovic didn’t want to leave because when he is around he single handedly pulls the team. But the Brazillians wanted a new adventure. Same goes for Donarumma who wants both titles and money. I don’t blame except he shouldn’t have held Milan hostage for so much money that he hasn’t payed back yet. So a move away is best for everyone. hopefully even the bitter Milan fans will act a true Milanista and… Read more »


Silva nor kaka wanted to leave…. Silva said he wanted to retire at Milan and his dream was to do well enough for them to retire his number like that of Baresi and Maldini…. hardly words of a man who wanted “a new adventure” Your bashing Donnarumma earlier while it’s quite clear you know nothing of football if losing a player like Donnarumma doesn’t bother you, in fact you want it and not because of the money injection we’d get but because you don’t like him even though he’s without doubt going to be the world’s number 1 keeper before… Read more »


if intention is to sell Donnarumma then we should sell him for atleast 60m + retain rights to 20%-25% of his sell on clause if he is sold in the future. That will ensure we receive adequate compensation. Plizzari can be back up this year allowing him to learn from experienced Reina. We would also save 7m in salary each year. Sad sale but a necessary one without ucl.


When it comes to Donnarumma and Raiola it’s ALL about money. I can’t even imagine the type of drama we will go through 2yrs from now to renew his contract. The team doesn’t need that negative drama as it will set a bad precedent for all the other players when it’s time to renew their contract. Even Suso is now demanding a pay raise after his contract was just fairly recently renewed. Donnarumma is the player we can get the most money for so it makes sense economically to sell him to the highest bidder due to the FFP restrictions.… Read more »


Reina isn’t that gud to be our stater at least bring other goalkeeper or give chance plizari the way we did donaruma but reina i don’t trust him cheap goals are around


still he’s best young GK, a Milan graduate & he love Milan. if there’s no FFvxP rule & we arn’t owned by a bank, he’ll be one of Maldini/Baresi kind of player. he just in the same position as Buffon/Nesta when Parma/Lazio shinking.. he just a younger Milanista same like us, show some respect… hope we get full cash from his tranfer, with Reina & Plizzari we don’t need Areola or maybe 50m + Buffon (one of my fav) i’m good with that.. news said kabak, sensi & barella, reject us, so get De Rossi & Gabbia (CB/RB/LB/DM) he can… Read more »


Navas will be a good pick from Real Madrid


Great news Maldini is trying to include the deal Leonardo Paredes +20 million

Rosso Joburg

That would be a great move.

zahid hossain

We should more careful abt Donna sell if it is a must for FFP issue…we shouldn’t let him so cheap


Donaruma got so much problems his wages his agent + plizari is looking to play for us or he will leave for cheap price +ffp we must sell