Piątek: “I went through a difficult period, the most important thing for me is the team and not today’s goal”

Krzysztof Piątek celebrating during Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on March 19, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Krzysztof Piątek celebrating during Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on March 19, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Krzysztof Piątek has said he’s never gone six games without scoring but is only thinking about the Champions League.

Milan beat Frosinone 2-0 at Stadio San Siro earlier today to secure a place in one of Europe’s competitions next season, but the Champions League qualification is still not in the hands of the Rossoneri.

After a bad first half and a penalty save by Gigio Donnarumma, Milan woke up and won thanks to goals from Krzysztof Piątek (57′) and Suso (66′). The Polish scored for the first time since Matchday 31.

“The most important thing for me is the team, not today’s goal,” Piątek told MilanTV. “Now we wait for the Juventus match, which in case of a positive result could bring us closer to the Champions League. Return to scoring? I went through a difficult period, I’d never had 5-6 games without scoring. I’ve always been concentrated in training and in matches. Today the goal was important.

“SPAL? I hope we can go into the Champions League, against SPAL we’ll play for everything. The kilometers ran in each game? We must always be together, also in difficulties. It’s normal for me to run a lot, also so I can help the team. What I told Abate at the end of the game? I congratulated Ignazio because he had an incredible career at Milan [Abate played his last San Siro game].

“The moment of Genoa [who are in the relegation zone and might play in Serie B next season]? I’m sorry, but I hope they can save themselves on the last Matchday.”

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Juventus playing a friendly game against Atlanta, Atlanta does not even have to try they just sit back. I know Juve dont need any points but this is a disgrace, Frosinone put 10 times more effort than Juventus.
Its obvious they dont want us to make it in the CL, so Juventus can keep there monopoly on Italian football. This goes together with all the referees suspicious penaltys and red cards against us lately.


Forza Milan.
Nail biting finish. At least Serie A is getting more competitive now.
The chance of Atalanta and Inter both winning their matches are slim. But first Milan needs to do their job and finish the season with a win.
Whatever happens after that, happens.

(Last article, some people seemed quite gleeful in the first half. And then went gloomy or silent in the second half. How convenient.)

Forza Milan.

Like it or not, this is the team and coach you have for the last match. Support them.
After that, que sera sera.


Ink what’s up?


Serie A’s getting more competitive as Juve are only 11 points clear at the top of the table instead of 20… Gattuso will guide Milan like a steady ship in the night into dock at 4th place… As reward Gazidis will let him keep his job and continue to grow as a manager… Ahhh, life is good as a Milan fan.


You are gonna be sad if Milan finishes 4th? How nice.
5 teams competing for 4 European places, 4 of whom can get a shot at 2 CL spots. If you don’t call that competitive I don’t know what to say.
Maybe it would have been nicer if all 6 places were certain 5-8 matches ago we could simply stop giving a shit about the last matches.

zahid hossain

Juventus conspiracy against Milan still continue….. Shame on u Juventus….that’s why year after year u cant win Champions league title…..Grow up Juve management…… Shame on u…

Baresis Dream

For those wondering whether we are still a big club: How many clubs can bring more than 65k fans to the last match of a so-so season? Donna and Suso were mvps on the pitch, but the crowd was mvp of the entire stadium.


Indeed, the crowd was amazing last night.
I hope if Milan moves into a new stadium, the supporters can be closer to the pitch.
It was nice to see Barzagli shaking hands with everyone around the pitch. Would have been nice to have the same with Abate.


Thats true, he was longer to milan and he deserved it, maybe he is not satisfied that no contract extension is going to happen, wich i find it very sad, he put this season some nice games and we would have needed him, now that we cant bring players to the team.


Duh, its last match at the san siro with ucl spot on the line. Of course people are eager to watch. Besides, san siro has 80k seats thus it was only 3/4 full. Even monchengladbach – dortmund had fuller crowd, as did allianz arena.


Les midtables expecting Bianconeri to do them a favour…


what is the meaning of “midtables”? i’m from indonesia. i don’t find the meaning in google translate


Mid table team

oluwa shevy

why on earth are we expecting juventus to do Milan a favour it’s not possible When we have the ball on our court we threw it away with a bad tactics and unceriousness from the team juventus can’t do us any favours because they know if Milan eventually qualify for the ucl we might surprise everyone and put them into shame because ucl is in our DNA despite its been a while we qualify they knew that so they prefer the glory alone to always be the one representing in Italy this serves as a lesson to us always make… Read more »


In DNA? Not anymore, non of the starting players in Milan ever played a CL match before. After Abate, Reina is our only player with CL experience

Ekeh Basil Chigozie

The fact is simple..Juve can’t beat this Atlanta side…not when the league is already in the bag..forget Juve and give Atlanta a credit.. Juve never asked us to lose to Torino…they’ve won the league….Atlanta thrashed them 3:0 in the coppa..so this was even a fair result… If they are against Milan…its just easy for all of them to go forward when Atlanta was leading and allow Atlanta score on the counter


I have said this in my early article that there is conspiracy against Milan. I knew it. I can’t blame them too much because when we had all the chance in the world we blew it. A draw at Torino would have put us ahead. Italy should carry on with their conspiracy. That’s y their football is going down.Referee would handle a match to favour Juventus , the next day the idiots would come and apologise to clubs. At this juncture, either we make it 4th or not this management need to put on their thinking cap and chose wisely.… Read more »


TONITE ON LIKE MILAN10 SAID: “Hell, why did piatek, conti, andriy silva, hell even musa and bonucci performed better with their previous clubs? Simple, their coaches knew how to play them, which in silva and piatek case, as a st in 2 st formation.” Yeah. I was right again, like always. Milan gameplay is so simple, just give the ball to suso (and deulofeu) and hope for the best so they might as well be ac milan again and play 2 st so suso and other winger can have 2 targets instead of one. Kessie can play as box to… Read more »

Nathan Graegin

It’s crazy how all of us know this but the management running the team. It’s clear as day, when we play 2 up top we get more goal scoring chances and the attack is much better bc we had one of hakan or suso playing more central to give more creativity and guess what, we score 2 goals lol it’s not to hard to comprehend


If they don’t get that 4th spot now, they’ll probably accept their European ban and skip next season EL competition (totally fine by me) and focus on reaching CL for 2020

Still, non from Milan’s starting 11 has played in the tournament before and their inexperience and flaws were seen in this season EL campaign


I read that article and I agree 100%. This is why I want Gattuso to be replaced. His tactics is killing this team and our strikers.

A better coach would have already secured 3rd/4th given how poor Inter, Roma and Lazio have been all season and we weren’t able to capitalize on it. Smh

We need a coach like Sarri, Gasperini or Jardim to take this team forward.


why would you blame juve for not giving it all against atalanta?
blame all those points that milan dropped
now that we have to wait for other results to find out if we go to ucl or not


Simple logic like this seems to escape some fans on here. Apparently Serie A’s thriving with Juve running away with it for the 100th season in a row and Milan, Roma, Inter, Lazio all playing s*** scrambling around for 4th spot.


agree, milan, roma, inter and lazio are playing equally bad sh** doesnt mean the league is competitive


Baecause its the profesional thing to do, we didnt expect from them to give 100% but also we didnt expect them to just play like its a friendly game with Atlanta. In the game with Milan they didnt need any points also but they played to win for sure, also the ref helped them with the penalty…when you put all of this things together this is called match fixing. I agree with you that we dropped a lot of easy points and missed numerous chances to cement the 4th spot, but also we were damaged numerous times by the refs… Read more »


if we switch the position and milan were in the same position as juve right now and vice versa, i doubt fans would like milan to go all out to help juve get the ucl spot


juve will always be pvszy in Europe, they too scare Milan will comeback to be great again, they will do anything to stop us, they owned lega calcio(poli) federation, ref & VAR to get fake pk or cancel opponent goal. if we failed to get CL (seem likely) better we take fifa ban (a season without CL/EL) then we rebuild our team. i don’t hate Rino, but he’s not ready to take big club like Milan so we need proven new coach & do anything to keep our best players (Gigio, Roma, Kessie, Piatek & Suso) keep youngsters as rotation… Read more »


gattuso messed up badly we had it before but he lost it and now we are playing for either atalanta or inter to drop


I totally agree. When we were in 3rd place we had some poor results and even lost humiliatingly against Torino at the San Siro. Had we won those games against Sampdoria, Udinese and Torino we would have already secure CL next season.


Some active online reports:

Reports suggest if Atalanta sell Duvan Zapata their primary target is Cutrone. Milan would consider an offer in region of 25 millions EUR

Sarri is a likely candidate for Juve, Conte for Inter and Gasperini for Roma. Due to unavailable and proper alternatives, Gazidis considers confirming Gattuso

Leonardo is reportrdly considering to step off his function in Milan. Gazidis considers Tare of Lazio or Campos of Lille to take his place


and gattuso his place seems more safe then the one of leonardo..
seems no big manager wants to come to milan.
i dont know if it was all becouse of ghazidis energy.
why all a sudden ghazidis likes gatuuso and not leonardo.


but ghazidis is a arsenal man-they took more french players-thats why ghazidis wants the lille man to replace leonardo.i guess ghazidis has his own mind set up already.he is using the openness of milan.no real owner who stands in his way.dont like the way he is imposing himself


It is believed that Gattuso position within the club is strengthened by his excellent relationship with the managing director Ivan Gazidis Meanwhile the position of Leonardo is weakened, with recent reports of tension between him and the CEO. One factor that does support Leonardo however is that he appears to be on good terms with the Singer family. It seems to be that this conflict is set to run and run until one of them is pushed out of the exit door.————————————————–i prefer sack gattuso and ghazidis and stay with leo-dini if needet.they have carisma


Just rumors. We shouldn’t read too much into this. Early this monthly it was reported that Gazidis wants Pochettino and also that he flew to London for talks with Sarri. So I would just take this with a grain of salt since only a mad man would confirm a coach who has no tactical gameplan and game management skills. Elliot Fund wants to raise the value of Milan by bringing the club back to the CL and adding a high profile coach and quality players. The news about Leonardo possibly leaving and Gattuso staying does not align with the club… Read more »


Leonardo out then milan will be gud without him but how Elliot want to manage milan is terrible i heard some sources saying the reason they sacking Leonardo because he was looking expensive players like Everton soares and Elliot wants some cheap players anyway i don’t like Leonardo the guy lacking vision


Sources saying Elliot are after tare from lazio because he is the best bargainer of cheap and free agent players that is hell and disaster

Baresis Dream

I for one think Leonardo also failed this season (though I would consider firing him only at the presence of a better alternative). Apart from the genius master stroke that was Piatek’s deal, and Bakayoko (although his buyout clause is too high) I am not so excited with his dealings. Samu and Laxalt weren’t much of a factor this season, and we basically burned 40+ million on Caldara just because he’s Italian and young (compare that to Piatek for less than 30 mil). Now, a lot of people mention Paquetta. Although the guy is clearly talented, for me he hasn’t… Read more »


Baresis dream exactly my brother buying midfielder while we need lw even not better than our midfielders do you think paquata put bonuventura in bench i don’t think


Buying a good winger in the January transfer market? Who was available? None of the top players we wanted were available for sale in the winter transfer window. Smh Clubs typically don’t sell their best players during the winter transfer market. Just look at Genoa who were dumb as hell to sell us Piatek in January and now they are fighting for relegation. That was not smart business by Genoa because if they had kept Piatek he would have save them from relegation and they would have been able to sell him for double the price Milan paid for him.… Read more »


It’s typically harsh to judge players during their first season in a new league. So I would disagree on your assessment of Castellijo and Paquetá. Keep in mind that Paquetá played a full season in the Brazilian league before his transfer. So physically and mentally he has done very well given that he has played more games than his teammates. Next season we will see the best of Paquetá. As for Castellijo, he was under utilized by Gattuso who keep faith in an underperforming Suso. Castellijo is a good player and I don’t have an issue with Milan signing him.… Read more »


Nick we don’t have millions to waste laxalt castilejo paquata are not milan material they are pologna players Leonardo suppose to buy Everton soares instead of paquata for the same money and his team was more than happy to get that money Leonardo wasted our money with mediocre players while others like inter napoli and Roma chasing some real footballers people are blaming Gattuso no couch can do better than him with these mediocre players


Nick guess why gasprini refused us and accept Roma because he knows they are better do you know why we’re behind and couches don’t accept us because of mismanagement people like Leonardo will never make us proud we already saw what he can do


Leo’s role is very important. If Gazidis is looking to turn AC Milan into Arsenal (a club that has been on the decline for ages) then he can just leave. We need ambition, not “cheap, free” players.


Isn’t about Gazidis is order from Elliot Gazidis is the man to bring milan back no doubt


So Silvio’s not gone senile after all… https://www.football-italia.net/138379/berlusconi-i-switch-milan