Milan have reportedly made contacts with Brescia and with Tonali’s agent, Leonardo to meet Sassuolo for Sensi

Sandro Tonali at Stadio San Siro on November 16, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Sandro Tonali at Stadio San Siro on November 16, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Sandro Tonali and Stefano Sensi are two profiles that Milan are considering and contacts have been made already.

The season of Milan ends in two games and the future squad is already being built in the heads of those in charge.

The vision of Elliott, represented by CEO Ivan Gazidis, is to invest in young players rather than in established stars. And as reported by RadioRossonera’s Pietro Balzano Prota, Brescia’s Sandro Tonali and Sassuolo’s Stefano Sensi are two names that are in the thoughts of the Diavolo.

Balzano has claimed that Tonali, 19, is the type of player that suits the identikit searched for by the ownership. There have already been contacts between Milan and Brescia, who won Serie B this season with the Tonali playing the regista role, and there’ve also been contacts with Tonali’s agent.

The young Italian has never denied the fact that he grew up a Milan fan. It remains to be seen what would be the cost of Tonali, who attracted interest also from Juventus and from other clubs. The operation wouldn’t be cheap but it is likely that it would be more affordable than activating Tiémoué Bakayoko’s €35 million buy-out option, also considering the very high salary of the Frenchman.

Sandro Tonali and Stefano Sensi talking to Roberto Mancini during an Italy training session at Appiano Gentile on November 18, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Sandro Tonali and Stefano Sensi talking to Roberto Mancini during an Italy training session at Appiano Gentile on November 18, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Balzano has also confirmed the news of other sources claiming that there have been contacts between Leonardo and Giuseppe Riso, who represents Sassuolo’s Stefano Sensi. There will be a meeting after the season ends between Leo and the Neroverdi director of sport Giovanni Carnevali.

The price of Sensi, 23, is believed to be €25 million, but Milan would not need to pay that much due to the fact that Sassuolo are obligated to buy Manuel Locatelli for €10m + €2m in bonuses. This would allow Milan to perform an operation similar to the one that brought Diego Laxalt to the club from Genoa in the summer, as they used Gianluca Lapadula’s ownership to lower the costs then.

Sensi and Tonali are both playing the same role, so it’s unclear whether they are seen by the club as alternatives to one another. If not, then it might be possible to see both Bakayoko and Biglia leaving.

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Chris cross

Anyone know if these guys are worth it. I’m just waiting for milan to sign a game changer.

alan little

i think we have 1 in calahoglu .thing is gattuso keeps playing him on the left,he should be in the middle of the park, thats where he is very dangerous,great shot,great passing ,great free kicks,


Let me tell you what I said 2 years back when everyone was having orgasms for Hakan. He is not a game changer. Sure he can change 1-2 matches with a nice header or stunning free kicks. But he is simply not a player who can produce consistently and reliably. Sort of like Suso. You may like him and disagree with me. But I am almost always right regarding players and new buys. Have you seen his ‘deadly’ free kicks and corners lately? (Lately = last two seasons) He is a decent player for Leverkusen. Not someone who can change… Read more »

Ross Oneri

I think they are worth going forward but not for immediate success. I don’t understand the idea of having a bunch of young kids and expect big things


Tonali plays like Pelo. He has good passes. And this will be handy during counter attack. When we play against teams that always like to sit back, his long passes may be ineffective. He is technical and can dribble on d average. I just want this management to buy complementary players. We don’t need same type of players. I will be so glad if we can seal Soares Everton deal as soon. That guy is a player!


Both players are gud for milan and future stars stevano sensi play offensive football and tonali same like bakiyoko defensive football


They are young, not sudden game changers but with great potential.

I’m reading of a possible sacrifice in form of Donnarumma to satisfy FPP regulations. Rumour goes PSG are considering a 50-55 million bid.

Also, it seems Sarri is bound to leave Chelsea. Imo he would be a good candidate for Milan bench playing 433 and get best out of Suso.


it would be sad selling dona for todays market prices he should be sold for nothing less the young and already so many games.milan keep on selling their players for so less money.its a shame.i would sell suso for 45 and calhanoglu for get more money out of this and keep your best keeper.but i never understood why milan always lacks of self respect. the only good thing about ghazidis is.that finaly we get after young players.people get angry when the ‘ arsenal ‘ project is mentioned.why.just becouse arsenal always stayed at 4th place does not mean… Read more »


1. If milan finish 4th for UCL then Gattusso must stay-that’s the agreement
2. IMO apart from bertolaci and montolivo I’d have want the whole team remain with few additions-consistency


Tonali has great potential, but milan recently can’t get the best out of them. All I know is that Juventus better beat Atalanta this weekend, and we better win.

Make it to champions League and if we part ways bring sarri at all costs if he’s gonna get fired. Then worry about players he can work with


Juve wants to revenge to Atalanta for loosing the copa match. Atalanta is tired due to last night match. Juve should win against Atalanta this weekend.


Sign Allegri back to Milan ! I’m a fan of him. He knows who and when to pick his players in a game and knows what formation to choose against different teams


Bakayoko should be the priority. He has already trained with the team and he is better than Biglia. Then we should get some exciting attacking midfielders and wingers. And a few back up defenders. And we should be in good shape. Also perhaps one more striker (maybe we can manage Andre Silva as a backup)


Augustina , your analysis makes sense. Atlanta should be tired by now. Allegri too will want us to qualify. My fear is Juventus hirerachy. They know that once we qualify for champion leaugure, then our issues are solved and we willl start challenging them . They know Milan is the only club in Italy can challenge them on a food day. I hope Juventus prove me wrong and win Sunday’s match. Another thing is for us too to win our remaining matches.


I am getting worried day by day. 1. Milan is probably about to make the mistake of letting leonardo go. The guy did good transfers. Even the Higuain deal wasn’t so bad as far as it turned out for us getting Piatek. The only deal that wasn’t good enough was probably Laxalt. But under the right coach, he MAY shine. So we need to give Leo another chance. 2. Milan are rumored to follow Arsenal’s model? Are you kidding me? We don’t want to finish fourth every season with mediocre players. WE DON”T WANT TO BECOME ARSENAL. We are Milan.… Read more »


That Gazidis or Amazon is the one to leave and not leo. What bulls….t! We need a ceo that knows the values of milan. All this team need is a coach. Bring in messi plys ronaldo and griezman, gattusso will finish 7th with them. Get us Sarri, jorges jesus is free now(ex benfica and spirting coach) tuchel would be free after the season, gasperini,if only atalanta could let him leave. No conte pls! No EDF!


Messi and ronaldo*


laxalt is better off rodriguez , rodriguez is too slow….laxalt would perform under a good management and enough playing time


Exactly my thought . Letting Leinado go will be a big mistake. He tries his best. He even trying to get us Soares Everton at cheap price. We should leave him. I don’t like this hire and fire approach to issues.

zahid hossain

1.Leonardo was perfect in his decisions but stupid Gattuso make him wrong by using his stupid game plan…Higuain is getting goal now under Saari, Gattuso also fail to use Laxalt properly. 2.Sell Suso,Biglia,Conti,Samu, Keisei(we may get around 115million euro from these 5 useless players) 3.Buy Sensi,Castagne, Gosens n Ilicic from Atalanta n keep Bakayoko(these 5 players will cost around 115 million). That means cleen balance. 4.Bring Rabiot as free agent. 5.if FFP still make trouble then sell Donnarumma too. 6.Keep Abate n Zapata for 1 more year. 7.Bring Gasperini or Pochettino or Sarri. 8.The squad should look like: 3 4… Read more »



zahid hossain

did I say anything funny??? plz explain dear met


Leonardo out we are in trouble we don’t need another trouble Leonardo is trouble please go away from my beloved milan and don’t kill our hope


Who ever thinks Leonardo is perfect for milan need some doctor the guy who bought castilejo and paquata for 70 million no no no no no both are sampadoria players not milan label


So u mean paqueta is a flop???


Paquata worst then flop time will tell you


I won’t blame achraf, I blame gattuso whos foolish gameplan and no tactical inept has made these good young players look like mediocres, give kloop or guardiola these paqueta and castilejo and see what magic they will perform with them…. My dear those players with the right coach will be electrifying

Ross Oneri

Buying young players is useless if you don’t have Old top quality players they can learn from. I don’t remember knowing a player that made it big time without having played with top top players as a youngster.


Ink approves of both of them.


, your friend ashraf is a cricket addict, so don’t take very serious when he mistakes football for cricket.


I never wotch even one single game of cricket in my entire life u mistakes my name am not even Asian

Ross Oneri

Editor where is my comment?


forza Juventus we support the old lady
# allegri remember us


So, today rumor has it that Gazidis flew out to London to discuss a 3yr contract for Sarri. Interesting!

Conte looks set to join inter. Allegri looks like he’s on his way out of Juventus after another failed CL campaign. Deschamps or Mourinho is his possible successor.

Allegri might end up at PSG according to rumors. It will be an interesting summer mercato. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.