Milan signed 2 new players and said goodbye to 3, as they added Brazilian flair to the squad and also replaced their main striker just six months after signing him.

Leonardo and Paolo Maldini’s first full transfer window has passed and the squad of Gennaro Gattuso got two new expensive additions: Lucas Paquetá from Flamengo and Krzysztof Piątek from Genoa. Milan, however, parted ways with the underperforming Gonzalo Higuain, who moved to Chelsea.

The full list of arrivals and exits can be found below, the transfer fees are as reported in the media:

Player NameRoleAgeArrived FromDetails (rumoured)
Lucas PaquetáMidfielder21FlamengoPermanent deal, €35m
Krzysztof PiątekForward23GenoaPermanent deal, €35m
Player NameRoleAgeWent ToDetails (rumoured)
Gonzalo HiguaínForward31ChelseaTerminated loan from Juventus
Stefan SimićDefender24FrosinoneLoan deal, fee undisclosed
Alen HalilovićMidfielder22Standard Liège18-month loan deal + option to buy


  1. I think overall we had a good market. Getting rid of Higuain was important, he was unbelievably toxic and negative, and also preformed terribly. We needed more of a poacher, someone who makes every run possible to get in behind the defense and who’s good in the air to take advantage of Suso’s fantastic crosses. Higuain wasn’t that, he prefers to drop back and play 1-2s to break down the defense and get in on goal. Piatek on the other hand is just what we need and I think he’s gonna do exceptionally well. He won us that game vs Napoli, we’re already in 4th place despite not having a top striker, I think his performance for the rest of this season is gonna be key. Paqueta is looking like a good signing, but it’s too early to tell. The talent is there and he’s played well, but I think he can take a big step forward after sometime for adjusting. He needs to be more carful with the ball though. We need him to play well in Bona’s absence. I’m really disappointed we failed to sign a winger, we’re ridiculously slow and Hakan hasn’t been providing anything on the left for some time. Had we signed Carrasco on a 6-month loan, I believe we would’ve finished 3rd place. Our defense needs to keep up their recent form, 2 clean sheets vs Napoli is phenomenal. I think we’ve had around 7 clean sheets in 13 games, if we keep that up we’re headed for a top 4 finish. Hopefully, Caldara can return soon, I don’t fully trust Musacchio, and he and Romangoli have the potential to be the best CB duo in the world within the next 2 years. The return of Biglia is also gonna give us a nice boost, even though he makes mistakes from time to time he’s key to our buildup play. If we manage to have Bakayoko, Biglia, Paqueta and Kessie playing well for the rest of the season, that’s a pretty solid midfield. As for the following window, we really need to address the wing and midfield position. Our interest in Saint-Maximin seems to be genuine, with his agent saying a possible move for the summer is being discussed after he was unable to arrive now. Ideally, the profile for this player would be young, fast and star potential. In the midfield, we need a long-term replacement for Biglia, the dream would be Diawarra, who we tried to sign earlier this window. I’ve been disappointed by Kessie, I don’t think he’s improved much in the last year and his decision making is terrible. On his day he’s an absolute tank and can dominate a game, but he’s not stringing those performances with enough consistency. If the budget is high enough, I’d like to see him replaced by Barella, who I think is a complete midfielder with start potential. I predict a top 4 finish, we’ve managed to stay 4th place despite all our injuries, now with Paqueta and Piatek arriving and our players getting healthy, I think we’re gonna be a lot stronger. Roma look like a broken team and we have to take advantage this upcoming game. We’re better than Inter and Lazio. This is gonna be an interesting season.

    • im so fucking happy we didnt end up with a panic buy and another niang, that we wont be able to off load nxt year.
      i wanted delaf or Carrasco on loan with option., so we would have clearer and more options by summer but u cant get all what u wish for, samu or kabab or borini will have to do for now.
      the only problem is that we have alot of financial load next summer(baka 35m. kessie 28m, winger ~30m and toneli 30m)
      but if u think about it once this summer is done this team would be set for the next 5 years u wont have to make any new signings the following few years…its a good thing that FIFA wants us to balance our books over 3 years.

  2. Although we needed a lw it’s ok. Hopefully calhanoglu can regain his form like he did last year after the winter market. Is bonaventura out for the rest of the season? Cause he can play well on that lw too. Paqueta was a great buy and piatek looks to be one as well. What I’ve seen recently is a team that fights for each other and that’s exactly what we need. Let’s get that top four finish!

    • It is a bummer about the failure to sign a LW; sometimes things don’t work out as planned. The encouraging thing about this window is that Leo and Co. Are trying to address the real needs in the squad and not making aimless purchases. We are on the right track and I believe Milan will continue to get stronger both through cohesion and proper transfers.

  3. I LOVE our two new signings for offence…Now if we could just get Caldara and Conti back for the D…….

  4. In all honesty, I am disappointed we didn’t get a LW. Paquetta and Piatek seem like good buys; maybe even great. But we still have to see how consistent both can be. And we might have dodged the bullet with Higuain (although I’m still not convinced he said the last word of his career), even though we could’ve ditched him at the wnd of the season.

    But no matter you flip things around, LW is our weakest link in a 4-3-3; it has been before the market, and it still is now. And we failed to adress this issue. Maybe Jack will be back soon, and we can at least get some numbers from that position.

    In any case we have a good enough squad to compete for CL qualification, including a good enough coach, but there’s still much room for improvement. Forza Milan!

    • Lw Borini I saw vs Genoa was one of the better Borinis. Samu and him should fight for the spot.
      Rest Hakan on the bench, he’s starting to resemble monto and berto when he plays.

  5. I am still positive about our mercato because we were able to sign piatek and paqueta. Even though we did not sign a left winger but Forza Milan top 4 finish

  6. Well ..well,,,well.. market has come to an end . No winger bought at the end of it all. Overall , I think Leonardo and Maldini have tried. Financial fair play has affected us. What we need is unity among the players. They should all have a common goal in mind, which is champion league qualification. Hakan needs to improve his game. So also is Rodríguez. They are the weak link in our line up. Castillejo should always be used against attacking minded team. For slow team and those ones that sit back to defend, Calhanoglu may be used. Gattuso should put on his thinking cap always to ensure he field the right players for every match.

  7. So the winter mercato is over. No LW but everyone is excited in the arrival and impact of the gun slinger who is younger, faster and currently far better than Higuain.

    Pacqueta is a fantastic signing. His touches and passes are amazing. It’s been a while we saw such such a “flavour” in Milan.

    Biglia will be back soon. Bona till probably the end of the season. The midfield is looking sharp also considering the excellent performances of Bakayoko.
    De Francesco may get the sack against Milan cos I know we are going to beat Roma.

    I am super excited about the second half of the season.

    Good news: inter milan were defeated by Lazio. The Coppa italia race is wide open. Anyone can win it. I hope we do.

    Other news: Conte was spotted close to intermilan HQ. WTF is he doing there??? Yes I am worried cos he is an excellent title winning coach.
    Gattuso is good in terms of Milans current standing. However, we all know Conte is far better. O Lord

    Forza Milan and good night.

  8. Calhanoglu is not a winger and judging from our current games he is trying his best, he comes to life whenever he drifts to the no10 role… That’s his place try using him there and see what happens



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