Gattuso: “Milan will need to play bravely against Udinese, Montolivo has never been frozen out, the injuries…”

Gennaro Gattuso before Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso before Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (

Gennaro Gattuso said he expects a physical game against Udinese, talked about the condition of the many injured players and confirmed he was the one who wanted to keep Bertolacci.

Milan are coming off back to back wins in Serie A as they defeated Sampdoria 3-2 and Genoa 2-1 last week, but tomorrow they have a difficult away game at Stadio Friuli when they play Udinese (20:30 CET).

The Rossoneri are currently in 4th place but the standings is very close and the boys of Gattuso will have to win tomorrow to stay in the Champions League area.

“I also felt the difficulty when I played at this tough stadium. I’ve always struggled there and tomorrow it will be the same,” Gattuso said in the pre-match press conference at training center Milanello on Saturday. “We are missing a few important players but we’ve got to put the alibi of injuries away and play a real game against a team that will come to attack us.

“They have a lot of physicality, they will play an aggressive match tomorrow, and we will need to play bravely. We’ll have to stay on point without making mistakes, we’ll have to get ourselves ready. My choices? I don’t have great choice for tomorrow, we have to combine quality and quantity, and we’ll also be needing to have duels, win back a few second balls and win 1v1’s. Udinese are one of the most physically-strong teams in Serie A, we have to make as little mistakes as possible. We must do two kinds of games: when we have the ball and when we don’t have it.

“The moment of the team? We have lost a few players [to injuries], we have to be ready and play as a team. We put a lot of effort into getting to the Champions League zone, and now I hope that we can stay in it. The team has always trained well, we’re coming off two wins, which have helped us to work calmly; it’s not time to smile but instead to strike the iron and get ready.

“Everyone is waiting for us, I want to see growth, and I want to see a team that is on point, that doesn’t give up a thing. Udinese can cause us a lot of problems and we still have some fatigue. It wasn’t a great pre-game [preparation], we had some hits and in some moments there was too much serenity, some players have not yet recovered mentally, we need a different attitude.

“I hope to see more determination and hunger tomorrow. The personality of the team? When you manage to achieve results, winning 3-4 games in a row, it increases your confidence and personality. This team wants to do things, to sacrifice, the two games against the Genovesi sides were of great sacrifice. Sampdoria put us in great difficulty while against Genoa we could’ve done better after the 1-0. We are scared, we have to improve because we risk losing the games.

Tiémoué Bakayoko, Patrick Cutrone, Alessio Romagnoli, Samu Castillejo, Mateo Musacchio, Gonzalo Higuaín celebrating during Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (
Tiémoué Bakayoko, Patrick Cutrone, Alessio Romagnoli, Samu Castillejo, Mateo Musacchio, Gonzalo Higuaín celebrating during Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (

“There can be an error but we must not be afraid. The injuries? On Wednesday Çalhanoğlu grit his teeth to play against Genoa and that is to be appreciated, the same goes for Kessié. Hakan tried training yesterday, but his foot hurts and he also felt a bit of ankle discomfort, so needs 3-4 days of rest to improve his condition. Calabria tried, but he has pain when changing direction.

“Biglia, until Monday, will have to stay at his home, he is having difficulty with his foot, the same for Caldara [both will be out of action for the next couple of months]. Torrasi and Brescianini are still out. Bonaventura worked at an athletic level both yesterday and today and he is improving.

“What comforts me the most and what worries me the most? The most important concern is the players we lost injured. At this moment we have to grit our teeth and everyone needs to give something extra. The thing that makes me happy is the desire of the group, which is hungry and knows how to make itself available. I have a team that knows how to suffer and does everything to go in search of a positive result. They are all dedicated, their performance at Milanello testifies it. I like how they experience the week and how the guys are together.

Riccardo Montolivo during training at Milanello. (
Riccardo Montolivo during training at Milanello. (

“Montolivo’s first call-up this season? What irritates me the most since I started this job is this sort of bar-talk that I read from time to time in newspapers. Montolivo has never been frozen out, he always trained with the team and then I make my choices. The club knows what I think, so if he was called up today, it’s because there are so many injuries. If he proves himself ready, then I don’t close the door on anyone. As a person, I had no problem with Montolivo, I simply had to make some choices.

“Bertolacci from the first minute? We’ll see tomorrow… I wanted him, when you have 3 competitions, it is right to have two players per role in midfield. I’ve given him little space but the choice to have him stay was mine. He gives me reliability, if he played little it’s my responsibility. But he’s always trained well, he’s committed, he never gives up and I know that if I need then I can count on him.

Andrea Conti before Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (
Andrea Conti before Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (

“Conti? He has been out for about 14-15 months since his first injury, he played wisely with the youth team yesterday, without inventing anything strange, he went very cautiously about it, he didn’t push hard and didn’t dare anything. Training and playing are two different things, he played 60 minutes and the objective is to give him consistency of 4-5 games and make him get to 90 minutes.

“Playing with the youth team is important, it helps to overcome the fear. You see ghosts and you are left with bad pain in your head when you hurt yourself, the scar stays on your head and not your knee. He’s a strong player and we have to help him be fit again, he can be of great use to us.

Gennaro Gattuso and Suso celebrating during Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso and Suso celebrating during Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on October 31, 2018. (

“The obvious gap to cover in the January transfer market? Leonardo should respond. I’m the coach and this question must be directed at Leonardo and Maldini. I train the players… ask about the mercato those who are in charge of it. Leonardo and Maldini will say who will arrive, I don’t want to talk about the mercato, I want to talk only about the players I have available.

“If it’s more difficult to qualify in the Europa League after the defeat against Betis? I’ll answer that on Wednesday, I’ll think about it after Udinese. Today I don’t have to bother my head with the Europa League, when it arrives we’ll prepare for it, my concern is tomorrow’s match.

“The match between Milan Women and Juventus Women on Sunday? I hope they make us happy, I hope we have a great win. I have a wonderful relationship with Carolina [Morace, the Women’s coach], she knows football, she’s curious, she asks. I like how she manages her team and how she talks about football. I watch them a lot on TV, they’re working a lot, they’re been playing a lot better and you see Carolina’s hand. We hope that they’ll win tomorrow.”


  1. I used to be hard on Gattuso but I know better now.. he has limited resources and he is making the best use of it (though he makes some mistakes)..

    Even if Milan gets Conte these problems will still continue.

    Inter just destroyed Genoa … Same club we managed to defeat.. Milan lacks a quality side and I believe the transfer window will make Milan more competitive.

    Gattuso get us the win.. I hope you do
    You know what’s at stake.. Milan can to add low as 9th depending on the result..

    I hope Milan wins

    • Stop deceiving yourself.gattuso can’t win top teams.conte and pep can turn around this league table with the same players

      • @hwyley
        At least half of the Milan squad don’t deserve to wear the Milan jersey.. even players that are on the first team – imagine that and you want to win games?
        How many coaches have we had over the last 7 years and what has been our performance?
        For this team to improve alot of players must leave and quality players brought in.. Juventus bench is better than our first team. That’s a fact go check it.
        Mussachio, Calabria, Biglia, bakayoko, Borini, simic, Hallilovic, Bertolacci, Montolivo, Zapata, Mauri and a host of others not listed here must leave the team.. isn’t it obvious

        • @Adeb And how many of them have been proven world class coaches? The fact is that this team, as it is now, is good enough to compete for CL in a decent matter. If we had a good coach we wouldn’t be afraid of facing teams like “The mighty Genoa” or “The incredible Empoli”. The sheer fact of us being nervous to face those teams proves that our coach isn’t up to the task.
          Given that, I really think Gatusso should remain if we can’t get a proper replacement. No need for a sack Montella, appoint Gatusso circus again.

    • Hope so, rather than seeing Kessié as RB… we desperately need his physicality in midfield.
      Really hope we can win tomorrow, it will be really huge for us!

  2. I hope we win too. beside any disagreement; I guess it’s our similarity that we all want to win.

    + Montolivo comments is pure bullshit. He is actually frozen out. it’s Rino’s choice of course. Monto is far better than most of our subs. strange because they were close friends. something happened.

  3. As a college soccer team coach I love 4-3-3 formation and Like I’ve said before, 4-3-3 is not the problem of Milan. The problem is the coach implementing it. Inter just trashed Genoa 5-0 with 433, Chelsea are unbeaten with 433, Manchester city plays 433 and they’re all beautiful to watch. Our team is ugly to watch because of the style of play the coach implements. I love Gattuso so much but I don’t want him coaching Milan because he’s just clueless and inexperienced. All I hear in almost all of our games from the fans here is “we were bad the first 60 or something minutes but played better the rest of the game”. No, a good coach makes his players play well in every game and through out a 90 mins game it’s that simple. It’s crazy because if we catch teams that will take advantage of those 60 mins it’s gonna hurt real bad.

    • Well obviously. Any formation is good as long as you have the players for it. We don’t have the players for 4-3-3 that’s why we can’t play it. Simple. Even if we had Conte, Spaletti, Sarri or Guardiola it wouldn’t make any difference on our 4-3-3 since we dont have the players for it. Only Suso. Hakan worked last season but now that he’s under the radar it wont work since you cant play that formation with just one winger who is a threat.

      • I agree. Milan doesn’t have the right players for 433. Our attacking play is lopsided. Only threat comes from Suso and Calabria. Any team that can neutralize Milan’s right side can easily beat us.

        what’s crazy to me is that this has been the case for a while under several different coaches and club hasn’t address that.

        Until RicRod and most recently Laxalt was signed our left side was very weak. We still need a good left winger and it is bizarre that we didn’t sign deleufeo or Keita Balde given the fact that we were sticking with the 433 formation which made no sense especially Gattuso playing Calhangolu on the LW instead of Bonaventura who is more of a natural winger. Sigh

        • Agree. I actually Think Silva couldve done very Well as LW (inside fw) and he could of course also be useful as striker

      • So why did your beloved Gattuso keep playing 433 and you lot keep supporting him doing it?
        Oh sorry my mistake I forgot about the “Milan DNA”

        • @Naz, because Hakan worked there earlier I suppose. It’s the managements fault for not adressing it and bringing in a proper left winger in the summer. Rino had no choice to work with what he had, but during the summer it was up to the management to bring in the players, but I’m sure with more time the right players for the right positions will come in. I guess there were no left wingers with Milan DNA out there this summer too 🙂

          @nick, yeah that’s true. The closest we were to be able to play 4-3-3 was when we had Deulofeu along with Suso. Agree, even though Baldé has been pretty sub-par for Inter, I really dont know why we didnt go for Deulo, I think he was really good during his stay with us… Anyways, it’s 4-4-2 that is the way to go now, and glad we’re going for that!

          • @Milanista121 I bet you all our players will do well if they went to any other team that plays 433. Liverpool are looking to buy Suso because he will fit into their 433 system and style of play. Higuaín played 433 at Napoli too so I don’t believe we don’t have the players for it. We just don’t have the coach for it.

          • @Dinudre what kind of a convenient example is that? Those are 2/3 players that actually fit into it. What about the other wing, the left side? We need a player in that position to play 4-3-3, which we don’t have = we shouldn’t play 4-3-3.

    • But Dindudre it doesn’t matter that Gattuso hasn’t a clue and shows it every single week both with how he talks at his press conferences or implements his game plays because he’s got something far more important than actual know-how and that’s this secret ingredients I’ve been hearing about
      First step:
      You put a “knife between your teeth” something to do with grinta? whatever grinta is I’m not sure but we apparently have lots of it now which Gattuso uses instead of players talent
      Second step:
      Send the players out onto the pitch playing 433 formation while not implementing it probably and play shit for most of said game only for a moment of individual brilliance from any player (mostly Suso) to do something to win it by sheer luck than anything else which brings me to
      Third step:
      Luck luck and more luck
      Forth step:
      This is the most important ingredient it’s called “Milan DNA” this stuff I’m hearing can substitute any form of talent, training or tactical awareness? Maybe even cure mankind of the many illnesses which berates our exsistance

      All hail Gattuso

      • Please tell me what other games we won with luck? I guess you think Romagnoli’s goal was luck, please tell me what other games. We should’ve been 3-0 up against Atalanta at the break but ended up drawing 2-2, I guess that’s luck. We should’ve had a lot of goals vs Empoli too, but Bona squander a 1 v 1, plus their keeper was unstoppable, but I guess that’s luck too. Only lucky incident I can think of was Romagnoli, but he created that luck, he knew exactly what he was doing. He got his chance and he pounced, and in the end we were worthy winners based on the chances that got created overall.
        God you’re so biased with your hate towards Gattuso.

        • I’m not biased at all, I’m merely pointing out the absolutely obvious conclusion that anyone who even vaguely understands football should of by now seen Gattuso’s alarming lack of tactics and general managerial knowledge
          Not once has he shown it in the slightest glimmer
          Very very soon you’ll all see why he should have been replaced
          @ Dindudre
          Your a confessed football coach so I’m going to ask you a simple question if I may,
          Has Gattuso shown any sign so far that he’s capable??

          • Has Gattuso shown any sign so far that he’s capable?? How bout finding us our best 11, and achieving Europa League sounds to you? We were lucky I guess.

          • He found out our best 11? Well knock me down he’s obviously a coaching genius, one thats soooooo smart he blocks Monty from the entire squad but keeps Borini included??? He played Kessie as a right back??? He persists with this God awful playing out from the back even though it’s so obvious we’re not able???
            And what age are you??
            Europa waste of money and time league means nothing unless your happy about thrilling stadiums in the back arse of Romania or playing in front of 3k here in Ireland, stop talking nonsense nobody cares about Europa league except Florintina and like minded mid table clubs which we will continue to be with Gattuso in charge, and don’t give me the “We’re in 4th spot” bullshit either because the only reason we’re there is because the other teams lost there way and we got LUCKY

            But all is not lost my young naive friends who gather round Gattuso’s feet for a stories of champions league qualification at bedtime for soon Leonardo and Maldini will come to the rescue and bring with them a real coach, a coach who will see the potential in our squad and wonder what all the fuss was about and banish memories of “knife between your teeth” “grinta” monsters who play Borini, and keep Berto while selling Locatelli and Silva who only went because Gattuso wouldn’t play them because he preferred Kalinic and even Borini!!!! Do you guys not remember all this stuff or what??

      • Lol true @Naz. Some of the fans here are so obsessed with Gattuso that they can’t see his faults and problems. Smh

        • Or we do see them but still support him since he’s the coach of our beloved club and want us to do well?

          • What they don’t admit is that they want Rino to fail, to say I told you so, I know football more than anyone M10 cough cough.

            What they don’t understand, is FFP, among the youngest team in Europe, just a seasons knowing each other, Mussaccio, Laxalt, Higuain, Bakayoko, Castillejo, that’s half of a new team.

            Captain obvious be like: bring Zidane and all the RM squad and we will win everything. This is not PES, and for those older than 25 go and look what FFP is.

            Of course we all want the Hazards, Kroos, Verrati, Griezman, and Ancellotti how it broke my heart we he refused to coach Milan, Milan need to prove themselves in order to attract the best in the sport, because we are no longer among the top teams in Europe. Just saying we need champions to be champions is so vague.

            The truth is that if gattuso fail it will mean to go back to the start line for MIlan, Elliot can say fuck this shit, I take those 600M the electricity guy offered, What would Rino haters will say if Leonardo and Maldini are sacked?

            I really like this team, even Biglia who I dislike give his all. Every coach has his favorites Allegri-Matri, Seedorf-Emmanuelson Gattuso-Biglia-Borini. Also they had their dislikes Miha-Suso, Gattuso-Monto. But bringing a new coach and a guy like Conte might mean to disband this team, and these guys are giving their all, they are MIlan, Conte is not Milan. Understood Captain obvious.

          • Raven my mate, ive seen some crazy ass illogical comments on this blog but ur comment is… DAMN.
            “What they don’t admit is that they want Rino to fail, to say I told you so, I know football more than anyone M10 cough cough.” Yes I DO know more football than anyone here but that doesnt mean i want milan to fail. In fact, the exact reason why i want rino replaced by real coach like conte is because i want milan to become milan again.
            “What they don’t understand, is FFP, among the youngest team in Europe, just a seasons knowing each other, Mussaccio, Laxalt, Higuain, Bakayoko, Castillejo, that’s half of a new team.” Ajax ‘95 was youngest team as well.
            Captain obvious be like: bring Zidane and all the RM squad and we will win everything. This is not PES, and for those older than 25 go and look what FFP is.“ everyone understands ffp and its impact on milan, hence literally NO ONE ASKS for zidane and all madrid squad. R u kidding me?
            “Milan need to prove themselves in order to attract the best in the sport, The truth is that if gattuso fail it will mean to go back to the start line for MIlan,” which is exactly why milan should replace rino with better coach so milan can perform better. Better performance means better revenues and sponsorships.
            “But bringing a new coach and a guy like Conte might mean to disband this team,” now ur just taking the piss. Since when do bringing new coach mean disbanding the team? Arsenal brought emery and they so far they havent disbanded yet. If anything, emery makes wenger’s players perform much better.
            “These guys give them all” oh please stop, ur breaking my heart. I do know that they get paid millions right?

          • Comments like that Raven make no sense at all, I’m not having a go at you and I honestly admire your sticking to your guns attitude but for fuck sake man will you listen to what your saying?? I don’t want Gattuso to fail I’d love it if he turned out to be the next Pep because he’d never leave us but the sad truth is he’s nothing more than just another past player recruited for unknown or unfounded reasons who has failed yet again

          • What I’m saying have sense to the management, unlike what you guys want, so a point for me.

            I’m not denying the fact that there are better players and coaches, and Gattuso can do a lot better. But to say he is grinta, clueless seems to me as crazy as my opinions to you guys. And surely no one ask for RM players, but let’s see what people on this blog ask in January.

            @Milan10 “But bringing a new coach and a guy like Conte might mean to disband this team,” now ur just taking the piss. I said Might.

            And how many times do I have to say that if results are bad he should be sacked, but we are on 4th place FFS, and you guys say he is lucky, well as lucky as Juventus winning 2-1 against empoli. We did last season above expectation with just Cutrone, we can do a lot better, specially if reinforcement on CB arrives.

    • @dindudre what is this nonsense about inter merda thrashing Ganoa? You don’t judge football performance this way. After all inter lost 1:0 against sassualo and Milan went there to thrash them 4:1. I’m not saying that this team very good but they and Gatusso deserve some credit

      • Inded O’GABBS! Well said 🙂 Genoa drew with Juve but got thrashed by Inter, does it mean Inter are better than Juve? No, all games look different.

    • Suso Castillejo Bonaventura Halilovic can all do a job on the wings so although Gattuso is doing well overall, I think 433 could work with this team.

      Imo the coach is playing a very offensive formation in a bit defensive way so we are not able to see the true 433 system. But in fact it’s not like we were playing horribly with 433 aside from against Inter where I think the fault was more on the approach.

      People like to exaggerate when something is not working well but the team haven’t been playing any better in the last 2 matches with different formations.. well we are winning but results and performances are 2 different things that can be analysed separately.

      Atalanta Empoli and even Napoli (Napoli were only able play in the last 30mins) were games we should’ve won considering the performances while Samp and Genoa could’ve ended differently.

      The only reason I want us to play a 2 striker formation is just to be able to fill Cutrone from the start and in his natural position.

      I don’t know but it seems to me that I see a few things differently from most people on this blog.. from player performances/qualities to tactics and formations. Sometimes I read and then say to myself ‘really?’ Well its only more interesting.

    • Interesting discussion; I think both sides are pushing towards the extreme. Gatusso is not clueless, nor only grinta. He has tactical ideas, and he has improved several players and us as a whole in several ways. But he also makes mistakes. And not a few of them.

      Gatusso earned his credit to be a seria a coach, but there are better options out there. He shouldn’t be replaced at all costs, but Leo-Maldini need to keep their eyes open for an upgrade.

      • Good summary mate, agreed!

        Not saying that Rino should be kept by all means, it’s not like we’re last in the table, we’re fourth, and by the looks of it, the players support him whole-heartedly, so there’s no need to sack him at this point. And I dont want us to start from scratch again with a new coach mid-season, if anything we should’ve gotten a new coach in the summer, but our reality is Rino now and he has my full support:)

      • And it’s what should be done, let’s see where we are at December, but I can’t understand the idea of sacking a coach whom the boys love and has us on fourth.

      • great young coaches are not always available. they are actually hard to find. Conte & Jardim are without a club. I remember Fatih Terim’s Milan. it was a very dynamic side and not bad by any means. but Carleto was availabe and Galliani made the correct choice by firing Terim and replacing him With Carleto.

        I will ask a very simple question. Are Conte, Jardim, Rijkard &… (I still cant spell his name) better coaches compare to Rino? it’s a simple yes or no question. If the answer is yes, and I know every person in his right mind would choose Conte or Jardim as better, smarter, more experienced coach, then why we are waiting? we waited 5 years to have a great coach and we didn’t get one. simply because we never hired one. we are losing precious time. even if Rino takes us to UCL, I still see those names as better option.

  4. Yap! Yap! Yap!

    That’s all we hear, sorry, all ‘I’ hear, as some ‘midtablers’ (to borrow the term), are awestruck by your mediocre words.

    Our supposedly ‘Shinter’ neighbors just destroyed Genoa like they are nothing, this is the same team that dominated us at home for 45 minutes, and you are here wetting your pants off an eternally average Udinese side, right?

    Even without some of regulars, this should not be a contest, but alas! It’s the ‘Grint’, so every match is a litmus test for us, irrespective of the competition – every match.

    What TRUE Milanistas want to hear from you is that we are getting the three points and breaking our duck for clean sheet, but obviously that’s a tall order since it’s MIGHTY Udinese – heck, I’m sure since their jersey is similar to Juve, we are crapping our pants now, huh?

    And that silly excuse of lack of depth is on YOU and only you. Since you did not assure both Loca and Silva that they would get more playtime, hence their decision to leave. This is what you get, so deal with it.

    Nothing short of a convincing… na, that’s a stretch, just try and win, if not, I can bet my last bottle of crimson polish – yes, I’m a man of style – that them ‘Kumbas’ will come for you enmassed if you drop off their ‘Scudetto’ wining position – 4th place.


  5. You are a sincere man Gatuso but your insincere statement about Monty isn’t good. You are the boss, you frozen him out clearly and just stick by your choice, nobody can question your authority.

    What is wrong with our medical team? The injury situation is so worrying, they must do something quick before we lose the whole squad.

  6. Number 10 is a disaster, hopefully Paquetà will take his shirt, Hakan doesn’t deserve ac milan shirt (10… please)
    I think we should stick to 442 with adding a lw this summer and hopefully Paquetá approves the expectation
    Conti needs to return at his best and also approve his expectations because 70% of the goals we conceded this year were Calabria’s mistakes directly

  7. Can’t wait to see whether Gattuso will use 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 against Udinese away from San Siro. Hope we can get point away. Udinese is tough, physical. A draw is fine but who knows, maybe we can win this time. 3-5-2 may cause Gattuso being sacked…the probability to lose is higher with 3 men defence. Gattuso knows his squad better than us the fans, but calling Montoslow back to play is huge mistake. I don’t trust him since he came from Fiorentina requesting for a captaincy. Be creative, Gattuso…you can use Mussachio or Laxalt as a DM. Unfortunately, Strinic is out due to injury now. Strinic is calm and intelligent.

    • I’d rather have Rodriguez as a DM to any other player who’s not a natural midfielder. Good short and long passing abilities and great ball shielding skills under pressure. I feel players like Kessie and Laxalt are not composed enough to be trusted in front of the defense on their own.

  8. The funny thing is we as an attacking team are great. Besides the inter game we have scored multiple goals in each game. Stats also show that we’re top 3 in terms of goals and chances created and shots on goal.

    What we’re not doing so great it is our defending. And it’s the weirdest thing of all because for some reason, we tend to give up at least one goal a match to our wrong doing. It’s a curse and hopefully tomorrow we can finally get that clean sheet and get that monkey off our back. We’re not a bad team as many people think, obviously we’re not perfect but once we get the defending figured out we will take that next step. Like look back at goals we’ve conceded this year and I’ll guarantee there’s more Of ‘what a crappy goal what’s he doing’ and less ‘wow that was a nice team goal they deserved it’.

  9. Im glad that finally we can have nice, productive discussions on this lovely blog, in particular regarding why 4-3-3 doesnt work with this squad. Im glad because more and more milanisti, even the midtablers a.k.a. Rinopatriots, realize that no playmaking cm and no fast wingers (and fullbacks) mean no 4-3-3, by realizing they essentially admit that rino (and other milan coaches before him, some of which have thick milan dna) has been making mistake all this time. Surely theres still few smartasses who think its cool to claim 4-3-3 will eventually work when the fact is in last 4 matches 2 st generated 100% win while sinful 4-3-3 generated 100% lose, with pathetic displays no less. No matter, in time they’ll convert to milan10ism too.
    I also cant help but feeling nostalgic reading good milanisti’s comments on why 4-3-3 doesnt work because i wrote those points years ago. I feel old now. Old but glad nonetheless.
    Regarding monto being frozen out, i bet rino and monto sang that frozen theme song together at milanello before rino froze him outta the squad. Hell, maybe he even threw in quotes from batman & robin like “lets kick ur ice monto” or “ice to meet u monto” for good measure. Thats how low rino was.
    I mean c’mon rino, being garbage coach is not enough for u, now ur lying too? What sins have milan committed in the past to deserve this kind of punishment?
    Inter and juve steamrolled genoa and cagliari (2 clubs milan barely beat) and we’re still discussing whether milan should get real coach or not, u gotta be kidding me. The midtablers think just because they jerked off to rino the player long time ago then milan need to give him one more time daft punk style. Well, CONTE DIDNT NEED MUCH TIME TO WIN HIS 1st SCUDETTO, he just harder, faster, better, stronger his way to the trophies, and he didnt get lucky either (yeah i wrote daft punk puns, sue me). Hell, even inter were worse than milan 2-3 seasons ago but look where they are now with coach whose ppg is much higher than rino. U all know milan10 is always right so believe me when i say if milan and milanisti cant get rid of this mediocre, “milan dna” mentality, then be ready to watch inter put 2 stars above their logo or even ucl again before milan ever have any chance in hell

  10. Forza Milano..gattuso is trying.. compared to seedorf inzaghi…we need quality…milan should spend on good players not average simple

  11. I find most of the discussions here really useless. No one tries to understand and maybe see things from a new perspective. One side is blindly supporting rino because their goal is 4th place and MAYBE rino can deliver it. The other side that is probably older knows that no team can achieve big success with this kind of playing.

    I was probably the biggest admirer of Rino last season. My comments are still here. This season, on the other hand, he had the preseason. He had one of the best squad in recent years and he chooses wrong tactics and approaches and makes the player weak. Ppl say our team is not built for 4-3-3. Actually, it’s is built on this exact same formation by rino.

    I still think Rino, in the long run, would not succeed as our coach. I’m sad about it of course but I see him being fired very soon. I hope with or without Rino, we don’t lose UCL again because our squad is good enough.

    • “I was probably the biggest admirer of Rino last season” im sorry to hear that mate. I hope ur feeling better now.
      “Ppl say our team is not built for 4-3-3. Actually, it’s is built on this exact same formation by rino.” Nope. No fast wingers, no playmaking cm, no intelligent, fast fullbacks, no modern st except for pipita and especially, no coach intelligent enought to implement counter attack or possession football.
      “I still think Rino, in the long run, would not succeed as our coach.” Personally i’d have fired his ass after 0-4 massacre in coppa italia final.

      • You should read my comment again. I said Rino build ths team for 4-3-3. I didn’t say he did a good job doing that.

        • No he didnt build this team for 4-3-3; no fast wingers (samu’s not lw), no playmaking cm. If u wanna draw a rectangle then draw a rectangle. I dont care if u cant draw straight lines but if its rectangle ur drawing then anyone can tell by the shape. If u draw a circle then u essentially dont draw a rectangle, period

    • Our team is not built for a 433 formation. We don’t have a natural LW that can offer the same attacking threat as our RW. Therefore, if Milan had kept Deulofeu or sign Keita Balde our team would have more balance and scoring potency as the right side. Deulofeu and Keita Balde score a lot of goals and offer a lot of creativity and pace going forward even more than Suso but we didn’t sign either one. That was a bad decision by Milan management.

      The only way 433 can work with our current squad is if Gattuso plays Bonaventura on the lW and move Calhanoglu inside as a mezzala. Gattuso currently does the total opposite which makes no sense.

      So In order for a 433 to work, the top 3 players need to contribute to the teams goal scoring output and creativity. They must be good with the ball at their feet, can take on defenders and they must be able to share equal responsibility of scoring goals like Barcelona or Man City.

      Higuain is too isolated in our 433 formation and too much is dependent upon our 1 striker to score. When Milan play 433 it more resembles formations like 451, 4321, etc. because Higuain is so isolated.

      Clubs that play 433 well usually have players that are good with the ball at their feet. Players that can take on defenders and beat them in 1 on 1 which opens up spaces for goal scoring chances. Suso is the only player in our top 3 that is good at dribbling the ball. That’s a problem in a 433. We looked much better as a team when Deulofeu was playing on the LW.

      Therefore, a 442 would work better with our current players which allows Higuain and Cutrone more space in the box. Laxalt or more preferably Bonaventura can play as a LW to provided more chances for the two strikers.

        • @Milanista121…Thanks bro. Not sure why we didn’t sign Deulofeu especially after a successful loan spell and for the fact that our coach wants to play 433. And can you believe it that he is just 24yrs old? Smh

          Given the age our squad these guys could have grown together and become champions. Really poor foresight by Milan management. Sigh!

      • You should read my comment again. I said Rino build ths team for 4-3-3. I didn’t say he did a good job doing that.

        As you said playing bonna at left would be a good idea in 4-3-3 and this will let hakan solves our central mid problems. Lack of strikers in 4-4-2 + Rino including defencive midfielders in Flat 4-4-2 is the problem of this formation for us. A 4-4-2 with bona, hakan, kessie and suso would be wonderful. Sadly he is too defesive minded

  12. Now we have problem at RB. Abate has passed his peak performance. I understand why Gattusso use 352 / 343 in last match (Suso played at right wing, and both Cutrone – Higuan as center forward). But the problem is, we were good in defense but poor in attack because there was no balance in attack. We only counted the attack at the right wing. I think the best option for now, is using Kessie at RB and play 442 with Baka alongside Monti/Berto in the center midfield and using Laxalt/Samu at left wing. So both Cutrone and Higuain will have proper area up front with support from both wings

  13. Just get the 3 points. I’m tired of wishing for a clean sheet, just get the job done. Musa looked better last match, but I’m still worried about our defensive organization; and as Romag is the one who I assume is responsible for this task, he really needs to step up in that regard. I want to see more shouting at players, more coordination, more straight lines, etc …

  14. Am still saying it gattuso can not compete with any top team , very soon Milan will leave did level to back and we start reading another story

  15. God I’ve missed Montolivo’s penetrating through balls between Romagnoli and Zapata back to Donnarumma. They were the real reason for our *ehem* success in the past few seasons.

  16. What pisses me of on this blog is how everyone is so obsessed with the formation that we play and how apparently our front 3 should work. If you keyboard heros remeber a quote from alex Ferguson when he said attack wins you games and defends wins you titles so far our defense has been garbage coinciding on every single game and thats were i blame gattuso he should change that back pass tactic because our defense its not smart enough to play that type of tactic. In regards to our attack we thrashed sassuolo playing 4-3-3 and we hardly won against samp and genoa playing basically 4-4-2 so stop complaining about gattuso and his tactics since you can actually see that the players are actually playing with heart since gattuso took charge. Yes i know he is inexperienced and he does mistakes when subbing players and blah blah blah but if the starting 11 doesnt perform up to expectations what will the subs do with 20-30 min playing time and please stop with this 4-4-2 formation we dont have strikers and if we play both of them every game they will be worn out and injured our best formation is what the coach picks and us as fans should support it

    • Well, If Milan coach and management team didn’t believe that we can play 442 why are they signing Zlatan instead of a LW?

      If decisions like this are being made without any plans for the future in mind then we are doomed because it would mean that we have people in charge that can’t see what the real issues are and therefore cannot fix it to give this team an identity.

      So Obviously, Ibra is in our plans for a backup striker role to cover for Higuaín & Cutrone because of using a 442 formation. We also saw in the past that Ibra did not do so well in Barça 433 system during his time there.

      If Milan “only” plan on signing Ibra for 6mos then this would be a good short term fix. If they sign him outright for more than 6mos then it would be another stupid mistake given his age and career damaging knee injury.

      I would honestly prefer if Milan go back in the market for a good LW that score goals and create chances. Someone with pace. Just imagine Cutrone or Higuaín being flanked by Suso and someone else on the left that is just as good or better than Suso? We would be scoring goals for fun.



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