Conti was involved in an official game for the first time in 423 days, played 58 minutes in Milan Primavera’s 2-0 loss

Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (
Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (

Andrea Conti played nearly an hour for the Primavera on Friday, as they still lost to Chievo and continued their bad start.

The last time Conti played an official match was September 5th 2017, when he wore the colors of the Italian national team in their game against Israel.

Since then, Conti underwent two knee surgeries but the wait for him ended today (Friday) as he played from the start for the Primavera of Alessandro Lupi in their home game against Chievo’s Primavera.

Conti played in the right-back position alongside goalkeeper Matteo Soncin, center backs Alessio Brambilla and Samuele Ruggeri, and fullback Raoul Bellanova. Andrea played 58 minutes and was replaced by 17-year-old Alberto Barazzetta. The crowd gave Conti a round of applause.

“I’m happy with what I did,” the 24-year-old told MilanTV at the end of the match. “Certainly I’m not 100% but I needed this match to recover my condition a bit. I thank the guys of the Primavera and Mr. Lupi, they made me feel at ease already from the training session of yesterday.

Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (
Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (

“My condition? I feel pretty good, it went quite well on the pitch. I’ll go to Milanello tomorrow and I’ll be at Gattuso’s disposal, he’ll decide what I’ll need to do. From the first moments after I got injured, I felt the closeness of everyone, from the staff to the fans. They’ve always been close to me even though I hardly ever played with them. I thank them, I hope to repay their trust as soon as possible.

“There has always been support from the team towards me, many of my teammates wrote to me before the game. The team’s support and proximity has given me the strength to overcome the difficult moment, I thank them and I hope to soon return to playing with them.

Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (
Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (

“The defeat? The match didn’t go in the best way, we got out a bit more in the second half but in the first half we suffered, they took us a bit by surprise and it shouldn’t have to happen, the guys need to start again from the second half and get a result next time.

“Udinese? The trip to Udine will not be easy, the crowd there is a bit hostile but we are Milan and we must always aim for the maximum. We’re coming off two major wins, we are in the Champions League zone and morale is high, we want the three points.

The presence of Conti didn’t stop the Primavera from recording yet another defeat as they lost 2-0. Milan are currently in 10th place (out of 16 teams) with just 7 points after as many games.

Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (
Andrea Conti during Milan Primavera-Chievo Primavera at Stadio Franco Ossola on November 2, 2018. (

Goals: Rovaglia (18′), Rabbas (31′ pk).

AC Milan Primavera (4-3-3) – Alessandro Lupi
Matteo Soncin; Andrea Conti (58′ Alberto Barazzetta), Alessio Brambilla (81′ Antonio Mionic), Samuele Ruggeri, Raoul Bellanova; Siaka Haidara (46′ Nicola Torchio), Marco Romano Frigerio, Alessandro Sala (75′ Giacomo Olzer); Gabriele Capanni, Frank Tsadjout, Riccardo Tonin (58′ Daniel Maldini).
Unused: Zanellato, Guarneri, Basani, Culotta, Martinbianco, Sanchez, Vigolo.

AC Chievo Verona Primavera (4-3-3) – Davide Mandelli
Elia Caprile; Daniel Pavlev, Mattia Soragna, Thadèe Kaleba, Angelo Ndrecka (88′ Elimelech Enyan); Mohamed Rabbas (32′ Emanuele Zuelli), Karamoko Ibrahim, Massimo Bertagnoli; Emanuel Vignato, Pietro Rovaglia (75′ Daniel Liberal), Musa Juwara.
Unused: Bragantini, Raffa, Amoo Richard, Corti, Metlika, Tuzzo, Amici, Moreira Bedendo, Rossi.

Referee: Andrea Colombo.

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Hope soon he will be back to old self as we really need depth on right back position


WHAT?! THEY LOST?! We all know who’s fault this is… #RinoOUT

Anyways, it feels really good to see Conti once again wear the red and black colors, hope he can recover asap, but I’d say that this weekend is too soon for competitive action. Perhaps he should remain and play for the Primavera until he reaches 90 minutes, and then we can carefully slot him into the first team, as a subsititute at first. We really need to be delicate and not rush him, not for one second.


“WHAT?! THEY LOST?! We all know who’s fault this is… #RinoOUT” whoa whoa, calm ur saggy pointy national geographic tits mate. Yes rino was once primavera coach and as far as im concerned he’s STILL primavera coach quality wise but its not his fault milan primavera lost. Actually, with rino at the helm milan primavera was actually 3rd in classifica. Now thats what i call ACTUAL 3rd HIGHEST POINTS because the team actually WAS 3rd. Hey, maybe rino can win primavera scudetto now seeing as how hes so good that he can beat genoa (a feat u claimed not even… Read more »


Third highest points collected didn’t end up with a third placed spot due to the poor shape Montella left us in. This season from scratch Rino has collected the joint fourth highest points, have us in UCL-spots over Di Francesco and Inzaghi, both of whom you said had respectable ppg average. Why complain?:)


Because milan never once convince me with their playing style and results. Yes milan is 4th after 10 games but theres only 4 point gap between milan and 10th place; the classifica is so tight because the range of points that can be gained is still limited due to very few games being played. If i remember correctly morontella and miha could also temporalily take milan to 3rd – 4th place at the start of their respective seasons but we all know what happened next. If rino can retain 4th after giornata 34 then i can safely say he’s up… Read more »


*up for it


Let’s just hope for the best and support him then, he’s our coach now, and as of now he has us in fourth place:)

Milan Wins


I wonder why you even waste time with them ‘Kumbas.’

…GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Didnt you lose a bet?


Don’t have the guts to honour your own words.

Milan Wins

What can I say: blow me off to your mediocrity oblivion, pansies!

You are both too inconsequential in the scheme of things!





Because im a nice guy and i want to take the midtablers from darkness to light. Duh


I hope u get well soon so u can represent milan conte, i mean conti. I also hope to hell ur performance level wont drop like gullit, owen, ronaldo and shearer after their knee surgeries. God knows milan need competent rb

Mathijs Savicevic

Conti doesn’t read this blog. Just getting you out of your imagination world


“Just getting you out of your imagination world” thats what i said to ur daughter and sister when they asked if we could take this one night stand affairs to next relationship level.
Oh, and rino said to me that he didnt like reading ur comments because u change ur mind like ur grandma changes underwear; way too often. This week its “rino’s good coach” and “suso’s garbage”, next week its “rino should go” and “i hope no one triggers suso’s buy out clause because hes so important to milan”. Thats why u cant have nice things

Devil is in the details

Have you lost your job? or what? I assume something huge has happened to you and made this disgusting troll of you.
I’m sure you enjoy your new role because you don’t have anything to enjoy for real.

Mathijs Savicevic

Owwwww you nailed it whahahahahahahahaha


Yeah u “assume” mate because with such edgy username, thats all u can do. I suggest u change ur username to gennaro freud.
Me, i never assume. I just be right all the time. Morontella’s bad coach, milan need playmaker, kalinic’s garbage, 2st works better for milan than 4-3-3, etc are just few example of my rightness. U newbies will have much better football knowledge if u just read my comments.
This blog deserve better class of poster and im gonna give it to them.
Im not hero poster this blog deserves, but im the one its needs right now

zahid hossain

We should give our full focus n hardwork on serie A only, plz forget abt the useless tournament like EUROPA n Coppa Italia……. we should use our 2nd squad/bench players/primavera players in europa n coppa Italia…….. Forza Milan


That might not be such a bad idea since UEFA may revoke money won at the tournament. Has anyone else heard anything about that?


He’s looking a like stick man
Needs to beef up a bit


Actually he should now stay as lean as he can. After ACL all extra weight can cause damage to operated tissues. He can bulk up from next September, maybe.


He was extremely weak, the first goal received was because of his slow movements, he is very weak in this moment, I didn’t like what I have seen yesterday ! One of the weakest players on the pitch !

Baresis Dream

That’s too bad, but it’s to be expected mate after so long off the pitch

Milan Wins

Welcome back, Conti. It is good to see you on the pitch again. Though it begs the question – for how long? There is something wrong with Milan’s medical staff and the ‘grints’ training regime as MOST of our players ALWAYS get injured during training.

I wonder why?


Calm down

Get stronger Conti. We shouldn’t expect anything great from him this season and it will take more time before he could be first choice ahead of Calabria if ever.

He seems like a grateful guy a hardworker and likeable. I think he’s good enough for Milan even thou I didn’t see much of him .Unfortunately I just cannot imagine him being as good as the hype around him on this blog, plus now after this injury. This is my honest opinion about him still however wishing him the best


Daniele maldini ???????coolt

Forza Conti keep on the good rehab


He played really well in the first few weeks when he arrived last year but then sidelined due to the injuries lets just hope he recovers soon and finds his best form before the New Year….. we can then evaluate in January which players we need to buy to strengthen the squad.