Conti close to making his return to the pitch, expected to play with the Primavera against Chievo next Friday

Andrea Conti during training at Milanello. (
Andrea Conti during training at Milanello. (

Andrea Conti will try to help the boys of Alessandro Lupi next week as he’s ready to get back to playing.

Conti has been out of action since September 2017 and has since undergone two knee surgeries, but the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be near.

According to, next Friday at Stadio Franco Ossola when Milan Primavera of Alessandro Lupi take on Chievo’s Primavera side, the name of Conti will appear on the list of players available for selection.

MN expects the 24-year-old right back to play the first 45 minutes of the game against Chievo but also notes that his use will be decided by the player, Gattuso and the medical team of Milan.

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Good to see him making recovery. Hopefully there won’t be another injury.

Btw, Milan Wins, we shall see if you are a man of your word.

Oct 27, 2018 at 3:51 am
Let’s make a deal.
If he does not leave by this weekend, you leave this blog. Agreed? Or don’t have the guts?

Milan Wins
Oct 27, 2018 at 2:29 pm
Lol! So says the comical, social-working, pen- sorry – ‘ink’ pushing, “kumbaya” loving joke of a fan!

It’s on sonny!



Please dnt rush hm back, we have 2 players managing his position . I suggest we bring him back to action in january.


am so happy that milan play well but they didnt give the best of rossoneri..we still have some chance..forza milan


Please let the man recover his fitness, give him until January, Let him earn his spot, getting an injury or a bad appearance will destroy him. Abate is a solid RB and our last champion T.T