Gattuso: “We lost our way completely, it’s team that has lost its identity, it was one of our worst performances, I’m the first person responsible for this”

Gennaro Gattuso during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)-
Gennaro Gattuso during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso said ‘I am very worried, disappointed and angry, especially with myself’ and claimed ‘it is difficult for a coach to sleep after a game like that’, as Milan lost 2-1 to Real Betis.

After the defensive performance and defeat in the Derby della Madonnina, Milan fans were hoping to see a different Rossoneri on Thursday night as they hosted Real Betis at Stadio San Siro.

And indeed it was a different Milan – a worse one. Gattuso made six changes compared to the line-up that played against Inter and the bench players showed exactly why their place is on the bench.

The Diavolo were second best at everything for the entire match, with the exception of the last 10 minutes of the encounter. Real Betis were dominant, running the show and creating the chances at San Siro. Milan were embarrassing to watch and played their worst game of the season.

Antonio Sanabria celebrating during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Antonio Sanabria celebrating during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Antonio Sanabria took advantage of comical defending from Cristian Zapata and Pepe Reina to give Betis the lead in the 30′ minute. Betis came close to scoring a few more times in the first half but had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside and so they had to wait until the 55′ minute to double their lead; they did it through a beautiful Giovani Lo Celso hit, which was assisted by Romganoli.

Gattuso made two substitutions on half time, taking off the truly horrendous Fabio Borini and Tiémoué Bakayoko and bringing on Suso and Patrick Cutrone. The two struggled to make an impact as Milan were overall poor in everything they did, but in the 82′ minute Cutrone found the back of the net thanks to a Castillejo assist. Samu was also fouled in the penalty box in stoppage time but Dutch referee Bas Nijhuis didn’t think it was a penalty and didn’t give Milan a chance to get an undeserving draw. A frustrated Castillejo then committed a bad foul and got a straight red card.

Alessio Romagnoli, Gonzalo Higuain and Giovani Lo Celso at the end of Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Alessio Romagnoli, Gonzalo Higuain and Giovani Lo Celso at the end of Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“What happened? What happened is that we lost our way completely,” Gattuso said in an interview with Sky Italia at the end of the match. “It was a game of suffering. We lost our confidence. This team doesn’t play with a clear head, it can’t do what it wants to, and only shrugged off the tension in the final minutes. Real Betis have not stolen anything, I won’t talk about the penalty incident, because they did dominate the game. It’s our mentality and fragility that worries me.

“We are not good where we made the difference. We aren’t playing with any kind of fluidity, can’t move the ball around. We have to talk to the players and find out what the problems are. There could even be a tactical issue. It doesn’t even look like the same team we saw a couple of weeks ago.

Lucas Biglia and Giovani Lo Celso during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Lucas Biglia and Giovani Lo Celso during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“What to do? We must find out the right solution to improve. We made a lot of changes on Thursday, also the formations. It’s not a question of the formation but of fear, it’s above all a psychological problem, as we can’t seem to react. We don’t control the tempo or the game. We couldn’t create anything with the ball at our feet, we’re not doing things with great fluidity and it’s not good.

“We saw practically nothing from the midfielders pushing up and too often we passed it backwards rather than forwards. We are frantic, we are not calm, and we are not behaving well defensively. The team isn’t working, I am the first to take responsibility for that. I must find the best solution.

“The performance against Inter wasn’t a total disaster, but of course it’s difficult for a coach to sleep after a game like that. It was one of our worst performances, we looked like the side that lost in Verona and drew with Benevento. We cannot play like this and I am responsible. In my mind there is so much worry and disappointment. I cannot accept a performance like that.

Samu Castillejo and Sidnei during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Samu Castillejo and Sidnei during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“The voices and criticisms? It’s only right that I am criticized and put up for debate. I am training a glorious club, I make the decisions and the consequences are mine. It mustn’t be a problem for the players, but a problem for me. Maybe it will seem like falsehoods but I assure you that I liked the mentality and the desire that I saw at Milanello these days, but on Thursday we didn’t manage to put it on the pitch. We committed mistakes, we are undergoing something and we’re paying for it. We have to go back to being what we were before, otherwise it’ll be hard.

“Higuain? The problem is not Gonzalo, it’s the team that is having a hard time to shoot. Some solutions must be found to do something different.”

Gonzalo Higuain during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Higuain during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaking in the post-match press conference, Rino said: “How much the defeat hurts? The defeat doesn’t hurt, what hurts is the performance and how we played, how we were on the pitch. For a coach it’s difficult to go home tonight and think about the game. This is what I’m worried about, and it’s not an excuse for the derby, but the fragility and the mentality. It’s not a question of changing formations. I see a fragile, frightened team that has lost the certainties it had until 25 days ago.

“We have to understand why the light went out suddenly. If I saw something positive in regards to wickedness and mentality against Inter then on Thursday I saw a team in difficulty in all aspects. Both I, who is the first one responsible, and the team, made a bad impression.

“My position [Gattuso is not at risk at the moment]? Do you think that I’m thinking now about the bench and my ass? I’m thinking, if I’ll be given to chance, about how to solve this problem. I am the first person responsible for this situation and, as I said on Wednesday, I’m tied to the results. We did a non-Milan performance. Whatever happens [with my future] there will be no problems.

Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“If it’s an irreversible situation? It seemed like a merry-go-round: we played with three at the back, then four at the back, we tried playing with Castillejo as a striker… it’s not a question of formations, it’s a team that has lost its identity. In these two games I didn’t see the side midfielders running inside. We are doing wrong what we did well and what has distinguished us in recent months. It’s a performance that left me perplexed, on my part and that of my staff there is great disappointment. Probably my staff and I were not clear enough, otherwise we cannot explain this performance:

“Higuain is frustrated [the attacker barely got any balls and was not involved at all]? Certainly he’s not going through his best moment of form but he’s subject to the involution of the whole team, he is paying for it and lately he does not receive many balls, we started to serve crosses only in the last 10-15 minutes. We must put him in a position to make him work more in the last 16 meters.

Patrick Cutrone at the end of Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Patrick Cutrone at the end of Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“Cutrone was pressing the entire field alone? At the moment you can see the difficulty first-hand. We can also make comparisons to Castillejo and Laxalt who after the goal were unlocked. We think too much about what can happen. There is a far of making mistakes and not taking responsibility. Many times we forget that the mentality is an important component, it’s not a physical matter.

“Before the game I gave compliments for the atmosphere in the dressing room, and it’s totally different from the one that reigns outside of Milanello’s gates. One can take me for a crazy man if I say things like this after a match like that, but that’s what I saw during the week.

Gennaro Gattuso during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“I’m very worried, disappointed and angry, especially with myself. If the players must take greater responsibility? I take responsibility. I have to be good at understanding who has the right mentality, the commitment is never lacking. In some moments we applied nothing which we had prepared.”

Milan’s next game is against Sampdoria on Sunday at 18:00 CET. Another defeat could make the upper management of the Rossoneri to really consider a change as things are looking bad right now.


  1. Gattuso has no clue on how to train a club of this size and it’s not his fault. I understand that we don’t have money to go for Conte because of FFP, at least the new management should appoint a coach who has some experience and what’s most important – is a tactical coach.
    We don’t have balanced starting 11, all our players have flaws that Gattuso is not able to hide and when substitutions comes on – it’s even worse. Let’s think like a 12th placed team who wants to get to Europe…we need tactical tinkerer who is able to outsmart opponents not by talking about glorious days but to make our players understand that they aren’t stars.
    They haven’t done or won a thing with this shirt and that there may be tons of teams better then us but we must follow our plan, play our game and not let our guard drop. Sort of like Betis who came to San Siro with their coach saying prior to the game that they are here for points…and boy did they get them in some style. In weekend they will Getafe and it’ll be just another game where they will need to prove themselves…they will certainly not enter the field with Milan scalp in their minds.
    That brings me back to coach…our players aren’t able to sort it between themselves. They cannot lead themselves and on our bench we have poster boy who can only fuel fake emotions from fans because of his glory playing days. As a coach he is lost, only thing he can do is talk about grinta and it sort of worked at the end of last season but when a group of players that are playing football from their early youth spot a man who has no tactical knowledge or sense in that department we get to the stage we’re in…silent boycott that can end only in the weakest link – Gattuso leaving his post.

  2. I think i’ll just copy paste myself here, just in case
    “Milan10 Nov 27, 2017 at 12:07 pm
    The decision to sack morontella is, in and of itself, correct but fassobelli couldve picked better timing as its too late and at the same time too soon. It shouldve been done in last mercato (or next winter mercato), that way kalinimovic the poor man’s van nistelrooy and borivaldo didnt have to arrive and milan couldve allocated the fund on wingers and playmakers to implement 4-3-3 properly. Bacca, niang and kucka staying wouldve been nice too.
    Regarding rino, whats his merit actually? I hope to hell in time i’ll be proven wrong but this is broccoli 2.0 all over again.”
    Around that time i also wrote such wisdom as “get auba at all cost”, “4-3-3 wont work with this set of players”, “milan should just raid dortmund roster and get reus, pulisic, ginter etc”, “andre the giant > kalinimovic”, “playmaker and wingers goddammit” etc etc. how could i be so DEAD right u ask? Well, i must admit i have time machine like stewie griffin of family guy has thus its kinda pointless to get into argument with me because DAMN i can even read what u’ll be writing.
    Also, “this defeat doesnt hurt”? Wtf, this garbage reminds me of that quote from patrick swayze mindless action movie, “pain dont hurt”. Moronic aint even enough to describe

      • Well, if thats true then good for him mate. I mean, surely rino and broccoli are garbage football managers but i think they really can be good day manager at monza circuit, u know them being personification of grinta and all. Im sure the f1 grand prix at monza will be spectacular under their supervision. Wait a minute, ur talking about monza circuit not football club right?

  3. Gattuso will never learn. never!! playing borini in attack is footballing suicide. Imagine a player that played as a defender majority of last season whilst doing a fantastic job there playing as an attacker. Borini has zero footballing technique. all he does is run and run. In reality Gattuso deserved to be sacked. A result oriented coach would never pick a player like borini to start a game maybe such player would be needed to kill of a game in the latter stage.

  4. I hope this weekend match will be our turn around to victories…like how he did it last year…a lost means Gattuso will definitely go…he’s not doing bad just that he needs to input aggression to get back d ball from their opponents and stop relying on starting ball from back every time

  5. Rino walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “why the long face?” Rino doesn’t reply because it’s a rino and obviously can’t speak or understand English. Soon after that, people get up and leave, not wanting to get run over or worse.

  6. Simple suggestions from my side

    1-Sorry gattuso times up for you, hire a top coach.

    2-Terminate the contracts of borini, bakayoko, zapata.

    3- start cutrone always

    4- bring in hallilovic for midfield and wing he might bring a new dimension and definitely can’t be worse than borini.

    5-swap caldara for mussachio. If you couldn’t teach him to play 4 man defense in 4 months then the problem is with you and not with caldara, and yeah he too can’t be worse than Zapata.

    6- Develop an attacking mentallity, no back passes unnecessarily. Grow some balls and take the risk of loosing while trying to play attacking football, rather than surrender meekly and trying to just cover your asses during the match.

    7- if we’re to build play from the back, then sell all goalkeepers, none of them are good for building up play from the back. Beg Madrid for navas or courtious. We might get one of them. Both can’t be happy there.

    8- Elliot should find a new investor, probably a sheikh/Arab. Show that money to uefa, and get proactive in the market. Till that happens go all out for top free agents and smart deals like Ramsey and Rabiot. Pay them big salaries to lure them. Slash the salary of donnarumma to 1.5 mil. He doesn’t deserve anymore.

    And the rant goes on. Anyways just do something guys. It felt really bad looking at maldini’s face in the stands yesterday.

  7. They never should give you this kind of responsibility. You are a true warrior and a good man. Sadly you are already finished as a coach in this club. Its just a matter of time.
    Sorry Rino.

  8. I have said this time and again rino doesn’t balls to take the game to opponents, he is clueless and doesn’t have a game plan first inter now this really how low have we bencome….rino is a legend no doubt but he is not worth coaching milan. Just like my fellow colleague here said about PSG and Napoli in champions league I saw that match too it was pure tactical genius by both Carlo and tuchel now that is what we require at the moment…..whether anyone likes it or not this team is worth more than this….

  9. Everyone here has suggestions, here’s mine-

    If you are a young reader of this blog – get out ! Get out while you still can ! For some of us it’s too late, we are stuck with this embarrassment sorry shell of an excuse for a football team for life. We are bounded by a false sense of loyalty and force of habit to this sorry excuse of football. But you still have a chance …

    For the last six or so years, having watched almost every minute played by this band of hustlers, all I can say that it was time not well spent. Very rare moments and enjoyment, highly frequent moments of shame and disappointment. To think how many things could have been done instead of watching Jack hog the ball over and over again, watching shaky defenses and non existent offenses, and having every small hope shatter the following year.

    Get out! Run! Go find an environment where joy can grow, because only sorrow can be harvested on our fields. Sorrow, disappointment, and shame.

    • If u cant handle the worst of milan then u dont deserve the best of it. I, like many others, survived marseille 1-0 milan (the last game of san marco), ajax 1-0 milan, milan 1-6 juve, la coruna 4-0 milan, liverpool 3-3 milan, inter 4-0 milan, juve 4-0 milan etc and if anything, those terrible moments moulded me into a lifelong milanista im today. By all means, please share the pain and the joy together with fellow milanisti but never leave milan and certainly never say “i hope milan lose” and garbage like that. Someday, years from now when milan are milan again we’ll look back and say, “yeah we held on like true milanisti and now we’re reaping what we sow”

      • Yeah Milan10, like I said I’m Milan for life – it’s too late for me. And I’ll never cheer for Milan to loose. That’s just stupid. But believe me I would give quite a lot to be in the days of our Depo loss (or Liverpool final). We had our ups and downs throughout the years, but since Berlusconi’s era we never had it this bad (obviously). And it’s not this loss or that loss. It’s the whole last 5-6 years.

        Some people want to believe a simple fix like swapping coaches would do the magic trick – I don’t blame them, hope is an important thing. But for me, I lost hope with the majority of this squad. We have some talent, but nowhere near enough for garaunteed 4th place.

  10. Right… now that the Titanic’s at a 45-degree angle sticking out of the water can we please try and salvage what’s left of the season by bringing in a coach with a tad more experience than having once managed a kids’ team. I actually don’t blame Gattuso for this. I blame management appointing yet another nobody in the first place. Just because he’s got “Milan DNA” and goes all Tony Robbins on the players in the dressing room doesn’t mean he knows how to get them to play football on the pitch.

    • Nah mate, i dont think rino have gone all tony robbins on milan yet. I mean, theres still no footage of ‘walking on burning coal’ ritual from milanello yet. As a matter of fact, lets do that, if only to weed out all the weak and mentally wounded. I’d bet my ass donna the sinner would be the very first one to fail

  11. What is your problem? They got rid of the players you didn’t wanted. They signed the players you asked for but we only won less than half of the games this season.

    As they provided the players you wanted and for the reason that you actually have a fair amount of top players, I can easily say that you are not responsible for this situation. Neither Leo or Maldini has anything to do with it.


    I will probably stop watching/attending Milan games until I see a big change of attitude from our management. When they learned to solve the problems (whatever that it is), I will come back. I’m a Milan fan since I was 6 and it’s been more than 25 years. I think life is short and I try to focus on things that makes me happy. Instead of describing to Milan fans that being 12 in table and playing like shit is enough reason to fire a coach.

    • Hey man, I know how you feel, you’re not the only one. And I think you are right about the management policy.

      But….. Once a Milan fan, always a Milan fan. AND YES, DON’T TAKE THIS MEDIOCRITY ANYMORE!!!

      Absolutely, a lot of people here don’t see that we have only 1 A-class player in the squad. His name is Higuain, who is on an Island because Suso and Calhanoglu can’t provide him any good passes. Simple!!

  12. I said that i wanted to see how the team reacts and i must confess even after d 1st 45mins that Gatuso is far from learning and improving.

    Gordon Singer (Co owner of Elliott) was in San Siro last night with Leo and Maldini, i wonder how he would have felt seeing such a disgraceful and unworthy performance, you screwed us Gatuso.

    How Allen is worst than Bakayoko and Borini is beyond me and honestly, Gatuso is killing himself. Baka can’t even control and he play? Borini runs headlessly and he plays? Zapata in your team too? Really???

    I’m sure Higuain will be regretting coming now because am sure he has never played with players like these who are totally from a different world to his. If care is not taken, he will walk away like Bonucci did.

  13. Gattuso Gattuso Gattuso. You lack the experience. Just accept it and quit . You are a milan legend and so it remains. We need experienced coach that is not very expensive. Donadoni or Rijkaard

  14. I remained without words ! The game against Betis was the worst from every point of view. Worst than that it can’t be. I am pretty sure that this kind of playing comes from the inability of the players to do what Gattuso asks because what Gattuso is asking is non sense. They can’t play from the back, the opponents know what to do with deep pressing and it’s done ! There is no plan B, C and our game is over ! Gattuso is not the same coach like the one from the last season and until now he doesn’t seem very intelligent. You play from the back when you can do that, if u can’t you play in other ways, this is the big problem, it’s clear that we play better with 2 strikers and with a lot of offensive players. Castillejo will become better than Suso if he has the chance to play more often, he was man of the match yesterday ! I don’t understand why Halilovic doesn’t play, he is a little magician, better than any Borini, Bakayoko and others. I don’t understand why Tiago Dias was loaned when we don’t have proper LW, he played very good last year in Primavera, he has already scored 3 times for Braga B, maybe because Gattuso hates technical players…He told us Caldara is not used with the defence in 4, Spaletti took De Vrij who played at Lazio 3-5-2 and put him in a defence of 4 from the first games. Gattuso played with Roma, Musa and Zapa, masters of Harvard in the defence of 4 and the defence was pathetic ! Simone Inzaghi with this team would play 3-5-2 with Rodriguez, Roma, Caldara on the back, Laxalt, Calabria on the flanks, Biglia, Kessie, Hakan in midfield, Higuain and Suso as second striker, if Suso doesn’t adapt he would bench him and put there Castillejo.Lazio don’t have so many talented players like Milan, but the coach is too good !

  15. I’ve heard the sentence “IT WAS ONE OF OUR WORST PERFORMANCES” coming out of Gattuso’s mouth a number of times already after matches. Maybe he says it again after the Samp match on Sunday. So you see, it’s been a downward spiral with Gattuso. Looks like we are continuously capable of putting in one of our worst performances with him in charge, week in week out.

    That’s all we need to know.

  16. Now Gattuso should really try 4-3-1-2. From last game I think he changed to this formation at the end and we play much much better. This formation will allow us to play more vertical passes and more central which i think will benefit higuan or cutrone. With 4-3-3 we play a lot of side passes and most of our vertical passes are at the wings. And that is for our wingers to cross and I have to say it is fucking predictable since we have been playing this way from last season. The only difference is we play from the back this season which doesn’t seem to be working right now. We always gpt caught up when the opponent is playing high press. We have seen this many times even in our first match against napoli earlier this season. Anyway what I want to say is with the players we have, we can actually convert from 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2 easily without making any subs. Gattuso just need the balls to try it and he should

  17. Sell:
    Suso, Donnarumma, Zapata, Borini, Bertolacci and Rodriguez (total income 75)

    Ziyech, Lo Celso and De Jong from Ajax
    (expenditure 120)

    • Donna shouldve been sold year ago but i swear to god if i read one more “sell suso” comment im gonna start tickle fights at public places all over the countries fight club style

  18. Milan should not have gone for Gonzalo higuain if thsi is the kind of coach and ambition they have. Why sign players if you don’t need them. why did gattuso REFUSE to allow healthy competition in the team. Why? He is a great guy but as a professional, he should humble himself and just resign. His personal life goal should not supersede that of MILAN as a club

  19. well sorry mr gatusso, but this team never had identity under your 4 3 3 system
    Europe league is field where you can try other formation
    I guess, if you change 6 players in starting 11, why not change a formation…..just give a shot…….maybe some player will spark and shine……at least try something
    After horrible display (and heart breaking result) in derby, you have to admit it is time to change something
    But as other people say, looks like you do not have clues…..milan is just too big for you
    I admired you during your footballers days, but please please step away

  20. Gattuso’s limitations was plainly obvious for a long time now. Long before the derby or lasts night’s game you could see how disjointed the entire team is
    Nothing last night surprised me it’s just a case of reaping what you sow and that’s exactly what’s happening at the moment
    Jibola said earlier that Higuain must be sorry he came here and I’m of the same thinking because like he said Higuain would never of played with such poor players as he did last night
    I’m not sure what you guys would think of this but would it be an option to let Leonardo take over the team on a short-term basis until Conte’s situation with Chelsea is resolved?? That would leave Maldini to do both his and Leo’s work until summer?
    If not I’m afraid they’ll hire someone just because there available and that’s another dangerous move, I don’t want Donadoni as he’s not done anything to suggest he’s a big club manager
    What about just doing a clean sweep and hiring Wenger?
    Wenger would add a significant attacking mentality and really utilise players like Higuain and Suso? I love Wengers way of playing football and think he could also be a great choice for us
    The players need change more than anything else and with the season so early it gives a new manager a fighting chance to fulfil our obvious potential but only if it’s a manager of the top table not Donadoni

  21. The interview is good to hear, at least he knows that milan was shit from start to end and not a single plan seemed to work. I do agree with him that milan is mentally fucked and he really needs to start with his best 11 and for once start with a different formation on the weekend. Honestly after this shitty week he really needs to grow a pair of balls and start with 2 strikers in their original positions, not with one of them playing on the wing.

    ps. Like if you are dum enough to still follow Milan and expect them on the weekend ;]

  22. Gattuso always talking about suffering
    We have to learn how to suffer
    I’ve never heard a coach go on about suffering like he does
    Us fans are suffering alright!
    I said from day 1, not another club legend rookie coach ffsake, why didn’t we learn
    From the past , even montella wasn’t an experienced enough coach to take over at Milan, after mihalovic we have gone backwards despite massive spending&
    Club takeovers and it’s fucking heartbreaking to watch
    Get Wenger in please, he discovered George weah
    He is an experienced coach & an old pro
    And has an eye for picking out young talent and is a tactician and a massive upgrade from any coach we’ve had since ancelotti,
    Allegri included … my dog could have coached juve to the last 7 scudetti
    With the players juve have and the refs on their side to boot

  23. Gattuso… I’m sick of the sight of the guy
    Shitting his pants on the side line
    Suffering alright
    Big mistake Elliot not getting a real coach
    Instead of a club legend / coaching rookie
    That’s never coached in serie a or b

  24. Just a thought: are the players afraid/playing with fear because of u, gattuso? U, who slap people when they screw up, or cant take a joke like from montolivo that one time, and has been successful absolutely nowhere as a coach?

  25. Gattuso Out (I love him but he’s out of his depth)
    Someone in who has experience to get us to 4th.
    Paredes in January (Biglia isn’t dynamic enough to move us forward when attacking) + Paqueta.
    Whole focus needs to be getting champions league, every game is a final.

    Rodrigo Caio in (We need more coverage at the back, someone who can play out from the back too)
    Depay in (We still don’t have a left winger, Hakan is a top player but he’s more suited to Jack’s role)
    Keep Silva (Enough of this ‘Bring back Ibra’ talk Silva is top class, we just need a manager who actually knows what he’s doing to get the best out of him)
    If Donnarumma leaves, buy Perin.

  26. I didnt watch the game i knew exactly what was going to happen honestly i dont get frustrated or angry anymore when watching Milan i guess i have gotten used to it to the dissapointment or i just dont have the same passion for football anymore i dont know but for example like the derby last weekend when Icardi scored i just laughed and turned off the game

  27. Sources say things don’t look good right now for gattuso and the options are Conte and donadoni. Although madrid look tk have an agreement with Conte and he just terminated his contract with chelsea, he’s likely ot go there. Recently, gazidis has called Wenger to be the new manager of milan also Gordon singer really likes him.

    I like both Wenger and Conte over donadoni. Wenger is a legend and showed how well he develops youth. He hasn’t lost it, Conte too would bring a winning mentality. As for donadoni I’d say no, but I don’t know what he’d offer. He’s more or a gamble and we’re already doing that with gattuso so why get him. Wenger is seriously interesting. That man was at arsenal for 22 years and played beautiful football. Unfortunately towards his end there it wasn’t so good but hey, love stories must always come to an end. He’s a brilliant coach and may take milan to the next step

  28. Gattuso seems to understand that we are struggling to move the ball around when getting pressed, actually every team struggles under a good pressing opponent, but why can’t we do the same to our opponents?

    Nowadays every coach trains their team how to keep possession,so they are not expected to easily give the ball away without a good pressure. We are finding no answers to teams that are good in possession and presses of it like Arsenal Empoli Napoli Betis Inter.

    Your confidence and organisation drops with poor management of possession, unles you are looking to be tight at the back. But defending inside our box is definitely not our biggest strength so need to press higher up.

    I can be patience when the team is performing well even without winning but improving like against Atalanta but it becomes a problem when you start taking a step back

  29. Gattuso is too stubborn as coach, to do any kind of changes in formation or lineup.
    Last year, we could forget him due to squad depth, but not this season.
    He will rather start a fight with fans and become hated, than switch to formation with 2 striker, which proved last season and this one, to be most successful.
    Gattuso needs to stop thinking emotionaly and use logic instead, however he wont.
    Conte is also heading to RM, after he finished dispute with Chelsea.
    We can forget about him now aswell.
    Gattuso, be a legend and resign as man.
    All the great Milan coaches were something else, before becoming Milanistas.
    Ancelotti – Romanista
    Capello – Juventini
    Sacchi – Parma
    Not sure about Nerio Rocco.
    So as fans we need to stop with ” our coach needs to be Milanista “, it wont work and didn’t since Allegri.
    He wasn’t Milanista as well.
    If we have to get Wenger, better him for now, than stay with Gattuso.
    Also, return to formation we build legacy on…. 442 or just with 2 strikers.

  30. Gattuso, if you like change the information, ur name, surname and all the players to Ronaldo and Messi….with that mentality and tactical inbalance of yours…it still won’t change anything…I may not know the date but sooner than later I know you will be sacked and I can’t wait…



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