Gattuso: “It offends me when people say we played for the draw against Inter, there’s great respect between Leonardo and me, Real Betis? It’ll be a tricky one”

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

Gennaro Gattuso talked more about the defeat to Inter and answered to those who say his job is at risk, as he prepares for Thursday’s Europa League game.

The Italian media wasted little time after the Rossoneri’s 1-0 defeat in the Derby della Madonnina, claiming that the relationship between coach Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo is ‘frosty’ and that the Brazilian is considering to sack Rino and replace him with Roberto Donadoni.

But Gattuso is still here and tomorrow at Stadio San Siro at 18:55 CEST his team will play Real Betis for three important points, which will be crucial for finishing first in Group F of the Europa League.

“Real Betis move the ball around playing a possession game, they had 65% possession against Atlético Madrid,” Gattuso said. “They don’t score that much because they don’t verticalize a lot, still, they are a quality team. Betis play three at the back but while defending it becomes a 5-man defense. It won’t be an easy game, it’s a tricky one, and this is a team that makes you run and chase.

“The defeat in the derby? We need to start again, although the bitterness remains. I repeat what I said in the press conference after the game: we didn’t prepare to play for a draw. In terms of character I liked our team a lot, where we were lacking was our strong point, the use of the ball. We didn’t spend all that time preparing the match to draw it. I need to be good and balanced in evaluating the team, we can’t throw away all the good work we’ve done up to now.

“The proximity of the squad to me? The players have to give their best for the shirt, they don’t have to be close to me. I have to think about putting the team in the best conditions to express themselves well. Some agents are breaking my balls… but if someone speaks ill of me then it doesn’t change my life. I’m a young coach with ups-and-downs and I’ll keep doing my work. The daily work gives me strength, I’m happy when the games are won, not when the players speak well of me.

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

“Regrets over the points lost? We know that we’ve lost some points on the way and we shouldn’t run after bad luck. We need to be more attentive, more concentrated and make fewer mistakes. If we look at the goals conceded we need to improve, it was not just Donnarumma’s fault in the derby.

“We need to improve on that, we need to improve at Milanello, there’s a lot of pressure on us. I’ve been here for almost a year and we’ve lost six league matches, but it seems as if we’ve lost them all… I hope that everyone continues to give the responsibilities to me, so they leave the players alone. I’m the coach, I’m responsible and I’ll take the criticism, but we have to make as few errors as possible.

Gonzalo Higuaín during training at Milanello. (
Gonzalo Higuaín during training at Milanello. (

“If the derby left something to reflect? We weren’t good at getting the ball to Higuaín, the plays we tried were unsuccessful. 30 per cent of that is Higuaín’s fault, 70 per cent is down to the team. It’s the fault of the whole collective, including me. It’s not the first time that we faced a strong team.

“I don’t make myself understood to the team, it’s my responsibility too… Inter didn’t create many chances, they were dangerous from set pieces, but overall we didn’t concede that much. I think after the first 10-15 minutes Higuaín got frustrated after two good runs where the ball didn’t reach him. When you make those kind of movements you want to be rewarded. We were struggling in the build-up, every time we went wide we couldn’t put in balls for Higuaín’s. We didn’t put him in a position where he could express himself to his full potential, and he got frustrated.

Giacomo Bonaventura and Diego Laxalt during training at Milanello. (
Giacomo Bonaventura and Diego Laxalt during training at Milanello. (

“We failed on the ball, we couldn’t build from the goalkeeper and when we don’t build from the back our play is a lot less effective, we can’t play the football we know we can. If the game had ended 0-0 there’d be a different judgement, but I don’t prepare matches to draw them. I’m not going to talk about pub discussions, we could have done more in possession, but I liked the team very much without the ball, it’s been months since I’ve seen such an attentive team in that regard.

“If I feel betrayed by the players? No, the games have certain dynamics and many times the emotion can deceive you but I don’t feel betrayed by my players. I’m proud to train a squad like this, and it offends me when I hear people say that the team wasn’t committed and played for the draw.

Franck Kessié during training at Milanello. (
Franck Kessié during training at Milanello. (

“I saw a team that couldn’t express itself on the ball, but I saw a character in the team that I hadn’t seen for a long time. When you’re playing for a 0-0 you go 4-5-1 and park the bus. Did you see lines of five and barricades? Then why did you say I played for a draw? You can say that Milan didn’t play well enough technically, but not that we played for a draw.

“Our physical form? The numbers are higher than last year. It didn’t seem to be that there was a physical problem [in the derby]. The team was not able to express the football that they’re accustomed to play, we couldn’t build from the bottom and we had difficulties.

Gianluigi Donnarumma before Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (
Gianluigi Donnarumma before Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (

“How is Donnarumma these days? He is a growing goalkeeper and you all said it. I make the choices, I don’t take guidance from the fans, despite the respect I have for them. He had a bereavement in his family the day before yesterday, his grandmother passed away. I didn’t have the chance to talk to him yesterday, he just has to keep working professionally. Anyone who plays football can make mistakes.

“The new signings? If tomorrow the starters play then it’s not because I’m above the criticism. I can be wrong but there’s always logic and meaning. If tomorrow it comes down to it then it’s because I chose it. Right now Castillejo is not playing a lot but he did play. Laxalt has had some appearances, while Bakayoko has always played in Europe, Reina too. I’m very happy that they’ve arrived.

“At a tactical level they’ve had some difficulties and it takes some time to adapt to our tactics, but I’m happy and proud to have them with me. Caldara [who has recovered from his injury]? Mattia is training, he doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs but he is training a lot. Until last week he had some pubis problems, tomorrow he can play some minutes but I don’t know if from the start.

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

“Rumours about getting replaced? I’m a coach, I know that when results don’t come I’ll be under scrutiny. I’ve been under worse pressure. Names are being made, there are always discussions with Leonardo and Maldini, I call it as I see it and so do they. There may be ups-and-downs, but we say things face-to-face. What happened between me and Leonardo happened many years ago, there’s great respect and we tell each other things with the respect which can never be lacking.

“We lost an important game [in the derby] and we lost against Napoli. But the team is alive, it has to be calm, I’m happy with all the players I have available.”


  1. Gattuso should understand that people pay money to come and watch game,people spend their time to energy just to shout forza milan back them even if they play shit ,the same people that cheered you as a player are the same people that want change .What is bad in crying for change even if we are hiding under the shadow of past glories.Well lets see what the future hold for him as a coach of milan. i will not judge what he has done good or bad but as a fan accept critics that is sport for you.

  2. Having a player with a unique footballing brain as alen halilovic and hes been reduced to a bench player. Would Gattuso ever learn to use the talent at his disposal. Why not try him from the start in the real betis encounter? He could possibly add a much needed extra dimension to a predictable midfield trio of bonaventura,biglia and kessie.My take would be to replace bonaventura with halilovic from the go then swap sides with kessie and pused further upfeild since halilovic is a left footed player. Just my humble opinion.

  3. It may of well offend you mr gattuso but
    The way the team played against inter and the substitutions you made state otherwise
    We most certainly played for a draw

  4. Waooo you feel offended on the same people that cheered you as a player now as a caoch . Tired of our perfomance you dont expect fans to pay cash to come watch his team lose the same fans that shout forza milan in the full 90mins or what please we need a change period. Accept the blame and work harder.

  5. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry having read that so instead I’ll do nether and keep my mouth shut rather than get in trouble
    Oh just one thing, does Gattuso think everyone is stupid? Every other person who saw the game and all of them had the same opinion. Yes he did play for a draw either that or he was praying for a miracle and Devine Intervention that somehow Higuain would do a Maradona and get the ball himself deep in his own half and dribble around all Inters players to hit the old onion bag, because with the most negative tactics I’ve ever seen it’s the only way we would of scored

  6. Waoooo the same fans that was cheering you as a player now as a coach are still the same fans complaining because you are not getting the job done. When you depend only on few players to make a different that is what you get , i will now judge you for your past and present but you don”t expect fans to buy ticket just to see his club lose or shout forza milan for 90 mins just for fun .really you have to step up big time and change your method of coaching because you are not coaching parlemo or sion anymore you are coaching milan so step up.

  7. “We failed on the ball, we couldn’t build from the goalkeeper and when we don’t build from the back our play is a lot less effective, we can’t play the football we know we can.”

    True, but it’s up to you to have a plan B if you see that it’s not working. We’re not Barcelona so we can solely count on our possession based football and eventually find a way to score. At least not yet, we’re far from it.

    Anyways, I hope we’ll bounce back tomorrow, would be nice to see Caldara get some minutes from the start, and Castillejo starting and impressing so he can perhaps push more for a starting berth!

    All the best for tomorrow! Forza Milan!

      • Haha thanks guys, appreciate it! Just because I’m a so called Rino fan boy doesn’t mean I dont see these flaws, I just hope he can and will correct them asap so we can make something out of this season:) Dont want another carousel with poor results and a new coach etc, just want that vicious cycle to end and it would be beautiful if Rino would be the one who will guide us forward.

  8. Talks talks talks….

    It is just fckng simple, MILAN HAS A VERY MEDIOCRE TEAM!!!!!! Just like that.

    Donnarumma? Overrated C-class keeper
    Rodriguez? Overrated B-class
    Romagnoli? Potential A
    Calabria? C

    Do I have to say more? The midfield is quite ok

    Calhanoglu is not a winger, he has all the qualities to be a playmaker.

    Suso? B-Class player, will never be an A-class player too predictable and limited.

    Higuain is the ONLY A-class player. Period!!!!

    For me, only Gasperini might change something. But with these players, everyone fails. How many coaches did we already changed? Wo was successful?

    Tactics? I personally would switch to a 4-3-1-2.

    • You forgot to mention the great Borini, Zapata, Bakayoko, Abate and wonderboy Musacchio, also not more than a C and B class players.

      -Musacchio must be replaced by Caldara.

      -Conti must replace Calabria or Abate.

      -Calhanoglu to the bench

      -Suso to the left and

      -Castillejo to the right

      • “Suso to the left” so he can cut inside and shot/cross the ball with his right foot? Somebody give this body part which smells like fish a medal

        • No Einstein, to finally supply Higuain with useful crosses with his left instead of his chocolate left

          • See di maria’s goal vs napoli? Thats in form suso should be doing, not crossing the ball from the left flank like he’s left footed beckham

    • I love how dutch lady deliberately didnt mention rino when talking about mediocrity so as to save his rinopatriot face. Where do i laugh?

    • Preach to the blind my friend. We can replace Gatusso, bring Kaks+Baresi+Sheva to mangment, and hire Mourinho+Gaurdiola to co-mange us – with this squad we’re not going far.

      • I don’t know man. I think our squad is as good as Napoli, Roma and Inter.

        Only Juventus have a superior squad.

        I think the real problem is the coaches we’ve had. This team is young so we need a coach that can develop these guys to play to their best abilities.

        Take Kessie and Cutrone for example, imagine how they will play when they hit their peak?

        We need a man like Arsene Wenger or Jardim or Gasperini. Arsene Wenger is good with developing young players and working with a limited budget.

        Most people don’t give Jardim enough credit for what he has done to develop Mbappe.

        Does anyone think Atalanta is superior to Milan? No, they are not but they play some really good football. Why? Simple, Gasperini got the best out of Kessie, Caldara, Cristante and so many raw talent.

        Atalanta is now the best Serie A club to find young gems that can take the next step to playing in big clubs.

        Say what you want about the players but I’ve seen guys that had raw talent become amazing simply because of the coach.

        Milan desperately needs a coach who is good at getting the best out of young players. That’s the missing piece to this madness.

        Look at Borrusia Dortmund? Did you see what these kids did to Atlético Madrid? A team coach by Diego Simeone giving up 4 goals?

        • Yeah Nick, I’m not saying you’re completely wrong, a top coach does make a difference. But also note that top coaches usually only agree to coach teams with proper world class squads. I would also add that a decent coach (and both Montella and Gatusso are definitely decent coaches in my book) should still be able to do something in seria a with a solid top 3 squad.

          Regarding our squad – it has talent yes. But it’s inferior to Napoli, Inter, and I guess even Rome despite their disastrous start of the season. And seria a is a weak league, think about CL level in general.

          Napoli have a real front 3, with Ance able to use Mertenz from the bench. A mirad of solid midfielders, and world class Kolibaly as CB. We’re not there yet. Inter have two world class players in Niangolan and Icardi, and three CBs that are better than ours. Add to that world champion Brozovich and a few other decent mids, and compare that to what we have.

          Truth is we improved drastically in the striker position in comparison to last year, but we went backwards in defense. I don’t know how Caldara would do, but I doubt he can become world class during this season (if at all).

          And finally, the proof is in the pudding. No coach tells their team to play they way we did in the first half at the derby. Notice how everyone said that we looked scared except people on this blog?

          • I see your point but I respectfully disagree. We are not inferior to Napoli, Inter or Roma. Remember we beat Roma already this season and we were outplaying them. It was one our best games so far this season.

            We were beating Napoli 2-0 before losing 2-3 and that had a lot to do Gattuso’s poor game management skills.

            We lost to Inter in the 90th because of poor mistake by Donnarumma who really shouldn’t be our #1 goalkeeper. Again,poor coaching from Gattuso.

            Gattuso approach was negative and same for his substitutions. Imagine, Cutrone playing as winger? Wtf! I can’t make sense of that.

            We are on par with these teams and it’s shocking to me when I hear fans say that we are inferior to them. No disrespect intended as I value your opinion.

            We are building a young squad with new players and we need a coach that can make these guys gel.

            A man like Arsene Wenger, Jardim or Gasperini would do a much better job with this squad than all our previous Milan coaches combined.

            Leonardo is making the right moves by getting us quality players to strengthen the squad. We need a quality coach to put the puzzle together and put end to this madness.

            That’s the missing piece to Milan puzzle.

  9. “The team was not able to express the football that they’re accustomed to play, we couldn’t build from the bottom and we had difficulties”.

    “We failed on the ball, we couldn’t build from the goalkeeper and when we don’t build from the back our play is a lot less effective, we can’t play the football we know we can”.

    Dear Gatuso,

    I am so happy you know 1 of your problems but what am not happy with is this;

    What is your tactical back up plan when teams don’t allow you to play from the back?

    What is your back up formation in case 4.3.3 doesn’t work?

    If you can answer those 2 questions and fix them accordingly, you will catch up and 4th place would be achieved.

    I can relate and excuse your inexperience but i can’t relate or excuse your stubbornness, that’s my biggest issue with you and i still believe you can fix it provided this defeat serves as a “FINAL” wake up call for you.

    • Well, the only backup plan that had any hope of working was taking all 11 players off (or most of them), driving them to a kiddy playground where they belong, and then replacing them with 11 men.

      Anything else – including removing inter players off the field – wouldn’t have worked.

  10. Gattuso deserves the storm he got after that lackluster performance. I’d also like to add Hiugain to that list, His body language was terrible, he didn’t press at all. He is suppose to lead the attack(we blame Gattuso for this. But in reality i’m sure he was asked to do more then walk around for 70 minutes) The other attackers will counter press according to his movements of the ball.

    First 20 minutes was good, we had two big chances where the players should have passed to him, and I understand the frustration from lack of service. But he cant give up fighting after 20 minutes because of it.

    • Agree Misund, hundred percent. It reminds me of what Gattuso said before that when Higuain doesnt see the ball for a while he drops deep to collect it, but you never saw him do that vs Inter. Like you said he gave up after twenty minutes, hard to blame Rino for that attitude.

      • A lot of people seem to think gattuso got a magic wand and can control the team mentally. Its hilarious. Change coach is not the right thing to do now imo, people are so unpatient and expect so much. But it takes time what we are doing and I think change now will only set us back more.. I struggle to imagine any doing better, at least from the kind of coaches we can get. Conte have been the best option in terms of status we have been linked with. I think he is the wrong coach for Milan . We need a offensive minded one like Sacchi if we are to really see any difference in style.

        Love your attitude, keep on believing

  11. The reported line up looks awful and once again a 4 3 3… Does he have something against caldara? I know he was injured but man can he get some minutes. How does zapata start?

  12. I dropped out supporting Gattuso after the Napoli embarrassment (Arsenal Take 2) and nothing he’s done since has changed my mind. We’ll probably beat Betis somehow tomorrow but to be honest I just want this “Grinta” nightmare to end so we can get on with playing football again. Oh the memories…

  13. Honestly I don’t understand what Gattuso was trying to say? Did he say he played to win against inter? Hahahaha hahahaha if this is exactly what he meant then he has nothing to offer or he’s not the chosen one to take us back to our glory
    He should be very ashamed of the game against inter and just focus on the next game
    He was happy the game was going towards draw before Icardi finally scored against us so if that was his best win way to play a big team then he knows nothing.
    Gattuso has to give other players chance at least let see what they can offer. Last season is different from this season

  14. Again with this bs? Milan sure as hell werent playing for a win with that pathetic negative approach and this rookie said milan werent playing for a draw. So i take it milan were actually playing to lose on purpose? Ah, that explains donna the sinner’s howler. Maradona of gk indeed. LIKE I SAID, he shouldve been sold when psg was dumb enough to offer 60m. Im really tired of being right all the time.
    “People’s words dont change my life”, followed swiftly by, “it offends me when…” which is it rino?
    Let me tell u a little secret: the real exact reason why some milanisti still want rino at the helm is because rino was part of milan they watched while sucking their thumbs (among other things) as children. It really wouldnt make any difference whether its rino, pippo or even nesta, they’d still love them as coaches. Now thats some misplaced sense of sentimentality. Its ok if u still love ur old mini cooper ur daddy gave u as 17th birthday present, a car in which u lost ur lost ur virginity to father john. Thats human nature. But when ur drag racing and ur money is on the line, u must pick better car so u have better chance of winning. Get it? Its not rocket science at all, just common sense. I mean, juve brought back memories from when juve and milan were so strong they beat good teams at their own home -Back then milan had no problems firing sacchi AND capello when their 2nd tenure were proven to be unsuccessful like madrid fired their legendary ex-player camacho because he was garbage as coach, no sappy sentimentality just pure winning business as usual- ,Hell, even roma and napoli were doing great in ucl matchday 3 this midweek. While those 3 clubs are busy playing well representing italy well, milan and some uninformed milanisti are still asking whether rino, a coach those 3 clubs wouldnt touch with 10 foot pole, is right coach for milan. Pathetic midtable club mentality

  15. I hope this will offend you even more rino…..
    You have no balls for any change…..
    still same shit midfield and line up…….try other formation with other players ….. we bought few new players and how many of them been starting?
    make up your mind very quick mr gatusso, otherwise YOU will ruin another Milan season
    Forza Milan

  16. Like a lot of people have said before – Reina in. I dont want to blame Donna too much, but we have Reina on the bench and he is so underplayed it hurts. Our problem isn’t in the attacking phase, it’s in the build up play from the back as Rino says, and why isn’t Reina playing in that case? He is at least top five keepers out there with the ball at his feet, I’m saying top five but I cant think of anyone better other than perhaps Neuer and Ter Stegen. If Reina plays, not only will our play from the back improve because of how good he is with his feet, but the confidence from him will be transmitted to the back four as well, even more so because he’s a leader. If Reina becomes a starter, which I hope he will be asap, then I wouldn’t be surprised if we”ll have a real upswing in form and in terms of playing, due to his passing, confidence and leadership qualities.

  17. Dear Grinta,
    Ok, maybe u didnt prepare for a draw, but in the match, u played for a draw. In the second half, u didnt tell your team to attack. In the second half, all u wanted was a draw, admit it. We are not stupid. We did not see u charging the sideline, waving your arms to tell your team to attack. U wanted a draw. When u say u loved their mentality and how they defended, in that second half, u r saying the same thing as admitting u were playing for a draw. U mention agents trying to bust your balls. We are not agents. We are your fans. You need to man up, take responsbilities for your mistakes, and learn, and grow. Grow a pair of balls so there is something to bust.

    Sincerely, not an agent

    Ps: this is the official ‘hes cracking’ interview. Sounding like montella without the bad jokes, super defensive, not making any sense. Hes losing it. Still agree with others we should not change coaches now. Time to man up grinta

  18. Milan haven’t had a clean sheet since the beginning of this season, being the only team in the table with such negative record

    Reina between the sticks, Donna should sit out few matches

    And as someone above already wrote, this team is medicore, average at its best along with Suso the Predictable and Hakan the Misplaced

  19. Gattuso’s logic:

    “It offends me that people say Reina never starts. He’s a leader and a champion. He will definitely start tonight as it’s only the Europa league but Donnarumma’s ready for Sampdoria.”

  20. Guys (and Milan10),

    Please watch that LO CELSO guy from Betis. He would be a great addition to our left side.

      • Indeed, he looked raw when he was at PSG so they did the right thing in loaning him out – what we should’ve done with Locatelli, without a buy-out clause…

    • Milan should offer psg 40m + donna for di maria/draxler + ts33/lo celso. I rarely saw lo celso at psg but a winger is better than no wingers

      • Lo Celso is a midfielder as far as I’m concerned? A regista when I saaw him play, but I might be wrong

        Agreed though, that’s why I want Castillejo to impress so he can cement his place on the right, Hakan needs to come in as a sub and build on his confidence from that.

        • Oh yeah mate, my bad. I was thinking about jese not lo celso.
          Still, milan can snap up 1 of psg wingers if they really want to continue using 4-3-3.

  21. So, Rino, you are saying, you had the team play like THAT to.. WIN? No man, I understand that we are only fans and not really the expert in tactics, but we still do have eyes, we do watch Football, we pay to watch football, may it be in the stadium or Cable TV. YES our opinions do matter and should matter to you as well. Against Roma, you wanted to win. Against inter? no you did not wan to win. AT least you didn’t play the team like you wanted to win.

    I still believe you can learn. You should become assistant coach to an experienced one. Reasons are below.

    1. You made all 3 substitutions wrong in a Derby game. ALL 3. How was that even possible? Even I, with no footballing skills, would get at least one sub right because I wouldn’t have taken Kessie off, ever in that match. Derby game isn’t for experiments.

    2. Your midfield didn’t supply one good ball to your only striker within the first 20 mins. All who’s saying Higu’s movements were wrong, of course it is. When a striker doesn’t get one ball in 20 minutes after your team attacks the opponent 3/4 times, yup it’s normal to be frustrated.

    3. You saw 433 wasn’t doing Sh*t against inter and you still didn’t change formation.

    4. You should’ve kept Silva or Bacca because you had to compete in 1 tough league and in Europe. You should’ve have insisted to keep at least 1 striker extra. Borini? NO, just NO.

    5. You never used Silva and went with Kalinic who didn’t do anything for 7 straight matches. By the time you started using Silva, it was too late. Frustrating the player enough to wanting a break from Milan.

    6. Playing from the back, for Christ’s sake, stop that bull. It’s awful to watch and it failed in EVERY SINGLE GAME. IT HAS ZERO Tactical Advantage, our goalkeeper can’t put a decent service to any player in the distance, and IT COST US 3 GAMES now. TAKE A GODD*MN HINT.

    7. Point out players who needs motivation, and have them train harder instead of playing them on field. I mean Hakan And Donna. Both are going through mental stress and going through tough times. Either train them or give them a leave to be with their family. Meanwhile play your alternatives, there are better alternatives in the team. JUST LOOK IN YOUR TEAM. USE YOUR TEAM.

    For everyone complaining about our team, we actually have a good team. Biglia is good, Kessie is world class, Bona has qualities. Now if you don’t play to their strengths, there is nothing a team can do. I mean look at Madrid, the best team.. just one wrong manager can bring the best team in the world down to 7th position. I have a feeling Mourinho actually can use this milan team to win CL. Why? All mou needs is a good defense and I think we have a defense only second to Juve in Europe. RicRod, a beast for Switzerland team but we aren’t using him right. Romagnoli, best CB in the world ATM besides Bonucci/Chiellini, Musacchio is good, maybe not world class, but can hold out against any attack, Calabria is good when he’s motivated(coach’s job to do it). All our Manager needs is to figure out a fluid attacking tactics, we’d be set to beat any team. But Rino is failing to do it. Rino, please take the assistant manager job and learn from a Good Manager.

    • Since we are all busy bashing our coach, and some of us (including my self) focusing on our schoolgirl-level sorry excuse of players, I would like to point out someone in a positive light who all tactical experts of this blog missed.

      He’s name is Calabria, and I previously didn’t spare him from harsh criticism for his shaky defensive play. But against Inter he stepped up and completely negated Peresich. Does anyone remember anything from the star inter winger in the match? No? Calabria deserves his credit.

      We can only hope his friends learn from him how to field against a team like inter without looking terrified to the bone.

    • Musacchio good ????? He’s 1,82 m tall, you can’t be a central defender with this tall unless you are Cannavaro, he’s not good at all, he’s unsure, he could be better in Biglia’s position, but tell this to Gattuso :))) Musacchio is very technical and has the abilities of a midfielder but you must be a real coach to see that !!!! Maybe Carletto would have seen that ! Caldara is the future, but we need at least one strong CB, maybe Gabbia in the future, maybe a serbian or a croatian defender :)) I’d keep Musacchio but just to play him as DM

    • Mate, i really like ur milan10-esque comment. I really do. But milan have 2nd best defence behind juve? Naw, not even close. Maybe if the maradona of gk was actually john cena of gk. Y’know, “u cant see me catch the ball” shit and everything



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