Gattuso: “Inter deserved more than us, we were lacking the courage to play, it was a step back at a technical level”

Gennaro Gattuso during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso actually liked how his team looked until Mauro Icardi’s goal in the 92′ minute and said he is focusing on the next games of Milan.

Gattuso claimed in the pre-match press conference that he wants to see a Milan ‘without fear’ and ‘aware of their strength’. But in reality, the coach set up his team to play defensive football and was looking for a draw for the entire game.

The Rossoneri never really looked like they can threaten Samir Handanović and didn’t attack with numbers, playing a very cautious game, leaving Gonzalo Higuain completely isolated and frustrated at the top.

Milan came very close to getting an undeserved draw, but in the 92′ minute, Gianluigi Donnarumma’s brain shut down when Matías Vecino crossed the ball into the area. Gigio, who is the highest paid goalkeeper in Serie A and also the only one this season to concede in every game, mistimed his jump. Mauro Icardi headed it to the back of the net as he managed to lose Mateo Musacchio with a text-book feint, while Ignazio Abate (who was brought on to waste time) couldn’t cover him either.

Inter were the better side throughout the game, and were the only team trying to play football. Milan, who were uncharacteristically aggressive and conceded five yellow cards in the match, kept trying to play from the back but the Nerazzurri knew all about it and performed a very good high-pressure game. The Rossoneri defended well for 90 minutes but as always, ended up conceding.

Mauro Icardi scoring past Gianluigi Donnarumma during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Mauro Icardi scoring past Gianluigi Donnarumma during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“Inter certainly deserved more than us, but if this game had ended 0-0, there would’ve been a lot of positives,” Gattuso told Sky after the game. “We played a style of physical football that we don’t like to play, but we did it well enough. We could’ve passed it better and done better on the counter, but I’m happy with our game. Since the start of the season my team hasn’t really held out for 90 minutes, but this time we held out so well until the 92′ minute even with the many set plays.

“The only regrets are that in the last 15 minutes we had so many counter-attacks and didn’t make the most of them. We intercepted four or five passes and went clear on goal, but kept choosing the wrong final ball. That’s the biggest regret. Overall, it has to be said that Inter did more than us.

Ricardo Rodriguez and Matteo Politano during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Ricardo Rodriguez and Matteo Politano during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“The error on the goal? I don’t want to pick on individuals. There were errors from everyone in defense, as Abate went down too quickly to block the pass, Musacchio misread the cross too. We lost the game together, not because of Donnarumma. We lick our wounds and from Monday we’ll go on.

“We lost because we didn’t play with the right courage, we were distracted and conceded a naïve goal in the 92′ minute. The yellow cards? The team gave a lot, they gave everything, and I liked them a lot on this aspect. Inter are physically stronger, we have other qualities. We tried to challenge them physically anyway and I really liked the approach, playing a type of football we are not accustomed to. We had our chances too, but undoubtedly Inter had more opportunities.

Gonzalo Higuain and Milan Škriniar during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Higuain and Milan Škriniar during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“Cutrone’s position? Çalhanoğlu was starting to look tired and I didn’t want to change the tactical system, because other than set plays we had never really suffered until then. Patrick often played in that role. It’s pointless trying to cross into the box with their center-backs, so I preferred to use Cutrone in a wider role to bring some fresh legs and energy to the position.

“We could’ve moved the ball better and get out of their pressure better. There was no clean exit from my team. When there is too much pitch to cover, you worry about closing the passing lanes, so many times it’s difficult to arrive in the box at the right time.”

Mauro Icardi, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Alessio Romagnoli during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Mauro Icardi, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Alessio Romagnoli during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaking in the post-match press conference at Stadio San Siro, Gattuso said: “It was a step back at a technical level and instead a step forward in the consistency of the performance. Before the goal, we were playing against a team that is physically stronger than ours. We were lacking the courage to play and Inter earned the win. But at a mental level I liked the team a lot.

“Who to blame? I’m not going to say who was wrong or not… Donnarumma made a mistake in the goal conceded but Romagnoli and Musacchio could’ve done better. We are talking about a ‘keeper who until Saturday was well and recovering. This is a burning defeat but we have to put it aside and try to recover with serenity. Congrats to Spalletti who won a great derby, I hope to make up for it.

“It’s not an offense when I say that Inter are a physical side. Fear took over and afterwards it’s difficult to fill the box with Bonaventura and Kessié. Higuain? He got irritated because we were not good at making the most out of him, in the first half he could’ve had a couple of chances.

Suso and Kwadwo Asamoah during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Suso and Kwadwo Asamoah during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“Positive things? I saw a lot of them. Playing against Inter with this mentality is not easy, they can do a higher pressure, we have certain characteristics and we have to be careful. The biggest regret is the last 15 minutes. We were making the wrong choice at the last time, but it was the match we wanted.

“The standings [Milan are currently in 12th points with 12 points, seven points behind Inter]? In these nine Matchdays we’ve had highs and lows. We gave little to Inter, and at this moment we’re thinking about Real Betis, Sampdoria and Genoa. If we win both then the standings isn’t so bad.”

Hakan Çalhanoğlu during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Hakan Çalhanoğlu during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

The 40-year-old also had an interview with MilanTV: “I saw what I was looking for against a very strong team physically until Icardi’s goal, we gave continuity to our performance during the game like never before this season. We were playing against a team stronger than us on a physical level.

“Technically we took a step backwards, but we took a step forward as per our mentality, viciousness and sacrifice, we could do something more with our movement of the ball, but they pressed us high up the field. If it ended 0-0 we would’ve been talking about something else.

Gennaro Gattuso during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (

“We could have been more courageous, we asked a lot from our wingers, we were not present enough in the box and Higuain was often isolated. We conceded few chances in the first half, on set pieces and free kicks due to our carelessness, in the second half we won back important balls and it felt like we were in better shape. This is the game that we had to do, closing the passing lanes.

“We held our ground, playing our game: we behaved well on set pieces, there were some good aspects, but this defeat hurts because of how it unfolded. We have to look ahead.”


  1. How can fans blame this loss on Gattuso?? Clearly it was Donnarumma’s fault for pinning him up against the wall before the game, getting in his face and DEMANDING to be played. Then he messed up in the final minute… but how was Gattuso supposed to know he’d do that when he’s been so solid all season? Come on guys, this is football 101.

    • Gattuso’s fault? I’ll explain you again ! It’s not possible to defend all the entire game a 0-0 in the derby de la madonnina, unforgivable for me, agree ? And the only fault for that is Gatusso’s fault ! You can’t play like shit two games in a row against Inter !!!!!! Because you are Milan !!!! You can’t persist to play again and again Calhanoglu and Donarumma when they are underperforming !!!! Donnarumma solid, did u say ??? Are u serious ??? He made at least one huge mistake per game !!!!!! His substitutions were awful almost all the time, uninspired, late and sometimes incomprehensible !!! He should try another solutions at midfield when one of the midfielders is underperforming, he has a fixation with Biglia, Jack and Kessie, he is very inflexible and this is extremely bad regarding our purposes ! He has a lot of players, a lot of solutions to try to do something else if it goes wrong, but no, he knows just 4-3-3 and the same 11, even if they are playing awful ! We have seen enough of Calhanoglu until now, HE IS UNDERPERFORMING !!!!!!! Bench him until he returns to his form, the same with Donnarumma, the same with Musacchio. This is the reason he is the only responsible for everything, not Donnarumma or Musa, etc

      • Gattuso made some mistakes yes. But do we need to fire him? No. We need to nurture him. We need him to learn from an experienced coach. Gattuso has the quality, but inexperience makes him fear things that he doesn’t need to fear for taking risks. Gattuso needs to improve A LOT at substitutions. He must realize, a good timely substitution can actually change the outcome of a match. Just follow Zidane’s substitutions in the last couple of years. All he actually did, is putting Asensio on at the right time in the right place. Zidane learned that from Ancelotti. How good Ancelotti is at using subs? Oh we saw it in our First Napoli game.

  2. I’m sorry Gattuso but your times up.

    It’s a shame to see the way you decided to play this game and how negative you were. You said all week in every interview that your “preparing to win” “play without fear” “use our strengths” but instead of doing that you did the exact opposite
    You certainly did not play to win you did not play to our strengths, instead you sent the team out to grind out an undeserved draw why else would you use Biglia as an almost 5th defender? Suso did more defending last night in one game than he’s done in his entire career to date so hows that playing to our strengths considering he’s the #1 assist player in all the league’s in Europe?? You took off the best midfielder we had and brought on that idiot from Chelsea who can’t untangle he’s useless legs let alone play football
    Jack was the worst player on the pitch in all the games in Italy combined and you still left him on and if in other games he plays well you take him off???
    You are ruining Hakan Çalhanoğlu and it’s actually sad and painful to see his facial expressions because he hates where and how you want him to play
    You brought Crotone on as a fucking winger when Higuain was practically crying for help and service
    How can you leave a Rolls Royce striker whos one of the best ever to play in SeriaA alone like that???
    Why didnt you play to OUR strengths and attack not try to stop fucking Inter and hope for a draw
    I truly now hope that anyone who ever doubted all of us who said Gattuso shouldn’t be in charge can actually understand why??? The man isn’t up to it and if ever it showed up it was last night because yet again he got spanked by a proper manager and don’t for one minute think we were unlucky because in actual fact we were very lucky it wasn’t at least 3 nil which would of been deserving.
    The only light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that Leonardo is in charge and someone with his experience and intelligence won’t let sentiment cloud his judgement


  4. He wanted to score goals and he knew that Cutrone is a better finisher but instead of playing him closer to the goal , he was to afraid of play 2 up front. Its like wanting to win a boxing game but scared of confronting your opponent. Boy you win nothing without taking risk


  6. LOL! I suggested Jardim but ppl gave me thumb downs for suggesting Him! do you ever watch any football game beside Milan? Jardim is a tactical genius. I said that about sarri 4 years ago but ppl laughed at me. I will keep an screenshot of this comment. We will have an “I told you so” moment soon; when we get tired with our previous legends and former Juve coaches!

    • Jardim’s record speaks for himself, very undrated. I’ve been following Monaco for yrs n his sacking was very sad. They can’t sell every year after year n except miracles in return from him when they don’t invest (350m+) in the last two summer transfer windows. He did also a good job with Braga, sporting and Olympiakos.

  7. I still won’t give up on Gattuso yet but he has alot to prove for the Real betis, sampdoria and Genoa games. After then, I will give my verdict. I will blame this defeat on the intl break. Meanwhile I’m so done with Donnaruma and Mussachio. I see why the latter was constantly benched when Bonucci was here last season

  8. Gattuso has no balls to change what it goes wrong and this is a big problem referring to our goals. It’s not possible to play again and again Calhanoglu when he is out of form and not trying Castillejo, Halilovic or even Borini, the same for Donnarumma, he should be benched for a while, that’s it, he is out of inspiration, why not to try to change something when everything goes wrong, this is the question I don’t understand about Rino Gattuso ! He should try something else , how it’s possible to play Cutrone on the left ???? Try something else on the midfield, try there Mauri, try Halilovic, try Torrasi, Brescianini, Bertolacci, it’s not possible to play always Biglia/Bonaventura/Kessie even if they go wrong !!! In my oppinion every bad result was Gattuso’s opera ! He changed in well just 2 games, against Roma and against Olympiakos. I am very disapointed about him and if he doesn’t change his style, it’s a matter of time until his sacking !

    • Whoa whoa, wait a minute. I thought u said milan’s sensational under rino? U sure u didnt forget to take ur lithium mate?

      • My friend, you have some big problems with the arguments, when you compare Guardiola in his first season, training Puyol, Pique, Seydou Keita, Messi, Busquets, Ibra, Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves, Pedro, David Villa, then Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, with Gattuso in his first season, training Kalinic, Cutrone, Biglia, Calabria, Kessie, Rodriguez and then say that Guardiola won in his first season 6 trophies :))) my friend, you have problems, just take a pill and chill out, your arguments sometimes are sick ! Gattuso with his points in his first season finished the third, has won against Spaletti, Pioli, Giampaolo, Di Francesco, S. Inzaghi, was equal to Gasperini and Sarri !!!! Guardiola with those players maybe would be relegated ! So, chill out, when it’s something to underline, let’s underlining, like now, but to say with so much obsession every day and minute to bring Conte and sack Rino, it’s hilarious. And remember, you don’t prove everytime that you’re superior or smarter or everything you think of yourself, but the contrary ! Ok ?

        • Yes mom, well noted. But, again, i thought u said milan’s sensational under rino mate? Why suggest firing this a coach who can make milan sensational?

          • I said if he doesn’t change his style of coaching from yesterday he could be sacked soon, because this wasn’t Milan and it is very bad if he understands to coach like that ! He screwed up two derbys in a row ! And yesterday his mistakes were more cleared than other times ! But until now he has done a great job for a beginner coach ! Sensational job !

          • Beginner coach being the key word.

            Although he has failed hard at a couple of jobs before.

          • Ah, so according to u rino has indeed done sensational job, up until last match vs inter? I dont really remember but was it u who claimed loca’s better version of busquets? If yes then the pattern becomes clear here.
            Saying rino has done sensational for a beginner is wrong on so many levels because 1) he actually has been coaching for 5 yrs. Hes not a beginner in the sense that leonardo, seedorf and rijkaard were beginners when they started coaching milan and netherlands nt.
            2) thats like saying a paraplegic does well in paralympic games. No offense but thats not saying much at all

  9. I remember comments all over this blog saying that Allegri was the dumbest coach ever, good only for Cagliari.

    • I do as well mate. That’s why I reserve my judgement. I remember being one of few people, I mean, there were perhaps 2-3 more that I remember who were with me who supported Allegri until his sacking. Remember Jibola being one. I bet everyone on this blog, except for Sheva the troll would take Allegri back in a heartbeat.

      • We surely had a rough start, and that’s on Gattuso, but asking for a sack after 8 games it’s like saying he is only grinta cliché, or when half of this blog was telling he was going to lead us to serie b.

        He has surpassed my expectations, he teaches these bunch respect for the shirt what has been missing since Allegri’s era. And the folks got his back, what is important too.

        I can point out that since Gattuso was appointed he changed the system that was built towards getting Suso on 1 on 1 opportunity, and then Hakan became our key player, who lead us to many victories second half of last season, Hakan is going through a divorce and is reportedly very bad emotionally, I can see that on the field, that’s not an excuse but when our key player in creating opportunities isn’t performing and we missed another key player in defense what can we expect?.

        Only Laxalt and Higuain raised the bar, Caldara still needs time IMO, If this situation continues like this until December, I’ll become impatience, but for now I’m with the whole Milan from the players and the management, I’m with Gattuso.

        • Yeah i completely agree with you. I would also like to point out how he has developed some players, Suso is looking better and when Rino took over Suso doesn’t cut in to his left as much, but uses his right more which adds to his unpredictability, as well as Kessié, who has been top three best performers for us so far this season imo. It’s too soon to rule him out. Im not saying he’s the best coach in the world or anything, but let’s see where we are in winter as I doubt he’ll get sacked.

          I know it was an absolutely dreadful display last night, but come on, we faced Inter, it’s not like we lost 0-2 at home vs SPAL. Imagine what fans would’ve done then with the way they’re reacting??

  10. Gattuso has gotten a lot of unfair criticism this season imo, our players often weren’t clinical and defenders made stupid mistakes that led to goals. That was on them, not Gattuso. But this time it’s on him. We made silly substitutions to try settling for a draw, and we couldn’t even create real chances. Inter should’ve been up by the first half. I still wouldn’t even consider sacking him, but i have to be honest.
    Romangoli was brilliant, but as has been the case many times this season, Mussachio let him down. I think once Caldara gets settled into the team, our defence will be fine and we’ll improve significantly. One big issue we have is that there’s no pace on this team. We tried to sit back and counter, but god damn all of our attackers are ridiculously slow. I hope this is adressed next summer with a top class pacey winger. Also what’s happened to Donnarumma? He’s managed to regress as he gained more experience, hasn’t been the same since all that drama with Raiola and Mirabelli.

  11. Wow, bunch of milan10s here spewing his usual smartass gibberish like “sack rino”, “screw 4-3-3 with slow wingers”, “conte please”, “milan is 2 st team” and all that nonsense. Hell, even some who salute morontella poster in the morning and jerk off to it in the evening finally sing same tune. Well, Easy for u to say AFTER it all happened milan10s. Next time try to predict what will happen before it happen like, well, milan10.
    In all seriousness though, at the risk of being right like always, which can somehow offend certain group of “milanisti”, i must repeat myself here. Firstly, u cant implement counterattacking football with 4-3-3 if u dont have fast wingers. Thats basic football 101 and Some real life yoda here has said this for at least a dozen times already. Also, “we played physical style of football” wtf is this? I thought u said inter were the physical ones? If milan aint accustomed to physical football then why implement it? “We couldve passed the ball better and done better in counter” er, no u couldnt’ve. Why? No playmaking cm AND fast wingers goddammit. remember all those comments i wrote rino? “If blah blah 0-0, there wouldve been so many positives” alright, this is just straight up morontella’s ghost speaking. Where are the feminist ghostbusters when u need them most? Rudi gullit the ultimate milan 10 (yeah, another product placement. Sue me) summed up perfectly in his first day at milanello, “if…if…if…if my mother had a cock she’d be my father.” If clause is only for losers.
    Regarding donna the sinner, DAMN. Damn it all to hell. I forget now but i think it was vs empoli, theres moment about 10-15 mins before they finally scored equalizer (not donna’s fault i must admit) where donna comically mistimed his aerial interception in corner kick situation. Luckily there’s ric rod (if i remember correctly) who saved his lanky ass. This is an ironic joke of colossal proportion; a tall lanky gk who’s bad at anticipating aerial threat. I still remember some “milanista” here (u know who u are) who talked smack about ter stegen after cr7 beat him in near post in supercoppa final last season, saying donna wouldve made the save easy. Like, really?
    Back to rino topic, some rinopatriots claim, foolishly i might add, that rino so far has generated 3rd best points since his appointment. Well, thats like wenger saying being 4th is a trophy or galli saying players who are recovering from injuries are like new signings; a cheap fact manipulation. Hell, even a kid knows u cant say uve won a 50 laps race when uve just completed 25. Here’s real fact: a real club with real coach like inter, napoli, arsenal or juve always buttscrew rino’s milan, even when those teams arent in tip top shape. How the hell can u finish top 4 let alone win ucl like ac milan if u cant even beat inter or napoli?
    For love of god, conte please before real club like madrid snap him up from under milan’s nose. Think about it, even madrid play like garbage with garbage coach and even madrid target conte, not inzaghi or rino

    • You can dislike all you want… I am all with this guy.
      Telling the truth before Inter match and getting dislikes so that most of you can literaly quote him after this match is finished. That has to leave a sour taste in your mouths.
      It will be a good twist when we win our next game and all of you start offering your virginity to Gattuso untill we come up against genuine opponent and we loose.
      I am sure that Gattuso knows more about beard grooming than football tactics. He is a great man with a beautifull personality and I love him(no homo way), but he lacks so many things to be a proper manager. 433 will never work.
      Suso is our winger, and as I said in previous post there are not many people in this world that knows to control a ball like him but we all saw that counter attack against Inter, and he was so painfully slow. Suso can play central he just needs someone to learn him to play that position, to give him tips and show him movement. And sure as hell Rino can’t do that. So that brings us to three golden options:
      1. Sack Gattuso (I don’t prefere that)
      2. Hire experienced coach and demote Gattuso
      3. Hire genious assistent coach that can fill up all holes in Gattuso’s football knowledge. Like Zeljko Buvac from Liverpool for who they say that he made a golden trio of Salah-Firmino-Mane, and is a genious when it comes to teaching positioning and developing younsters. So you see even Klopp needs someone like him.
      The 3rd one is hardest for sure but wouldn’t hurt anyones pride and would keep everything cool. I am sure that Leonardo and Maldini are already thinking about what should they do about this.

    • Isn’t it funny how when you call it as it is people shoot there mouth off and come up with ridiculous arguments to try make what there saying seem valid or correct??

      But when there proved wrong and us right time and time again they haven’t got the courtesy to admit it?
      Anytime any of us said anything negative about Gattuso and not just me and Milan 10 but anyone we instantly got bombarded with thumbs down (not that it bothers me) but it suggests that a lot of people disagree with what we said but now when we’ve been proved right everyone starts bashing Gattuso as if they knew all along!!! It’s easy to swim with the current I suppose than go against it even if in the end it’s best
      I hate to see our legends status being tarnished and I don’t blame them for excepting the job they do it out of love for it but instead I blame the top management who calls them to start with
      Leonardo hasn’t had his pick yet and I will bet my mortgage on it not being a rookie
      Its high time we got ourselves a proven winner, I’d also back Leonardo to do a better job of it simply because he has football intelligence, Gattuso hasn’t got that not as a player or manager, Gattuso had fight and determination with an insatiable desire to win which will get you nowhere as a manager
      As he said himself “let’s not confuse nutella with dogshit”

    • Preach on man! Preach on!

      I owe you pint or three!

      Leave them delusional “Kumbaya” proponents of the “Grinta,” with their infernal acceptance of mediocrity is the reason Milan is the way it is.

      A bunch of confounded average Joe’s!

      GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • @Milan10, @Sheva, @Naz – I think it’s falling on deaf ears. If we were all on the Titanic as it goes down they’d be ordering another drink.

      • I’m Irish mate and if I was on the titanic when it was going down I’d definitely be buying a drink! Nice big pint of the black stuff

        • Make mine a triple vodka. Think I need it after watching Sunday’s embarrassment of a performance. I honestly felt bad for Shevchenko, Leo and Maldini having to sit there and watch that.

      • If there is someone better for the role than Gattuso? of course, Ancelloti for example, we’re not blind, but there is only so much a coach can do, and changing horse is never a good thing, can we get some stability please? I don’t think any of us know better than former players and coaches who said Milan needs patience.

        Like a said if the results keep at December we might start thinking of a replacement. Other than that is just a bad idea.

        • Whaaat? December. But.. but… we are then slowly going into a New Year and transfer market so maybe if they buy Gattuso 3 more defensive midfielders he will do better. And we can give him untill end of April to try with them but… actually were you really about to replace a man at the almost end of a season and with new transfer market coming. We can give him untill Septem… no forget it he should stay untill he learns this job even on the expensse of Milan not playing in CL untill 2022. Because hard work is all we need and Calhanoglu is getting faster by every second.

        • @Raven: You’re right – there’s no one better for the role of Milan coach than a rookie who’s been useless in every coaching job he’s had and is still learning on the job… Dozens of clubs all around Europe are on high alert to snap him up as we speak. I hear Man U are interested if Mou doesn’t get his act together.

        • You guys talk like the kind of coach you want will want to lead the kind of players we have, and achieve the kind of expectations you have.

          I’ve already said this, and while it might be different with the new management, no serious coach will risk his career to coach Milan. Seedorf, Inzhagi, Mihajlovic, Brocci, Montella Gattuso am I the only one who see a patern here? Tell me again, why didn’t we got Ancelotti?, Di Francesco, or even Conte?

          Let’s say we’ve got Conte today, and he achieves a fifth place that’s reasonable and I don’t think he can get us higher than that, what are you going to say next? We need Ronaldo, Messi and Modric because 7 champions leagues and we are Milan and we need to win champions league.

          Wake the fuck up, this is a new managment, with a lot of debt and a bunch of kids and regular players.

      • Hell, had the capt of titanic been rino or some other rookie with “milan dna” im sure milanisti on that ship wouldve said “we’re sinking like a rock but lets give rino more time until the ship can float again like victims of pennywise the clown”

          • Surely next time they need to add DNA test before taking a license for coaching. Who cares about result and how we play when we have that Milan DNA

  12. People suggest using other players but Gattuso more or less plays his best 11 and I personally have no problem with that, it’s actually good to give continuity to those players instead of rotating so much like Montella. The big problem lies somewhere deeper. Simply, Gattuso is not competent. Based on the quality of all the coaches of the 20 teams in Serie A, I’d say he’s not even average. He has some good ideas as I’ve said before but those alone are not enough. A coach must be the complete package. You can’t just be Charisma with no tactical knowledge (like Klinsmann) and also you absolutely can’t be just a tactical genius without authority and no man management skills (like many young coaches who fail to control the dressing room).

    Now Gattuso played under some of the best coaches in the world during his playing time, and he has inevitably picked up some good things from them while he also have that so called “grinta” in his blood. What he lacks, is coaching intelligence and innovation. That ability to quickly and correctly process things and decide in the moment, the bravery to act on it before it’s too late. We won againt Roma but we had the same problems as last night even in that match and at the time I pointed out they basically gifted us that match. Roma have been in trouble all season. Gattuso even chokes against the smaller teams with plan.

    A person’s career resume doesn’t lie. Milan might not be what it used to be in the old days quality wise, but still have the players to compete for that fourth place and at least play purposeful football all the time in Serie A. They are good enough to win some simpler matches even with me or you on the bench, but when a team comes out fighting with a better coach and tactical plan that’s when Milan have no answer. You can’t just always change to 4-4-2 in the last 20 minutes like you’re on repeat. I mean look at Ancelotti and how he alternates everything with minimum damage. Coaches who are the complete package or are close to the complete package are rare but we definitely can find a better coach.

    I also don’t really like a former Juventino or Interista on our bench, but if it’s a possibility then in my opinion Conte is a no-brainer. If not him, there are a good number of other coaches who are available and are an upgrade. I love Gattuso the man and I will always love him but I’d change him today, the season is salvageable with any decent coach in charge, otherwise yeah, we will win some matches and in the end will finish sixth or seventh or somewhere near.

    • No, it’s not good to give continuity to players who are underperforming, with this phrase you show that you don’t understand football or are not well intentioned ! It’s the first reason to have a problem with Gattuso !!! You should underline things that Rino made them wrong ! He beat a lot of better trainers than him last season and also this season, this is not an argument, if u have to say something against Rino say it, but not just overviews ! I agree with things about tactics, rigidity, bad inspiration.

      • Maybe I don’t but did it occur to you that they’re underperforming because they’re out of position or they are tactically trapped by a better tactician in the other dugout? Hakan at left-wing is not a good idea. He may play well in fits and starts but it’s not his natural position.

        Obviously some of our players are under performing, but every time I hear someone say why not play Borini instead of Chalhanoglu or Mauri instead of Kessie I throw up a little in my mouth. How can a player with less quality fix the tactical problems of a team?

        Pippo also won against Napoli and Roma during his time, is he a good coach? No. Football depends on many variables. It’s not all black and white or statistics. Gattuso is not a top coach imo, which we need.

    • Nothing you say here explains 0 (big f’ing ZERO) shots on target in 90 minutes- was that Gatusso’s directive? Even without a coach a team of professionals who have been training for a while should be able to create something. Regardless of 2 strikers or 1. And this is Inter after all, not Barca.

      Mate, I think like many other here, you are confusing tactics with ability. Unless you were referring to Gatusso in general, and ignoring the inter game in particular.

      • Just to correct you, we had only one shot on target with Suso.

        I was talking about Gattuso in general but still I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. We had only one shot on target because Spalletti out smarted Gattuso and he failed to change things for the better over 90 minutes, just the way Giampaolo out smarted Montella last season when we lost 2-0 and we didn’t have one single shot on their goal.

        So what are you saying exactly? Are you telling me the players deliberately didn’t perform? because we all know they are all behind Gattuso and they like him. Or are you saying they don’t have the individual ability to do it? because I bet teams like Chievo and SPAL have had more shots on target against Inter, do we have less quality in our squad compared to them? Or are you saying they weren’t able to express themselves to their best? because if that’s the case then it’s automatically Gattuso’ fault.

        In my book, the loss against Inter was entirely because of Gattuso’s wrong approach plus his inability to change things up until the end. So yeah, it’s all tactical. If Chalhanoglu can’t perform out of position it’s not because he doesn’t have ability. If a striker as deadly as Higuain is isolated up front for 90 minutes it’s not his fault or his inability. So what are you saying exactly?

        • No, Kourosh, when you’re out of form, you play like shit, if Hakan is replaced at right time with Castillejo maybe we had been more chances to score. Suso was anihilated on the right, a smart coach would have taken him from there putting him on the left, changing the system and putting him behind the strikers, would have been tried something, but Gattuso is sand, wood about tactics and he wanted that 0-0. This is the biggest upset

  13. “Gennaro Gattuso actually liked how his team looked until Mauro Icardi’s goal in the 92′ minute”

    “Gigio, who is the highest paid goalkeeper in Serie A and also the only one this season to concede in every game, mistimed his jump.”

    What the hell am I reading?!

  14. 1. Have some balls and bench Donnaruma, I’ve been saying this for weeks but i pray one of your staffs come on here and read. With Reina, Milan can’t be this bad.

    2. What is your back up plan when playing out from back doesn’t work. Spalletti just copied and pasted what Ancelotti did to you against Napoli and we looked shite. Is this how we gonna continue until somebody else copies and pastes the same tactics against you?

    Can’t still get myself today even at work, that’s how mentally infectious the defeat is, hopefully i shake it off b4 the end of today and never suffer this kind of defeat again.

    I understand the frustration of everybody wanting him out, i said same here once and its only natural after so much pain but lets be honest, Donnaruma let us down yesterday even though Inter were better.

  15. its better do away with gattuso now when its still early than when we are chasing a Europa league ticket again, why in GOD’s name will you keep using hakan on the wings when you said it yourself that he like to drop deep to get the ball just like he did against roma, and removing him and bringing cutrone instead of castillejo to play on the wings when Vrsaljko had no one to peg him back and he kept putting in the crosses when they knew donnaruma was prone to errors. i say let gattuso go now and am not going to pick conte or who so ever but but get someone who really knows what it take to coach a big team, a real Milan fan won’t sit down and say lets see what happens in the next game because he might win it and then crumble again after that….seen enough of this nonsense for years now and i think its time to really know what we want because this types of result won’t take us anywhere.and please let bakayoko return to chelsea in January and give the other guys on the bench a chance #GATTUSOOUT

    • Haha!

      A major winner here! We are on roll, yes!

      GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Fire Gatusso this, fire Gatusso that …

    Do we have someone in line to replace him? Everyone says Conte, but it’s reported that he wants to come only at the start of the season. And even then it’s far from a sure thing.

    I think it’s too early to fire Gatusso, and anyways I think the major problem is not him. Our major problems currently-
    1. Not good enough CBs; news flash everyone- poster boy Romag is not as good as you all think. And the proof is in the pudding. He needs to be paired up with an experienced physical CB, like Bonnuci from last year or Alex from a few seasons back.
    2. We have no proper RW.
    3. We are lacking in depth. No one from the bench can really make a difference.
    4. Donna is flopping.
    5. Psychological – basically our players are a bunch of school girls. No leader on the pitch to calm things down.

    Gatusso is not the perfect coach, and Conte currently is better, but no one can sell me this crappy excuse that the players legs were shaking because of him.

    Also, one has to say that the international break was to our disadvantage.

    But all is not lost … there is still enough points available. We need to keep up our chins up and stop playing like f’ing pussies.

    • The way I see it, this is the disadvantage of fielding the same 11 every game, predictable and the bench players are not match fit or don’t have faith in themselves, the only one who makes a difference is Cutrone.

      Gattuso should bench Hakan and Donnarumma to make of them an example, also RR played very good but benching Laxalt is really unfair for the player, he can start almost at any team in the world. At least I would try him at LW, he might not cut inside but he can deliver a good cross to the box

      • Raven, the problem is we don’t have too much to field other our starting 11. The two purchases we did for depth – Bakayoko and Samu – are not enough. We need ready-made proven players rather than prospects.

        I agree Donna needs to feel the bench for a while. About Laxalt- he’s not as reliable as RicRod, and far from being good enough to be a starter LW. He should wait for his chances like the rest of our mediocre bench.

    • @Baresis Dream
      I respect your comments, i genuinely do but your so wrong it’s criminal
      How can you say we’ve no good center backs? That’s just bonkers we’ve 3 top ones that a lot of big clubs would love to have, for an example Manchester United and Chelsea both wanted Roma and thats not because hes no good, both Roma and Caldara are in line to be the future Italian centre backs
      You say we’ve nothing on the bench?
      I know we’re not exactly spoilt for choice but there’s 2 glaringly obvious ones that Gattuso didn’t do and which would of changed the whole game and that’s going 442 with Cutrone coming on to be paired with Higuain, what did Gattuso do? He put him on the wing for fuck sake! No other coach in the world would of done that
      Why didnt he take off Jackamo? A blind man could see he was utter shit last night but not Gattuso
      Why didnt he spring Castillo (Can’t spell his name) when inter started to tire?? Because he wanted to take of our best player and bring on a Chelsea reject who should be a used car sales man not a footballer he said himself he can’t receive a pass? I mean why bring him on then Boss????
      The players aren’t pussies mate our coach is, it’s a long time since I seen a team take to the field so negatively but what’s even worse was it was a derby which is one of the biggest in the world but Gattuso hadn’t the courage or knowhow to try win it
      Gattuso out now

      • @Naz – Mate, please also see my comment to Kourosh, since you both commented on similar things.
        But also –
        1. check how many goals we conceded this year already, and how inter had a field day after their disallowed goal (which was also disgraceful defending). We are not good enough in the air, in set pieces, and we allow opponents too much in general.
        2. How can you say we field two top CBs when we have one of the worst defensive records among top teams in Europe. Zero clean sheets? Don’t you notice how soft we are now in defense in comparison even to the Inzagi-era?
        3. Romag is supposed to be the organizer of our backline, our captain. So while he’s not the weakest link, he shares the largest responsibility.
        4. Changing to 4-4-2 could’ve worked (like Gatusso did in Rome), but it could also have backfired. Gatusso was afraid, yes, but most likely because he saw how badly we were underperforming. He’s far from the perfect coach, but also far from our biggest problem (which is not a good enough squad).
        5. Man U paid big money for Darmian as well (and countless other examples as well), so that doesn’t tell you anything. I still haven’t seen him play there and make an impact.

    • I don’t get it. All I read was a bunch of excuses. If we don’t have a proper winger, then stop using a formation that requires one. You say Romagnoli is not good when he was our best player on the pitch. He had so many great tackles and interceptions throughout the match while clearing everything in the air. He was mistake-free. (and no, the goal wasn’t his mistake.)

      If the Inter match was a first then I would have been ok with this but I’ve seen this same shit many times now under Gattuso.

      I’ll say hello when we reach the point of no return and then replace Gattuso, as if that would make any difference.

      • Kourosh, my point is simple –
        1. it’s not just the coach, it’s also – and even mostly- our players. They choke when under pressure, and in some instances simply lack in consistent ability.
        2. You’ve seen this shit under many different coaches by now, and you’ve seen e.g. Barca doing well with the same squad under different coaches. Get where I’m going?
        3. Firing Gatusso won’t help, especially if we have no one proper to replace him. Let me remind you how we wound up with Gatusso in the first place – by firing a coach we didn’t have a replacement for.
        4. Why still play with a winger? Because it’s still the best way to play our squad, even if it has weaknesses. This formation keeps Hakan-Jack-Suso together on the field, which is crucial given we have no one to replace them.
        5. Go back and count how many free shots Inter had in the first half and then tell me Romag was so good. He’s suppose to be the one organizing the back line. Does it look organized to you? Is 0 clean sheets not enough indication?

        • You’re wrong mate. I’ve seen this shitty Milan under different coaches, that much is true, but it was because they were all shitty, rookie coaches like Gattuso. Seedorf, Inzaghi and Brocchi were all the same. Montella was a promising coach at the time but he also failed hard and continues to fail so it shows that we have had no proper coach all this time. Barca has done well under Guardiola (who admittedly was a rookie but an exception and went to become a coaching sensation) and some other coaches but also failed under weaker ones like Tito and Martino even with some of the best players in the world in their squad.

          Hakan-Jack and Suso can play simultaneously in other formations, why do you think they can’t? And I’m sure we can find a better replacement for Gattuso. Someone like Conte is the best possible choice but there are others who are an upgrade, like Jardim.

          But most importantly, you’re wrong if you think our defensive problems our down to our center-backs. We can’t keep a clean sheet because we can’t defend efficiently as a unit. Also, our style of play (passing the ball around in front of our own goal) makes us susceptible to fatal individual mistakes. It’s easy to think the number of goals conceded is directly connected to defenders and goalkeeper but it’s not. In modern football teams attack and defend as a unit. We usually fail at both. Pick your pair of center-backs from any team in Europe and put them in Milan’s defensive line, we will still concede, just as Bonucci, one of the best center-backs in the world looked like garbage when in Milan. Likewise, if you put Zapata and Musacchio in the Juventus line-up I’m sure they will keep getting a lot of clean sheets. It’s the same in attack, as by your logic we should always score because we have Higuain, one of the best strikers in the world up there, but he can’t even touch the ball, not because he’s shit, but because our team as a unit fails in the attacking department. Makes sense, no?

    • Despite conceding so many goals this season ,I can only single out 2 major mistakes from our back 4; Musacchio and Romagnoli’s mistakes against Napoli and Empoli respectively. Could possibly be another big mistake but those are the only ones I can remember.

      Most of the mistakes have been normal ones that every defensive lines are making. Perhaps we have been unlucky to be conceding in every little so-called defensive howler. I actually don’t even call some of those mistakes ‘a mistakes’.. like how people tried to blame Calabria for a goal because he couldn’t caught Papu Gomez on a race to the ball.

      We tend to believe that the defender should first reach every ball that’s thrown into the box. Well the strikers are also there for a reason and the crosses are targeted for them so out of like 3 attempts it’s very possible and fair to think that the striker could get the ball at least once.

      The defensive strength of teams like Juve is that they don’t allow you a lot of crosses or generally getting near their box. Our problem last night was that we allowed Inter too much space to attack and eventually placed balls into our box.

      The defence I think did very well not conceding earlier being under pressure for 90minutes. Musacchio is not doing much worse compared to Bonucci. Stats have shown that we actually allowed less at the back this season than the last.

      I think a lot of defensive problems will be solved with playing the defense a bit high up and a more aggressive pressing. You don’t let opponents build play and gaining confident on the ball while you are waiting inside your box and then start wondering where the pressure is coming from. The defenders cannot first reach every ball

      • @Calm down – go back and count how many unmarked shots inter had from the box between 15-35 minutes. Then take our Calgiari goal and Atalanta goal as an example.

        See how many space we give attackers in general, even low level teams, and you’ll understand that pur defensive stats are no coincidence.

  17. I’m sorry but we need a formation change so bad. Calhanoglu is struggling on the wing and it’s cause he’s not a winger. Inters 4 2 3 1 shows why we should play that too. You get to play with width and in the center. It was poor performance yesterday there’s no denying that. Just made in way worse to lose it in extra time again like last year and to Icardi who is my most hated player in the world.

  18. Just read a comment by Cambiaso that explains it all “Milan felt inferior to Inter throughout the entire match”

    Bunch of pussies … all of them

    • Gattuso said it, these bunch of guys don’t trust in themselves. What I’m afraid is that I get the feeling that Gattuso instead of being grinta like every ignorant claims he is becoming soft and letting some disgrace our colours. He needs to bench some, slap another and choke a few.

      I remember when Miha grounded the entire team, it worked for a few weeks but it worked.

  19. Mr Gattuso, The team lack the courage to play because you lack the courage to lead. Whatever they do is a reflection of you sir. That’s why you are the coach.

    It’s not rocket science. You set them up for failure because you were afraid to lose and that’s why we lost. Plain and simple.

    Cutrone scored a couple of winners for us playing ahead of Higuain but yet you sub him on as a winger. Smh! What a lame excuse. Trying to blame the team. Whatever!

    Can someone please call Conte or Jardim. We need a coach who has balls not a coach who is a pretender.

    • Haha!

      More winners! This is classic.

      Soon, my friend LeoDini are just ironing out the little details in the SACK-4CKING-LETTER!

      GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnn!!!!!! Another long boring excuses post match conference…better admit it and resign that u are not capable of Milan demands. I should stop dreaming now and put my mind back at that berlusconi ending era, where I always watch Milan match with calmness that whether lose or win I’m fine as I know we have no team that can challenge.. Period!!!!

  21. Couple things.

    1) Milan10 and to a lesser extent Naz. I suspect the dislikes are not so much about the messages you are trying to convey, but moreso the how you are attempting to convey it.
    Firstly, it’s a fair assumption that none of us here have coaching experience at professional level, so while some things may appear obvious from our armchairs, let’s not forget that what we type here is just personal opinion.
    Secondly, the “I told you so approach” is never the mature approach, even when you did in fact, “tell us so”.
    Lastly, the real “genius” is not in coming to a conclusion or having an idea before everyone else, rather its in being able to get consensus or “buy-in” from us lesser enlightened masses. There sir is the gap between yourself and the status you (apparently) seek.

    2) While I have seen some improvement in Milan’s play from previous year, I’m unclear if it as a result of Gattuso’s input or if the incremental is based on something as simple as players getting better the longer they play together and form relationships on the pitch etc. Gattuso has been subject to undue criticism, but he has also been defended unduly. For example, I’ve seen the comment (even from Gattuso himself), that if we got the draw yesterday everything would be different. Now, I’ve seen coaches successfully set teams up defensively to neutralize opponent offense (Rafa has done it before, Allardyce, Mourinho, few others…). What we saw yesterday wasn’t that. We failed to close down passing lanes, and on the hour mark, some of our players were reduced to walking pace (to be fair it took a lot of energy for us to remain in the game to that point as Inter pressed us hard throughout). And seeing this, Gattuso froze (imo). Even after Spaletti looked to capitalize by introducing fresh legs Keita just after the hour mark or so, Gattuso had no response til the 75th where his first sub was then Cutrone out wide. I would go as far as to say we would have been very lucky to get a draw, and it wouldn’t have been to Gattuso’s credit.
    When assessing a coach the prevalent question will be, are they getting as much out of the players they have at their disposal as they should. If the answer is, no, i think this milan squad should be challenging for top 4 as is, then he has to go. If the answer is yes, we are exactly where we expect, then he’s doing ok, and the question becomes are we satisfied with an “ok” coach or do we want a “good’ coach, which would be one that has the collective punching above their weight.
    Personally, I think we have seen all that Gattuso has to offer. As a Milan fan I can only hope he proves me wrong though.

    Tldr; Mailan10 – address the way in which you deliver your message and it would be better received, and Gattuso seems quite limited idea-wise thus far, imo.

    • King kaka
      That there is one of the best comments I think I’ve ever read on this blog and very intelligently put together
      Thats how I imagine my comments sounding in my head but as ye all know they read quite differently!
      It frustrates me to read nonsense trying to back up what Gattuso is doing when it’s so blatantly obvious what he’s doing is wrong and because of that I tend to empty the whole magazine instead of letting a few rounds off
      At least now everyone seems to see it though (except milanista 121 ha ha)

      • hehehehe. i’ve never said he wasn’t in the wrong though in his approach vs Inter, which he was, I just keep supporting him. It was a completely wrong approach for a huge game, and I wrote a long comment about it so I wont bother again, but the way people are reacting… I just wonder how people would’ve reacted if we had lost 0-2 at home with Di Francesco, a more proven coach, at the helm. This was Inter after all.

    • King Kaka, do you remember how did it went after we sacked allegri? What makes you think this bunch must achieve a fourth place? Romagnoli is not that good Caldara? Lol, Biglia and Bonaventura? Inter has 2 WC semi finalist let me remind you.

      And of course Gattuso is clueless, 54% possession, 16 shots per game, 85% passing accuracy last season, top 5 in series a in that area. Real barça had a bad start and look at their squad.

    • This is the best comment I’ve read in a long time. Beautifully written and analyzed. Respect.

      I agree with everything and I answer “no” to the prevalent question by the way.

    • Well mate,
      About ur ur 1st point, yes im fully aware of the possibility that people’re gonna downvote me anyway regardless of what i say because of my style of writing. I even stated it in one of my comments weeks ago. And i deliberately write like this. The likes/dislikes i get is not a problem at all. Whats a problem is the thought that we shouldnt criticize people’s works if we, due to lack of basic trainings or educations, cant do better than people we criticize. So we’re not supposed to criticize a chef if the food tastes like crap or a med doctor if he commits malpractice just because we cant do their jobs better than them? Thats bs and borderline fascism. By that logic any player should just accept any shitty decision from the ref without complaining or criticizing.
      Regarding point #2, i think even the most hardcore rinopatriots will agree that there are many better coaches than rino. I remember true story in george lois’ (legendary designer who inspired the creators of mad men tv series) book ‘damn good advice..’ which goes like this: a successful high class cafe owner asked his bartender to make him best cocktail he could make. After he tasted it he then challenged the bartender to make an even better, tastier cocktail. The bartender obliged and then after the owner tasted this new cocktail which was actually better than the 1st one he said to the bartender, “why TF didnt u make it that way in the first place?”’ Get it? Virdis, massaro and borriello were nice st but u could always improve by buying san marco, weah and ibra. Rino is ok but….u get the idea

      • @ Milan10, your posts (though mischievous) suggest that you are smart enough to know that I was not saying we shouldn’t criticize. It was more contextual.

        And I agree we can do better than Rino (and this is before this weekend’s lost btw).

  22. I am just following quietly the comments about the new coach, but still kind of confused. How is a good coach, asking for lots of money, coming to Milan that is struggling even to to reach the europa league? Even going from Atalanta to Milan these days feels like a downgrade…

  23. What really bothers me about last nights performance is how we gave up our identity and our way of playing, except for the passing along in our back four. We were so deep without ever neutralizing their attacks through our midfield, it was only the defence who did their job – this game was the opposite of how we looked ealier when we created much but our defence let us down along with our finishing. If you look at Lazio, they have Luis Albeto and SMS who have been great for them but have been underperforming a lot this season, but they keep on with their identity and their playing style and gets results, and this is what I think was the biggest fault from us last night – we gave up our identity, didn’t play how we used to and to our strengths. We tried an approach in which we aren’t ready for just yet. This isn’t Milan 2011 when Sandro Nesta alone neutralizes Messi, this is still a young team that is searching for it’s identity, and just as we were forming a solid basis to continue to build on, it was put aside, probably out of fear. Wrong approach. Hope we’ll bounce back against Betis while playing the way we know how – higher up the pitch and lots of pressing like we’ve done in the weeks prior to this.

    • That’s because Gattuso played to loose and that is why I’ve lost patience with him. His approach to the derby was evident that he is definitely not the man for the job.

      We lost our identity because he was more concerned about losing the game rather than having the courage and belief to win.

      It’s time for Milan to replace Gattuso and drop Donnarumma to the bench. They both have been grossly underperforming.

  24. You either pay the price and make a team like Madrid or City, or go Ferguson way, wait a few years and build a proper team, this is not Fifa or Football Manager where you build teams in 1 day, patience is what we need, i know its been many years that we sucked but we need at least another 1-2 years, since we dont have enough money right now, so we are starting Ferguson way and switch Madrid/City way when we get the some money.

    • Difference is, Ferguson was talented manager when he coached Aberdeen.
      Thus United management had patience with him few years before 1st trophy arrived and he could buit teams over the years.
      Sadly, Gattuso is not talented nor has courage to change formation or put to bench underperformers.
      I see him best as assistant manager to motivate players and help connect world class coach with Milan DNA or as conditional coach.
      Gattuso has become soft and not Grinta.
      If he was that talented, he would bench Donnaruma for few matches, as well Hakan until he is mentally fit.
      433 is not formation for Milan.
      Suso is inverted winger, not actual winger.
      When we played 442 few times this season, Suso played his true position.
      Even on FM ( in which you need years to build team. Game is based on RL football. For those who think FM is easy ) he is best at that position.
      With arrival of Paqueta, you can play SS in 442, as well with 2 strikers. So many combination that formation would benefit us. Not to mention, Bona would be good SS as well.
      Even Ancelotti while in Bayern back then, hinted Gattuso to play 442.
      I’m not for changing coaches fast, but someone needs tell Gattuso to stop with 433 and bench underperformers.

  25. Well I don’t want a change on the bench and to be honest I mostly feel that Gattuso can get us top 4 but because I really wouldn’t want to wait until every chance of getting there is lost before replacing him, I am sometimes left skeptical.

    I am not any less ambitious but I do think that people have been a bit to demanding which is still ok at Milan but some were crazy with Gattuso out even during a good run. Like the management should call Gattuso over and say to him “well Rhimo you are currently doing good but we know that you’ll soon start losing so therefore you are fired”. Mehn really ??

    Hardly ever heard a coach getting sacked right after 3 straight wins. Some have been very consistent with wanting him out and consistency is good but I mean his sacking wouldn’t be justified just because we believe that he will later start losing.

    He was doing well and improving before last night. Not that I don’t get frustrated with some of his choices, I would even with Sarri or Pep (don’t want Conte modafuka), but until last night I didn’t see why firing Gattuso would be fair.

    Forza Milan

    • This is exactly what I’m thinking as well!
      Although I wouldn’t mind Conte. Knowing fans on this blog though, imagine Conte becoming our coach, and not providing the goods, or losing two games in a row, people who have been clamouring for his name – I know Milan10, Sheva and Naz aren’t like this so this isn’t aimed at them – will start with the “JUVE MERDA I KNEW IT, HE’S JUST HERE TO DESTROY US”

  26. You guys can keep telling yourselves what you want to hear but the truth will still remain…. THE EARLIER GATTUSO IS SACKED FOR A QUALITY MANAGER THE BETTER or we can wait and collect our 7th-8th position as usual

    You people should stop painting a white fact black….

    *All players sat back to defend from first minute
    *Cutrone a striker came on to play wide
    *Abate called upon to defend a draw
    *kessie the engine subtuted for bakayoko

    This guy is not a coach and it is very clear but I know Milan will stick with him and eventually take 7th or 8th, then next season we will start dreaming again as usual

  27. Whose problem is it to fix? Obviously, it is the coach. We as Milanistas needs to keep love and sentiments aside, we clearly need an experience coach (curva da sud leader criticized those that put such players on the field- referring to Gattuso). Truth be told. I love Gattuso to a fault but my love for Milan supersedes, we need help. We’ve got a decent squad able to compete for top 4 slot, a squad that seconds Juve in Serie A salary scale should be doing more. How long do we give Gattuso? How long do we have to wait and endure wrong subs and inacurate game reading? We need change

  28. Losing to Inter does not show a lack of progress or our quality of play. The reality is Inter is a top club and recently been performing well even in the UCL. So it’s not a train smash. It’s not like they scored 2+ goals.

    When Gattuso won some games I was saying that he needs to go and some of you here we dissing me. A coach does not have to lose to see his approach is not what we need.



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