Raiola: “At the moment Ibrahimović to Milan is not a possibility but we are available to talk, there is great mutual respect between Zlatan and Leonardo”

Zlatan Ibrahimović during LA Galaxy-Atlanta United at StubHub Tennis Center on April 21, 2018. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)
Zlatan Ibrahimović during LA Galaxy-Atlanta United at StubHub Tennis Center on April 21, 2018. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Zlatan Ibrahimović’s agent Raiola has said ‘there is no opening or closing’ in regards to possible talks with Milan and again belittled the Chinese ownership.

In the past week there have been many rumours in regards to Milan’s plans for the January transfer market and one of the names that has come up is that of 37-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Leonardo admitted before the Olympiacos game that signing Ibra was ‘more than a thought’ that he had in the summer. And it seems that Leo is still considering getting the big Swede, most likely on a six-month loan deal from Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy, to give Gennaro Gattuso another option in the striker position, in addition to Higuain and Cutrone.

“At the moment it’s not a possibility, because the conversations we had with the club are not current, but we are available to talk,” Mino Raiola, agent of Ibrahimović, Donnarumma, Bonaventura, Verratti, Pogba and many others, said in an interview to RAI Sport on Friday evening.

“In any case, now there are finally normal people in charge of Milan and reliable owners. I never had problems with the Rossoneri, because quite simply the club was non-existent before now [Raiola was always doubting the Chinese ownership and had personal issues with Max Mirabelli].

Zlatan Ibrahimović and Mino Raiola before the Germany-Mexico 2018 FIFA World Cup match at Luzhniki Stadium on June 17, 2018. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)
Zlatan Ibrahimović and Mino Raiola before the Germany-Mexico 2018 FIFA World Cup match at Luzhniki Stadium on June 17, 2018. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

“If Ibrahimović would accept a third-choice role at Milan? As long as Zlatan movies, he will always be a first choice. He has never asked for guarantees in his career, because he knows you earn those in training. We would have to understand on what conditions Milan or any other team would want to sign him, though. If aegotiations are therefore possible with Milan? There is no opening or closing. There is great mutual respect between Ibra and Leonardo. Zlatan had wonderful moments at Milan and left a piece of his heart in Milano, just as he was happy at PSG.”

Ibrahimović himself also reacted to the reports. He was caught by a TMZ Sport reporter and in a typical Zlatan way, answered: “There are always rumours. The whole world wants me. It’s okay.”


  1. One things for sure in all of this is that Leonardo is well respected enough to pull off deals like this
    I say go get him and with it champions league football

  2. If he gets in he would be the first choice striker. At 37 he is still playing at top level. I hope Milan signs him. He has this natural domineering character on the pitch that puts everyone under him – he is in charge.

    Any below par performance or stupid play from any player would earn a kick or slap from ibracadabra.. he is the winning mentality Milan needs. LeoDini better sign him – it’s a right choice.

    Milan needs to get rid of the dead-weight..

    Simic, Zapata, Bakayoko, Montolivo, Bertolacci, Mauri, Hallilovic and Biglia (he has been inconsistent and he is no Pirlo. I don’t know why his contract is being extended) need to be replaced. Please cancel their contact and get better completion for the team. We are tired of mediocrity.

    Milan must get rid of the dead-weight and replace them with credible competition. That has been Juventus strategy over the years but Milan loves to flirt with below par performances..

    Do the needful!!!!

    • Lol I can never take anyone who says Biglia is dead weight serious.

      In our current squad, he is indispensable until a better replacement comes.

    • Biglia is key player of milan because no one else at milan can do dm job as good as him. Loca could although he’s still below biglia technical and tactical wise. His job; covering the defence, breaking up opponents play, dictating the tempo, intercepting are not particularly catchy but god forbid he’s absent from the pitch, u’ll see how important he’s for milan.

    • Simic, Mauri, Halilovic, you cant really call them dead weight, they never really had a chance to prove themself, and they are still young.

  3. Shows what a proper ownership and management can do to the team. Wouldn’t be surprised if this ends Raiola trying to take away Donnarumma from us as well. Donna looks way happier and more calm this season tbh.
    Ibra is more than welcome and I do actually hope he will come. Just remember what he did to Nocerino who is an incedibly average player – he made Nocerino score ten goals in one season which brought some people to have the audacity to say that “he is our Marchisio”, and once Ibra left, he took Nocerino’s goals with him which showed everyone what a mediocre player he was.
    Now, what I hope is that if he joins, that he can help improve the overall play of some of our players and that his winning mentality can rub off on the young players we have.

    • If bringing Zlatan opens the door to us signing Veratti, I’m all for it. Biglia is a good player when he’s on form but given his age and inconsistency we need Veratti next season to replace him. I know there are rumors of us pursuing Aaron Ramsey but for me Veratti is the better player.

      As for Donnarumma, I deeply regret Milan not selling him because he has not been convincing this season or even last season with or without his agents drama.

      I’m totally convinced that our back four looks more stable and solid with Reina in goal and it doesn’t appear that Gattuso has the balls to bench Donnarumma, who in my opinion is underperforming despite some good saves here and there.

      • True, I know it haven’t been a lot of games, but Biglia has gone from strength to strength so far this season – barring his game v Napoli. Verratti would indeed be the perfect replacement, agreed! I would welcome back Ibra whether it means that Verratti joins or not 🙂 Aaron Ramsey… he is good but I dont consider him the right player to take us to the next level tbh.

        Even though it’s true that Reina commands his back four better, selling Donna for a big buck and having Plizz be the understudy for Reina would’ve been something, but I think Donna seems more serene now and looking at the Empoli and Sassuolo games, Donna seems to find his form back, I hope he will keep it up. I think having Reina alongside him will prove to be very benificial, but I would like to see Reina playing in the league as well. Rotate the way Szcszzny (you know who I mean) and Buffon did last season! That will spur them on even more imo.

  4. Pigiola now in good terms with us.. still don’t like him. But this Ibra idea can only be good for every party.
    Now if Cutro learns something from him.. we are going to have ultimate striker in future 🙂
    Btw I am really bummed when my comment is not published and I think it’s a big problem on this blog, not only for me. Makes you reluctant to participate in discussions when you are not even sure that what you say is going to be visible to others.

  5. Ajde ibrakadabra !!!we need you kid !!please sign so the fans can be happy !! Higuain cutrone ibrahimovic wwwwoooooowwwww!!! We love you ibra !forza rossoner

  6. “There are always rumours. The whole world wants me. It’s okay.” Hahaha. Now this is what self believe is all about. Football world, in particular milan needs character like this, especially considering how weak their mentality and character are. Ibra would raise not only technical and tactical levels of milan, but also the mentality. Too bad he chose man utd, he couldve felt right at home at milan.

  7. Comment: it is good to have a player like Ibrahimovic, but we should know he wouldn’t want to sit on bench when not injured and the only way I see it working out is if Gattuso uses 2 strikers, so Cutrone could be pairing once a while and coming in as a super sub.
    Why would anyone say Biglia is a dead weight?! are watching at all?
    Simic, Halovic and Mauri are yet to play games to make any hypothesis.
    As for Bakayoko, I will recommend patience and support from the fans and team as I see pressure on him to deliver, just patience as he plays very well in training, but….

  8. I’m dreaming this already and i don’t care if he’s 37 because we are not just signing and old player but ZLATAN. Zlatan means Winning mentality, Zlatan means Quality, Zlatan mean Hope, Zlatan means Fear, Zlatan means Charisma…

    Zlatan, Higuain and Reina will form a massive leadership for the team right from the dressing room to the pitch. That alone draws a level of confidence and serenity to the team.

    Leonardo is a Football Scientist.



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