Gattuso: “We must do everything we can to come out of this period, we paid a high price for a mistake against Empoli”

Gennaro Gattuso during  Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso believes the ‘results will come’ after seeing his team dropping points again versus an opponent they had to beat.

Gattuso said in the pre-match presser that Milan need 3 points against Empoli like they need bread, but his team failed again.

It was the same old story that the fans have seen so many times already: a goal in the opening minutes followed by a series of wasted goal-scoring opportunities in the first half, followed by a second half disappearance, followed by the opposition scoring through a major defensive error and Milan failing to get back.

Lucas Biglia’s shot took a deflection off Leonardo Capezzi in the 10′ minute to beat goalkeeper Pietro Terracciano. But other than in this occasion, Terracciano simply appeared unbeatable as he had a string of terrific saves throughout the game. Milan, as always, took their foot off of the gas and paid dearly in the 71′ minute when an absurd error by captain Alessio Romagnoli, the club’s most reliable player perhaps, resulted in Empoli getting a penalty, which Francesco Caputo converted.

Milan remain the only team in Serie A to have yet to keep a clean sheet. They have lost 7 points from winning positions this season, which is more points than they have (6). Next game is on Sunday against third-place Sassuolo and at this point not many would bet on a Milan win.

Lucas Biglia during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (
Lucas Biglia during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (

“We created so many chances in both the first and second half, then an error can happen, even if it was very costly,” Gattuso told Sky. “The problem we have is killing games off, we made 17-18 shots on goal even without an important player like Higuain, so Borini had to adapt. Once again we are here talking about an unlucky outcome, but we must look forward and work on our finishing.

“We’re not winning much? When you systematically make a few too many errors, for how we want to play, and when you don’t win playing well, a little tranquility is lost, I can’t hide it. The guys are doing everything, we have to be calm and work. The great teams win when they have to? We are not a great team, we must be more clinical and concrete and we lack all of that.

“We must grow and remove some mistakes. We risked little, but right now we have to be calm and work and the results cannot fail to arrive. Managing the result? We tried to manage it a bit, we didn’t make an ultra-offensive pressure. The penalty call cut our legs. But in those 20-22 minutes we weren’t risking anything. We tried to manage the result and move the ball in our own half of the pitch. We have conceded goals in many games and on a mental level we’re paying for it.

Franck Kessié during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (
Franck Kessié during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (

“If I said anything to Romagnoli? I don’t have to say anything to Romagnoli. If I need to talk to him, then I also need to talk to those who had four or five chances and didn’t score. Errors can happen, you just have to make sure they’re not costly. We have to look ahead.

“Caldara? He is injured. He will have his space, he is a very intelligent guy and he has important skills. We hope to recover him as soon as possible. Higuain? We hope to have him back on Sunday. He has a bit of edema, it’s not serious and we’ll see what the doctors say on Friday.”

Suso and Patrick Cutrone during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (
Suso and Patrick Cutrone during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (

In the post-match presser, Gattuso said: “If we’re lacking ‘badness’? I have to say that the Empoli goalkeeper was very good. There was a mistake and we paid for it dearly. We tried to score but we did not succeed. Borini gave a lot of willingness. At the moment it’s like this even if I agree that these matches need to be closed. When you find Çalhanoğlu in his area and you always lose the moment then it means that the problem is mental. The standing doesn’t help us to maintain serenity.

“We created a lot also in the first half, with less vehemence and speed. In the second half we had to do something different, I’d asked my players to close the passing lines. We only suffered on some changes of play and then what happened, happened. If I’m not mistaken, we made 10 shots on goal. But it’s normal that without results, a little bit of fear takes over. We have to put everything aside, even if it’s easier said than done. If we continue like this then the results will come.

“The mistake of Romagnoli? When we have 6-7 goal scoring chances in games and we don’t score goals then it’s clear that you pay a big price. An error can happen, now it was Romagnoli. The problem is not the error of the individual, we must limit the damage. How is Higuain? We’ll talk to the doctors on Friday, it’s not a serious injury. There was a bit of edema on the flexor and we worried a little bit. We’ll face a Sassuolo that is very good on a mental and playing level.

Francesco Caputo scoring a penalty during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (
Francesco Caputo scoring a penalty during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (

Rino also gave an interview to MilanTV: “In the second half I thought we played the game we had to play. We paid a high price for a mistake. We tried to do something different and wait on the opponents a bit more and then close their passing lines. After the penalty we began to play again.

“I think the team didn’t concede much to our opponents, but the games have to be closed off and we had many chances to do it. At this stage we can’t ask more from these boys, we came off two special days, we were lacking an important player like Higuain. The regret remains, we must continue to have a clear mind to worth with will. If you play football then the results cannot fail to arrive.

“Seven of the eight goals we’ve conceded were scored in the second half? Of all the goals we’ve conceded in the second half, many arrived from our individual mistakes. We are always close to victory and then something happens. We must correct the errors. We have to keep working. It’s important that we keep creating chances but we need to be more clinical.

Gennaro Gattuso during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (

“Leadership issues? We live in a country where everyone wants to say their own when results are not coming. I know the characteristics of my players and what they can give me on a technical, tactical and leadership level. I don’t consider the latter a problem. We need to shake off all these fears.

“The match against Sassuolo? All matches are important, also Thursday’s was. We are not experiencing our best period in terms of results. What we are doing is not enough: we must do everything we can to come out of it. We can do this through hard work and self-esteem.”

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Well well well, have we still anyone loyal to Gattuso the coach who decided at half time to defend a 0-1 lead at half time to Empoli of all teams???? This is a club who only got promoted to the big time and Gattuso in all his managerial wisdom decided that Empoli commanded enough respect that a club like Ac Milan should defend a one goal lead against them? This is a team who in my opinion are going to be relegated and Gattuso couldn’t figure out how to beat them? He decided to tell Laxalt NOT to continue bombing… Read more »

Baresis Dream

It looks grim for Gatusso indeed; the Cutrone sub is the most serious issue in my book, although we should also question our med team.


I’d imagine the medical team advised against using Cutrone at all We shouldn’t be in this mess anyway having to play Borini because of having nobody else when we had Silva. It actually makes me feel sick to think we had him with us and because of a thic headed and stubborn manager who doesn’t know how to coach or utilise players of Silva’s obvious talent we let him go! Anyone who would play Kalinic or Borini instead of him shouldn’t be allowed near a football team and I’m just glad that everyone now sees what most of us have… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Keeping Silva would’ve meant not getting Higuain; no way Silva would’ve stayed on as a 3rd striker for another uear.


I think Higuain would of joined anyway, there’s plenty of room for him Silva and Cutrone

Calm down

I still believe that the team can do well if they are able to keep up a certain stage of their play but sadly Gattuso is not looking bold enough to keep that stage up after taking a lead. Talking about individual errors, they will always happen and not really within the coachs control but how about trying to score more goals to be on a safer side? There’s always a chance of conceding a goal even when everything seem to be going accordingly. Gattuso: “We tried to do something different and wait on the opponents a bit more and… Read more »

Baresis Dream

It’s not all Gatusso; our backline is looking weak, and yesterday even weaker with Laxladt. We haven’t had a clean sheet yet this season.


@Naz I think Ink’s the only one left who thinks Gattuso needs time to make the team gel.


I think Milanista 121 has a little soft spot too!!


Yep, I think you’re right. I’m worried too that Conte will join Roma and we’ll turn to Albertini or some other Milan legend with zero coaching experience.


There’s not many top level managers out of work and I think Conte would be a good fit for us
He resurrected Juventus and never quite got the praise deserved. I bet he’s itching to prove himself again in Italy starting something from scratch to take our project on especially now that the club is financially stable but we’d better act fast


You’re correct Naz, I’ll give him two more games:) will still love him no matter what though – not saying you guys dont love him, dont get me wrong!


He’ll always be remembered for being a great champion and anyone connected with Milan will never question Gattuso the player but Gattuso the manager???


I see the exact same thing as last year with montella. Same excuses samz results. Aftrr 4 years could we have a coach that actually knows 1 thing or two.

Adeb Jogzie

Readers of rossoneri blog, This is a pitiful situation for Milan: 1. Only team yet to keep a clean sheet 2. Lost 7 points from winning positions 3. Not many bet on a win 4. Borini has a lot of willingness (this is laughable) 5. The problem is mental Proper diagnosis of the problem but the problem still persists. It means you can’t solve them. 6 points out of 5 games. This reminds me of how Milan started last season with montella until he was sacked in November. Let’s put away potential, promises, willingness and sentiments. We need those that… Read more »


Go away cancer!

Bring a real coach please. Stop gambling.

Bring conte!


Why do so many people use the word cancer so loosly! Gattuso has done more for AC Milan than you ever will with your childish comment. Yes i agree that maybe it is time for someone with a bit more tactical experience but i hope Gattuso succeeds and either way should remain at the club given the respect he has from the players and (most) fans. Think twice before yous start typing such comments – criticising is fine but think about how to phrase it before you hit post!


Preach, Dan!!

Baresis Dream

I agree the word cancer is completely unnecessary, and I think the lynch of Gatusso is exaggerated.

But, let’s not forget. Gatusso, and every other player and staff member got payed (and very well I may add) for everything he’s done for Milan. It’s us the fans who devote our time for free.

Milan belongs to its fans; legends are all good and well, but let’s not forget the proper hierarchy.


Baresi’s Dream, that part of your comment about players being paid made my day. 120 percent true.

Baresis Dream

Cheers mate


To be honest, I like how we play and exchange passes, something that has been missing for some time now.. I really want Gattuso to succeed, but he has to drop 433 against smaller teams and play 4231. I also hate how he’s so confused with making the right substitutions and also the timing of his substitutions.. I see us losing lesser matches this season but drawing alot with Gattuso. I tell you guys, we are almost there, even though many fans don’t want to hear that right now. Happy TGIF

Emmy Smilez

Please management bring Conte, do it when still early


You are the architect of your problem.

Who told you that Borini is a football player? How do u wait for an equaliser before you brought on those changes? How come you are tactically stubborn and unwilling to explore the full technical characteristcs of our players in an alternative formation? If our players are not converting chances, doesn’t that mean you didn’t build enough mental ruthlessness in them to kill games off?

Sorry Legend…. YOU ARE OUR PROBLEM and i just pray it gets better in next games since your friends are not ready to sack you.

Puang Machink

Trully coach, I always hated it, when we were in lead, and than all player looked like they dont wanna push forward and affraid to make a mistakes. They like coward.
I could see it in every game now.
Cmon… We are Milan.


Go and coach monza in serie c, berlusconi just acquired 100% of it. Thank you!


Just stubbornness, we need world class coach, yes we all like gatuso but as a player not coach. Gatuso is not read big club like Milan, management have to something before it is too late, just sack him now.


The mistakes in defence and the panic when the opponent is attacking us come from Gattuso’s fault, his management this year is very different than last year and the this can be seen on the pitch, you see that building up from the back failed, then give up with this shit, you see that partnership Romagnoli-Musacchio is not working, so change this, you see Calhanoglu is not working and is in bad form, change this, in my oppinion all that is wrong in this moment is because of Gattuso that is not the same coach like last season, now he… Read more »


Is it just me who saw that disgusted look on Maldini’s face last night in the stands? Maldini actually looked confused and I think I liked that… They need to repay Elliots trust in them and they need to do it ASAP, else the dream of champions league is dead again… I really hate to see how Inter Milan are back soaring, while we have continued stalling….


Kessie need to work on his finishing he wasted 2 open goal opportunity hakan need to step up he not in herself in last 2 games gatusso need to try halilovic to pair with suso.. 2 creative cm gonna do better offensively.. and stop with the fear..


I too can see improvements game by game, I think the team is growing faster then Gattuso. his subs are at times hilarious, like swapping out bonaventura for bakayoko vs Atalanta when he was our best player that match, he held the ball and did alot for the team. Then he is the first to be taken off. I’m still scratching my head. Know that under pressure when things speed up Biglia and Calabria cant keep up, Calabria cant defend at all to be brutally honest, excellent going forward but defending not so much.. this two should be a priority… Read more »


Why all the talk when you are probably gonna play same formation in the next game and pray for something good to happen (Higuain).
Rino won’t get sacked even if he lose against Sassuolo, that is the scariest thing of all.


I wouldnt be surprised if it happened though…same path as Allegri. It would be kind of symbolic tbh.
Allegri lost to Sassuolo which started this whole ex-playercoach thing, Allegri was the last real quality coach we had. Imagine if Rino gets sacked after a loss to Sassuolo and we get Conte.

I do hope Rino can turn this around though starting with a win against Sassuolo, even if they’re incredible atm. Feels like this seasons version of Atalanta.

Milan Wins

Haha! I’m loving the comments NOW, finally – the tide has turned! I said earlier that every fragment of that rat-eating Lee AND his cohorts be removed from Milan, ‘Grinta’ inclusive, before we start the rebuilding. Milan has lost 2 seasons for us to reposition ourselves but it was all for nothing. Gattuso is a concluded issue. The pressure now is on LeoDini as Elliot is watching and their competence will come into question if they allow this to drag further. My only happiness is that the final nail will be struck this Sunday, once we get obliterated by arguably… Read more »


If Gatuso loves Milan he should please resign now b4 he gets sacked.

Baresis Dream

What hurts the most, and a lot hurts, is our attitude in recent matches. We came out against Calgiari like we were on vacation, and against Atlanta and the Empoli empire we stopped playing once we got the lead. It reminds me of the Inzagi era all over again. These hacks that we call our players (barring Higuain who is a true champion) can’t keep a level of intensity for more than 5 minutes. Resting on 1-0 is ridiculous for a team like us who has no fast counter attacks, and who has a weak defensive line. Why couldn’t we… Read more »


“Gatusso is supposed to be the master motivator, grinta, and all that nonsense. He should be at the players’ throats at this moment, but he’s probably too worried about his job.” That sums it all up, if he can’t do that anymore he lost the locker room.


Like your previous predecessor you are getting obsessed with the hot seat, that is visible. If you are thinking with your head, you would know you are not up to coach Milan. For your own good, set an example and leave the post immediately. Please do not ruin another season for us. We have so much hope for this season and your lack of tactical astute has cost nine points ( each of the three draws plus Napoli game). Please for heaven’s sake leave!


To be honest the loss against Napoli sumed up my conclusions on rino…it pretty simple he doesn’t have balls to go out play that attacking football and take game to opponents half…’s like repeat of last year too afraid to move forward and soaking pressure instead of taking it to opponents…I am not seeing any thing other than a draw or a loss against Sassuolo….it’s simple respect is one thing which we all milanista have for rino but man management and coaching is not his cup of tea….plz Elliot sack him he is just not there to coach milan or… Read more »


Honestly gattuso. It’s your stubbornness that will ruin you. Yesterday’s game made me finally realize that teams have figured us out because no matter what we have the same approach to every game we play. We continue with a 4 3 3 with the same players and same tactics and teams have us figured out now. 95% of our attack is give it to the wing, most of the time to suso and he dribbled awhile, always cuts in and either shoots or crosses. Teams have figured out to put three guys on our striker and put two guys on… Read more »

Mathijs Van Sloun

I am wondering how long LeoDini will take this? Leonardo already wanted to sack Gattuso, now he has the evidence why.




Well, as one of very few who said no to rino’s appointment (hell no to rookie coaches) even before morontella was officially sacked i can only say DAMN i hate being right all the time. At the risk of repeating myself, let me tell u rino whats wrong with ur gameplan. First, 4-3-3 is tactically AND technically Demanding formation. With 4-3-3 u either have to dominate the possession through slick low passes and positioning of the players, or implement fast counterattacking style which put emphasize on wingplays because u’ll always get outnumbered in mf playing with this formation. Now, do… Read more »


Haha, well said. I didn’t want Gattuso either, but have to admit I got momentarily dazzled by the “grinta effect” when it kicked in, which didn’t last long obviously… Those two legs against Arsenal for example were just shocking. Surely Leo and co can’t keep him around if he loses or draws against Sassuolo?


Well, if i were leo i would certainly ask someone higher up at elliott to buy conte a nice house in milan this very week, no matter the result vs sassuolo Maybe offer him some shares as well for good measure. Conte – milan is match made in heaven and rare opportunity like this should be seized without hesitation if milan is to go back to winning way again. If not him then zidane. I know he’s going to man utd and i dont think mou would want milan seeing as how he’s practically inter legend but what the hell,… Read more »


Mou? no thanks

The Cunt

You can’t get an erection without self affection huh? Hahaha


U wanna hold my hand mr cunt while im at it? *wink
I like ur username btw, so edgy. Reminds me of my teenage years. Profanity, sex topic and great milan teams, DAMN i love my childhood


Definitely don’t want mourinho, that guys career is over now he’s just a name. Conte may not have the best style of play but he’s a champion and gets results. So if gattuso must leave Conte is too good to give up on. He knows how to win nice and how to win ugly. He won me over while coaching italy. I mean the players he had starting and how far he went and almost beating Germany was incredible. Other coaches maybe donadoni or prandelli but not entirely convinced. If we are to get a manager I’m done testing out… Read more »


I don’t know why but I imagined you were masturbating the whole time you were writing this comment. Capped by a satisfying ejaculation in the end.


Well mate, If ur imaginations make u sleep well at night then who am i to judge? Here’s another good jerk off material: morontella; sacked TWICE in one season


First of all, I’m not a technical expert in football nor I claim to be. That being said, Rino when he came on he brought stability in the team’s starting 11, however I too agree it was too early to give 3 years contract back then. Anyways, allow me to share my thoughts regarding the 4-3-3 that Rino plays. 1- He’s predictable, slowly build the play that should “for some reason” most of the time starts from one of the CB. 2- As soon as the ball moved forward a little, the team shifts to 3-4-3 with the FB moves… Read more »


Just leave Gattuso. We can’t afford to miss out champions league football again this season. Just go, go, go. My heart bleeds when I see what has become of Milan. Playing a non-footballer in the person of Borini as our main striker. It’s simply ridiculous. According to ESPN, the Empoli defenders were not even scared to leave Borini in 1vs1 position with their goalkeeper having realized how useless he is. This is how deep Milan has sunk. It’s a pity


SASSUOLO will beat Milan. Don’t waste your time to watch that match. Milan is a mid table team. We will remain like this forever unless the coach is sacked and some of the players are sold.


probably, but i’ll still watch it anyways:)

soheil balini

I hope we get someone like Rijkard (I probably spelled his name wrong).I dont like conte not because of his juve era. I dont like coaches who play with 3 defenders and we actually only have 3 quality central defender. I also should point out he is always fighting with his own players. Geting someone like Rijkard motivated to coach us would be great. Getting Jardim is my dream! He would be our dream coach. Someone should say that to leo At this point even someone experienced like donadoni, Prandelli, Ranieri would help Milan more than Rino. Someone who can… Read more »


Yes you are right stability is key here I was routing for tuchel from the start of season but he went to PSG….the thing about about conte is that he is already use to seria a in general and he might get the best out of the current crop of players… be honest we have more than decent squad to challenge for top three position


Rijkaard has been a failure since leaving Barcelona and Conte has won the premier league with a back 3.

I would rather Milan go for Conte than take a risk with jardim. The French league is much easier and not as tactical as Serie A.

If Conte doesn’t arrive then the only sensible options in my opinion is Ranieri, Gasperini or Giampaolo.


Fact: Say whatever you want, on any given Sunday an average team with a good coach will always beat a good team with an average coach.


When gatusso gets sacked milan will probably replace him with bonera or muntari .


Here’s a funny fact , Hakan , at his worst games so far , playing in the wing , has provided more scoring chances (19) than any other player in Serie A !! his talent is so big but it’s wasted on that wing position. The reason I’m not on Gattuso’s side anymore is not because of how we play or the results , but the fact that he didn’t change ANYTHING on the formation !! if 433 can’t give you 3 points against Cagliari or Atalanta , at least try 442 or 4231 or anything else against Empoli ,… Read more »


Agreed castellejo should play on the wing and Hakan should play behind the striker or on the bench & I agree Kessie needs to work on his finish, he had 2 decent chances to win the last to games for us . And Suso needs to score v Sassuolo
Still think we should of got conte on at the start of the season and our striker situation
Is terrible , don’t understand why we let Silva go