José Mauri: “The win is what matters most in Europe, it’s always difficult to face this kind of teams, I felt good”

José Mauri during Dudelange-Milan at Stade Josy Barthel on September 20, 2018. (
José Mauri during Dudelange-Milan at Stade Josy Barthel on September 20, 2018. (

José Mauri says only the result counts in the Europa League and is looking forward to Atalanta on Sunday.

Milan played Dudelange yesterday with 9 out of their usual starting XI rested, and the midfielder was manned by Tiémoué Bakayoko, Mauri and Andrea Bertolacci.

The 22-year-old Argentine-born Italian was slotted in the regista role and he played a key part in the goal of Gonzalo Higuain which ultimately won Milan the match and brought them the three points.

“We didn’t underestimate the opponents but their start to the game surprised us,” Mauri told reporters. “We did better in the second half, scoring the goal and creating chances. I think that for the 90 minutes there was sacrifice on part of everyone. There were lots of new players who had never played together and it wasn’t easy. But we all showed great dedication. The win is what matters most in Europe, the rest doesn’t count. It’s always difficult to face this kind of teams because they always give something more when they play against top clubs. But we never gave in and this is good.

“My performance [it was the seasonal debut of the midfielder]? I felt pretty good, and I played without any physical issue for 80 minutes. It’s obvious that as a defensive midfielder you have to play first but without knowing the movements of the teammates it’s hard.

“Atalanta? They run a lot and they press a lot. They’re an annoying team and are the most difficult team to tackle. But we are a team that has a lot to give and we must not be afraid of them.”

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Comment:I didn’t watch the match but from players rating,mauri got 7.5/10 meaning has was one of the best players on the pitch alongside bakayoko and pipita.

zahid hossain

He is better than Biglia… fought…..he is fast n stronger than him, which is the main requirement for the success in serie A


When I saw Mauri played at the ICC cup,I was impressed on how he holds the ball professionally,his dribbles,passes and how he ran back to cover for the defence too and immediately I fell in love with him,d only thing he needs to work on is on his hard tackle(because of cards) but he managed with that on his debut!!! I believed he’s a good backup for biglia or preferably,he should be giving chances to start with the small/relegation clubs in serie A coz he has something to deliver and with age on his side,he can be a better Milan… Read more »


So people are Claiming Mauri is better that Biglia because he had a good ( absolutely not as great as some think , i watched the whole match ) performance against some Dudelange team ! People should know that this is a VERY SMALL team we played against , their stadium has about 2500 seats for god’s sake ! If Mauri couldn’t manage a decent game against them what the hell is he doing in Milan ! Come on !! ”He is a good backup for Biglia ?” Yes , that’s fine. ”He’s better than Biglia and should be a… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Assim i agree he currently isnt a better player than biglia but everytime mauri has been fielded he certainly delivered some rather good perfomances. Whether its been in his debut season in the spring of 15 where he was one of our few players showcasing some bright moments or for that sake in training games or his last match for that matter. Unfortunately the following seasons he was pretty much ostrasized which is a shame as he could have become a regular in those 3 years passing by. When that is said had Biglia been playing up to his former… Read more »