Team news: Dudelange were without Jonathan Joubert while Milan hda to do without Alessandro Plizzari, Andrea Conti, Mateo Musacchio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Stefan Simić, Ivan Strinić, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo, Patrick Cutrone and Suso. Kickoff time was 21:00 CEST at Stade Josy Barthel.

Goal: Higuain (59′)

F91 Dudelange (4-4-2) – Antoine Mangione
Joé Frising; Kevin Malget (84′ Edisson Jordanov), Tom Schnell, Jerry Prempeh, Aniss El Hriti (80′ Bryan Mélisse); Dominik Stolz, Clément Couturier, Stélvio (74′ Patrick Stumpf), Marc-André Kruska; David Turpel, Danel Sinani.
Unused: Bonnefoi, Pokar, Jensen, Perez.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Pepe Reina; Ignazio Abate, Mattia Caldara, Alessio Romagnoli, Diego Laxalt; Tiémoué Bakayoko, Jose Mauri (80′ Hakan Çalhanoğlu), Andrea Bertolacci (69′ Franck Kessié); Samu Castillejo, Gonzalo Higuain, Fabio Borini (87′ Alen Halilović).
Unused: G. Donnarumma, Calabria, Zapata, Biglia.

Referee: Srdjan Jovanović (SRB).


  1. Based on the called up players – this is exactly how I wanted us to start this match. Will be interesting to see! Only missing some youth players tbh.
    Hoping for a good showing tonight – forza Milan!!

    • Yup me too, I think Mauri is more than ready with some playtime he might act like a new signing, but that’s wishful thinking let see what he offers. Forza Milan

    • Except that I would place Halilovic for Higuain and move Borini up top. Aside from thinking that Halilovic needs to play , Higuain is the riskiest to play in this fixture given the lack of cover for his position. Higuain could always come on in the last 25 minutes if team is needing to score.

  2. Here we go again playing players in our position they don’t play. I’ll be surprised if any of y’all gets mad at Castillejo if he doesn’t perform well because over the few times I watched him at Villarreal, he played RW position. I never saw them use him in the LW position. Smh. Goodluck to the team tho

    • No way that’s a yellow. Weird. Bakayoko is starting brightly, it’s still early but now that we have a keeper who has feet we instead kick it up

      • idd mate, him and Laxalt are few bright spots atm, mauri is ok. Berto is invisible, it’s more impressive to be as impressive as he is than it would be if he played good.
        not mentioning higgy as he’s a guarantee!

        we’re looking a little better as i’m wiritng this though hehe

  3. Bakayoko is playing really well neat touches fakes dribbling. Borini with his cement feet coulda scored

  4. I have always been a huge fan of Bakayoko and I hope y’all are seeing how good he’s playing. I just wish Gattuso will stop doing favoritism and play him regularly instead of Bonaventura that has been offering nothing lately. With the exception of Borini I’ll like to see this lineup used against Atalanta.

  5. despite berto being as invisible as he is – more visible in the later stages – he’s still performing better than Borini…smh…

    • Haha I just wanted to ask if anyone seen Bertolacci? He coud have gone for 20 minutes to drink coffee or grab a bite somewhere no one would notice.
      Borini on other side makes me wonder if he has funny personality or knows to cook really good because his talent couldn’t possibly maintain him this long in top leagues and top clubs.

      • lol true. and yes, and that he seems to be very liked by everyone as well! so i guess he must be a great person indeed.
        and they say nice guys finish last… haha

  6. This is so frustrating, Laxalt is way better than Borini in any way possible, why is not borini playing as a lb? Castillejo is very dissapointing hope is just a tactics issue.

  7. Wow. Not only is bertolacci invisible the guy doesn’t look like he even wants to be there with his face expressions. Borini is just all kinds of terrible on that wing and we’re getting dominated in midfield. Really sad. In the last 20 minutes we haven’t even had a shot on net. Higuain is covered by three guys and castillejo needs to cut in more. We’re playing the wings everytime and passing it backwards, fkn get more direct! Start making plays in the middle

  8. Not an easy first half to watch. Milan B should still do much better than the dudes from Luxenburg, with a very soft performance by our boys.

    I liked Bakayoko’s performance, but mind you this is against a low level midfield, and otherwise Mauri was decent – made me think Loca’s transfer might be not be so bad as he Jose seems a natural, even though currently much inferior, substitute for Biglia.

    Otherwise, Boring Borini and Samu were very poor; we cant seem to score when these two are part of our “striker” trident. And recall whose the opposition, no offense to the dudes.

    Riena and Higuain are pure class, And Bakayoko might do us some good eventually, but we still desperately need an upgrade in the winger department.

  9. I don’t really know what to say about the 1st half. It feels like we are not making progress and we don’t have any real game plan. Just everyone out there doing their own thing.

  10. Well that was embarrassing
    I’d genuinely swap both Bertolacci and Borini for any one of the Dundelange players I’d even swap them for a bag of training football’s and cones
    There FXXKING useless

  11. Im really surprised at how bad we can play sometimes, despite seeing this kind of performances in the last years, but cmon its Dudelange wtf

  12. Like gattuso, I don’t know what blackmail borini has against u but not even halilovic can get a chance over him? Never mind the 10 other people I’d rather start.

  13. hahaha, the commentator said “on the bright side for Milan, they’re at least going for their first clean sheet of the season”
    that’s one way to see it.

    btw, damn what a save rom their keeper. I wonder if this game will be another case of “we would’ve won if they didn’t have a keeper in goal”

  14. seriously, i said it after ignias “yellow”, this referee is weird, whatever our players do get carded, but they manslaughter higuain and then castillejo and it’s no card… it’s as if he’s wanting to prove something that he’s not scared of big teams. dislike rookie refs like this.

  15. The way I see it Europa League is a waste of time for Milan this season, no chance they’ll beat Arsenal/Chelsea in the later stages, should just use it to give youth players some game time and focus on a top four finish in Serie A.

    • i fully agree…… Europe league is out of Milan reach…….unless some miracles happen in January transfer

      Rino is our club legend…..BUT HE IS NOT A COACH
      we do not have wingers and still playing 4 3 3……….with all respect to him, he has to go if we want to get on highier level

    • I was saying it last night…. We don’t deserve him ”Higuain” and we seriously have to start looking beyond Gattuso…

  16. Well … Samu picked up a bit at the second half, and Higuain with one bright moment got us the match.

    I think, if I were forced to pick, I would say Bakayoko was a bright spot as well. Otherwise, nothing to be proud of.

    At least a win is a win.

  17. what a weird game… higuain was not on form but still got the winner. bakayoko looked good, castillejo incredibly lively in his pressing, mauri was good, but still no Biglia, Loca is the closest, and he would surpass Biglia too but that’s another story.
    nice to have kept the clean sheet at least. and sealed the three points – the most important thing.
    Moving on to Atalanta, hopefully with more confidence, fresh legs for the players who rested, and hopefully a more in form Higgy.
    Forza Milan!

  18. Only thing I can take from this game is a win. Nobody Impressed. I thought mauri is on the right track. Man I don’t know if it’s got to do with age or sitting on the bench but Abate isn’t what he used to be. His greatest asset which was speed is no longer there. Unfortunate. Bertolacci was invisible. I can’t even say bad cause he’d have to do something. Castillejo had ups and downs. Borini even looks bad against a team like this. Anyways this was a poor match and I expect much more but main thing is a win

  19. Mauri for me was the best mid today, he is way way more movable than Biglia, and to my surprise he seemed like better passer in this game also, he definetly deserves more chances and with his abilities he seems like some one more attack oriented rather than deffence like Biglia, so a more advance position in the mid will probably make him perform even better. Berttolaci was invisible like awayes he just wastes the spot in the team, Bakayoko seemed promising as well even that this was a weak opponent.

    • Hey Rossi i never really understood why we didnt give mauri a real chance after his debut in 2015 as i allways thought he gave a fairly good impression in those games when fielded and actually exceeded a lot of our regulars perfomances even if in a team that was constantly in crisis. As you i hope he is given more chances for us and even though he can obviously develope further he is still young and can offer the squad some value or even down the road some resale value if we where to extent his expiring contract. In my opinion he should have gotten montos spot a few years ago and he would have been an even better player than he currently is.

  20. Here We Go Again With The One Man Show! No Higuain, No Goal!

    I Really Wonder What Gattuso Instructs These Guys To Do. We Just Couldn’t And Cannot Outscore A Team With This.

    On A Brighter Note; Mauri Was Quite Decent. Was The Only Midfielder Who Tried To Play Through Balls And Was Also Effective Defensively!

  21. We all wanted us to win this match with a great score margin against a weak team of Dudelanges level of quality and we could propably easily have done that if we had played with our regular starters. When that is said in my opinion Gattuso did the smart thing as the game was used to improve the overall squad form and to lessen the burden on our usual starting 11 before a fairly difficult match against atalanta. A large ammount of the players fielded today had either not played a single minute or only played very sparringly and combine that with that many of these players hadnt played any official match together before its an ok result in my view. Had we started with the regulars people would have complained about that as well not that they wont find something to complain about anyways as im sure they will as usual. Personally i would have liked to see some of our homegrown youngsters in action but it does make more sense to improve the match fitness of the squad compared to giving the youth a go at this current point of the season. When that is said im pretty sure when we play the return leg at home later in the tournament we will see atleast one or two of our primaveras fielded either from the get go or to be subbed in later on. People might think this was an unambitious take of the match but in the bigger perspective it all makes sense. As much as i would have liked to see Halilovic starting fielding borini instead also makes more sense in my view as he can cover far more positions than alen can so in case of sudden injuries impacting the squad its important to have him at fairly good match fitness even if only still as a sub. Dudelange may not be of the quality of teams like the former gothenburg, brugge or other european regulars but those teams actually beat us as other did in the past when we had far better squads with legendary players so all in all we should just take this win as what it is, 3 points on the account and then move onwards in our attempt to Progress as a team.

  22. Bakayoko can be deputy for both Kessie and Bona. No need to worry anymore for the leaving of Loca, we have Mauri. Happy to see the last 10 minutes when Hakan entered the pitch, we used 4231, creating 1 chance for Higuain. Too bad the goalkeeper blocked the shoot

  23. They’ve won by minimum margin playing with guys who are new/returned from loan/considered surplus

    Bertolacci, Mauri, Abate, Borini are or should be imo considered surplus, they add nothing to this team. Sorry to list Abate but he’s out for at least 3 seasons now

    Game was won, 3 points bagged, move on

    Forza Milan!

  24. It was a good game considering Gatuso played 9 of our reserves who haven’t played official 90mins games and honestly i feared it was risky but they did ok.

    Borini is officially the comedian of our team and honestly i love it LOL, i couldn’t stop laughing at his touches and rubgy moves for every ball. That dude must be doing more comedy behind the scene to be playing for top clubs.

    Bakayoko improved so much and hope he gets better but i would prefer we don’t pay his EUR35m option, Barrella should be available for same or less amount.

    My pick of the day is MAURI. Some might say it’s because he’s been just my favorite over Loca but no, he is a better “center mid” because he has better composure in that register role, picks better passes at the advanced positions, wins more balls “with less yellow cards” and mentally stronger. Believe it or not, he’s a very good player.

  25. You guys are special for real, I haven’t seen a vertical pass from Biglia this season, Mauri tried a lot even if some were too long. He was fine, his match rating is decent, what do you expect the kid is 22 and played 12 minutes last season. And you guys are saying he is shit.

    Tell me what do Biglia offers? Because last year when he was signed some said that he was faster than Monto, and he would join the attack and he had a better range of passes bla bla bla.

    The reason we are so vulnerable to high pressure is Biglia, we have central mid who is slow can’t make a long ball, can’t dribble can’t run can’t defend, he just sit in front of the cb to make short passes.

    Did anyone see him at World Cup? Argentinian newspapers hated Biglia, called him a ghost he offers nothing. I rather have Mussachio playing there as he is better in every-way possible, he could act as a destroyer in the midfield and take a look at his long passes they are very good.

    I understand Gattuso wants a deep lying playmaker, but Monto-Biglia-Mauri are not good enough for Serie A. Our only player good enough to play in the middle is called Calhanoglu. Castillejo or Laxalt should play on the left they can deliver good crosses for Higuain, Suso should be our only inverted winger. Bona is doing fine on the mid along Kessie. 4231 is the way to go.



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