Official: Gazidis will become the new Milan CEO on December 1st as he leaves Arsenal after 10 years of service

Ivan Gazidis spearking during the Western Sydney Wanderers Gold Star Luncheon at The Westin on July 14, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)
Ivan Gazidis spearking during the Western Sydney Wanderers Gold Star Luncheon at The Westin on July 14, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Ivan Gazidis is officially the new Milan CEO and he will begin his work on December 1st, it has been confirmed by the Rossoneri and by Arsenal today.

Elliott Management have wanted Gazidis to be the club’s CEO since the day they took over Milan and today it has been made official that the Johannesburg-born director will join the Rossoneri.

Since the Elliott takeover, President Paolo Scaroni has been acting as the CEO, replacing the sacked Marco Fassone, but it will be Gazidis who will lead the way for Milan in the coming years from an economic and strategic point of view.

The official Milan press release reads:

AC Milan announced today that Ivan Gazidis has accepted its offer to join the club as its Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). Mr. Gazidis will officially begin his CEO duties on December 1, 2018.

In hiring Mr. Gazidis as CEO, AC Milan brings on board a world-class football executive with a track record of sporting and commercial success across the globe.

Ivan Gazidis during Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal at White Hart Lane on March 3, 2013. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)
Ivan Gazidis during Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal at White Hart Lane on March 3, 2013. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

After playing a key role in founding Major League Soccer in the United States, in 2009 Mr. Gazidis went on to become Chief Executive Officer of the UK Premier League football club Arsenal. Under Mr. Gazidis’s leadership, London-based Arsenal football club enjoyed both on-field success and off-field prosperity.

Arsenal won three FA cups during his tenure and reached the UEFA Champions’ League eight years in a row. Mr. Gazidis spearheaded exemplary growth initiatives, building Arsenal into a profitable publically traded company, with annual turnover having doubled to in excess of £400 million today and a staff of over 600 employees. The club’s global following now exceeds 85 million across its digital platforms. Mr. Gazidis also serves on the European Club Association Executive Board, the ECA Institutional Relations Working Group (Chair), the ECA Statutory Affairs Panel (Chair), Professional Game Board (Chair), FIFA Football Stakeholders Committee and the FA Council.

Ivan Gazidis before QPR-Arsenal at Loftus Road on May 4, 2013. (GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)
Ivan Gazidis before QPR-Arsenal at Loftus Road on May 4, 2013. (GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

AC Milan’s Executive Chairman Paolo Scaroni will hand over all chief executive duties to Mr. Gazidis on December 1. On that date, Mr. Gazidis will formally become AC Milan’s CEO, responsible for leading the club’s day-to-day football, business and commercial operations.

Paolo Scaroni, Executive Chairman of AC Milan stated, “On behalf of the Board and the entire AC Milan community, we proudly welcome Ivan Gazidis to the club. The CEO role is one we have prioritised from day one of this project and one we have worked diligently upon to get right. Ivan Gazidis will bring an unparalleled level of business acumen and football industry experience to the club. He helped establish professional football in the United States; he brought Arsenal to new heights; and we can’t wait for him to get started here in Milan. The fundamentals are now in place for success, which we recognize will take time, hard work, and perseverance.”

Leonardo, Paolo Maldini and Paolo Scaroni during Maldini’s presentation at Casa Milan on August 6, 2018. (

In accepting the CEO role, Ivan Gazidis, said, “I am very excited to take on this new challenge, and will do everything I can to secure AC Milan’s return to the top. I have a head start in this project thanks to the talented players, hard-working staff, and the sporting leadership of Leonardo De Araujo, Paolo Maldini and Gennaro Gattuso. I am grateful for the trust placed in me by Chairman Paolo Scaroni, the AC Milan board, and the club’s owners.”

Paul Singer, Founder, Co-CEO and Co-CIO of Elliott Management Corporation said, “In the past few months, Chairman Paolo Scaroni, a refreshed Board and a reinvigorated management team, have all instilled a new sense of purpose to AC Milan. Today’s announcement provides the latest example of a club heading in the right direction. Ivan Gazidis is a widely respected, highly talented chief executive, and one we expect can lead the club to realise its full potential. Together with Elliott’s continued focus on financial stability and proper oversight, we look forward to on-field success and a world-class fan experience.”

Elliot Management Corporation Founder and President, Paul Singer, speaking onstage during The New York Times DealBook Conference at One World Trade Center on December 11, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for New York Times)52/74

Gazidis led Arsenal from January 1, 2009 until today. The Gunners released their own press release, confirming the exit of Gazidis and the appointment of new men who will take over his role. Josh Kroenke, deputy chairman of Arsenal’s majority owner Kroenke Sports and Entertainment UK, said: “It has been a pleasure working with Ivan. We will miss the wisdom, insight, and energy he brought to our club on a daily basis over the past decade.” Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick added: “Ivan has led Arsenal with skill and dedication and leaves us in a strong position.”

Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, the 54-year-old South African said: “For the last 10 years I have been privileged to dedicate myself to this great club. Arsenal is entering a new chapter and I have done everything I can to ensure that it is strongly placed to take on that challenge. This includes world-class facilities and outstanding leaders in every sector who carry the values of the club, including, of course, Unai Emery [Arsenal manager], Raul Sanllehi [new Arsenal head of football] and Vinai Venkatesham [new Arsenal managing director] in whom I have enormous faith.

Ivan Gazidis with Vinai Venkatesham and Raul Sanllehi. (
Ivan Gazidis with Vinai Venkatesham and Raul Sanllehi. (

“We have been building on the club’s progressive social values, leading the way on the women’s game, diversity and inclusion, and establishing the Arsenal Foundation. This will remain central to the club’s philosophy. Although it is very hard to do – the hardest decision of my life – I believe that, after 10 years, it is the right time for me to step aside to allow new leadership, energy and ideas to take the club forward into this exciting new era. I believe in the positive force of change, both for me and for the club. I am excited to see what the future holds for this great club and I am energised by a new personal challenge with AC Milan.

“My sincere thanks go to Stan and Josh Kroenke for their support and guidance on everything we have done. To Sir Chips Keswick, Lord Phil Harris, Ken Friar and my wonderful management team and staff, on and off the field, to Arsène Wenger, Unai Emery and to the fans of this giant and incredible club, thank you for your immense support and friendship over so many years and for the wonderful privilege of being part of the journey. We lived through many emotions together, the highs and the lows of football, and I am proud to be able to say that I gave this club and its fantastic people everything that I had in me. I am excited and energised for the future for myself and for Arsenal Football Club and I will always hold it in my heart.”

In addition to Gazidis, it is also believed that Umberto Gandini will return to the club that he left in 2016. Gandini’s important relations with UEFA could be of great value for the Rossoneri.

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What for? Lost something for high salary paid. Hope money spent will match club required!


Did you read the part where arsenal revenues doubled? Running a great club like Milan requires great people. Great people cost money because they are great. The best businesses always have the best directors, stability and quality is what we need and Gazidis providers this and more. All the focus should be on the team performing like a big team. I’m optimistic, Higuain provides so much, the rest of the team only needs to adjust to this and we’ll be fine. The draw against cagliari was a shame but still only our third game. Winning against Roma and almost beating… Read more »


I hope he was not the person behind turning Arsenal into a “Players” stock exchange club, getting talent or stars for a good rate and selling them for a higher price to make money for the club. Not considering the negative effect on the field which = why Arsenal is from the top rated clubs financially but NEVER won a major trophy since forever!


When was the last time arsenal let players leave for money though.its been a while and mostly because player himself wanted to move, such as van persie, fabregas for example.


Yes, we would hate to be like Arsenal; stable ownership, CL virtually every year, stable finances, great players, new world-class stadium already paid for. I much prefer being owned by anonymous Chinese people, being fined under FFP, banned from the Europa cup, and only let back in after having to beg, playing in a dilapidated stadium, with poor TV deals and poorer players!


Typical Milan..

Others garbage is our WORLD-CLASS. That digusting mentality is the reason why we have fallen deep deep deep.

Bakayoko is another example. God what other clubs must appreciate a club like Milan.

Other clubs: ” We have a player that isnt even worth 10% of his salary, what will be do?” – “Milan must be interested, every free agent and reject are their worldclass signings”

Milan: Done deal, we are still the most successful team in the world. Which more usless player can we buy from you? And yes, we want CL.


I guess the new goal is 4th lol
Well hopefully he helps increase revenues


That is the first step in our revival plan yes. 50m euro just to qualify for the competition and it will bring alot of revenue that we can reinvest, once we have that we can aim higher. With todays FFP you cannot go from a midtable club to a powerhouse in one season, its impossible. And yes im sorry to say we have been a midtable club and managed like one for many years now. We need to have patience with this project(I know we have been very patience already but we are on the right track now). I’m very… Read more »

soheil balini

The guy who appointed Emery? Huh


This could actually resort to a blessing in disguise for AC Milan. He could be the one to return them to European glory and Italy domination with little money.
Check my blog for Premier League news


Always negative by people. This guys job is to bring in money. Arsenal sucked long before he came in the picture but let me tell you something. He doubled their revenues and he also made arsenal the most expensive team to watch in the premiership and they’re always full. If this guy can double milans revenue and get us a stadium then he will be a complete success. Arsenal has a great stadium that’s sponsored by emirates. Imagine he can do the same for milan and we finally have our own stadium, San siro is a masterpiece with a lot… Read more »


Agree with everything except leaving San Siro 😉 San Siro is our home, still a powerful stadium despite it’s age Stadio Dell’alpi was never that great. We can still do great things revenue wise even at San Siro!


I don’t know man, sharing a stadium with another team doesn’t do us any good. It’s kind of why serie a team’s struggle for revenue because all the cities own the stadium. Juve have their own stadium and the revenue generated over it is a huge difference. Milan need a fresh start in their own stadium and we can create history there. It will get these fans passionate again and bring us in so much money too. Keep referring to juve but it’s there to see ever since their new stadium they have been full every single match and they’ve… Read more »


Hey Milanista121, sure San Siro has its appeal due to success Milan built on it. But that was once upon a time.

It’s time for new cycle under new ownership and a new stadium owned by Milan is now mandatory to be competitive on a global level

oluwa shevy

good news Milan will be great again with time arsene wenger will follow as planned so we can make good money and play good soccer with our young lad Ramsey will be coming in January to boost the midfield and some quality signing


I understand its sarcasm, but it does not make sense Gazidis and Wenger have been in a power struggle for 10 years, dont think thay are on the same page. Its very good for us, he brings experience in the of field areas that we rly need experience. our club have not increased our revenues of field and as a result we have got our self a man who know how to do exactly that. And he is a CEO not a sporting director. Raul Sanllehi is arsenals sporting director and are responsible for buying and selling players. That responsibility… Read more »


Milan’s downfall began the day the club structure got demolished and that was the day Adriano Galliani tricked Leonardo to leave the DoS position. He was meant to be CEO and nothing to do with transfer but he wanted it all and he got it. He took total control of the club since his friend owner was umfortunately battling with hundreds of court cases to save himself from incarceration. *THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF OUR DOWNFALL* Success of every football club is a reflection of the club structure which was messy since last decade. Agneli and Marotta are the real… Read more »


Most of you here are plainly dumb and paranoid, even the ones that doesn’t even know the duties of a football club CEO are here yapping about what they do not know, if any of you really understand the relationship between business and football, you will be so happy that we got this genius to Milan, with this acquisition, Singer has shown me that he is ready to take this club to the next level just like he did to his own company…… Gazidis to Milan is purely magic and with him here the music of success have started playing… Read more »

Bajan Milanatic

Elliot always gets their man. Great signing!!
Wish you all the best.

zahid hossain

Mr. Gazidis is a great singing, undoubtedly, coz we need money n he is the man who knows better how to make it…….now one more tough call need to make by Milan authority n that is….. plz bring A.Conte if we want to make UCL qualification this season…….Forza Milan


Good, I just hope he won’t turn Milan into a breeding club like Arsenal. Focus on expanding and increasing the value of the brand that Milan is with smart marketing, merchandising, sponsorships etc.

400 million fans around the world, the potential is there just need to be more aggresive

Forza Milan!

Ross Oneri

Hopefully he does not do what he did at Arsenal, raising ticket prices. Arsenal is the most expensive club to watch in England yet no results. Plus i’m against the policy of selling young players when the start picking they prime in order to make more money.


For the doubters who keep saying Gattuso has not achieved anything in football, he led a bankrupt Pisa to Serie B promotion. Sure coaching Milan is different then coaching Pisa but in context his achievement is remarkable nonetheless. I got this extract from a Sports360 article written by M. Yokhin: Pisa changed 13 coaches in six years before Gattuso took over. He looked destined for another disaster, but the reality was totally different. A great motivator, he managed to unite the players. His antics on the touchline were remarkable, he often got in trouble with referees, and on one occasion… Read more »


I’m not bashing your comment or having a go at Gattuso but a certain person took over Sunderland in the old English second division when they were rock bottom and looking like relegation fodder and not only saved them but actually WON that league and promoted them to the Premier league but failed miserably once he was in with the big boys That person was Roy Keane who is almost identical to Gattuso in terms of how they played and carried themselves, I love both those as players but that doesn’t mean there able for management at the top top… Read more »


No Musa, RR or Suso called up, wonder if we’ll still play 4-3-3 or switch it up a bit. I hope pretty much the entire back line including keeper is given a rest, Reina in goal, but with the partnership of Caldara-Romag, and Baka-Mauri-Berto in midfield!:)
We should be able to rotate given the opponents.


accoding to marcotti, he’s friends with paul singer’s son, for many years. will be interesting to see what he can do, bcos there is no stadium, tv rights are set, and he doesnt even speak italian.