Official: Laxalt and Castillejo join Milan from Genoa and Villarreal respectively on a permanent basis

Samu Castillejo Diego Laxalt  at training center Milanello on August 17, 2018. (
Samu Castillejo Diego Laxalt at training center Milanello on August 17, 2018. (

Diego Laxalt and Samu Castillejo have joined, as confirmed by a statement from Milan, which states these two players are the last summer signings.

Milan have now completed their summer acquisitions campaign, as today they announced that Laxalt and Castillejo have become part of the Rossoneri part.

“Milan are delighted to announce the signings of Spanish forward Samuel Castillejo Azuaga (‘Samu’) and Uruguayan midfielder Diego Sebastian Laxalt Suárez (‘Diego’) from Villarreal CF and Genoa CFC respectively. Both players join the club on a permanent basis,” a Milan statement reads.

“Born in Malaga on 18 January 1995, Samu rose through the youth ranks at his hometown club before breaking into the first team at 19. In his debut season, he made a total of 34 league appearances. In June 2015, Samu moved to Villarreal establishing himself as a pillar of the Spanish team.

“Born in Montevideo on 7 February 1993, Diego’s Serie A debut was against Milan in 2013 during a spell at Bologna. He has since gone on to make 130 appearances in Serie A following stints with Genoa, Bologna and Empoli. The 25-year-old is coming off the back of a quarter-final finish at the World Cup in Russia with Uruguay.

“With the signing of the players Bakayoko, Castillejo and Laxalt Milan completed its incoming transfers for this summer transfer campaign.” The Rossoneri have therefore ruled out any possibility of last-minute signing and put to bed all rumours concerning Sergej Milinković-Savić and others.

Laxalt and Castillejo will be presented to the press today at 15:00 CEST along with Bakayoko. The ex-Monaco man will be wearing the #14 jersey at Milan, while Diego will take the #93 shirt that he wore at Genoa, and Samu will be the new #7 of Milan, taking the number of Nikola Kalinić.

The two men will add a lot of pace to the squad of Gattuso who sorely lacked it. It is believed that Milan have paid Genoa €3m plus Gianluca Lapadula for Laxalt (plus €4m in bonuses), while Castillejo arrives in a deal for €18m plus Carlos Bacca, who is heading back to Villarreal permanently.

Milan are ending their mercato with 8 signings: Pepe Reina, Ivan Strinić, Alen Halilović, Mattia Caldara, Gonzalo Higuain, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Diego Laxalt and Samu Castillejo.


  1. It’s been a great transfer window and we shouldn’t feel disappointed there’s been great signings made
    But it’s hard not to feel sorry we didn’t get SMS especially with all the talk about it

    • Yes it is, and to be honest, I think Castillejo will be more effective than Suso. Castillejo has at least a good pass

      • Given the circumstances, I think Leonardo and Maldini have done a fantastic job.

        There’s a little disappointment of lacking one more quality midfielder.
        However I hope we can do well with the current roster and make it to the UCL.

        Forza Milan. Let the games begin.

  2. Well, its been a while since ive been here. Apparently the infamous like/dislike button is making a come back. Sheva the troll and suracho are gonna love it hahaha.
    Regarding milan, i havent followed or read any football related news let alone friendly matches since wc and cr7 to juve transfer but man what pleasant surprises; the fact that elliott actually cares about milan (hello ck), good transfer policies and leo AND maldini making epic come back. Its funny how competent people can actually produce competent results and bam! Just like that reversing all the damage done by galli and those chinese clowns.
    Its a shame we cant gleefully watch milan this weekend due to that tragic situation (and personally, i think its a shame that milan couldnt get better coach this mercato). Oh well, good times ahead

      • Thank you mate . Its really good to be back home. I hope everyone including sheva the troll, suracho etc is fine as well hahaha.
        Having watched rerun of madrid – milan on tv, i can say that milan still have those playmaker and fast wingers problems they always had. I hope castillejo and laxalt can add that dynamism and pace into milan’s game plan, spicing up their “kill the game” instinct. Maybe milan can finally use 4-2-3-1; Hakan as 3/4ista behind pipita and spanish wingers on both side. Biglia/bakayoko and kessie/baselli can be the anchors. Mamma mia

        • Haha suracho has been lively in a previous post, and we had/have a new troll called intermilano a couple articles back 😉
          Yes for sure, pace has been severly lacking in our team, only Abate, Calabria and Conti are fast and all of them are in one position…
          I actually like that formation a lot and think that would be best suited for us, mamma mia indeed! But we’ll probably play 4-3-3 and Rino seems to get the best out of the players in that formation, hopefully he’ll keep doing it. If you look at our team now compared to last years, the starting eleven is pretty much the same, just with the exception of Higuain who is the main man. Surprises can be if Bakayoko, Castillejo and Laxalt will outperform whoever they need in their respective roles:) one thing for sure – we have definitely improved our team overall, but if the quality of the starting eleven is much better with the exception of Higuain remains to be seen, if Rino can get the best out of them! We’re in for a very interesting season that’s for sure:)

          • for the love of god milanista121 im not troll. iv never trolled. just becuase people disagree with you does not make them a troll.

            unfortunately because we didn’t get either of rabiot or SMS we will finish mid table again this season. we needed so badly to snatch SMS this window however i expect milan to at least reach europa league next season and i wouldn’t be surprised if inter milan steam roll us this season with the squad they have. they literally (and i dont use these words lightly) chew us up and spit us out and the step on us like we are gum under a shoe.

            as much as i would do anything to see my glories milan hold the serie a trophy i also have to be realistic. If we can so much even be worthy of a training session against disgusting inter then we would be lucky.

          • didnt you say that you mistook this blog with the inter blog? why are you still here?

            @milan10, read his little paragraph in the middle, a good example of what i’m talking about 😉

    • Dude, good to hear from you again.
      We even brought the like/dislike buttons for you 😉
      On the news now, very true what you say: same old problems at creative mdf and wings. However, not bad mercato overall.

      • You did? Aww, Many thanks mate. Now im gonna abuse it all to hell. “Montella was good”, “Obelix was good” insta dislikes haha.
        Not bad at all considering. With hakan playing as 3/4ista not some ronaldinho wannabe left winger i think milan attack can do serious damage this season now that they finally have proper wingers to compliment suso and borivaldo. Still i have to say, playmaking cm or two wouldnt hurt milan’s chances. Oh, and while caldara – roma partnership is mouthwatering, i still prefer rugani to both of them as i think he’s a bit better.

      • Thank you mate. We’ve had many agreements and disagreements along the way but as milanisti our hearts beat as one. #nohomo hahaha. Cheers mate

        • Haha for sure! we as fans have been through some hard times, strong opinions will occur. respect tho those who stand by theirs 🙂

          The leadership put in place now is awesome, light is alot brigther

          • Indeed mate. I too as lifelong milanista have nothing but affection and utmost respect for milan and milanisti, especially those with strong but interesting opinions haha.
            Oh yeah, absolutely. better times ahead with proper milanisti in charge. However, What really irks me about leo and maldini’ arrivals is that it happened one damn year too late. Imagine what couldve been done regarding mercato last season with those 200m at their disposal. Surely they couldve picked better st than kalinimovic and with musa already on board they wouldnt have bought monica bellucci from juve messing up budget for auba. And draxler goddammit, ive been talking about him since many milanisti raved about kovacic.

      • Hahaha now THATS FUNNY. But does that mean ur not impressed with sheva the troll’s favorite darling boateng (whose volley vs arsenal was better than zidane’s or san marco’s, according to him) mate? I dont know about u but that legendary “BOA BOA BOA TENG TENG TENG TENG” by tiziano crudelli still tickles me in all the right places to this very day haha

  3. Hope SMS is possible
    Won’t mind Baselli joining not a bad lad, always wish he could join us + Torino already get Soriano on loan from Villarreal guess there is something hidden even Agent Risso was at Casa milan cause i know he doesn’t have any player with us. So my arm are crossed.
    Hope we get suprise!!

    • Sorry the deal isn’t happening . It can’t be true because all the news is coming from one single source the “sole news” while the bigger newspapers in Italy are denying it. So that is your main evidence. Unless our Rossoneri blogg confirms it, don’t believe it because this blogg has more credibility than Di Mazio and others. If Milan misses out on SMS this summer hopefully we can get him next summer when we are no longer tied by the FFP rules. Best wishes to Milan this season. They could really use a CL spot.

  4. It is hard to not be mad and frustrated after years of BS and dissapointments and still we can expect another 5-6th Place the upcoming season but i guess this is the reality Milan is facing after everything but Laxalt and Castillejo are not the players we really need i have no interest in following another mediocre season

      • Lol yes i know im trying really but im not a very patient man like you can see i guess im positive that we offloaded Bacca in the Castillejo deal and Lapadula in the Laxalt deal and that we brought Leo and Maldini back…

        • Look what those players costed us? Laxalt about 3 and Castillejo 12. In total 15 million for 2 players who can be very useful in the depth of the squad. Especially for the Europa League. That’s how you have to see them.

          Bakayoko, Caldara and Higuain are first 11 players.

          Strinic won’t play a lot and will be sold in 12 months. Halilovic probably stays mediocre, but also for the depth it is ok. Reina is bad in defending passes but still better than Donnarumma.

          In the end, not bad at all

  5. It is said that they already aggreed for SMS..just wait for the medical..but dont get your hopes up..since everything can happen in this last day of summer transfer window..

    Welcome DL and SC..together you can bring Milan to a better future..


  6. Welcome!! Hope both of you will be good additions to the team and add more quality on both the pitch and on the bench:)

    Dont know if its official but I read that the Genoa game is set to be played this tuesday, 21 august. That’s fine by me tbh.

  7. I see so many conflicting reports, it’s insane. A good few sites claim that the deal is done for SMS, others say that our transfer window is done. A bit confusing. Even without SMS I believe it’s been a very good transfer window, but SMS would be incredible. We will know by the end of today.

  8. @c if you think we are mediocre and dont want to have fate in us like times like these you should not follow us when we get back to where we belong eventually you have no loyalty fam

    • I dont have faith in Milan’s upcoming season i stand with what i said i expect a 5-6th place as the squad is right now in my opinion the midfield is mediocre and the whole left wing aswell im frustrated because the team has soo much potential and i really thought that this transferwindow Milan could have fixed those 2 problems but they always find a way to mess it up somehow

  9. Great mercato already as Leonardo had to complete in coming and out going deals within a month when other started much earlier.

    I wish all the new signings success at Milan.

  10. SMS is a special gift Elliot had promised .. he is the icing on our team cake . i am hopeful till 7pm… Casa Milan have been very busy since yesterday those two Guru’s doing lots of work to make sure Gattuso get all he needs with no excuse for him to perform and if he under perform a deal is set on ground for Conte to take over .. I am sure Gattuso is wise to know this. No room for errors , practicals or excuses CL spot is certain ..

  11. We had an ok transfer window, given the time and FFP I don’t know how much better Leonardo could’ve done. With that being said, I don’t feel like it’s enough to get us a CL spot. I do think it’s possible if certain things go our way. When Gattuso came we improved significantly, add a top class striker, a pacey winger and a player like Laxalt, that’s a big difference. If Higuain can score more than 20 goals, Suso maintains his consistency all season, and Jack keeps the form he showed the last few weeks of the season, then I believe we’ll pull an upset and make the CL.

  12. I think we should go for yaya toure he still as the touches the passes and he is also a free agent since we can’t get SMS yaya toure is very much OK he can help in the midfield he still as one or two seasons left if he helps us qualify for ucl then we can go for SMS next season.he is a world class midfielder in his prime he can still play up till now best of luck to the rossoneries family and the new sign up

    • Now thats an interesting thought. Performance wise, Yaya’s seen much better days but his experience and presence on the field could only help milan mf i think.

      • I did mostly disagree with you. But this time I couldn’t agree more. This young team need real champion as a leader, and that should be Yaya. Economically and tacticaly wise he would suit our project.

  13. I have not been this much excited since 2011. Although last year there was a peak but died down with the game against Lazio. I hope we can not only get to CL next year but also fight for the Schudetto. All that Milan needs now a trophy to match the ambition. I hope glory days for 89-96 will be just around the horizon. Forza Milan ….

  14. Ok Leo now did confirm in a live press conference that he’s not coming! So unless there’s a huge surprise J guess the mercato is over

  15. If Leonardo and Maldini had some more time, probably someone else would have arrived. But so far, I think they did a good job. Cleaning up the garbage from FASSOBELLI.

    Although, I think that there is still a lot garbage in the team. Strinic, Borini, Bertolacci, Zapata, Abate and Halilovic. They will have to fight for not being sold.

    Players who in my opinion can be sold are Biglia, Donnarumma, Suso, RR and Bonaventura.
    These players can or are good enough, but still in average they are average. Besides, they all will have a nice price tag. So LeoDini can spend their money on SMS, Rabiot and Martial next January or summer.

    All in all, the team is strengthened and hopefully we qualify for the CL. Let us all support.

  16. Hey Milanistas,
    A good transfer mercato indeed it was.
    I don’t really think it would have been wise for Milan to expend €120m just to buy M. Savic as good though as he is, except if Elliott were only hoping to make cool profit on him next summer.
    €120m could better be spent on purchases of players of proven quality like Rabiot, Draxler and a good finisher to upgrade the team next summer.

  17. based on player we have, a 4-2-3-1 would be the best formation. we have 4 defensive mid we have lot’s of attacking mid and two or 3 strikers.

  18. Ok this is what we got this year:

    Calabria caldara romagnoli rodriguez
    Kessie biglia bonaventura
    Suso higuain hakan

    Conti musa zapata laxalt
    Halilovic bertolacci bakayoko
    Castillejo cutrone borini

    Forza milan!!

    • Caldera will never be in the stating line .. Mussachio is the first choice, cuz he is better with lots of experience. i don’t Gattuso putting Milan back line in the hands of two teenagers. Romagnoli alone can’t do the dirty jb covering for Caldera but with Musa i think he will get more confidence to push forward

    • Dont know why you got a thumbs down there. Anyways, Musa is probably a starter, BUT, finally our team is starting to look like something with a pretty damn decent bench too, a very good start of hopefully good things to come!

    • Thumbs down because maybe some people dont like our lineup? but agree doesnt seem to be too much difference between our a and b team, which can be taken as a positive or a negative. Anyway, excited. Gotta believe in top four

  19. Still remember what boban said about transfer campaign last year…. And thx leo and maldini for bring good players…

    I wish new players become starting player… I hate if gattuso still use old players and old style…

    I still wonder why maldini tells that meet perez?? Maybe for modric…

  20. If no bulk SMS better for us all. I think he isnt worth that much and that price tag will put him under a lot of pressure to perform thereby hampering his progress this season if care is not taken. might as well be a one season wonder for all i care. Lets see how he fares this season with Lazio. Had he arrived, that would have meant Calhanoglu going to the bench and i really wouldn’t like that.
    Those of you calling our midfield mediocre really surprise me. I wonder if Milan can ever be good in your eyes. 4231 is the way to go for me
    Samu Calhanoglu Suso
    Biglia Kessie
    RicRod Romagnoli Mussachio Calabria
    Bench: Cutrone, Borini, Laxalt, Bonaventura, Bakayoko, Bertolacci, Conti, Strinic, Caldara, Zapata etc
    Tell me this team is mediocre and i’ll tell you to wake up from your sleep quickly. This team has no excuse to finish outside top 4 in Seria A this season. Calhanoglu, Suso, Samu, Bona can all play in the hole. Suso/Laxalt/Samu/Bona/Borini can all play the wings. Kessie/Biglia/Bakayoko,Berto, Mauri covers midfield, Defence and keeper positions are well covered as well.
    If you’re not satisfied with this mercato, i dont know what else you want.
    NB: This mercato is better tan last one agreed, but please no one here should start bashing Fassobelli and calling their mercato all sorts of derogatory names as though they bought garbage last year, dont forget they made us happy after a long time last year with transfers. Even Borini turned out to be a very good transfer for us last year. Silva was never a bad deal, we just need to be patient with him. Kalinic was the only bad move we had and Montella insisted on having him, never forget that please. They had Auba in mind but Montella convinced them to use the funds for Auba to get Bonnucci and use the balance for Kalinic deal. He got what he wanted but still didnt perform. You cant blame Fassobelli for that. You can only blame them for not sacking Montella on time

  21. No more tension and pressure as the transfer market seems closed for Milan… Now i am waiting to read LeoDini press conference and Gattuso press conference base on the Formations and tactics toward the season…
    I expect a narrow win against Napoli in respect to Ancelotti experience and game read, It will be a difficult match …Forza Milan

  22. It seems as though these two are our last acquisitions in this mercato, so with all things considered, it has been a great piece of business by Leo & Maldini. I think we managed to reinforce areas in the pitch where we clearly lacking, like our striking department. We also got the opportunity to add some pace to our attack, which is an essential aspect of the game as it is played today. Of course, we the fans would have loved to see certain players arrive but we had a lot of constraints. So kudos must be given to Leo & Maldini for a job well done.

    Some of our solutions:
    Musa Roma R.R
    Conti Kessie Calha Baka Laxalt
    Suso Pipita

    Calabria Musa Roma Laxalt
    Kessie Biglia Calha
    Suso Pipita Bona

  23. I’ve been pessimistic for the past few year, but I thinks this season top 4 is doable even without SMS. Any less than fourth will be considered as failure because Napoli aren’t convincing anymore and Roma keep selling their best players.

    I wish this season will end up with this:
    1. Juve
    2. Milan
    3. Roma
    4. Inter

    But reallist inside my head said:
    1. Juve
    2. Inter
    3. Roma
    4. Milan

  24. This is the worst/most boring deadline day in serie a for a long time. Here I am thinking napoli milan and inter would pull off something big and not even a single report has been made lol. I guess it’s cause they changed it to now instead of the end of the month.

    anyways, in regards to milans mercato it’s been fairly good. We’ve covered our weak spots and also added depth. It would have been the perfect mercato if we were able to get rid of a few more players and bring in either SMS or rabiot. But hey, what our management had to do in such short time was good. I hope this is a team that will compete for a champions League spot because last year it failed and we were saved by Elliott but if we fail again who knows what comes our way. So thankful we managed to get higuain though, I believe these boys are ready to compete!

  25. OFF TOPIC: . I am glad to see Parma back in Seria A , there are my third under dog team after Sampdoria and Fiorentina. And with their signings i think they will remain in Seria A next season .. lol

    Don’t see Roma ahead of us if Gattuso able to get his team selection and game play right . As they have lost most of their big stars replacing them with average players, while Inter have really strengthen up in midfielder and defense.. I see::
    1. JUVE
    2. INTER

  26. Well, milan did they best signings when Leo and Maldini was brought back. I was one of those who were strongly positive about chinese era, damn I was wrong in the end. I guess I just was sick and tired of berlusconi and galliani and wanted any replacement just to avoid seeing gallianis face again.

    Chinese era must be one of the sadest chaper in milans history especially with montella. Im prepared to go so far and claim Montella is the worst coach in the red and black history. How can a coach play totaly different line-up every game when you have signed more than 10 players, how are those players ever going to get to know each other on the pitch when you OVER roating the squad.

    So welcome back Leo and Maldini. Im glad for some signings made by Milan, but again, we are forgetting that a midfield was contain atleast one creative player. I hope kaka return to milan and make milan board understand the importance of having a playmaker. Maybe Kaka can return to milan and show them youtube clips of rui costa, kaka, seedorf, pirlo so the milan board wake up and realise WOW. Milan wouldnt win a single title without their midfield.

    Still a lumberjack midfield. The fact that bonaentura is our current most creative midfielder is so so so sad. I wish milan the best this season despite having a midfield without oil. Forza Milan all the way

  27. @Sheva How long ago did you abandon Milan? when last did you watch a Milan match? Bonaventura our most creative player??? Where Suso is??? Where Calhanoglu is????? Check your facts again please



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