Milan complete the deal for Villarreal’s Castillejo, the 23-year-old winger will have the medical on Thursday morning

Samu Castillejo during Real Madrid-Villarreal at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on January 13, 2018. (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)
Samu Castillejo during Real Madrid-Villarreal at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on January 13, 2018. (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Samu Castillejo will join Diego Laxalt tomorrow morning and have his medical at La Madonnina Clinic.

Leonardo flew to Valencia on Wednesday to resolve all the last details and difficulties in the deal to take Carlos Bacca to Villarreal and Samu Castillejo to Milan.

And Leo returns to Italy with a deal in place and a new player with him, as according to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky and Alfredo Pedullà of Sportitalia, an agreement has been reached between all the parties. Samu will arrive in Italy this evening and like Diego Laxalt, who joins from Genoa, he will have his medical tomorrow morning. You can find more transfer news from all around the world on the Transfer Hound.

According to Sky, Milan sign Samu on a €3m loan with €15m obligation to buy. The fee is added to the card of Bacca, who will return to Villarreal, where he played on loan last season. As said by Daniele Bonera today, Castillejo feels more at ease on the right wing but can also play on the left.

With both Laxalt and Castillejo, the squad of Gattuso becomes a lot faster. According to RadioRossonera’s Pietro Balzano Prota, the transfer market of Milan is still not over.

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Adeb Jogzie

It seems to me that Leonardo and Maldini are seeking to replace, substitute or upgrade the transfer targets of Fassone and Mirabelli. Kind of remaking Milan in their own image with the shrewd transfers below.

Kalinic – Higuain
Andre Silva – to be confirmed (I hope Pato or someone better)
Biglia – To be confirmed (we suspect SMS/Rabiot. I hope it’s SMS)
Borini – Castillejo
Kessie – Bakayoko
Strinic – Laxalt
Bonucci – Caldara

I may be wrong inherent trait of just pattern recognition. I hope the team becomes better than last season


Not at all.


Reports say that Montolivo isn’t leaving, the guy refuses to leave. And it so irritates me, have some dignity and leave. If only we can get rid of Bertolacci, Mauri(loan/maybe even keep), Montolivo, Borini, Abate. use most of these players to reduce SMS price. Bertolacci, Borini and Abate might drop the asking price to 30M loan + 50M obligation. Finally, release Montolivo.

Mr SainT

at least they are buying sumfin reasonable kind of compared to those two fools…….

Instagram @tormiey

Suso, should better be better, because Samu would definitely give him a run for his place.


Will you keep quiet? Na person papa u dey call ‘fool’.


I believe this guy will grow as did suso. spanish players who adpat to serie a for me grow really well.


Dude what’s with the name?


Did you thumbs up my comment?

if not dont bother asking me anything without giving me thumbs up… disrespectful.


I wouldn’t ask an Inter supporter anything because they simply don’t know enough to know they know nothing
Now you might think your being smart or clever trying to wind people up and maybe in your small mind (and probably pants) you even think your being funny but do yourself a favour and run along back down whatever shithole you crawled up from
Can everyone on this blog no matter what insults our degenerate friend here who calls himself INTERMILANO-FC comes out with just ignore him

The Cunt

Naz, what do you think? Will someone arrive today or tomorrow? Rabiot? Martial? SMS?


I’d be rather happy with any of those three but especially SMS, i think he’s not far off being world class and was arguably the best midfielder in Italy last year
But to answer your question, no I don’t think one is coming but fingers crossed stranger things have happened for example would anyone in the world have said last year that Ronaldo would be playing for Juventus this season?? He’d of been laughed at so anything’s possible I guess

Milaninho 10

that is funny! Don’t ask me questions unless you give me a thumbs up. LOLOLOLOL


Get Lost, I don’t like that name here


What the heck dude? What’s the agenda? Seriously, your are offending. How disrespectful!!!


No body is confirm to the starting XI, everyone has to be in prime condition.forza Leonardo and maldini


wow i think milan is comin to were day belong. our next target now is d top 4, i hope gattuso take us there now. d only puzzel missin is a well left winger with strong right foot, foorrzaa #millan.


Laxalt can play left wing.


Now no guarante spot except Romagnoli & Higuain… Welcome Samu, now Suso will have to buckle up or else will just be warming the bench… Expecting how Bakayoko integrate into the team no doubt from Laxalt he will be the first to settle quick in the team his style of play suits us can’t even stop laughing Donnarunma agent have not make any move, he better not the BOSSES are around LEO & CAPITANO are back, if the kid mess up Reina is laying waiting to take his place… My hand crossed who is going to be the final piece… Read more »


WRONG…. you guys dont know anything about these two players you are comparing do you? You:”Now no guarante spot except Romagnoli & Higuain…” WRONG both Romanogli and higuain can lose there spots if they dont perform as required. we have capable young talents in caldara and cutrone who will bench both of them if they dont perform. SIMPLE. You:”Welcome Samu, now Suso will have to buckle up or else will just be warming the bench…” WRONG AGAIN Suso has been arguably our most consistent and fittest player we have on the team. the chances of him every going to be… Read more »


One of those thumbs down of your comment is MINE.
So what?
Go to inter merda websites or blogs and bash your own kind.
You’re a troll, do u know what that is? Get a mirror and see your true face!

David Caruana

Caldara will play ALONGSIDE romagnoli. If anything Musacchio or Zapata would replace romagnoli…

Laxalt is an awesome JOLLY. Can play LB, CM or LW! Fast, technical and aggressive jist like how Gattuso likes them and was far from Genoas worst player. Always played and mostly always get a 7 rating per game. Get your facts straight dude.


I’ve noticed that The way you write Is similar to sheva. Stop insulting people, if you want an opinion just say it

The Cunt

Maybe a basic English class would help you comment my friend. You sound like an Indian immigrant from the UK whahahahahahahahaha

Golly Gupta my frien




Please you don’t need to sound so pessimistic, we will find a way to reduce the thumbs down.

We should really push for this SMS deal, not just because of how good he is, but by so doing, we would be weakening a direct rival for top 4. That dude was the heart and soul of Lazio last season.

Benventuno Laxalt,
Benventuno Castillejo.

Milaninho 10

@JOHN THE BAPTIST For 100+ Million? That is Cristiano Ronaldo type fee man. I know ManU paid stupid money for Pogba, but #1) we don’t have that sort of money to throw around #2) the player has to be a proven product, not just potential. This reminds me a lot of all the Andrea Belotti talks last season, and how they will not sell him for anything less than 100M. As it turned out, Cutrone scored the same number of goals as he did. I say we just leave SMS alone and go spend 100M in getting two quality midfielders.… Read more »

Perfect 7

Ha ha ha I like this inter guy. He is our 1st proper troll since sheva I’m so excited to have him. Man I enjoy trolling trolls so I hope you stay all season and thanks for the entertainment.


You : “Blah blah blah blah”

My God he knows everything!!!

zahid hossain

A Shinter fan in Rossoneri blog!!!!!!!!………… what he is saying, is proving himself a psycho…..


Can’t wait for season to start,when we had to sell ibrah and thiago all downhill from there.poor signings no money shadow of the great teams we had.and all this brought by a dodgy Chinese owner and the club fell into the hands of Elliott.they brought in the right people to run the club past legends and look at us now!this is the start of a new era it will take time but we will be back at the top again I’m sure


I watched the pommes guy from spatak moscow yesterday vs paok europa lig quali. Mediocre at its best.


This guy has legs like a chicken its like he can break at anytime but atleist we get rid of Bacca that makes the deal worth it in the end


Will wish both Laxalt and Castillejo the best of luck of course, and hopefully they can improve their game even more once they join us surrounded with more quality players:)

The last lines of this article makes me really hopeful of a massive “deadline day” swoop… fingers crossed. Imagine what a SMS/Rabiot/Martial would do to this team. A tank and complete player like SMS in our midfield…damn. Would be so great on so many levels, just as @JOHN THE BAPTIST pointed out earlier!


Now they say Montolivo is refusing to leave thus preventing Milan from signing another midfielder.



I bet Laxalt will be the revelation of the up coming season. Guy has balls and grit


Hope so mate! Have you heard anything new mercatorelated?

The Cunt

Lotito is thinking about the offer LeoDini made. But also considering an offer from Real Madrid. I expect SMS or Rabiot. If not, then fine by me. Maybe Pato is coming back as a 3rd striker. Martial might arrive in January.

Calm down

I Pato was my favorite and would be exciting to see him back in the Milan shirt but I think we are set that department. I can’t remember any top team currently having 3 first team CFs. You need 2 players for each position and the rest should be covered by youth team players.

One of the reasons Silva played so little was Cutrone from youth the team who was expected to cover for him and Kalinic couldn’t stop shining and then eventually ended up having 3 first team CFs. It’s more ideal to start with 2.


Thanks for the update man!


Who is this brainless chicken head INTERMILANO-FC or who are you just pestering shit… Now i see you don’t follow the team growth since 2015… – Romagnoli have been the most consistant player at our back line for the whole time his been here… You think Caldara could make him drop to the bench guess you better wake up from your slumber guy – Your thinking Cutrone could Higuain, if you the coach then you drop Higuain at the bench guy think you high you already out of limit watch your way damn moron – You think Suso his going… Read more »


“Take all the fools out of this world & there wouldn’t be any fun living in it.” – Josh Billings.
I humbly request everybody to please continue to let InterMilano-FC entertain us.


Ignoring this intermilano fc will be genius and laxalt will make juve jealous this season


Wtf? Why would Juve be jelous because of Laxalt when even their bench players are better than him lol


Thank goodness Bacca’s gone. Now we just have to convince someone to take Borini, Zapata and Bertolacci. Maybe they’d accept 10 million for all three.


Haha totally


Now we deadly need an elite Advanced playmaker. If SMS/Rabiot cannot arrive as we hope, we should think about Barella. He had some real capabilities, performed well for Cagliari last year, want to join bigger club (like AC Milan) and we can easily get him with cheaper price.
I myself didnot want to buy Laxalt because we still have enough quality players in the left side (RR/Strinic for LW, Jack/Calha for M/AML), and we should save our non-plenty money for another targets.
But it’s belongs to LeoDini and Gatusso.
Forzza Milan!


who is this guy? looks like another sheva lol

Coach Seedorf

I think this INTERMILANO FC guy is Sheva who has returned with another name. By the way, where is Suracho?
Welcome lads. Bulk SMS loading….. with bulk goals and assists waiting to be unleashed, haha

zahid hossain

Forza Milan


I read a report that Montolivo is unwilling to terminate his contract with Milan, therefore they cannot sign a new midfielder.

I don’t wanna go and bash Montolivo, it’s just a report, but I wouldn’t be surprised if true. This guy…

The Cunt

He goes to Parma


Yeah, just read that he’s discussing with Leo and Maldini to rescind his contract and that Parma are waiting, don’t know how legit those sources are but it’s something. If true, then it kind of sucks that we cant get a transfer fee for him, but at least his wages will be off the books and we signed him on a free transfer as well

Baresis Dream

So you expect him to give up a years worth of salary (around 3 mil) that is rightfully his by law so that Milan can reinforce itself? What’s the point of contacts then?

How about we ask him to sacrifice his daughter GoT style as well …


its great having them both but it’s not complete yet, Milan should also go for Anthony Martial

Suracho : The KING returns

What the hell. WHat has happened to my milan. For noobies, I was the one who predicted 2 years back that the chinese were frauds. I got racist tag on this blog. It was totally unacceptable that one of your own kinds who was showing yyou the path of truth was thrown shit at. BUt as always the virtuous ones are those who win , I was right all along. It is now a known fact that Suracho was the saviour of this blog that you all never deserved. I had insider information but you all decided to bull on… Read more »

Adeb Jogzie

So what are you a prophet?

Since you have all the inside information on these investors why don’t you share the possible solution to the problem at hand and the problems your Crystal ball has revealed to you.

You can’t keep speaking negatively.

The Cunt

Suracho, now you finally get an erection of your self when you take a look in the mirror, I want to tell you this. That is, a lot of people here, knew already these Chinese were frauds and probably some puppets of Berlusconi. So you added actually nothing. Therefore, your English grammar is even worse than a lost dog walks into a Chinese kitchen by accident. I think Leonardo pulled it off with the Higuain and Caldara deal. Especially when you look at the assets Milan has (and restrictions). With Fassobelli we would get Zaza instead of Higuain, so what… Read more »

Suracho : The KING returns

I have never seen your name before but I feel you are mathijs saviecevicevic . The players you just mentioned are not any better than what we had before. Caldara is just another Rannocchia , I do not understand why are Milan fans so proud of the bonucci caldara deal when it was so clear that we got robed by juve. We lost the aerial passes that bonucci would deliver, and replaced him with another Rannochia. A team like MIlan which is devoid in creativity gave up their most creative player for someone who nobody knew 1 year ago. We… Read more »

The Cunt

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, princess

Suracho: The king returns

So you have nothing else to add to my fruitful debate so you justify it by asumming I am butthurt?

Ac baba

Been three years I last commented on this blog. But I have been watching from afar. Its sad to say that the quality of comments here are appalling. Its like we just type here without proper censoring from our brains. Milan fans are the creme dela creme. We are deep and not shallow minded. I just can’t believe this.


we are getting Better this season foza milla


Surracho, I Wonder What Stuff You’re Taking. Completely Hard On You, Making It Look Like You’re Actually Foretelling The Future, Not Realising You Need To A Serious Medical Check Up. First Of All, The Chinese Take Over Was Somewhat Doubious And Would Easily Casted Doubts On People Who Take Their Time To Evaluate It. More So, Elliot Already Gave Their Hint Of A Possible Future Scenerio Which Didn’t Speak Of Something Long Term but Would Sure Build A Solid Foundation For The Club. Something The Chinese Never Cared To Do, So Why Don’t You Just Bury Your Head In Shame… Read more »


get leandro paredes or pallegrini and we are good already…

cheap and young

Martin Bernhard

Hey there Ali, i fully agree on both of these players as they would be great assets for the NeXT decade to come. Compared to a Savic deal which i havent thought to be an either very credible or realistic rumour they would indeed be much cheaper but atleast paredes would propably still cost in the vicinity of 40 mil as i think zenit paid 25-30 mil last year. On the other hand and if its actually true that pellegrini has a 25 mil release clause it would be a genuine steal of a transfer. Unfortunately i doubt he would… Read more »

The Cunt

Game is postponed