Report: Milan trying to sign Castillejo from Villarreal, the first offer of €18m plus Bacca has been rejected

Samu Castillejo and Raphael Varane during Real Madrid-Villarreal at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on January 13, 2018. )GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)
Samu Castillejo and Raphael Varane during Real Madrid-Villarreal at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu on January 13, 2018. )GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Samu Castillejo is a target of Milan, but Villarreal want €25m for the winger.

Tiémoué Bakayoko will not be the last signing in this mercato as the Rossoneri are also looking to get a winger (and perhaps another midfielder too).

According to Sky’s Gianluca Di Marzio, after closing the deal for Bakayoko with Chelsea (loan with option to buy, total cost of €40m), Milan have turned their intentions to Samu Castillejo of Villarreal.

Di Marzio says that the Diavolo are interested in involving Carlos Bacca in the negotiations and in fact have offered €18m plus the Colombian for Castillejo, who they’d like to take on loan with obligation to buy. Villarreal, however, rejected the offer as they want €25m and wish not to include Bacca in the talks.

Milan are at work to try to find an agreement for the 23-year-old winger who can play on the right and left sides of the pitch and can therefore be of cover for both Suso and Hakan Çalhanoğlu.


  1. Why?
    This is the most Milan thing ever – talks of SMS/Rabiot, and Draxler/Martial, ending up with Bakayoko and Castillejo.
    Besides, weren’t the initial reports that Villareal offered 8 million + Castillejo for Bacca, how did it end up with us offering money to them…? Although Di Marzio is more credible, I take it that the initial reports weren’t that plausible but still. Even when the reports were that they offered Castillejo + money for Bacca it was a hard pass for me, even more so during these circumstances…
    If we are to sign someone it should be in the same calibre as Draxler/Martial, if not then don’t bother!

    • From the start Leonardo said that we don’t have the funds to go after someone like SMS, and that we needed a vice Kessie and a winger. Castillejo, according to everyone who’s actually seen him play has said he’s a talented player that would improve the team. We urgently need a winger, and just because we can’t afford the likes of Martial or Draxler doesn’t mean should just ‘not bother’.

      • And from those I’ve asked who follow la liga say that he’s average and above average at best = wouldn’t improve our team. We shouldn’t bother to sign anyone who is on the same level as the ones we have now as we need upgrades. In the future we’d just have to get rid of them anyways. Knowing Milan we would just give them away compared to the price we signed them for.

        • If Hakan gets injured, what do you think happens? I’ll tell you and you’ll see in our upcoming match as he’s suspended, Borini starts. Is that something you’d like to see consistently? We’ve heard different things about him, but Leonardo, considered one of the best directors in football, thinks he’s good enough to pay around 25m for him. We both haven’t seen him, so no point calling him bad, average or great. We need a winger so that in case of injury there’s not a huge drop off in quality. Castillejo can play on both the right and left wings, but I predict he’ll start on the left whilst Hakan and Jack compete for a midfield spot. This gives us plenty of options for when Suso, Jack or Hakan are hurt, preventing us from having to play the likes of Borini or Halilovic often.

          • We can play Bonaventura there, if the right cover is bought in now for our midfield. With right cover I mean not only Bakayoko, but also SMS/Rabiot or someone like that = dont have to invest on a player for depth, and can wait to spend money on a player who will improve us.
            I prefer if we go after Rabiot though,,SMS is too expensive.

          • Hakan and Suso were both gotten for less than 25 million and you want us to spend 25 million on their potential substitute? Really? There are many better players who would cost less. I would even take Deulofeu over him

    • All those names weren’t put in the papers by Milan; it is us and the media themselves who put them there.

      We don’t necessarily need someone better than Jack, Hakan, Suso, we need someone at the same level at least who can compete with them and keep them on their feet.

    • A human, who plays football as his profession.

      Mean jokes aside, he is a decent, creative player.
      But still, you really shouldn’t have to ask. He is not Bargiel or Gioya.

    • A RW who is a bit faster but also slopier version of Suso with worse pasing/crosing ability than Suso, overall not an upgrade for sure. And for 25mil i would rather bring Berardi on the RW to compete with Suso if we are already going for a new RW.
      In reality we dont need a new RW we need a natural LW and as others have mention some one of Draxler, Martial, Depay, LW with pace who can score and create.
      In my opinion the LW position will make or break our season, so we better get some of the tree above or some one close to there calibar, or else face one more disappointing season.

  2. Good move.
    I would be hoping for Loca deal to fall through at the last moment.
    If Loca decides to stay then we won’t need another MF at the moment.

  3. We don’t need covers, we need starters, Suso and Hakan are not Natural wingers to me we need game changers, wingers with pace, and those who can score goals, Suso and Hakan can’t score goals, scoring is our problem, otherwise Higuain is gonna carry a heavy load up on himself, buy depay and Primes/Martial. Leo and Gatuso should wake up.

  4. Quincy promes is better than this guy please…though i prefer one of Draxler or martial

    Quincy Promes please..he is cheap and scores goals.. this guy is more like Suso

      • In the Russian league he can, yeah.
        I have no doubt in my mind regarding Samu vs Pomes. Samu is better.
        However, he is nowhere near Draxler ofc.
        But as I mentioned before, he will be good for us in our current situation realistically.

  5. In yesterday’s match with Madrid we had chances but we could not convert them, If Suso and Hakan can not score 15 goals each, then we cant relay on them because at the end its the goals and the points that Will count not dribbling or holding the ball, we need pace, we need goals. Then we shall compete with the likes of juve.

  6. @Ink….LOL. pardon my rethorical question..I have been hearing about this guy . I know he is a football. Just that I have preference for Depay

    • The previous management only ask and talk bout the arrival of Depay, Loe or Dini has never mentioned him since they came , I think that is the main reason we never herd anything bout Milan buying or taking him on loan with option

  7. Please Leonardo, rather than this guy who is yet another gamble for such huge amount, please go and beg Watford for Deulofeu in worst case scenario.

    I understand that Martial will be hard to tear away from United because they can’t get a replacement but Depay would be a step forward. Seems Draxler too seems hard to get as PSG dont want to let go.

    De-ulofeu or De-pay…. Those DEs would help us better.

    • Don’t want Delu the headless chicken. He’s been sold to Watford for like 14 mil. Nobody was willing to offer more than that shows he’s already declining. Martial would be great. Man Utd don’t need a replacement for Martial. He’s like third choice behind Sanchez and Rasford. But of course knowing Mou the idiotic Interista, talent waster ,he will claim they can’t find a replacement.

  8. Why ? Sign this guy when we can sign quincy promes or memphis depay . Why does milan always go after mediocre players . We need depay + a creative midfielder . And not this guy who plays at the RW because we need a LW . First villareal wont sign bacca after they allready agread the sum for him last year ‘ and now offer little to noting for him , and now we are offering 18M+bacca for this unknown winger that is at best average , wtf is wrong with this club . Why do we need this crap every season ? . I dont understant every one knows that we need a playmaker and a left winger very bad , so why are we offering bacca who’s worth atleast 20M+18M for a RW when we need a Left winger . I was very exited about this new management but to me it seems just like the previous one’s.
    We will sign bakayoko who doesn’t make sens at all because he’s a defensive midfielder and we need a creative one a playmaker !!! Im not saying that bakayoko is bad player but what im saying is that we need a playmaker and not him . Look i’m not a troll and i dont want to be negative all the time but it’s realy anoying to see this kind of transfers.
    I’m just tirred of seeing this club making the same mistakes every season after season .

    • Now we are being watched by UEFA after a year we breached the ffp by 70M. We are lucky to be in Europa league. and you should be happy we are signing players at all this season. We need loan moves and not every club and player are interested in loan moves.

      And then you also need to consider whats on the market and who are even interested in joining this project. Now many players look at milan as a uncertanty. And some even see it as a sinking ship. We need a good season. If we qualify for CL we will have cash + interest.

      • I understand what you are saying and i agree with you. But signing bakayoko isnt a smart move because
        He’s not the type of player that this club needs right now , im not saying he’s bad but what im saying is that im dissapointed that they sign a defensive midfielder instead of a creative attacking midfielder and a left winger. That’s all , i know about the ffp and that they have to loan first players in order to sign them but we could get better players instead of bakayoko and now this RW castillejo . This club needs to know where to reinforce , and that is the LW and a creative midfielder not a defensive one .

        • Im not sure about baka nither but he is not only there to cover for biglia but also for Kessie, as the box to box position was a major problem last year.. We have Bona and Hakan who play the “playmaker role”(Me myself think bona should stick to the wing cuz he cant pass) But I think the plan is to use hakan in the center as that creative player you want to arrive. And im very sure we will sign a winger. Castillejo is just as good on the left side as he is on the right side. He is also good with both feet and can go on the out side or cut in side. He is a very good backup with time to improve in to something even better. He is atm better then all our left wingers imo. I for one didnt expect anything so this transferwindow is already gone beyond my expectations. I too would love a player like Kovacic in the center but that expecting to much atm. If we get some CL football players like that will be interested in joining. Talented youngers would be a option if our directors had more time to discover them.

      • Hey misund, you make great sense. It’s a pleasure to read your comments.
        I’m sure Leonardo and Maldini will try to do the best they can, given the circumstances that milan find themselves in currently.

        You can’t just throw insults at our own legends and claim to be a milan fan. Show some respect and have patience. I think they have done good so far and are still pushing for the best possible deals available in the market.

  9. I’m just going to have to trust Leonardo and Maldini on this one. If Bacca wants to leave then fine. But it will mean that we will definitely have to sign another striker as Higuaín and Cutrone is not enough for the season.

    I will strongly hope that Milan sign Depay, Rabiot (more realistic than SMS) and Martial. At least those players will make us competitive with the addition of Bakayoko.

    I really don’t know much about Castillejo to comment so I will just watch what happens next. Maybe he is a better option than Martial and Quincy Promes. I honestly don’t know if that is the case. Let’s see.

  10. I don’t understand Villarreal. They wanted to sign Bacca but now they don’t want him in this guy’s deal. What are they up to? And is Castilijo even worth it?? I mean we need a started not an expensive back up. I hope he’s good enough.

  11. Villareal “wish not to include Bacca in the talks.” Sheesh, how are we going to get rid of this guy? He has no desire to play at Milan at all.

    • I agree. Bacca is worth like 15m. Offering 18m plus Bacca doesn’t make sense if Castillejo is worth just 25m.

  12. The direction of the market seems to be taking a down ward troll, my major optimism now is that I hope we become like the Inter of last season where nobody expected them to perform and they made top four and we disappointed expectations .I am some what hoping that it happens the other way round this time for us.

  13. Ink is really scared right now. His bonaventura is in danger, Bonaventura shouldnt even been signed from starts. He is not even good for his old atalanta. Please make a clearance this year if you can not sign. Out with bonaventura, zapata, borini as they are not good for being starters or offering something from bench either.

    We have made some good signings now, the best must be LEO and MALDINI. But still, all the way back to 2007, since than we are lacking a playmaker in our midfield. Im so tired of our lumberjack midfield that we hade for 10 years now.

    You cant claim your a football expert and not realise that a engine without a transmission wont run. You keep changeing the engines and brakes, but you dont understand that our midfield is our broken transmission that would make the engine run.


  14. All these talks about Martial, Depay, Promes, Castillejo and co., what about exploring South America for talent? I’m sure there’s plenty in Brasil, Argentina or even Columbia and are not overpriced already

  15. Milannews are reporting that representatives from Elliot have made contact with Lotito regarding Milinkovic-Savic, where the president stated that he wants at least 120 million euros for him.

    He would indeed be the dream player, but isn’t it too much money for him? 80 million tops, even with todays market climate.

    • Read reports too. Unfortunately those types of players are that much now. Kepa to chelsea was 75m pounds. He’s one of the most promising midfielders in the world so 120m is fair, Although i think expensive. The good thing about him is in two years he’ll prob go to 200m if he performs the way he does

    • Milan have seemingly offered Lazio 40m for loan and a further 70m next year for SMS with Borini going the other way also
      Now if Leo pulls this off he deserves the freedom of the city award

  16. I would give Suso to Roma for 35m and get promes for 25m get depay and you have two Dutch flying wingers with a quality midfielder Bakayoko to replace Kessié if he hits his Monaco form we are ready to tear the league up

  17. If Milan management go all out for a creative midfielder this Mercator, it is only then i’ll conclude that management knows what they are doing. This is regardless of all the FFP craps. After all these mess we are in today began with replacing world beaters mediocre players. SMS even if €150m, management should find a way to spread payment n seal the deal plus a high profile LW. Anything less we lead us to same we’ve been threading over 5years now

  18. Don’t rate this guy, But my Milan team.

    Donna/ Reina

    RB – Conti/ Calabria
    LB – Rodríguez/ strinic / Youth prospect
    CB – Roma, Caldara / Youth prospect
    CB – Caldara / Musacchio

    CM/DM – Rabiot / Biglia /chalhangu
    RM – Kessié/ Bakayoko
    LM – Chalhangu / Bonaventura / youth prospect

    RW – Suso/ Tiago Diaz (youth prospect)
    ST – Higuaín/ Cutrone/ Bacca
    LW – Promes/ Draxler / Bonaventura

    Additional cost
    Draxler – 40 mil or Promes 25 mil
    Rabiot – 25-30 mil

    I would rather, we look for someone with potential and can increase in value, then buying complete and overpriced players. We don’t have the money and it’s just boring. You want to watch teams that buy a player and that player surprises you, I.e Salah and Liverpool, Dortmund and Reus, Milan’s and Kaka.

    I’m hoping Promes would be that surprise or Draxler would finally be given the space to live up to his expectation, which would also be a surprise.

  19. He’s left footed (according to transfermarkt), and we need someone who is right footed for LW mostly. Also, not impressive enough for Milan imo.

  20. I just read from Calciomercato that Leo has met the 120M buyout clause for SMS! A gift from Elliot! We have effectively become the second best team in Seria A and true title contenders!

    I pray this is true, if we now add Promes to the mix then – destruction derby begins


  21. I have alot of concerns regarding this mercato?
    1. The way this transfer window is going we might have to change the formation
    2. If we sell bacca and get samu castellejo… The problem comes in attack wat if higuain or cutrone is injured… Is Tsadjout in the plans for that case… Or we will sign a striker as well if bacca goes…
    3. This mercato should have been to add dept to the existing quality… Or adding to the quality without loosing depth… We lost two strikers with only one coming… We replaced Bonnuci with caldara but i think we need one more center back… Last season also we faced CB crisis… When we had to play zapata… Atleast we had gustavo Gomez as well… One more question arise over here is… Is Simic ready to back up??
    4. Now that locatelli is gone who will be backup to Biglia… Mauri???
    5. Any updates on Conti he havent played a single game is pre season…
    6. We have 6 goalkeepers Donnaruma brothers, reina, gabriel, plizzari, guarnone… We dont need all of them…
    7. Wats the situation around bertolacci… Is he going/staying and if staying where will he pkay seeing bakayoko coming…
    8. Whome do we need more a winger like martial or midfielder like SMS

    • For wing we need one out of martial/depay/ draxler

      For mid we need one out of SMS/ rabiot

      We will be good to go for the season

      Dispose off borini, bertolacci, montolivo, mauri

  22. I read it also hope is for real because am getting tired of gattuso speech the players tried we had a good game we are behind Juventus we can’t build our team on higuain we need work on our training method all sort am tired all we need is good football and result best of luck to the rossoneries blessed week ahead and Good mercatoes also

  23. Milan has met the 120m valuation of SMS??? SMS in my country costs only 4naira per SMS, i hope its bulk SMS we’re paying for as mediocre performances will not be tolerated with that price tag and i dont want us selling him for less should he flop this season.
    Milan’s telecommunication power will be pretty strong this season and it will show in our telepathy on the pitch.
    We have the following:
    SMS – Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Bulk SMS)
    Direct Call – Davide Calabria
    Skype – Suso
    Fater – Tiemoue Bakayoko
    Messenger – Mussacchio
    Instagram – Ivan Strinic
    PC – Patrick Cutrone
    Center Back – Carlos Bacca lol( even our centre back can guarantee 15-20goals a season)
    Goalzalo Higuane
    And so on and so forth, yo can fill in the rest.
    When we send bulk sms to the opposition keeper to allow us score and he refuses, we will use direct call, if it fails, we will connect skype to reach Goalzalo Higuane, if Goalzalo fails we will connect our PC to make sure we get the wins we need. we will activate instagram, messenger and all our social media tools at once lol.
    Just having fun Guys. I really hope we do well this season

  24. On a side note, Kaka is joining our management! It will be official soon. The coming of Leo has been a masteestroke , well done Elliot.

    Imagine a management team of: Leo, Maldini and Kaka. Who wouldn’t want to PLAY for Milan now? The moral of the boys will be VERY high and will make them give their all. This is the project of dreams!


  25. So u all automatically assume that by signing Milinković-Savić we are in for a fiery season? What gives you such guarantee?

    This team is far from built

    • Isn’t it? I never put up line-ups with dream players or formations up, but let’s take a moment here, look at this:
      Donnarumma-Calabria-Caldara-Romagnoli-Rodriguez-Kessie-Biglia-SMS-Suso-Higuain-Hakan. With Reina, Conti, Musacchio, Zapata – yes even him, as a backup, not many players have a player of his quality as a third/fourth choice CB – Bakayoko, Bonaventura, Cutrone and Bacca ready on the bench, all of these players could be regular starters as well – with the exception of Zap. How can we not be excited about this? Not only would this the best team we’ve had on years, on paper, but also a team with really nice depth for once. Quality on the pitch and off the pitch.
      We do need upgrades for the winger positions too, but you can’t fix everything immediately.

      My personal pick would however be to sign Rabiot who will probably be a LOT cheaper than the 100/120 million that is recquired for SMS, and it would probably allow us to sign Martial too, both who’s contracts expire next season – and voila, we’d have even more depth for the wingers.

        • Im a fan, only downside his his monster agent, aka his mother. He is a modern midfielder, hard working, box to box, good technique passing and vision, eye for a goal etc. Young and would be an improvement to our midfield that’s for sure!

    • SMS is problem half solved if we can’t create chances and score goals.. The more goals we score the more Point we get to make the top 4 and qualify for CL.. We can’t put all our eggs in one basket 120m for SMS is he far better than Modric?

      We need player who can give us scoring chances , This LW position has been a problem for many years and RW where e only have Suso, Borini is an athlete 100m and relay runner not a footballer.. we Need back up there too..

  26. I Also Wonder Why We Are All Acting Like This Sms Guy Would Be Our Messiah Because He Is Worth Around 110mill. The Transfer Market Today Is Nothing But Massive Exaggerations. But Fingers Crossed. And By The Way, Why Has The Rumors About Quincy Promes Suddenly Cooled.

    I Really Hope We Get Him Cos He Will Be Really Great At Milan. He Doesn’t Just Run And Look Assist As A Winger, He Scores Too At Just 25mill. But It May Be Quite Tough For Us If He Still Decides To Remain At Spartak Cos Other Clubs Including Inter Came Knocking But He Turned Them Down.

    We Could Use Seedorf’s Help To Persuade Him If It Be So. Holland-surinamese.

  27. Depay promes or martial and Savic we are going for top 4 leo has 4 days to sort this out other wise no cl for another year

  28. why is ac Milan management wasteful ,why waste money as big as 120 mil on savic,to achieve what how much is ronaldo,,ngolo kante,pogba,rakitic,mahrez,worth,while give a huge amount to a greedy club like Lazio to get a player that is not 100% established ,what do we think savic marchandise is worth compare to Rinaldo and me milanistas we are heading to a lost negotiations

    • Bro, first thing, we are only paying 40M loan with an option to buy, no obligation. Also, all the players you mentioned can not go for that price as their clubs will not considered that but an outright purchase which will be in the region or more of SMS evaluation. We can’t afford that for now due to FFP.

      Secondly, SMS knows the league, he was the best midfielder with 14 goals last season and he has the propensity to graduate to world class, and he can do that this season with us. Other players might be more established than him but you can never relegate the scenario of adapting to a new league – well, unless you Ronaldo of course.

      Regarding merchandising, with all the hype around him presently, his marketability has already increased.

      Elliot who will back Leo up as they know a return to CL will make it a whole lot easier to balance the books with funds that will get from the competition and further sales of players next season.

      It is pertinent for us to qualify and SMS brings that steel and balance in the middle of the park which we really need.

      Finally, I believe we will still add a left winger and Promes is likely to be that player. Word has cooled on him as Leo (being a smooth operator), would not want to jinx the deal.

      Either way, nothing is writing in stone and it can all go to hell even if we aquire ALL the players we need, but having true professionals and game changer in our lineup will make that less likely to happen.

  29. with 120mil Milan can get 2 to 3 good players that are game changers not waste it on a player whose club president feel they can extort money from desperate clubs ,that’s how we almost over paid Torino for belloti

    • Savic is worth 120m in today’s market, no doubt about it.

      Also, what most people forget is that they’re not going to give Lazio 120m all at once. It will be something like 20-40 million load with other installments in the next years.

      Basically we could sign one player outright with that money or go for Savic’s loan. There’s no doubt in my mind which we should choose if we have the opportunity.

    • Ruskin, this is exactly the problem with Milan fans mentality. Just like you, they want top players to come but when there is rumor that Milan is willing to spend 120 mil on a player, they say it is not necessary and we should get 3-4 players for that money. 3-4 players that cost 30-40 mil each in today’s market won’t be top players. If the new owners have 120 mil to spend and are willing to do so on SMS, I say hells yeah, go for it! You need to spend big to be on top so stop complaining and enjoy it – we had enough of signing free players and garbage. It is time to spend some serious money.

  30. If it’s true that we have agreed a deal for SMS for 120m then who am I kidding? I don’t care about the price! Sure it’s a lot but that guy is amazing and instantly brings are midfield from good to awesome! Now wingers are covered too in bonaventura and calhanoglu. Bakayoko as back up. Look at that depth it’s bring in! We can seriously challenge for a top four spot and europa league! Let it happen

  31. @Sheva and others like you, please dont be so ungrateful to players like Bonaventura who has served us loyally for these years of difficulty and has been a standout in his own way. Saying things like he was never Milan material or should never have been signed in the first place is quite derogatory. You should have remembered to say this all these years when he was giving us a big helping hand on and off the pitch. He should be fully respected as he has done his bit for Milan and still has a part to play in this new Milan.
    On the other hand, Giving Lazio 120m and Bona is complete nonsense, giving 100m and Bona is absolute rubbish as far as i’m concerned, its a bad deal to me. Bona should be kept for depth in Midfield. Get quality signings to replace our starters of last season and let our starters of last season be used for depth this season.
    Other teams know how to get good value for their players except Milan. Lok how much we got old Biglia from them last season. If we were to sell Biglia to them now, we cant get more than 8mil for him. Milan management must change in the way we value our players

  32. This SMS report is gathering pace in the media. Football market isn’t about how much a player is worth again, its about how much the owner wants regardless if the value is realistic or not.

    It sounds weird but i will pay that money for SMS if i have it because he’s a foreman in midfield, a complete dominant monster and complete quality player.

    If we get him, then top 4 is a guarantee with a quality left wing attacker like Promes or Depay.

    • I agree, I don’t care how much he is. If you want to be the best you need to buy the best. Simple as that. Adding bakayoko and SMS would completely change our midfield and team for that matter. Now I’m not saying buying him we should win the scudetto, but top four would be a great start. You need to buy top players before you start winning and you need to have them to attract the high quality players for free too. Look at juve, they get a high quality player every year for free. Rabiot could be next. As the cheesey line says ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ but adding this type of quality is a great start. Don’t want to hear that you can buy two players for that price, this is a guy that’s wanted by madrid Barcelona man utd Juventus. All willing to spend that money now and in the future.

  33. Bla bla bla many of you should realize that we did not qualify for champions league so even though we have the money we can’t spend because we are been watch by UEFA FFP, you think PSG will sell draxler for 25m or MAN UTD will sell martial for 25m and Lazio owner said he want 120m cash which milan can afford but the problem is FFP rules as for samu ”s deal bacca is 31yrs old and samu is 24yrs old if bacca should see his contract out he will be 33yrs old just like montolivo that know club want to buy so is not a bad deal at all . As for promise and samu i will choose samu because he has more european expirence than promise.. We should stop naging because leonardo and maldini know what they are doing, never forget that leonardo brought us players that won alot at milan during silvio berlusconi’s era



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