Official: Kalinić leaves Milan and joins Atletico Madrid on a permanent basis

Nikola Kalinic at Atletico Madrid. (
Nikola Kalinic at Atletico Madrid. (

It is now official that Nikola Kalinić is no longer a Milan player, joining the La Liga outfit permanently.

Last summer Milan were trying to sign a top striker, but in the end they signed Nikola Kalinić. Now, a year later, the disappointing Croatian leaves the club.

“Milan announce the transfer of the player Nikola Kalinić to Atletico Madrid on a permanent deal,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s website reads. “The club thanks the player for his professionalism and commitment to Milan and wishes him the best in his new sporting stage and his career.”

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Atletico will pay Milan a fee that is just under €15m for Kalinić; the money will be transferred in four different installments over three different fiscal years. The deal has been in place for some time but the official had to wait as Milan were first forced to trigger their buy-out clause and sign the player from Fiorentina, before they could sell him to Atletico.

The 30-year-old, who wore the #7 shirt at Milan, scored 6 goals in 41 appearances for the Diavolo last season. His exit frees €3.5m per season net in salaries for Milan.

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Milan no 1

Finally..good luck man


Bring out the confetti ! – next up – bacca – loan or sell Locatelli with a buy back clause – Loan or sell Jose Mauri – Bring Bakayoko on loan and make chelsea pay for part of his enormous wages – Baselli is on the cards along with Castellijo of Villareal – though I’d love to see a super-deal with Milinkovic coming and seeing Biglia going the other way – am I the only one that think Milan need a Brazilian player in the squad ? Wouldnt mind seeing Pato returning to be honest – also Juraj Kucka 🙂

Rikimaru Tenchu

I never understood our selling Kucka, especially considering the replacements. Kucka and Kessie would have a made a very mobile midfield. But at this time however, don’t think I want to see him coming back.

Martin Bernhard

Best of wishes for him but at the same time im also very relieved that we actually managed to sell him outright. I actually believe he will have a better season at atl Madrid than the previous one even if he wont play as much as he did in milan. When that is said it cant possibly be worse than his milan stint and i do feel a bit sorry for him that he pretty much was hated from the get go but some relationships isnt meant to last.

Baresis Dream

Of course, with our history, he will now go on to score 30 goals in la liga 🙂

Good that we were able to offload him for what seems to be a reasonable price.


Who cares what he does in La Liga. He was shit, and blocked the way for Cutrone and Andre Silva. I won’t miss him


15 mio for Kalinic is ok.

Bernard to Everton is done, hope for Depay now.

I would be fine with Bakayoko or Samassekou, but SMS would be a dream.

Locatelli is going to Sassuolo for 12 mio with buy back option.

Now we should sell Bacca for 12-15 mio
Mauri 3-4 mio or loan.

Montolivo and Antonelli for free or use them to get a first buy option clause for some talents like Juve did with Boca Juniors and Bentacour.

Forza Milan!


kalanic is not a bad striker ,most recently strikers have had issues in scoring goals for Milan cos we don’t have people to supply them passes our midfield has been awful and mark my words he will do better in atl Madrid ,and if our midfield play like they did last season higuain will flop also


Problem was he got the supplies on many times but didnt know how to use them.


Kalinic isn’t a bad player, so if he will perform, it wont be such a big surprise. Im sure he will. Milan was a confused club, during Montella, and it’s hard to recover from that really, especially as a striker where goals are what gives you confidence.
Nikola and Milan just weren’t meant to be… good luck in your new adventure!


You always seemed to like the guy, From a players perspective he had some good stats similar to Bacca’s, and I would’ve loved a tall strong striker, he dived more than Neymar,
but as a professional he is a bitch glad he left he missed the WC final and did the same thing with us what a clown


I just felt sorry for him for all the hate he got – from me as well – just look at the joy and relief in his face after his goal against Fiorentina. It was more for him himself, but Im glad he has left now, I do think he’ll do good, which we will do as well. Hopefully!

Baresis Dream

I thought he was super professional in Milan, and always gave his all in the pitch, in terms of defense, and support for the mid.

He just couldn’t score for the lofe of him, that’s all.


Glory be to God . Kaolinc finally go.


Kalinic is not Milan quality but then again neither was Montella who signed.

His attitude and professionalism also seems to be a huge problem as seems like he’s a player with a big ego. Not sure why.


I never liked kalinic signing and ha dmy doubt and proved to be true, but I hope he does well in his new journey. Now, I have questions cause Bernard has signed for Everton on a free transfer, draxler has denied any potential move and suso is linked to roma. So who are we linked with? Anyone hear of any new wingers cause the only player that we have been linked with is depay and that’s been quiet. Maybe keita too? England market has closed to buy but they can still sell so I doubt any team would rid of… Read more »


Yeah it makes no sense to let both Loca and Montolivo leave! If Monto leaves, then Loca will definitely get more space. Is Mauri supposed to stay? Is Bertolacci supposed to stay? Loca should stay over all of these players mentioned, although I get that we can get the most money rom his sale but still.

I have no idea what’s going on as I dont hear anything about any wingers now, so maybe this is what Maldini and Leo are working on behind the shadows…?


Yes, they (Leo and Paolo) are working. Wait and see…


I won’t miss you. But good luck… i guess


You all must be surprised why we are not really linked with wingers and now we are considering selling Suso, i tell it’s because we are about to change formation to our winning Christmas tree 4321. Why do think we want Sms at all cost. Calhanoglu and Sms behind Higuain


But SMS would play in the midfield then, not behind the striker. PL transfer window is shut, what club will pay +40 million for Suso? No club in Italy will, and doubtful any club beside Barca, Madrid and Atleti in La Liga can afford that.


I think you are right. That’s why Milan didn’t move for Bernard. I think also that we are in the market for SMS or someone like him including another striker, probably Depay.

The only problem is that Real Madrid is offering 110m for SMS with 100m upfront and 10m in installments which is better than what we can afford to offer Lazio at moment.

Silva and Bacca are definitely on their way out. So it will be interesting to see who we sign before the transfer window close.


I’m seriously confused because gattuso confessed that he will continue with a 4 3 3 and a winger must be brought in yet we want to sell suso. Andre Silva has now agreed a loan move with Sevilla so that leaves us with higuain cutrone and bacca. Bacca expected to leave so only two forwards. For midfield all Montolivo locatelli mauri and bertolacci are rumoured to leave so that leaves us with 4 players in three spots.defence seems confirmed. So with all these players rumoured to leave how come nobody is linked to be brought in? Is this their master… Read more »


Do you know if the loan move is with an option to buy?
It looks like Bacca will probably stay since he wants to go to Villareal, but Villareal arent meeting our valuation of him.
I really have no idea what is going on, im both excited and nervous.
If Silva leaves on loan, and we keep Bacca, Silva gets more experience and comes back, and then Bacca leaves – depending on how he does – that might actually be a very good deal for us.


It appears Milan wants Villarreal winger Samu Castillejo in the exchange deal for Bacca. That’s according to the latest rumors.


It just says loan so no idea. Bacca has almost demanded to leave so I wouldn’t want to keep him if that’s how he’s going to be but I have to be honest, I just want the season to start already, at this point I’m more nervous than excited lol

Baresis Dream

SMS very unlikely, he’s one of the hottest potatoes on the market right now. More likely going to Real.

Roma could pay the 40 mil for Suso easily, but I’m against it, unless it leads to some monster signing like SMS.


Locatelli (loan)
Silva (loan)


kessie and borini are going no where


Milan are reportedly planning to sell/loan/terminate Mauri Locatelli Montolivo. I don’t see us being able to replacing all of them given the small amount of players we are currently linked. Need to let go some midfielders but not leave us with just 4 for the season. Meanwhile Roma are showing strong interest in Suso and Sevilla are also ready to take Silva on loan. Don’t get rid of all our players!! Can’t play a season with a squad of 17!


Keep Mauri Locatelli and Kessie/Bakayoko as midfield back ups. You need 6 for 3 spots. Oh why did I forget that Berto is still around. Sell him quick. The worst midfielder ever!


Lot of rumours and reports along with onw depqrt already, emerged today: – Kalinić signed with Atl. Madrid – Montolivo, Mauri, Antonelli were told to find new clubs – Milan is negotiating with Sassuolo over Locatelli, will probably insert a buyback option – Suso’s agent met with Roma over potential transfer – Sevilla offered 20 millions for Silva, their first offer was a loan If Milan sell Suso, Silva and Locatelli, what kind of formation in god’s name is Rino planing to deploy? We are already without wingers and there are talks about Suso leaving? Also, Kalinić already left, Bacca… Read more »


Just seen that Maldini and Leonardo made contacts with man utd over martial but they refused cause they made no purchases, martial interested. Omg if we get him that’d be insane. Maybe with martial trying to push a deal it could go through. I don’t know why man utd would say no he sits on the bench anyways and they play 11 behind the ball


Very bad business from start to end with large financial loss.
I get and feel the relief that he is gone but we cannot be happy with this kind cases.
I am afraid if Silva is sold this summer it will be worse loss.


Good luck nikola!
On another note.. Savicevic.. Savic.. Seems just right! *crossing fingers 😀