José Mauri on the list of players who could leave Milan, his agent met with Leonardo and Maldini today

Jose Mauri during training in the USA. (
Jose Mauri during training in the USA. (

Dino Zampacorta, who represents José Mauri, who was at Casa Milan today to meet Leo and Paolo.

Work is at full swing at Casa Milan in these days as Leonardo and Paolo Maldini are working to reinforce the squad of Gattuso, but also to thin it out.

Today, after meeting with the agents of Tiémoué Bakayoko and Luca Antonelli and before heading to Milanello to meet the squad, the Leo-Maldini duo also held a meeting with the agent of Jose Mauri, Dino Zampacorta.

The contract of the 22-year-old midfielder expires in 2019 and it’s hard to believe that his contract would be renewed as he’s barely been involved since joining from Parma in the summer of 2015. Mauri, as he does every year, had some decent moments in pre-season but according to Gianluca Di Marzio, he’s on the list of players Leonardo and Maldini are looking to move this summer.

According to the data of La Gazzetta dello Sport from last year, Mauri is currently on €1.4m per season at Milan. It remains to be seen if a club will come forward with an offer in the next days.

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Comment:milan are comin up to wear dey belong #forza milan


mauri is better than Locatelli


In your dreams


i’d like to see who liked this comment.


In ur dreams


Everybody has his/her views. Mauri is not a bad player after all. Remember the club’s aim is to preferably retain players with low ages for future Milan. Retaining some players isn’t becos they’re good but becos they’re younger.


Have been waiting for comments bcuz I knew that locatelli fans are much and dat makes them blind,and see errors/lack of experience/mistakes has his skills!!! If you really love locatelli,u will want him to go on loan,but wanting locatelli to stay another full season in Milan with new signings,I promise him,he will be on bench all through another season!!! So from my point of view,ur love for him is to ruin/and waste his tender age on bench and after he’s totally performing woefully,u turn back and be shouting SELL HIM OUT (human being) At the moment,mauri is far better,skillful,stronger than… Read more »


I agree with you. Mauri is better than locatelli and kessie


History will be repeated, he will flourish elswhere and reach the level similar to verrati’s. I fear so.


insert a buyback clause in his contract and also insert 30%-40% clause for his eventual sale like we did with recent former milan players like Cristante. If they impress we have an option to bring them back, if they kind of impress and move on to a bigger team from their current club we get to share the proceeds/profit with their current club. Mauri is talented but he needs to play regularly and unfortunately we cant give him that so its best for him to move. I think a reunion with Parma could be a good move for him.


Mauri is FAR better than Locatelli and Kessi put together


Point of correction, mauri is too aggressive that’s just the problem. Lucatelli is more technical n team player…. He only need playing time with the coach support. mauri is more of box to box but too aggressive (same problem Gustavo Gomez have) if not for that the two need more playing times also, but Lucatelli is more of pirlo,while mauri is more of Gattuso. But I will prefer mauri ahead of Kassie he play as if his the strongest man in the world…. The funniest part is that some powerless players outshine him cos, of lack of skills, techniques,body balance,… Read more »