Done deal: Higuain and Caldara to Milan, Bonucci to Juventus – only the final signatures are missing

Gonzalo Higuain celebrating during Juventus-SPAL at Juventus Stadium on October 25, 2017. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Higuain celebrating during Juventus-SPAL at Juventus Stadium on October 25, 2017. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara are on their way to Milan, while Leonardo Bonucci is returning to Juventus.

After days of negotiations – it is finally done: Higuain and Caldara are virtually Milan players, while captain Bonucci returns to Juventus after just one season.

It all started from the request of Bonucci to return to the Old Lady, and Leonardo, the new General Manager of the technical side at Milan, managed to strike an impressive and big deal with Juventus’ Beppe Marotta & Fabio Paratici.

The final details and the difficulties which came up were sorted out today in a new set of meetings. The details of the deal are believed to be the following: Bonucci, 30, and Caldara, 24, are both rated at €40m and are swapped directly, while Higuain, 30, arrives to Milan on a €20m loan with an option to buy at €36m. It’s an obligation disguised as an ‘option’ to help Milan comply with FFP.

Mattia Caldara of Italy departs to San Gallo on May 27, 2018 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Mattia Caldara of Italy departs to San Gallo on May 27, 2018 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Bonucci will soon leave Milan’s camp in the United States and head to Turin for a medical and then sign the contract, while Caldara is expected in Milano on Thursday as he leaves Juve’s camp in America. Higuain and Caldara will both have their medical check-ups with the Rossoneri tomorrow.

The details of the contracts remain unclear as there have been some conflicting reports over the salary Caldara and Higuain will get. The deal is done, only the official announcement is needed.

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Bravo Leonardo!
Higy and caldara welcome!


Hope bernard is next he is much needed


Haha Higy piggy I like the nickname. On a serious note hope he turns into a next Inzaghi.
Pozdrav za komšiju,


Pozdrav! 🙂


Great! Now sell Bacca & Kalinic, offload Montolivo. Sign Bernard on a free and get Rabiot for midfield

Conti – Caldara – Romagnoli – Rodriguez
Kessie – Rabiot – Hakan
Suso – Higuain – Bernard

Subs: Reina, Calabria, Musacchio, Zapata, Strinic, Locatelli, Bonaventura, Biglia, Halihovic, Borini, Silva, Cutrone


Yes. And Gattuso better get it right because the rumors about Conte being offered a contract is heating up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Conte takes over before the season starts even though I believe out of respect, Gattuso should be given the chance at least until Jan.


I know what you mean but I worry that with Gattuso we’ll be scrapping around in 5th place in January. We need a proven coach for once.


Better we go and grow with Gattuso, our own gem than start a new firing-hiring-cicle which hinders our development.
Let’s proof Gattuso and if he lack something, install someone to help him.

Milan Wins

God bless you! Seems we are few who see that this rookie will have us languishing in 5th or 6th. We ought to be playing 4-3-1-2, but this stubborn man still insist on 4-3-3.

Leo, please don’t waste our transfers and sack Gattuso! Let’s rid ourselves of every fibre of the Li’s era.


Well, now focus on creative midfielder, and speed wInger. My dream are Luka Modric and Memphis Depay:))

Rikimaru Tenchu

LOL keep dreaming

we won’t get Modric.


If inter can dream for Modric why cant we?


Modric, yeah.
And Messi too!
But this is real life my friend.


Please chase kessie, bertolachi, kalinic,conti away and get rabiot

Rikimaru Tenchu

I can only Thank Leo for making this happen, even though it’s really all Bonucci. He brought himself to Milan and he sent himself away. Glad to see his back, he is now a player I view with very little respect. I thank him for Caldara and for a proven striker finally. Higuain may not be at his best anymore, but he is the highest ranked striker we have had since Zlatan. After the match against Spurs yesterday, it’s easy to see we need a proven scorer. Cutrone could have had a hattrick with a little more experience and luck.… Read more »


@ Shield . Correct ! We seriously need Depay. I tell you . Once we can get him and a fast attacking mildfielder, then we are good. We will be very formidable


Bravo leonardo! If we can manage rabiot and bernard, i think we can seriously challenge for top 4.


Rabiot would be nice but he would be another midfielder without pace which we have in excess.


@Meytar couldn’t wait for an official before a new post on this deal… LOL

I’m actually more super exited as we are getting a real 9 in GOAL-ZA-LO. The next question is…. How would he be served to score goals as he does? This must be worked on before the season starts.

I await the OFFICIAL before poping the chilled bottle of champagne i kept in the fridge since this deal started.


I am excited about what Leonardo is doing. Hopefully Bernard is serious about wanting Milan, which will add a different dynamic to our attack which we currently lack. I am curious to see if Calah and Jack will be able to provide a little more creativity in the middle with defenses focusing in on Higuain.


Bravo leonardo.


This is why I’m happy Leonardo is back. If he wasn’t here that donkey Mirabelli would be signing Simone Zaza.

I’ll take Higuan any day. I saw recent photos of him and he is looking great. He lost a lot weight and he looks like he is ready to prove a point this season.

Cherry on the top Caldara-Bonucci swap. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I would love to see Bernard, Rabiot and Depay next. Make it happen Leonardo

Mathijs Van Sloun

Fckng right, Mirabelli is no match for Leonardo. Spot on with the Zaza comparison.

Really nice!!! Finally.


Definitely. Totally agree!

Carlo Gambino

Forza Milan!!! Forza Milan!!!
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Arriverderci!!! Forza Milan!!


We need midfielders with pace and energy depay, cabelos, Emery mor, max Mayer, the defence is OK, now Pace is needed upfront, and for sure we need goals.


Don’t call Mirabelli names, the guy brought in players who had important impact and are considered stellars for this season too – Hakan, Kessie, RR etc

Difference is Leonardo operating with his head while Mirabelli wanted to give us, the fans something to dream big again and got carried away with headless spending

My feelings over this operation? I’m more excited about Caldara than Higuain but for 18 millions we are covered in defence and attack now. Brilliant from Leonardo

Rikimaru Tenchu


The real difference though is experience and relationships.

Leonardo is relying 100% on relationships. He already has a relationship with the Juve folks, a relationship with Higuain and his team. A relationship with PSG. Basically all the deals he is working on are on relationships. Including the Turkey deals.

Mirabelli and Fassone had been out of hot seat for a while and no recent contacts to people who call shots.


Mirabelli is a donkey and his project failed miserably at Milan. As a project manager by profession, I can surely tell you that Milan Chinese project was a bust. Total failure. We even got kicked out of the Europa League. Mirabelli wasted 104m out of the 200m budget in 1 season. 24m for Kalinic, 38m for André Silva and 42m for Bonucci who after 1 seasoned turned his back on Milan. That’s 62m wasted on two strikers that can’t score more 5goals in Serie A. Smh Mirabelli couldn’t even get Aubameyang, Morata or Belotti. We had to settle for Kalinic… Read more »


Nick, I couldn’t agree more with your facts. It will take us a lot to clean the mess these two muppets, fassobelli created for us. From the outset, I liked Silva and still like him until he proves the contrary but I now started to think like you that Mendez got us tricked with him. I can’t explain why Silva is not getting playing time, not even in pre season. Kalinic and Cutrone are the ones being played. Frankly speaking I think Cutrone is overly hyped player. Absolutely nothing special and we the club are wasting time keep insisting on… Read more »


Yep. The numbers don’t lie and that is why we struggle to offload players because for the most part signing Kalinic and André Silva was a huge gamble. We desperately need a new era at Milan that focuses on quality players and addressing the team issues on the pitch with smart solutions. Higuain and Caldara are quality players and they will improve our level. Simone Zaza is mediocre and not that much different from Kalinic level. Sigh It would be good if Bacca decides to stay that way we don’t have to spend big on another striker so that we… Read more »


Transfers like this always have a positive ripple effect. It makes a huge statement of intent and pulling power of top talents. Players like rabiot and bernard now look feasible. But do you guys think rabiot is possible? i dont think he is the creative force we need.. I wish whoever comes the best. We need two pacy wingers to compliment our lake of pace in the middle…. I would like bernard and hirvin lozano of mexico…. They look achieveable.. But if i am allowed to dream…. Brandt… Depay or Anthony martial…… Lets see how it goes though….. Containing my… Read more »

Rikimaru Tenchu

Highly unlikely especially now that he has less competition in the midfield at PSG.

BUT fingers crossed. It will be an absolute delight to have him.


I feel rabiot is impossible too… Even if he were to leave there are rumours circulating about Barcelona being intrested…. If leonardo can pull off this higuain move.. Then finding a good mezzala and winger wouldn’t be a problem….. The fact that we can still afford to spend 50mil in this transfer window is basically what suprises me
We have 32mil left from our original transfer kitty…. If we can get a combined 30mil from the sales of players like kalinic, bacca and gomez…. We could have 62mil plus or minus to spare


Nothing is impossible with Leonardo. Think positive


On the job for barely a week, Leonardo did what Mirabelli and Fassone couldn’t do with a whole summer and 200 million, signing a great striker. Both our wingers are playmakers, so it’s important to have a clinical scorer. If Higuain has a great season (24+ goals), I think we actually can actually finish top 4. Caldara is a very good defender who’s not far from becoming world class, if he can make a jump too, our defence would be scary. However, a top 4 spot would still be tough. We need a winger with pace that can score goals.… Read more »


We may all forever think of Bonucci as a slug, however, given the nonsense FFP farce we find ourselves in, he may have just done us a massive favor.

The Turin mob are looking for a run at the CL, and obviously needed to punt Higuain and his wage, and wanted Bonucci back quite a bit it would seem. Given some of his less than stellar performances last season, it’ll be interesting how he fairs. I wouldn’t underestimate how much of this deal going through was Juventus wanting Higuain off the books, though.




Amazing deal. Wish them all the best and for Bonucci I’ve lost so much respect for u. Milan, juve italy as a whole hate u right now. Anyways once we get a winger which is probably Bernard we need tk seriously start focusing on selling.

Kalinic bacca borini Montolivo are all rumoured and should go. Make room on the wages too. I think the next toughest task is gathering 20m for kalinic and getting decent money for bacca


Thank you Leonardo and welcome back! The people who were criticizing him as well Curva Sud are eating their words. Now we do need another creative Midfielder and winger who can take on defenders. Another thing, these signings mean more pressure for Gattuso because now he has to step up without any excuses of having a weak and thin squad of players. With the players we have, we need a world class coach immediately to put us back to at least top four immediately. Tactically, i do not think Gattuso is there yet. Conte could be our immediate fix and… Read more »

Milan Wins

Drinks on me mate, so succinctly put! Bravo!

Akoo Gh

Oh God of Israel u ve listen to our prayers


Thank You, O God of all mankind for making CR7 goes to Juve. The transfer is definitely twisting Bonucci’s heart to return to Juve. Such a glory hunter player but that’s fine with me because I’m expecting Bonucci makes some conflicts with Allegri. O God of all mankind, please make Zidane the new French NT coach so that he won’t fix Juve in the next 5 years. Btw, I just don’t understand why someone praying exclusively as if the All Mighty God belongs to a nation only? Kindly read the Torah, Bible and Quran in order to find out the… Read more »


I agreed with everything you said before you started talking about an invisible friend.




the god of mankind should be the same as the god of pig. And if you disagree, then the pig is higher than you because they created by something beyond the god.


Ok we have higuain for the middle
We have suso on the right wing , now we need a great winger for the left wing , we should sign at all cost depay or martial , i think martial is not possible because manchester asks to mutch for him , that’s why we should go all out for depay . And we should get bernard to because he’s a fast good enough winger and he’s free. And we need a new creative midfielder . And Finaly we need to get rid off kalinic ‘ bacca ‘ montolivio .


Get Draxler and Bernard and we are good to go.

Milanisti Indonesia

Conti Caldara Romagnoli RR
Rabiot Biglia Bonaventura
Suso Higuain


This was the same formation we used to conquer europe during the belursconi era i wish Gattuso can reintroduce it ,it will give higuain balance ,but for this 433 i am not sure if higuain can score 10gaols.

Tengku Elzafir

Except Hakan current level is nowhere near Rui Costa and Kaka. And did you forgot about Kessie? We should play Kessie and Biglia, with the other midfielder position for Bonaventura or whoever replaced him.

zahid hossain

Dear Leonardo, u r the hero…..after 7yrs I m seeing bright future of my Milan…..Forza Milan


Well we all were excited a year ago with Bonucci, I don’t think Higuain will score more than 15 goals but I wish him 30 goals. Forza Milan


Am not too happy at losing bonucci. The guy is a captain and a true champion. We all celebrate having the better deal b/c we are exchanging him with a 24yr old but d truth is that 24yr old is not varane or Umtiti. Not all 24yr old are champion. Convincing bonucci to stay and going for higuain would have been a better deal to me. We need champ league not molding someone thatay be sold in the future. Anyways all the best to d lads


I would have wished he bonnuci stayed,but you can’t keep someone who’s heart is out of the club.. caldera is a coup. I am not really a fan of papita, but that what we need right now..


Hard to get Higuain and pay for his salary and transfer fee with Bonucci on our books. Then to keep someone against their wish who didn’t have a great season and pay him a lot of money is not working either. We are where we are but I think long term is a step in the right direction.


Va fanculo bonucci u fukin wanker
U are finished anyways


Great deal for Milan
Bonucci is crap and he is finished…
Va fanculo bonucci u fukin wanker


goodbye long balls


omgomgomgomg. I’ll wait until the official, but omgomgomg. I have no ill feeling towards Bonucci, I never took him to my heart really, and it just wasn’t a great match. He did great things in developing Romagnoli, and I wont miss his long balls. The thing I noticed a lot during the Tottenham game was how much of the ball Locatelli saw, if Bonu was on the pitch he would’ve gone for the long ball instead of passing it to Loca and letting him dictating the play. Wanted Caldara since his breakout season and Higgy, as @nick said is looking… Read more »


Ugghh @Milanista121 I just posted a HUGE comment and then refreshed to find you already discussing everything I said.

Y u do dis bro ? xD


Hahaha damn, srry mate! Hope your comment will be posted asap! Looking forward to reading your more elaborate thoughts 😉


Bonucci is gone. Wish him the best of luck in his journey to becoming a Champions League winner, but, I ‘m a bit skeptical for our fellow Juve fans as Sir Allegri has the capability of missing out on the title even if he starts playing from the semis. On a serious note, I’m just glad we won’t have to deal with Bonucci’s “Pirlo Impression” no more. Yes, he is a fantastic passer for a defender but he is no Beckenbauer. I can’t count how many times I was close to having an aneurysm seeing our former Capitano ruining the… Read more »


With the squad we have now, 4231 is the best formation:
Donna / Reina
Calabria Caldara/Musa Romagnoli RR
Kessie Biglia
Suso Calhanoglu Bonaventura
with this formation, Higuain will score at least 20 goals. Forza Leonardo, Forza Milan.


Wow inter might get modric although a long shot, super jealous. See what champions league football can do for you? Top four is a must this season


He has apparently said yes to them as well… It would be a huge blow, not only because Inter will then be the main contenders for the title with Juve, but also since Modric is a Milanista since he was a kid. I think we would have a chance to sign him, even with no UCL football, if we could come to an economic settlement as with Higuain.
I doubt Madrid will let him leave though, especially since they let Ronaldo leave this summer, it wouldnt give a good impression to their fans.

Tengku Elzafir

I like Caldara since his Atalanta days. But do we need another center back? We still have Romagnoli, Musacchio, Gomez, and Zapata, with Simic and Gabbia as youth options.


Where are the “Ultras” now? Thank you Leo and thank you Bonucci for wanting to leave and making this all possible.

Sean Milan

First of all, I’m grateful to Elliot fund.. they are really working their magic and showing they really know the business getting the right people back in this Great Club .. we just need a creative midfielder and a pacy winger and I believe this season would be great #ForzaMilano


Amazing work by Leonardo, the only thing that could make this transfer window better imo is if Modric were to snub inter and join Milan. On a side note in the hunt for a midfielder I wouldn’t mind getting Oscar, I think he could help a lot.


Kalinic bacca Monty berto anto sold bring in some cash and get depay bernard and we are done modric or Vidal would be the dream I’m excited for this Milan Leo we love you let’s do this boys


I could remembered,when especially ANDREA SILVA and BONUCCI was purchased last season,fans here were professing and hyping dem,and now bonucci and silva (42+38€) are a waste!!! Dumped fans!!! And now some were like,gattuso should go,conte should come!!!go and watch sarri at Chelsea!1! Confused fans!!!


Bonucci very old.I think Caldara will be.
Still,Higuain is one of striker among in the football wold


Milan will be again great !


I am more confident with Reina between the posts. Milan will have young back line and will need someone to command them so who’s better than Reina

Overall Milan squad is quite young and new together so I’m counting on the likes of Reina, Biglia, Jack and Higuain to guide them

Forza Milan!


Well it’s official!!! Higgy and bonucci both had medicals, caldara next! Welcome boys!! So happy to have you and all the best!!!

You see Pato statements saying his desire is to return to Milan. Plus working on Bernard. Only a couple weeks left and we’ve started the transfers fantastically!


We need to drop all on martial. Our attack still looks a bit weak, unless we bring in a top left attacker:

Conti caldara romag rodriguez
Kessie locatelli?
Suso hakan martial

We need a better cmf than locatelli/biglia too


Why not to try Andre Silva as a winger? It is worth at least a try. I wouldnt sell him. He could shine this year along Higuain.


Next bernard & kovacic pls


I read comments and I can’t believe dat fans here are adding SUSO to there first 11 line up,due to his performance @ d ongoing ICC cup. And meanwhile,at the end of last season,70% of fans here were shouting “suso should be sold” and now voice are down on dat!!! I’ll wait for the first half of next season to hear what you guys will say about the coach again!!! Not surprised though,when human being his confused,he/she won’t know what he wants again and have a right thinking!!! But NOTE THIS, Milan players and new signings can’t just blend up… Read more »