Milan interested in Red Bull Salzburg midfielder Samassékou, discussions started with the agent of the Malian

Diadie Samassékou and Valere Germain during the Salzburg-Marseille UEFA Europa League semi-final second leg at the Red Bull Arena Salzburg on May 3, 2018. (VLADIMIR SIMICEK/AFP/Getty Images)
Diadie Samassékou and Valere Germain during the Salzburg-Marseille UEFA Europa League semi-final second leg at the Red Bull Arena Salzburg on May 3, 2018. (VLADIMIR SIMICEK/AFP/Getty Images)

Milan have reportedly began talking to the agent of Samassékou, as they are looking for reinforcements in midfield.

The Rossoneri are trying to get a striker, a midfielder and a winger this summer to complete and reinforce the squad of Gennaro Gattuso for next season,

Yesterday, Sky Italia reported that Milan have set their sights on Red Bull Salzburg’s Diadie Samassékou and Chelsea’s Tiémoué Bakayoko.

And on Saturday afternoon, the usually-reliable Mohamed Bouhafsi of RMCsport France reported through a tweet that Milan are stepping up their efforts to get a midfielder and have initiated contacts with the agent of Samassékou.

The 22-year-old Malian has a contract expiring in 2019 and last night Sky estimated that his price would be around €18 million. Samassékou played a key part in Salzburg’s Europa League run last season, as they made it all the way to the semi-final, where they lost to Marseille.

With just 20 days remaining until the end of the mercato, every day will be a busy one for Leonardo, who needs to complete sales and signings before the deadline on August 17 at 20:00 CET.

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Really dont know anything about him, but if he were to join and prove to be a vital signing, it would be a hard blow to loose both him and Kessie to the AFC… in this regard Bakayoko has my vote, but as I said before I really dont know anything about Samassekou…


The African Cup of nations has been change for summer period when all leagues are have ended just like world cup and Euros.

Decision was taken last year to avoid distraction for African players in european league. So AFC is no longer a factor.

Let just hope for a good beast of a midfielder that will complement kessie


Ooh thats right, completely forgot that!
Thanks man! Hope he or whoever comes then will be a fine signing:)


Don’t know anything about this player either. Does he have similar characteristics to kessie? Because kessie is really the only type of his kind in milan. Don’t have any other midfielders on our team who provide a strong physical presence.

A backup for him is instrumental.

Calm down

Kessie himself should be the back up. If a player is not better than him then no point getting them. This Salzburg guy better provide something more than mere strong physical presence.


There is no point to depth and competition for a position? Gattuso obviously wants to build his midfield around kessie (physical presence), a regista and a creative mezzala (although we are lacking a real one). If kessie was a product of our academy people would be raving about him. Now be careful, without comparing quality, as quality is obviously an issue, what depth do we have in midfield for the kessie role? Regista: Biglia, loca, mauri, monto Mezzala (creative): bona, berto, halilovic, hakan Mezzala (physical): kessie and….? So I guess let me ask, who would you bring for a replacement… Read more »


Btw, after seeing reading up on some info and watching some match replays he and kessie look to be two different types of players!

Calm down

You are right about depth but the way our midfield have performed last season,I will prioritize upgrading it and Kessie was not the best of the trio. I think it’s a bit like trying to get a back up for Cutrone instead of someone better. Being physical is an advantage but in the modern game every midfielder should at least have a decent passing and ball controlling ability which I think should be the main characteristics we should be looking for in any additional midfielder for this summer. Was frustrating watching the team struggling to move the ball around and… Read more »


@Calm Down

I couldn’t reply to your comment but I see where you are coming from well said.


I though Muntari has retired, a back up it’s okay, but how about improving our squad?

Milan Boy

I don’t know him but if we sign him I hope he becomes the next big thing. I am surprised we are not screaming for Witsel, I have always been a fan of his but his performance in world cup actually caught the eye. He is the kind of player we need in the base of our midfield.


Would be good signing and long term and price is more then fair


What’s the news about SIlva is he being sold or loaned to Galatasaray?


Planing on a loan but it’s reported that the player is yet to agree on the move

The Cunt

Caldara for Bonucci perfect

Higuain good signing

Paqeuto from Flamengo good signing

Sell Suso, Silva, Kalinic, Borini, Bertolacci, Zapata and Bacca

Profit made, increased quality and tickets will be sold


calciimercato remains the worst place to get news from. They report virtually every rumours. Sometimes they just write non existent stuff to make news. Am tired of reading their articles


calciimercato is nothing more than click bate bullshit


As mush as i prefer him to Bakayoko, i think its not smart to have two Africans in same position cuz we will lose them both when their countries qualify for the Africa nations cup ,,

Bynz:: Silva is going on a dry loan but i dont understand that if Kalinic will be sold , that will leave us with only two strikers Haguain and Cutrone if the deal came thru .. Maybe Leo want to surprise us with Pato return .. Finger cross

Joe Helmy

Agree.. the strikers will be Higuain, Cutrone and Pato. Milan cannot go to 3 competitions with only Higuain and Cutrone.


I have a feeling bonaventura will be out of milan this summer. It’s based off nothing but a feeling but with the potential of Chelsea getting involved with Higuain and caldara we have to make a deal more appealing without the spending power Chelsea has. Bonaventura has not been mentioned all summer, hasn’t featured in any friendlies, no news of him being unfit. And allegri has always been a fan. If Chelsea really wants to commit for Higuain and caldara, Milan can’t compete. If chelsea hijack that deal, and bonucci still forces a move to juve, we could be really… Read more »

Natti Camilleri

Kucka was a mistake to let him go…hes strong, technical and has a beast of a shot, not to forget the nutmegs he pulled off in matches. I’ll be more than happy to see his return


If we want to jump to the next level we need a playmaker like Milinkovic-Savic. .as mancity and Belgium did with kelvin de buryne not impossible if u ask me ..We should think about the best for once not players under probability


Chelsea is going all in for Caldara, according to reports they are offering 40 millions


Oh hell naw. Hopefully the whole Bonu-ordeal will give us the upper hand!


Chelsea is screwing up all our deals. Friday it seemed certain and now this weekend there’s been no talk and chelsea have dropped both higuain and rugani for caldara. Simple as this, if we don’t get what we want bonucci goes nowhere


Yeah smh… It will probably go down to the players will, and hopefully Caldara prefers a move to us rather than Chelsea, then we’ll be good to go!


So, if we were set in spending money in Immobile or Morata why don’t give Juventus 40$ and keep Bonucci?


Dude, do you understand English? Juve will not let go of Caldara unless we buy Higuain too. Bonucci is shit. I wouldn’t keep him for free. Romagnoli > Caldara > Bonucci


Yes the Italy captain, wanted by PSG and Juve is shit.

I remember our undefeated streak it was by fielding Romagnoli and gomez/Mussachio

Do you understand a negotiation? If Juve is willing to offload Caldara for Bonucci in your mind that means that Caldara is even more shit.

Bonucci shit. jeez I was against him taking the armband but I never doubt his quality. You need to watch more football.


Remember Italy not qualifying for world cup? Lmao. Yeah, Bonucci is shit. Shit that wants to leave the body. But stupid fan boys so think we should keep him lol


Again you miss the whole point of the ‘negotiation’. Juve only including Caldara because we refuse to take only Higuain in exchange for Bonucci. Juve are desperate to free Higuain’s salary from their books & recoup part of their spending. They don’t actually want to let go of Caldara. They offered us Benatia/Pjaca but we refused. They didn’t let Rugani go to Chelsea because they didn’t make a decent offer for Higuain & they said no Higuain no Rugani. Smh, some people just don’t like to read.


I know the Mercator very well, and to say Bonucci is shit says it all… Yes Italy didn’t qualified because they are shit, I guess Spain and Germany too after wc, was Sweden crap at WC? Learn some football mate


Comment: I prefer samasseku he even has pace more than kessie.. I watched him against Lazio and Marseille.. he is also skillful and goal scoring 18mil is cool

Baresis Dream

Why is Caldara worth 40 mil all the sudden? The kid has potential, and he can score goals from CKs, but really?

Bonucci for Higuan – great deal, would swap in a heartbeat.

Bonucci for Caldara – mehe. We already have a CB with tons of potential in Romag; we need someone with experience who is already established, and can complement Romag nicely (meaning he better be more physical).


Supposedly they want bonucci +30m for higuain and he wants 4-5years contract of minimum 8million a season..
For me this operation doesnt soung good at all and milan should stand ground and ask 40milion for bonucci or caldara otherwise no deal.
First reports of loan+obligation and 6 mil salary would be good deal, but this demands now are unreasonable

Baresis Dream

I’m fine with 8 mil a year salary since we’re paying Bonucci 7.5 if I’m not mistaken. But I agree that adding more than 5-10 mil on top of Bonucci in the swap doesn’t make sense.

Daniel Medeiros

I’d be ok with 8mil if it includes bonuses for performance, which is a common thing. If he really peforms at a top level then he’ll be worth that. Salaries in football theses days are crazy. And it’s hard to compete with the english. UEFA should do something about that instead of trying to f**k giants elsewhere in europe.

Baresis Dream

Medrios, salaries are crazy yes, but we won’t be able to change that. There’s no way getting someone of Higuain’s caliber for substantially less.


Teams our built from the defense to the attack. Why if we have a great defense are we gambling on a young player? Bonucci wants to leave? He wanted to follow Buffon, now he wants to kiss Cristiano’s ass, I say sell him if the price is right 45M at least, and no to adding dead weight to our team. if we are spending money on a 9 must be on his prime. FFS go and buy Batshuayi, get Balotelli, keep Bacca and Silva, but Higuain? the guy is finished. If he comes he will flop and then go to… Read more »


LMFAO Higuain is finished but you say get Balotelli? bwahahaha. You sir, are incredible!!


43 goals in 66 games yes Demogorgon he is finished.

I rather have a Balotelli for free eager to earn a spot for euros than a national team retired player on decline.


Eager to earn a spot? Bwahahaha man your delusion knows no bounds. Balotelli is a poster boy for wasted talent. He will never come good. Never. We have no need for egotistical self serving selfish players. I ain’t a fan of Higuain either but damn if it’s between him & Balotelli, there’s no competition.

Baresis Dream

Why on earth would you say Higuain is finished. Don’t judge according to the WC my friend. He’s still one of the top strikers in seria a, and should be enough for 4th place.

I myself am not laughing at the Balotelli idea though. For his price, he’s definitely worth the gamble. But Higuain is on another level imo.

Bajan Milanatic

I saw bits and pieces of him playing and he looks a fairly decent player with huge potential. But I would prefer if management would sign Thomas Partey from Atl Madrid instead. Maybe a Kalinic + cash or a straight swap might do the trick since it’s been rumoured that Atl Madrid are interested in Kalinic.


@bajan. Are you Ghanaian? Milan really don’t need Thomas partey. I can assure that he will flop big time in Milan. The setup in Aith mardrid favors him more.


You guys kept talking about shit..
Let Leonardo do his things..its not like he will make us crumble down and go to serie B..
Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show..dont forget to hope for the best..

Someone whos tired with all of your bullshits.


Vidal, Witsel, Nzonzi, I think all are below 40m mark, we should have one of these guys in our mf. Samassekou is a gamble


is not enough for we to want them but the question is do they want to come play for Milan ,cos the players u have mentioned now r all eying to play in the champions league


Knowing Leonardo and his previous track record regarding scouting players – Silva, Pato and Kaka, I trust his judgement regarding Samessekou, if he is to join. I looked him up, and he looks indeed a very interesting player, strong in his tackling, good reading of the play, good technique, vision is there but his passing needs a little polishing. He looks more like a CM though rather than a wide midfielder like Kessie, so I wonder if he will be able to play well there and actually be a vice-Kessie, or if he will take his spot entirely… remains to… Read more »