Leonardo met with Juve’s Marotta and Paratici to discuss Bonucci, Milan ask for Caldara to be included in the deal

Leonardo Bonucci during Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on April 21, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Leonardo Bonucci during Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on April 21, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Leonardo Bonucci’s move back to Juventus is taking shape, but it seems that Milan are trying to get Mattia Caldara into the negotiations.

Bonucci looks to have made up his mind and with each passing hour, it appears more and more likely that the Rossoneri captain will leave Milan after one year.

This evening, there was a meeting in Milano between Leonardo – who will soon officially rejoin Milan as the head of the technical area – and Juventus’ Giuseppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici. The meeting came after a few phone calls between the sides, in order to lay the foundations for the negotiations to take Bonucci back to the Bianconeri.

At first it appeared that Bonucci could be involved in a swap + cash deal for Gonzalo Higuain, who is also wanted by Chelsea. However, Sky and others are reporting this evening that Leonardo has asked for the inclusion of ex-Atalanta center back Mattia Caldara, 24, into the negotiations.

Mattia Caldara during France-Italy at Allianz Riviera Stadium on June 1, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Mattia Caldara during France-Italy at Allianz Riviera Stadium on June 1, 2018. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

The agent of Caldara, Beppe Riso, had a meeting with the Bianconeri today. Juventus, who for now seem to be against the idea of giving Caldara away, tried to enter other players into the talks – Sturaro, Rugani or Pjaca, but Leonardo seems to be particularly interested in Caldara.

“The rumours? They are just voices, it’s pleasing but I’m happy at Juventus, I want to stay here and my agent takes care of these things,” Caldara, who is believed to be the future center back of Italy with Romagnoli and who is with the Juve squad in the United States at the moment, told Sky Italia.

As for Higuain, the interest of the Diavolo is still alive, but it remains to be seen just how closely linked Bonucci’s exit this possible deal would be. Updates are expected in the next days.

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Caldara + cash €€ would be good
Then buy a good striker + depay or martial and a good midfielder like paredes . That would be a good mercato .


Yes, get Martial on loan even better till we balance books. Man Utd are wisoned up, they won’t sell Martial for 50million. They won’t make same mistake they made with Pogba , Chelsea with De Bruyne or Roma with Salah.

They want to loan him out. Morinho has a habit of selling world class player for cheap like with De Bruyne, Lukaku and Salah when all three were still Chelsea. Man Utd know this by now.


This would actually be a really good deal. First off, Bonucci last season, even with Gattuso, was not as good as he was with Juve. Romagnoli was significantly better. Caldara is a very, very good player and there wouldn’t be a big difference if he were to replace Bonucci. Our main weakness right now is a top striker, a player that teams fear playing against (do not say Cutrone). Higuain is undoubtedly on the decline, but I’m confident he’ll give 15+ goals, possibly in the 20s. Bonucci crying for a return to Juve after only one year is pathetic, I… Read more »


100% agree with you. if we get Higuain and Caldara, we would only need a winger and a CDM. Paredes and Vidal have been linked with us while there have been also rumors about Berardi. Gelson Martins is also free for the take.

GK: Donnarumma, Reina
RB: Conti, Calabria CB: Caldara, Romagnoli, Zapata, Musacchio LB: R.R. , Strinic
CDM: Vidal/ Paredes, Biglia
CM: Kessie, Bonaventura, Bertolacci, Locatelli, Halilovic
RW: Suso, Berardi/Gelson FW: Higuain, Bacca, Cutrone LW: Chalhanoglu, Borini

zahid hossain

Bonucci + 60/65 milking= Higuain+Caldara+Mandukic will be superb


Which one is better? Caldara or Rugani?


Caldara. He had an amazing season with Atalanta. I prefer him over Rugani. Smart move by Leonardo.


Ah yes.. he was the leader of Atalanta’s defence. That’s something Rugani has never done.


Caldara! For me anytime. Rugani seems overrated


Last summer it was crazy transfers of players. This summer it’s crazy sacking of executives. Milan forever irrespective of what happen. The joy experienced as a Milan fan will always surpass all this uncertainty and negativity. Still hope for d best


I hope we do this deal
At first I was against losing Bonnuci but the more I think about it and go over the pros and cons its a no brainer
We would have more or less the Italian national back line providing we also keep Donnarumma which does look likely and given all there ages we’re set for years to come
Leonardo knows he’s stuff

Fabrizio Agresta

No way scaldata for Bonucci 24 vs 31no way

Jorge Abrams

Too good to be true honestly but one can hope.


I’ve purposely watched Rugani very well for Juve many times and am very convinced that he’s way overrated. I’ve watched Caldara too at Atalanta on countless times because it intrigues me how they rate him so high and i have to say that he’s a perfect modern center back. I told my friend that supports Juve how much Caldara is better than Rugani and he agree with me. I will be the happiest here if this deal goes through. Ive been following the updates live on Calciomercato and the latest development points to an agreement with Milan paying €10m more.… Read more »


What do you mean, Bonucci + 10 million euros for Caldara?
A steal in that case.


No, it should be Caldara + 10 euro from Juve for Bonucci. That’s a steal. lol


Omg, now THIS is news!! If this would happen it would be an absolutely astonishing deal.
I agree with @Jibola, I also think that Rugani is overrated. Caldara is the real deal, but if he can perform on the bigger scene is another thing.


So Bonucci and Allegri have now settled their differences ???? Hnmmmm


Exactly, my thinking…


I do not know much about Leonardo, but he appears to be making the right deals even before he officially takes over. I’ve held the view that Mirrabelli does not have eyes for real quality players. Bonucci was average last season and I wouldn’t mind if leaves. Keep Donnarumma and Locatelli and maintain Gattuso. They are the future.


Most likely it’s because he was a player as well.


I’ve said before that unfortunately my close friend is a Juventus supporter but it brings up good topics for us. Last year he was so upset that bonucci left for milan and now he’s pissed off to hear bonucci back to juve for caldara. I was upset to hear bonucci going back to juve but if it’s for caldara I’m all for it. I’ve admired him for awhile and watched him at Atalanta. He and romagnoli are truly the future and to know that we have calabria and Conti that could truly be the full backline of italy for the… Read more »


As good as Calabria and Conti are, they are simply warming that position for the prince, Bellanova. He already got 50 appearances for Italy’s youth teams, would be interesting to see if he gets promoted to Milan’s first team this season.
As for Caldara, if he’s as good as people here claim, why would Juve sell him to us? Juve supremo, Marrota is no fool.


As good as Calabria and Conti are, they are simply warming that position for the prince Bellanova. The boy got 50 caps for the Italy youth teams. Would be interesting to see if he gets promoted to the Milan first team this season, perhaps in place of Abate.


If Leo can pull this off, which is Caldara+Cash.

I’m ready to start a new leaf with him and all is forgiven.

This deal would be like stealing someones phone then selling it to said person after admitting the theft, Finesse at it’s finest LOL.


This would be an amazing deal.


This would be a great move economically and from football perspective. Bonucci is 31 and had average season. Given his age his value is decline and it would be great to recoup our 40m back and offload his 10m p.a. salary. If we cut our losses now we can save 40m on his wages for next 4 years and get 30-35m in transfer for him. As for Caldara we were very close to signing him but in midst of berlusconi’s last few month we didnt have the funds and missed out. He would ideal partner for Romangoli forming long term… Read more »


I think we should buy Caldara, Emil Forsberg/Lorenzo Pellegrini(advanced playmaker), Chiesa/Sansone (winger) and Belloti/Immobile (FW). Offload Reina, Abate, Bonucci, Zapata, Jose Mauri, Bacca, Kalinic to balance sheet.


If Caldara is as good as most people here say he is, why would Juve sell him? Juve are very good at identifying top talent.
Dream on!


Because Juve is a club that if a player wants to leave then they wont stop him – just like Bonucci last year who was rated top three CB’s in the world. Anything is possible in other words… So we’ll dream on 😉


But Caldara has publicly said he doesn’t want to leave


He said “Im happy at Juve, we’ll see what happens, my agent handles these types of things”. something like that


I’m part Brazilian so I maybe biased but i’d love to see some younger Brazilians come to Milan, namely Willian Jose, David Neres, Luan, Rodrigo Caio, etc. I miss the day of Pato, Kaka, Thiago Silva, Ronaldinho playing for us.


Rodrigo Caio!


I also love Brazilians and I believe that they also Dreams of playing for MiLan.


Thiago Maia have been linked


Juve want to hold on to Caldara so they offered Benatia instead. Of course Milan refused it


Say what you want about Benatia, but Benatia the footballer is amazing. I’d say he has better abilities than Bonucci tbh, I wouldnt mind him.


Get me Caldara, and thy sins are forgiven thee Leo

Eazi Frank

why cant we go for Neres ?we need a winger with pace or someone who can score at least 15 goals from the wings. Caldara will be good if we can give Bonucci away for him.We need to sign Pavon or a young south american talent so we can create a baln d’or winner again.


We may have forgotten that the new owner is not a Chinese or Arab multimillionaire, than an inventive financial organization that will certainly not throw millions like Li last year.


But as an organization they also know that you have to invest to get results.


Amazing deal for us and actually all parties if it goes true. Bonucci needs to play in the Champions League, Caldara just needs to play, Juve need experience, Milan need future star. All these things will happen if this deal goes true.

And I agree, I have watched both Caldara and Rugani and in my opinion Caldara is more talented. Caldara-Romagnoli will be a sick partnership for years.


Now they want to insert Pjaca in the deal instead of Caldara

Milan wanted Pjaca in the past but the boy decides for Juve. I say keep on warm that bench boy


I also love Brazilians and I believe that they also Dreams of playing for MiLan.

Stanley samson

Bonnucci can certainly go,I watched him last season and saw some silly mistakes he did.Higuain and Caldara is a perfect decision.Milan please get these players and we will b happy.Bonnucci you can leave

Emmy Apache

This is where the point is. A true die hard milan player would have wanted to remain with the club despite what it’s going true Even the captain for that matter and he’s highly interested to leave his current club? This is a shame and should be a lesson to Gattuso who should have known better that players who truly love milan are not treated as an out cast Montolivo deserves better and should not be forced out of the club like a nobody. Bonucci purposely avoided playing the first leg against Juventus at San Siro by earning questionable red… Read more »