Carnevali: “The Locatelli negotiations were almost closed, then everything was blocked with the new ownership”

Manuel Locatelli during training at Milanello. (
Manuel Locatelli during training at Milanello. (

Sassuolo were already close to signing Locatelli, but everything froze when the ownership changed.

Locatelli seemed on the verge of being sold to Sassuolo for €12-13m (and a buy-out clause included), but all that is now on-hold, as the people who negotiated this deal are now out of the club.

“The negotiations were almost closed, then everything was blocked with the new Milan ownership,” Sassuolo CEO Giovanni Carnevali told Sky Italia today when discussing the plans of the Neroverdi. “Sassuolo had decided to make the heaviest investment of the club in Locatelli: he can be an important one for us.”

It is believed that Elliott blocked Locatelli’s move because they believe that due to his young age and his relatively low salary, it’d be better to keep him as his value can increase in the future.

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This is nice to hear. Apparently new management has some brains on them.

Milan Boy

I think its a wise decision to keep Locateli since he is one of the brightest midfield prospect in Italy. I was really against the plan to sell him but to the glory of God Elliot seem to understand how to do business better than the Chinese. If the swap with Caldara for Bonuci works, then the signals are really bright for us .I am indeed optimistic that the good times are not far away. Lets hope that a tested striker arrives, a wide player preferably Depay and a creative midfielder. Then a Badelj to add to the number will… Read more »


Very good to hear – less so because they think it’s because his value will increase, I mean it’s nice that they believe in him, but I hope we wont become a club that sells our top players as soon as they turn good and a new Arsenal with Gazidis incoming.


Why do people think Arsenal are a selling club? With the exception of Sanchez (who more or less pushed through the sale himself) I don’t recall them selling unless the player asks to go and they invest quite a lot of money, maybe not as much as other clubs at the top in the premier league but then not many clubs can match both Manchester clubs or Chelsea
Arsenals only mistake was keeping Wenger for around 5 years to long which was more a sentimental choice than anything else


Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy, Van Persie, and latest Sanchez, as you mentioned. That’s pretty much all their top players in the recent years. And if the article is valid with its statement that the transfer is blocked due to his potential value increasing in the future then it doesn’t really settle my nerves.
You and @ Nick are right though, most of these players, if not all of them wanted out so the club couldnt/didnt want to force them to stay.
Hopefully Milan as a brand and club will have a bigger status so thinks like that wont happen.


Fabregas wanted Barcelona and nobody stops them or Madrid, Nasri was a money mercenary and went to City, Adebayor was the same as Nasri but twice as big a prick, Van Persie wanted to win something important, out of all those players who Arsenal sold they didn’t put them on the market the players themselves did so I just think its unfair to call them a selling club like Ajax I’m also a tad bit concerned with Elliott’s reasoning behind not selling Locatelli too, I’d prefer if they said “he’s the future” or “we don’t sell our best young players”… Read more »


@Milanista121. That was more Arsene Wenger than Gazidis. In the UK the managers have more of a GM control compared to Italy where most often the coach has work with whatever players the GM wants or gives them or decides to sell.

This is a smart move by the new management to keep Locatelli. That makes more sense than signing Badelj who again is not a top quality player. Sigh!


Comment: we want caldara, higui, email fosberg and badelj

Akhil N

With leanardo coming … It is a feeling that we are going with a young squad and in my belief Andre Silva locatelli will stay .. bacca will most probably be our striker if other striker won’t arrive … Kalinic and bonucci and may be Reina would be leaving .. interesting things going in the background of Milan … Any way forza Milan hope for the best…..

zahid hossain

I m hopeful with this new management, they taking good decisions in quick time, seems better days are coming again for my AC MILAN


Amazing how a hedgefund company with no real football interest has made a wiser decision than the people in charge of Milan have in over a decade.


Where are all those people saying Loca is not good enough and should be sold/loaned and all those nonsensical stuffs?
Loca needs to make the heart of midfield his own and he has already shown the ability – not the potential, but the ability – to do so.
I don’t know how can people even disagree with that.
Biglia won’t cut it. And sure as hell Badelj won’t cut it.


He should stay and be a integrated part of Milan! He is good enough already and have great potential 🙂


Just make sure he play if they want his price to rocket that badly..