Kalinić’s agent: “There are several options open but it depends on Milan, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla interested”

Nikola Kalinic at Linate airport on July 22, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Nikola Kalinic at Linate airport on July 22, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Nikola Kalinić’s agent has admitted there are some teams interested, but the ball is in the court of Milan now.

It is no secret that Milan are looking to sign a striker, and for that to happen – they need to sell players, and the main candidate in attack to leave is Kalinić.

There were reports that Kalinić s move to Atletico Madrid was practically a done deal, but the Croatian is flying with the rest of the group to the United States for the International Champions Cup games.

“When Milan make their decision we’ll evaluate it,” the agent of the 29-year-old, Tomislav Erceg, told Estadio Deportivo. “We have to wait and see what they decide. Atletico Madrid are interested, we can’t deny that. Sevilla? Yes, there are several options open but it depends on Milan.”

In addition to Kalinić, Carlos Bacca is also expected to leave. The Colombia’s return date to Milanello has not been scheduled yet as he does not wish to remain with the club.

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Any option will do. Just get him out of here.


Sevilla and Atletico thank you. May mercy be on you, tho, if you need him to score some goals


Just leave us at once

Coach Seedorf

He will Certainly score for them. Our midfield was a big problem, he also had his problems but with a better midfield display, he would have done better. Biglia was very good with Lazio last 2 seasons but what was he with Milan last season? You know the story. Immobile will also under perform if he arrives here trust me, this is more of a Milan problem than the players themselves. I’m sure Silva will shine in other seria A teams. I hope he stays and does very well this season. We need Silva, Conti and Hakan to shine as… Read more »


Did you see how much he missed for us last season and the clear positions he just couldn’t put it in?

Rossonero 23

But all those clubs want to loan him without the permanent transfer obligation…
This is lame. We want to sell him. Permanently. And for no less than 20 million euros.


I carry him to the club who whants him for free !!he is a shame for fotball by ĺeaving croatia like that plz sell him and buy messi or any brasillian youngster forza milan

jus me

good news now go we don’t need you here.. thank you.. now someone please add me to the milan chat group 18768568723

Baresis Dream

I have a feeling both offers are way low than what we expected; we should at least get 15 mil for him, otherwise let him stay.


Then, take him away.


Let’s just pay any club than want to take him. He just an eyesore to watch.


Keep him and sign Muntari or Essien!

Ohiarah Chibueze

He should go, and I believe that as Milan has no money to spend all funds generated from the sale of these strikers(Bacca and Kalinic) should go back into a striker purchase.
Let us make us of the “free agent” market.
Max Meyer and Bernard(formerly of Shakhtar Donetsk)
They’ll make good squad additions


Hopefully someone is stupid enough to take him. Completely ridiculous purchase in the first place. You didn’t need to be Poirot to work out what was going to happen. The definition of midtable poor quality.