Abbiati leaves his role as Club Manager after just one year, reportedly declined Gattuso’s offer to be his assistant

Christian Abbiati before Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on March 18, 2018. (
Christian Abbiati before Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on March 18, 2018. (

Christian Abbiati has taken the decision to leave Milan, and it’s believed that it’s not linked to the corporate situation.

On June 14 2017, it became official that ex-goalkeeper Abbiati had returned to Milan in the role of the Club Manager.

However, it is now reported by il Corriere della Sera, La Gazzetta dello Sport, il Giornale and others, that Christian has chosen to leave after just one year.

Abbiati’s role description was to “report directly to the club’s Sporting and Technical Director Massimiliano Mirabelli and be the liaison between the team and the Club.” But despite the excellent relationship with coach Gennaro Gattuso, Abbiati has decided he doesn’t want to continue in this role.

The decision is said to be personal. il Giornale claims that Gattuso offered the 41-year-old a job as one of his coaching assistants, but Abbiati declined. And so, Christian and Milan part ways once again.

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Sad news. With Elliot hope Maldini will join the Milan staff. we need as many Milanistas as possible in this tough period.


They are selling Loca?! Wtf.


we are getting Berardi in return


Getting one season wonder for our brightest midfield prospect in years is a very very bad deal.


Are they definitely selling Loca? Where did this news come from


Reportedly for 15mil.
But Loca is looking for a different club.
He wants to stay. But he would rather be sold than be loaned this season. Can understand his reason. He needs to play more than injury prone mid-level 32yr+ midfielders.
We need him to hold the center of midfield.
I still am not convinced with Biglia. He won’t cut it.


Biglia was terrible at the world cup
Its a major mistake selling Loca


And the reported fee is 15M. I dont believe it before I see it. In my eyes he is worth 30-50M.


30-50M for what? He does’t even have a starting role on this mediocre Milan team. Let’s not overhype Locatelli, he isn’t that great.


If you read the comment again you will soon discover that this is in “MY EYES”. 15-20M is probably realistic price right now.. But if you consider what he can become for us in the future. He can be worth that. Hence is why in my eyes I wouldn’t have sold him for less right now. Better keep him, is my point. (if we are not getting a significant sell on fee or a buy back option for the same amount.) Then it will be OK in “MY EYES”


€15m plus a buy-back clause for Locateli isn’t a bad deal.Besides,his likely replacement is Milan Badje,while Loca gains the much-need experience with regular playtime.


Badelj is even worse than Biglia.
Loca deserves the first team experience right here in Milan.
If anyone thinks he does not deserve it, I recommend them to rewatch all the Loca appearances.
If they still don’t think he is not going to be a star, then there is nothing that can be done.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Really? He doesn’t not deserve to start. I said it…

Yes he will be a Star… but He still has a lot to learn. Name one top team in Serie A, where he will start right now.

He should go on loan. It’s the best thing for him.


The other day Joa Mario was trying to convince Portuguese players not to go to Italy and now their captain is joining Juve. Funny.

Rikimaru Tenchu

LOOOL Biglia a mistake?

Haha he was the most stabilising force in our midfield this season and really helps to balance when Kessie runs forward.

Locatelli is good and has prospects but you cannot deny that you can’t depend on him as your starter. He wouldn’t even see the Bench under Silvio’s Milan. I hope he goes on loan and gets some experience though.


Most important thing is to put a buy-back clause in any deal for him. We can’t lose our future home-grown star like we did with Cristante.

So sell him for less money if needed but put that buy-back clause in the deal.