Gustavo Gomez set to join Boca Juniors, Milan to get €6 million plus 20% of a future sale from the transfer

Gustavo Gomez during training at Milanello. (
Gustavo Gomez during training at Milanello. (

Gustavo Gomez is leaving Milan to go to Argentina as a deal is believed to have been reached with Boca Juniors.

Gomez was already close to leaving last summer and last January, but now it is said that Milan have come to an understanding with Boca Juniors over the transfer that will see the 25-year-old center back join the Argentina outfit.

According to Sky Italia’s Pepe Di Stefano, Sportitalia’s Alfredo Pedullà and others, Gomez is ready to leave Milan and the Rossoneri will get €6m plus 20% of a future sale.

The Paraguayan made just two appearances last season and was often out of the squads of Vincenzo Montella and Gennaro Gattuso. He will hope to revive his career in South America.

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Finally a good news. Atletico are after Kalinic for some reason and if the deal goes through and we get somewhere between 20m that would be amazing. as well as Wolves wanting Andre Silva for 33M. Get Carvalho and Badej for free, Gelson might be a great addition as well as a new striker.


Carvalho and badej gelson. No…..avarge players watched them closely at world cup joa Mario is evenfar better . I think Juve would sell dybala for a hundred million€. Cavani 50€ bernard free…can raise up 100 € by selling kalanic bacca naing silver gomez etc…possible I think


Sorry gelson instead of bernard was taking about carvalho and badej not gelson


the only thing worse than your English are your delusions. Carvalho played really good during WC. and Badej would be a sub not a starter. he’s much better than Monto.


U must be very unintelligent u rather insult people than state ur point


you must not be familiar with the concept of logical reasoning. it’s really obvious reading from your comments. 1) insulting people and intelligence are not connected in any way. moreover studies shown that the salty people are more intelligent. 2) we already have financial problems and you want to spend 100s of millions on players that won;t even consider playing for a team in European League more so without any European competition. 3) Carvalho you were bad mouthing was crucial in Portugal’s midfield vs Spain he was basically everywhere. top quality player which isn;t world-class level like Casemiro, Busquets and… Read more »

Daniel Medeiros

Lol Deku. Well, “studies” also show that people who believe in what “studies” show are more prone to believe in “studies” that show that people who believe in what “studies” show believe in what “studies” show – mainly when they can confirm some kind of bias. And none of this has any real grip on reality. In other words, that means sh*t. On the other hand, I agree with all of your other points.