Kalinić kicked out of Croatia’s World Cup squad after refusing to enter as a substitute against Nigeria

Nikola Kalinić during Croatia-San Marino on June 4, 2016 in Rijeka. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Nikola Kalinić during Croatia-San Marino on June 4, 2016 in Rijeka. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

It is now official that Nikola Kalinić has been kicked out by Croatia boss Zlatko Dalić and his World Cup experience ended earlier than expected.

Kalinić’s miserable year continues. Last summer he forced a move to Milan by refusing to train with Fiorentina, and today he got kicked out of Croatia’s World Cup squad for refusing to play.

“In agreement with his coaching staff, Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalić decided to exclude Nikola Kalinić from the World Cup squad. Kalinić leaves Croatia basecamp in Roshchino on Monday and returns to Croatia,” the Croatian FA announced on Monday, putting an end to the rumours.

Dalić later explained: “During the Nigeria match, Kalinić was warming-up and should have come in the second half. However, he said he wasn’t ready to go on because he felt a back problem. He did the same thing against Brazil and England, saying he wasn’t ready, and for yesterday’s training session too. I accepted it calmly, because I need ready and healthy players who can help their teammates. He’s not like that, on three occasions he hasn’t been ready, so I made this decision.”

The side of Kalinić has not been heard yet, but it should be remembered that also at Milan, he was once left out of the squad for not training with maximum effort, after learning that he would not be in the starting XI. Nikola, 30, played 41 matches in his first year in Red and Black, scoring 6 goals.

Sevilla have been rumored to be interested in signing Kalinić, but seeing the striker get kicked out of the squad in the middle of the World Cup could change their minds.

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They’resaying that hes had reoccuring back spasms and others saying hes upset to not play. Either way ypu getting kicked off the team is bad and you should leave milan asap. I was hoping you’d showsomething in world cup and you showed you’re not a professional. Its time to part ways with you

Kalah terus

forget any funds from the transfer of this clown…. I hate montella even more forcing a transfer for this piece of shit… for 20 mil???


He obviously heard about our new women’s team and wants to go home and impress his new coach so he gets a starting spot with them


Kalinic the DONKEY’ how do we sell him now.


Milan is only interested in players that no other prestiges club wants , why ? . This club makes mistake after mistake , i understand that this club is in debts but there are still plenty of free player that are good But milan isn’t going after them why ? Examples like there are plenty of sporting lissabon’s player that are realy good and are free why isn’t milan trying to sign atleast one of those players ? . And there are more free players available that are good but NO milan doesn’t want any . We are only linked… Read more »


And theyl always come out to defend and justify their stupid decisions.Its the same with Borini. They will ner acknowledge how bad he is until he scores 7 own goals.Its the most upsetting and ludicrous thing about this club.


Mirabelli please sort your mess. He did same with Gatuso when he refused to train properly.

Sent home by Club and now sent home by Country. This guy is of no use but I doubt we will get any good money for him, he’s a bad debt already.


There is a reason why I hated on him troughout whole season. He is, again, worst possible solution for a team like Milan. He is sloppy, lazy, stupid, untalented, slow and disrespectful.
No wonder why Croatian supporters hated on him all these years.
Now sell him for 10 mil and kiss the guy who pays even that much money for him.

Baresis Dream

Honestly, he was never lazy nor disrespectful at Milan; he just didn’t score goal. Minus that “small detail” he had wuite a positive season.


Bro… please explain to me how he had a positive season? six goals for a 25 million euro striker.
Even Dzeko in his first season which was labeled bad managed to get 14 goals.

Baresis Dream

Please read again – “he didn’t score goals”; the “” around “minor issue” is meant to indicate sarcasm.

Of course he didn’t have a positive season. But his attitude and commitment was never a question imo.

Baresis Dream

I meant “small detail”


He was kicked off from training by coach because of slaking … that is pretty disrespectful


Haha, what a joke. Have some honor and leave Milan asap, nobody wants you.

Pa ibra

A waste of money and time. Just terminate his contract. They won’t pay for a guy who can’t score couple with poor attitude. We can’t die trying to sell a player. Make him gone for nothing.


Arsenal got Torreira for 30 millions which will be spread out over 3 years, Inter is on the verge if signing Nainggolan for 30 millions and Pastore for 20 millions + bonuses

Milan is fast and deep asleep. Did I miss something? Did Galliani took over again?

Get out there and grab them bargains!!!


Milan can do nothing before UEFA decision,which is today. That’s why they don’t act yet. Milan is not sleeping, just scared currently.


today it’s just the hearing. the decision will come in a few days

Baresis Dream

The world cup is a blessing for us in that sense, since it makes closing deals harder for other clubs as well.


This’s not good at all

Sad news


Some reports suggest Mirabelli is counting on Gelson Martins and Renato Sanches for mercato

Gelson would be awesome, kid is strong on the ball, he wouldn’t act only as a sub to Suso but a real competitor for him on that RW

Sanches on the other hand is a lost boy but talent is there undoubtely. Maybe having around Silva and Gelson in same team could help


Well all eyes are on UEFA meeting hope all ends well and we are penalised like rest of teams who have breached ffp though decision will come in next 48 to 72 hours keeping fingers crossed……about Kalinic well now he doesn’t deserved to be part of milan….when a guy who can’t respect his national team coach how on gods earth will we expect him to be fair with us….he deserved to be thrown out….


Legitimate question.

Can anybody explain why exclusion from Europa League would be a valid punishment from the perspective of UEFA?

I don’t understand by us not meeting the requirements of FFP due to financial reasons, why they would ban you from a competition that can improve that financial situation (albeit not nearly as much profit as ucl). Especially since we earned that European spot in our domestic league at a sporting level.

I just wasn’t understanding why Sky is reporting exclusion from Europa League is becoming more likely.

Baresis Dream

If this punishment wasn’t on the table, there would be much more incentives to cheat.


I dont get it either. A transfer ban is the reasonable punishment, although us getting punished and not PSG as an example, is a joke.

Baresis Dream

Transfer ban is way more worse mate. Logically it maybe makes more sense, but it’s a harsher punishment (think death penalty for murder; makes sense logically but deemed too harsh by many societies).


Our players are doing so good at world cup


I wish kalinic will be kicked out of Milan just as the national team coach did. This guy is not even fit to wear a Milan Jessy, least so a number seven shirt. If that guy goes back to a Milan treating Camp, I will preferre supporting parma in the upcoming season.

What a useless, lazy, old, stupid, rude,greedy and indiscipline player. Just get him out of Milan already!


I have told u guys that this guy is shit

ACMilanSince 69

Kalinic is another Matri. I still don’t know what the coach sees in him.