Donnarumma: “Mistakes can happen but I want to move on, the disappointment is normal, Atalanta? We are ready”

Gianluigi Donnarumma before Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on April 21, 2018. (
Gianluigi Donnarumma before Milan-Benevento at Stadio San Siro on April 21, 2018. (

Gianluigi Donnarumma gave a brief interview to MilanTV saying ‘this is what being a goalkeeper means’ as he looks forward to the next two games after his mistakes in the Coppa Italia final.

Donnarumma was in the focus of Wednesday’s Coppa Italia final for all the wrong reasons as two crucial mistakes of his practically ended the match in the 64′ minute as he allowed Juve to score two goals that should have never been scored.

Today the 19-year-old goalkeeper, who last summer signed a four-year contract worth €6m net per season, spoke to MilanTV and expressed desire to leave that performance behind and concentrate on the last 2 Serie A games.

“We are surely all disappointed, we really wanted to win this game and we are sorry because we didn’t manage,” Gigio said. “But it’s time to look ahead, we have two important games where we have to do really well. “The Coppa Italia final [which ended in a huge 4-0 defeat]? Yes, but this is what being a goalkeeper means. Mistakes can happen, but I want to move on. The disappointment and all is normal, but it’s time to move on because we are playing two very important games.

“Atalanta? I really want to do well and show [my qualities]. I think we are all pumped, I saw the boys in the dressing room this morning and you could feel the positive energy. We are absolutely ready.”


  1. Be Gone Already You Mole! Its Just Easy For You To Make These Mistakes And Act Like Nothing Happened Cos You’re Only Concerned About Your Pocket! I Doubt You Will Even Fetch Up To 50m Again.

    • Just like it’s also so easy to come across no brainers like you frantically typing away behind a keyboard thinking you know everything.

  2. Your agent met with Juve about Bona today to confirm the rumours we read on tuttosport 2 weeks ago. Instead of concentrating your mind on the final, the pig was putting you online with PSG to discuss transfer.

    Tell him to pls take you away too and good enough his 3rd Milan player is going to MLS.

    Hey Mirabelli!!…. Get me Perin please and make some money off this rotten teenager.

  3. Please leave money sucking tall bean! You have been a curse for Milan. We need people like Maldini orCostacurta who would put their soul to Milan not a mercenary like you. Get the F** out of here like MDS. If any other goalkeeper made those howlers we would crucify him in this blog but I guess too many Donna lovers here.
    I remember in 1999, Dida made a horrendous error against Leeds United in CL group stage match and everybody wanted his blood. This guy made two errors in a final against Juve at a stage when we were in the game; and this guy has the balls to shrug off as nothing happened. Enough is enough, time to cash in, get 60M Euro and show him the door.

  4. We are looking forward to a more positive next season and i see us meeting with Politano’s agent. My dear milan, you are not ready. As for Donna we need to cash out on him this season, cause I never trust Italian players and their shine. Perin and Reina should be just fine for next season.

  5. After screwing us , not particularly apologising, showing no emotions, telling us to move on just like that.? With all been happening with your mothrfuka agent, you keeping silent ,letting in goals along the way then saying that’s normal? And that goalkeepers are made to make errors???!. This type of errors? In a final?? Well listen son, don’t try to fuk with us with every move including your interviews. If you can’t even show us love then your not worthy keeping. Just leave. Now.

  6. SELL
    Dollarrumma, Suso, Bonaventura, Niang, Kalinic, Abate, Bacca, Antonelli, Gomez, Montolivo and Borini.

    Oh fck!! We have to pay Elliott…..

  7. Donnarumma will be one of the best goalkeepers. That being said, best for us would be if he leaves. Boy will be even less motivated next season if we keep him.
    And there is just too many bad things that are already said. We are good with Perrin and Reina, as goalkeepers are not our primary concern.

  8. Dollarruma…. so this is how you want to pay the club that bring you to limelight…. Don’t worry, you will surely pay for this.

  9. Now that Stoke City are out of PL, maybe Milan should consider Shaqiri. That dude is fast, has technique, can shoot and play anywhere up front

    PSG will be forced to sell also and I think the first ones who’ll be shown doors are Pastore, Draxler and Di Maria. Some interesting names available

    • The problem is that there isn’t any money to spend this summer . A lot of people on this blog throw names of potential transfer players to get but forget that this club owes over 200 million euro’s that they loan’t from elliot . And the new owner hasn’t payed his debts so how will milan sign new players .

      • It’s not like I’m naming Salah, Griezmann, Bale type of players

        It’s Shaqiri from relegated Stoke, he can’t be more than 20 millions in this case and he would be a steal

    • I know you shouldnt think like this generally, but Shaqiri was a flop at Inter,, I know a lot of players are flops there but still.
      One of Pastore and Draxler would be insane though, and just what we need!! Both would be out of this world…
      Who am I kidding, why am i even dreaming of this, i have no hope or trust in this management…

      • Totally agree with management being dumb and all but financial fair play must be the worst thing they’ve ever introduced ..makes the rich teams better and the less so worse off look at milans situation or romas among many other teams. Each year you have to sell your best players just so you can balance the books meet the requirements and not to be sanctioned. Roma made semi finals of champions league yet they’re looking to sell manolas just to meet requirements and now have to go find a cheaper talent to replace. How do you expect tthat team to go into the champions league again and go as far as they did. Yet, madrid who spend triple the amount year after year get praised with no penalties of how much they spend. Its ridiculous. It is why for the first time in the last 20 years a team is going to win it for three consecutive years. It has now become predictable and boring cause its all a money scam. Back to milan, eure we’re cheap we spent wrong we arent as rich but we are now being threatened if we dont balance the books by a certain date we will be banned feom European competition and have bans on the market. The most pathetic thing they ever brought to sport and ill never get it.

        • Don’t get me wrong I totally agree with you as this FFP being total bollocks, but you have to take also into consideration of how much a club such as Madrid generates yearly through merchandising, tickets sale and of course the structure of ownership which in Spain is similar to German system. As far as I know Madrid along with Manchester Utd are most valuable brands in world of football. Although they have debts, they generate a profit and a plus in their books. They’ll probably earn double of what Roma got from CL

  10. Call me naive and maybe I am but I can’t help feel that Donnarumma’s problem as well as his agent is as a result of how the club handled him considering his age now and when he first broke through as a 16 year old kid
    He was literally thrown in at the deep end while we as a club were in shambles and it was a ridiculous amount of pressure put on him, all the managerial changes etcetera was no place for a very young player to be around not to mention the extreme spotlight he was thrust into, just imagine if he played for let’s say Manchester United while Ferguson was in charge? He would of been strenuously protected and not allowed know what’s going on outside the club, he would of been allowed grow and prosper, I think he’s really going to struggle no matter where he go’s because of it and I think he’s going to end up as one of the almost men, I feel sorry for him to be honest and I think Ac Milan and his family let him down in terms of protecting him, he’s still just a kid
    If he go’s I wish him every success and if he stays which I hope he does then I hope Ac Milan give him a proper manager and team to play in
    He has the ability to become the very best and even though he pissed me off with his errors and transfer sagas with the contracts and so on I think it foolhardy not to look past that and see the talent that’s so obviously there
    We all think we know what go’s on but if your honest, we don’t! None of us has the foggiest idea

  11. i don’t want to read anymore drama about dollaruma at milan, miserabelli or milan new SD (guintoli?) should cash on him and his other compatriot raiola owned. get perin or reina, promote plizzari. for GK post.
    if someone still bid for suso then i think it’s a good time to let him go too. when his price still up.

  12. @Jibola. I totally agree. I said in a previous post that as long as Raiola is Donnarumma’s agent he is not worth keeping. There are better keepers and Milan should act fast on Perin.

    As for Mr Mirabelli, Milan should get rid of his ass and replace him with someone competent.

    Being link to players like Han Kwang Son and Strinic is despressing.

    Gattuso is a good man but with coaches like Sarri, Conte and Gasperini available Milan should terminate his contract and go all out for a new coach capable of bring some stability at Milan.

    Bonaventura is 29 and should be transferred asap. At that age footballers are at their peak and he definitely isn’t. So he will not get any better that what he is currently.

  13. I don’t want a big deal over your mistakes, but you surely made a big deal last mercato you fucker.
    I also blame him for the own goal If he had stay he would caught that. Notice how he dives at everything its very childish and immature even local commentators say that he looks like a child showing off when he dives unnecessarily .

    He lacks professionalism, he makes mistakes and that’s OK he is still young, what is not OK is your wage.

  14. Oh come on, put all the drama he caused with his greedy family and manager aside, the boy is still 19 years old for crying out loud. He has something like 20 years of career and goalkeepers usually prosper late at around 30s

    However, if he wishes to leave then so be it, no player is bigger than a club, but for no less then 50-70 millions

    Also, we have Bertolacci and Lapadula at Genoa, maybe they can work something out and exchange those two for Perin

  15. Milan will be making great mistake if we allow these guy stay. He is no longer interested. His mind is else where. He will deliberately do us more damage if not allow to leave.

  16. Well let’s put it in simple terms his head is somewhere else…..his agent has completely brain washed him and he is eyeing for a transfer to bigger club where he can win trophies….believe me he might be a good goalkeeper but he can’t handle pressure….If he wants to leave fine in clubs like PSG with French league he might survive but clubs like Madrid or Barca or others he will be massacred if he does what he did against juve in coppa final…he is emotional he wouldn’t handle curve protest and European championship debacle when fake dollars were thrown…..dino zoff was right in order for donna to be successful he should firmly keep his feet on the ground and learn as days goes look at it neur one prime example for goal keeper to build their career….didn’t transfer to big club unless he felt he was ready for a jump but Donna case it’s complete opposite….

  17. “Donna the sinner should go. Bacca should stay. Pastore and auba should come. Hell no to poor man’s van nistelrooy kalinic” – mr couldnt-write-a remotely-wrong-thing-even-if-his-life-depended-on-it milan10 (2017)
    I’ll show myself the door. Please dont let the door hit my ass on my way out

  18. Eriksen wants to leave Tottenham, would be fckng great for Milan. Oh shit, we do not have the money

  19. I don’t remember lad ever coming out to declare his commitment to Milan which btw will cost him nothing if of course he’s not ganging with his agent. Fact is anything that’s coming from the agent is actually going from the player. Raiola who we all hated is only good at his job. I feel it’s difficult to give up on such prospect regardless of his errors in the final but think it’s best to plan next season without him. Until he comes to our office to declare his commitment without any pressure, let him leave peaceful. My main problem with him is not the errors in the field but his commitment. Like in a relationship a girl can make unintentional mistakes but must wanna be with you or you risk a lot. We must not lose our pride.

  20. I have more pressing, important question: is automatic “best since yashin” neuer really gonna miss wc ‘18? Damn shame. Even bayern looked clueless and pathetic today with their incessant aimless crossings (hello milan’s 4-3-3) without supermaneuer and his infinity gauntlets.
    Regarding donna the sinner, well, not only does he like to tip the ball forward asking to be killed on rebound, he also likes to tip it INSIDE his own goal. Talk about butterfingers. Psg wants donna, milan needs pastore (and cavani. And draxler. And di maria. And ts33). How hard should it be to arrange something productive for both teams?

  21. Everybody forgets that apart few misrakes Donnarumma is a really talented goalkeeper who saved us from ending in the last three



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