Gattuso: “The Coppa Italia final is like World Cup for us, Milan have to try to do something extraordinary, Biglia…”

Gennaro Gattuso in Rome on May 8, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso in Rome on May 8, 2018. (

Gennaro Gattuso is looking forward to tomorrow’s Coppa Italia final and claims ‘we are just lacking a spark to see beautiful fireworks’ at Milan.

Tomorrow at Stadio Olimpico at 21:00 CET, Milan of Gattuso and Juventus of Max Allegri will square off with one objective in mind: winning the Coppa Italia.

Milan failed to reach the Champions League, but a win tomorrow would secure them a place in next season’s Europa League. It would also be the first trophy of the Chinese era at Milan and of the Rino cycle.

“This is like the World Cup for our enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of the fans and their desire to get back to lifting a trophy again,” Gattuso said in today’s pre-match press conference in Rome.

The Coppa Italia trophy at Stadio Olimpico on May 8, 2018. (
The Coppa Italia trophy at Stadio Olimpico on May 8, 2018. (

“The Doha Supercoppa Italiana final? If I’m not mistaken, I watched it on MilanTV. I celebrated because Milan hadn’t won an important trophy in years. We have a young team, there was an incredible enthusiasm in the summer and you can sense the desire to win of the environment, we’re just lacking a spark to see beautiful fireworks. I didn’t need to fire up the guys, as it’s the kind of match that fires you up anyway. We’re playing against a side that has dominated Italian football and been a protagonist in Europe for seven years, they’ve made two Champions League finals, so they have a great mentality and great players. To win, we have to try to do something extraordinary, if we can overcome this very difficult obstacle, we can do something important, I’m sure of it.

“Milan lost here to Juventus in 2016? I think of my team, not about what happened with Brocchi, who is my best friend. We’ve got to do two things: firstly, give very little or nothing to Juventus, because at the level of individuals, they have incredible quality and they have won matches with that quality. Secondly, we have to play our game, we must not be afraid. We must not have courage and not hold back. Juve is a great team full of champions but they have some weaknesses, I hope it will be a good game and we hope not to make the mistakes we made in the last 15 matches in Turin.

“To recognize their exact characteristics, Cuadrado and Douglas Costa can cause problems with their pace and are good at creating numerical superiority. We must be tight, focused and ready to suffer. The mind can do extraordinary things in sport and in life. Preparing it on a tactical level isn’t enough, you need something to click in your mind. We need something more to win against Juventus.

Gennaro Gattuso and Massimiliano Allegri during a meeting with Italy President Sergio Mattarella in Rome on May 8, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso and Massimiliano Allegri during a meeting with Italy President Sergio Mattarella in Rome on May 8, 2018. (

“How I experience games now as a coach compared to when I was a player? As a player, I was basically crazy. I was so superstitious and did strange things. I had a special way of preparing. Today I feel this incredible pressure on me, as if the fans were on my shoulders. I am more relaxed when training, but starting to prepare for games, I just can’t sleep, so I get back up and resume work.

“If it’s true that I once ate a live snail on the training ground like Andrea Pirlo once said? I’ve done worse than that [smiles]. I always believed that to be a great team, you need a great locker room atmosphere. It’s the group that wins cups and tournaments. An individual can help you win one or two games. As nothing grosses me out, it was the day of Milan-Manchester United and the rain was pouring down. Everyone told me I didn’t have the courage to eat the snail, so I did it.

“Mentality? When you enter the pitch, you have to give the maximum. If the opponent is stronger, then you tip your hat to them and shake their hand, but you must have no regrets. We did everything that we needed to do. When I talk to my team, I speak in these terms.

“If this is the most important match of my career? Surely. I’m 40-years-old and there is a trophy up for grabs. I have 150-160 benches, there have been a few disappointments, and some satisfaction. We hope that this will be the greatest satisfaction. If it doesn’t arrive, we will have to put in even more work. People who called me? I spoke with Arrigo Sacchi this morning as he wanted to wish me good luck. Same with Ancelotti? Carlo knows I am superstitious. We are often in touch, but we didn’t’ speak.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, Marco Fassone, Gennaro Gattuso, Leonardo Bonucci and Yonghong Li during a meeting with Italy President Sergio Mattarella in Rome on May 8, 2018. (
Gianluigi Donnarumma, Marco Fassone, Gennaro Gattuso, Leonardo Bonucci and Yonghong Li during a meeting with Italy President Sergio Mattarella in Rome on May 8, 2018. (

“The value of a victory? If this game was at the end of the season, I’d be less worried. We’ve got two battles with Atalanta and Fiorentina coming up, so going into those with a cup on the mantlepiece would be very important and different to the feeling after a defeat.

“The Milan-Juve rivalry? Juventus, as a player, gave me the feeling – which is the same as a coach – that they have this extraordinary mentality. Their players are proud to wear the jersey. They’re passionate. I’m impressed by the discipline and battling spirit of the Juve world and I saw that made the difference, even when Milan had more technically gifted players. Sometimes I see the Juve players and they don’t even look sweaty. Milan brought something different in Europe in terms of football, but winning the way Juve do – with mentality, physical strength and quality – is not easy. People might say they didn’t win the Champions League as often, but reaching the Final is like winning it.

Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo Bonucci during a press conference at Stadio Olimpico on May 8, 2018. (
Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo Bonucci during a press conference at Stadio Olimpico on May 8, 2018. (

“Biglia? Lucas must be an example and an added value. I would like to speak about Biglia because he has done inhuman things. He gave our medical staff a hard time, from 8:00 in the morning to 19:00 in the evening he did everything to return and we gave to look for this kind of athletes. He’s not 100% but we’ll decide tomorrow, if he took a hit he could be hurt more seriously, but we all have to appreciate a man like that. He did an incredible gesture. Locatelli? I saw him well.

“Suso? I expect a player who will help us in both phases, I know that we are asking for something more from him, but this is what we need right now, and we can’t do without him. When we will be a team in which you can afford to not work the strikers, it will be another story.

“What would I do if Milan win? My children and wife will be there. I’ll have a glass of wine with the lads, more than one if we win… After that, I’d like to spend some time with those people who haven’t seen me as much lately.”


  1. All the best, already starting to get nervous… won’t be able to focus on my studies tomorrow lol.
    Hope it will be worth it.

    • @milanista121 After Reading this Interview i am more nervous than before. Gattuso knows how to motivate. I Hope he can put his passion and craziness into our players so we can stun juve tonight. It is time to lift a trophy again.

      Forza Milan

  2. Winning the cup tomorrow night could be the kick start we need
    We’re almost at full strength and it’s a first game of any real significance for practically the whole squad
    To beat Juventus who are obviously ahead of us in terms of quality we need to want it more and give everything we have
    There a very organised side and will never panic but missing Chillini is a big blow and makes them in my opinion a lot weaker

    • You are absolutely right about them being weaker without Chiellini, I think so as well, and this is something we could and hopefully should and will take advantage of! Have to be fired to the max.
      Like I said in a previous post, this cup final reminds me of the one between Atleti and Madrid which Atleti won in extra time which kick started things for them and was the start for where they are now. We are bigger historically and can go further than them though, all it takes is a win tomorrow. It would be massive!

      • I remember that final too, it just shows other teams that there foes can be beaten and they are good enough
        We’re such a young team and you can’t teach or show someone what winning means you have to live it and want to experience it, the only players who knows this feeling is Abate and Bonnuci (I don’t count that cup we won on penalties against Juve, it’s meaningless)
        Can you imagine seeing Bonnuci lifting the cup in the Rossoneri instead of the bianconeri? Who would of said that a few years ago?
        I hope our young guns keep there composure none more so than Locatelli who can be rash, if he gets booked early then he’s on a tightrope
        I think Cutrone tends to find himself offside a lot when he’s nervous or makes his run to early because of trying to force the issue and with Juves experience they’ll catch him out all day long
        I think Calhanoglu will be supreme tonight he gave a great interview about the game and how much it means to him and how well he’s addapted to Italian life, who knows Milanista121 maybe he’ll bury one of his free kicks or set up Bonnuci again?

        • For sure, agree with everything you said. And seeing Bonu lifting that trophy after beating Juve would indeed be crazy, imagine the scenes!! I hope he shares lifting it with Abate though…
          Ah yes, it would be great to see that happening, but honestly, I dont care who scores – doubt you do it too haha – Rino can jump in and fire in a belter for all I care, as long as we win!!

          • If I was given a choice I’d pick Silva to score the winner, a belter from around 20 yards! Imagine how much of a confidence boost it would give him, but like you said, I don’t care who scores as long as someone does

    • I don’t think chillini absence will make juve any less ,they r a strong side and we will need all our weapons and more to conquer will be a day of days if Milan can beat juve

      • Any team missing there starting centre back let alone one of Chiellinis experience and determination will be sorely missed, the guy would literally stand in front of a train to stop a goal

  3. We have outplayed them and beaten them before in a cup final. Therefore, we can beat them as no team is unbeatable especially if Milan want it more than Juventus.

    A win will be a positive result to kick start next season.

  4. Lads seem to be really fired up and ready for the match, haven’t seen such determined spirit within the team for some time now

    Forza Milan!

  5. If we stop both Cuadrado and Costa then we are in for the game……those two figures are menacing especially as game goes on…. let’s hope for the best….Forza Milan

  6. I think Juve are a team that doesn’t mind giving you some time on the ball. I remember struggling to get the ball off us the other match and allowing us a few chances on the process. Should try to hold on to the ball as long as possible in the early stages. Don’t worry.. Allegri will ask his boys to cover their goal and let us play!. This will frustrate some of their stars (I aften see like Dybala and Higuain looking grumpy and arguing teammates to press) while Milan getting comfortable and growing confident. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have a big chance, they are 10+ favorites, but this is one of the very few weaknesses I see in Juve that we can take advantage of. Pressing is not their biggest strength.

    Looking forward to the match.

    Good luck lads! !

    • Spot on….holding out play will frustrate juve to certain extent and then we hit them on counter but the most troubling part is that we are tooo slow in counter attacking…..the way we played for long stretches of game at Allianz stadium at juve if we repeat that performance and taking our motivation as this game is all or nothing for us I think realistically speaking we have a very good chance of snatching a win in a one off final with juve….though juve are clear favourites….let’s see how Hakan and bona plays lot will depend on them…..

  7. In other news

    PSG are reportedly in contact with Raiola for Gigio. I say if the boy wishes to leave then so be it but Milan should squeeze every penny out of those oil moguls, no less then between 50-70 millions

    At that point our FFP status would improve a lot considering we got the boy for peanuts and generate some cash for much needed improvements in critical positions

  8. Yeah heard that tooo I guess raiola is in constant touch with clubs to get Donna transferred….but that might be a ploy of raiola to get big clubs attention to bid for Donna that greedy ba$tard certainly knows his game….I was wondering and wished if galliani bought Nabil Fekir of Lyon few years back when he was injured for 12 million euros that would have been icing on cake for us Liverpool are reportedly after him if they sell Salah….though Fekir price tag has sky rocketed to 70 millions Euro or so….damn we missed so many potentially world class players in Berlu finally years…..

  9. Juve has 80% chance of winning and Milan 20%

    Milan is one big mediocre team. They can be happy if they win.

    Strong transfers needed. Suso and Donnarumma must go

  10. Just read that Milan and Monaco are in talks about a potential swap deal involving Falcao in exchange for Silva! Both players are represented by the same agent
    I’ve no problem signing Falcao but not in exchange for Silva, the biggest problem is his ten years older

  11. Winning this trophy would mean everything to us and to the players. But its no easy task against juventus. What worries me most is that it may be buffons last year and they’ll go all out for him .but if we can keep our focus for 90 minutes and give our all we can take this. Would be great for the boys!

  12. I see a very tough match I believe we will come out triumphant with a positive attitude if we win this final I think the rest of the season is over because we are already in europa gattuso should just give some other players chance to prove themselves in d leagues for the remainder of the season and we should allow Atlanta qualify also so Italian teams will be more in Europe forza Milan



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