Arsenal-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Jose Mauri, Ricardo Rodriguez, Fabio Borini and Suso during training at Milanello. (
Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Jose Mauri, Ricardo Rodriguez, Fabio Borini and Suso during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Arsenal F.C. on Thursday evening when the clock points 21:05 CET at the Emirates Stadium for the 2nd leg of the Round of 16 of the 2017/18 Europa League and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad.

Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Davide Calabria, Andrea Conti, Gustavo Gomez, Matteo Gabbia and Jose Mauri are out.

Antonio DonnarummaLeonardo BonucciLucas BigliaFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaMateo MusacchioGiacomo BonaventuraPatrick Cutrone
Marco StorariRicardo RodriguezHakan ÇalhanoğluNikola Kalinić
Alessio RomagnoliFranck KessiéAndré Silva
Cristian ZapataManuel LocatelliSuso
Riccardo Montolivo
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Emmy Apache

We can make it if u believe. To me and my Family here in Toronto Canada I believe we can make it
Guys let believe we can make it


Comment: I just hope we don’t have anymore casualties with our Rbs and Lbs, also, I expect Montolivo ahead of Kessie.
Andre should start with either Cutrone or Kalinic, so Hakan and Jack can share the 90minutes
Gomez/Zapata Bonucci Romagnoli Rr
Montolivo Biglia
Suso. Jack
Andre Kalinic
: Cutrone, Borini, Hakan, Locatelli
forza Milan


Let’s be realistic. We all know there’s no point believing ‘cos Arsenal are gonna get trashed. Got you there didn’t I?


Kessié is not 100% and if he can’t start then Gattuso is considering to play 4-4-2 against Arsenal with Suso-Montolivo-Biglia-Jack in midfield. [Premium Sport] Meytar tweeted that and I am so hoping this is how it plays out…….


I like Kessie but he offers little if any attacking threat and he’s so sloppy with his passing that I feel if he plays then Arsenals midfield will pick up on every loose ball, the premier league is like that and a team like Arsenal will jump on every mistake
442 all the way with this one


Borini – Bonucci – Romagnoli – Rodriguez
Kessie – Biglia – Locatelli
Silva – Cutrone


A disaster Bro, we can’t have locatelli Biglia and Kessie at the same time. Let jack play his position and Montolivo in place of Kessie along with Biglia


Borini and Rodriguez are very attacking, they need cover. It also gives them a bit more freedom to attack from wide. Bona has been poor and needs rest. Biglia can hold, and you need lots of running in midfield to beat Arsenal; Kessie and Locatelli can do that and Kessie is actually very good pushing forward when given a bit more freedom Cutrone and Silva will both prevent Arsenal from playing from the back as they both work hard and are hungry. Hakan gets the opportunity to freely play as number 10 (and he provides the unpredictability and explosiveness we… Read more »


sorry people….you really think rino is reading this website discussion????
anything can happen, but i better focus on 4th or even maybe 3rd spot in league
and then change half of players………….i said that after 1st leg, we have no speed in play and no creativity to hold any bigger club at this time……we been very lucky in previous stages and rounds……..when i saw arsenal, i said there was only atletico madrid as possible worse opponent
bur still forza milan


How come you didn’t include our attacking ace, Suso?

Daniel Medeiros

EXACTLY what I had in mind! This is old school Milan and Gattuso played in this system, so he knows it well. Should give it a shot. Also, I’m getting tired of Bona and Suso and they don’t fit in it, so two birds with one stone 😉


Damn, Calabria didnt even make the squad for the bench..anyways, best not to risk anyone in the long run. Hope whoever replaces himwill do well – or just hoping the entire team will do well! Forza Milan!

Old fans acmilan

Why gattuso not playing from primavera for right full back.. no borini please…


@old fans acmilan borini there is not bad with no other options ,he has always done his own part playing there the problem is that even at left back most of us still want him to score ,he has done above our expectations when he arrived San siro ,the coach made a wise choice for wanting him at rb ,cos u can’t just start experimenting a youth in a match like this

zahid hossain

We should not be so serious about Arsenal match coz what we can achieve from this match??? only fatigue for serie a……. there is no guarantee that we could win EL this year coz we haven’t a squad which is fav to win it…so we should give more concentration on serie a n we r in a good flow there…..our only chance to qualify to the CL by reaching top 4 n we r getting closer to it day by day…….so give chance to those players who played less matches this season…….be realistic

Mike Hunt

for sure with calabria out we will switch to back 4 with zapata.. but if we want to attack, borini should go ahead of zapata unless we go back 3.

King James

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