Calabria in big doubt for the Arsenal game due to muscle fatigue, Zapata tried as right back in today’s training

Davide Calabria during Rijeka-Milan at Stadion HNK Rijeka on December 7, 2017. (
Davide Calabria during Rijeka-Milan at Stadion HNK Rijeka on December 7, 2017. (

Davide Calabria seems likely to miss out of the London encounter and Gennaro Gattuso is considering to play Cristian Zapata as right back on Thursday.

Calabria struggled a lot against Arsenal in the first leg but overall he has been one of the better performers since Rino Gattuso took over, playing the best football in his short career and establishing himself as the starting right back of the Rossoneri.

It seems, however, that Calabria won’t get a chance to get personal revenge against the Gunners, as according to the 21-year-old is suffering from muscle fatigue and is in big doubt for the match at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday (21:05 CET kickoff).

Sky Italia’s Manuele Baiocchini reported earlier today that Calabria did not take part in today’s training session and since Ignazio Abate is out too, Gattuso tested center back Cristian Zapata in his place. The Colombian has hardly featured this season but could start in this important match-up.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is also suffering from a slight injury to his finger in his right hand, but he should be ready to play. Milan lost 2-0 to Arsenal in the first leg at Stadio San Siro last week.


  1. If borini plays as right winger then we are probably screwed! Play zapata or muss there if he is available.

  2. Didn’t Pirlo say in his book that when Gatusso got mad with his team mates for playing pranks on him he would stab them with a fork’ often resulting with the player missing important games, the club would say it was because of “muscle fatigue” as a sort of cover up!
    After Calabria’s horror first half last week maybe the club’s waiters should of hidden the cutlery

  3. Bravo gatusso.. you are pulling “ITALIAN COACH METHODS” already.. you are pulling ” ALLEGRI’s” now..
    Zapata… good choice..
    Kalinic too? Bravo gattuso…so you both want milan to NOT SCORE and CONCEDE goals… bravo gattuso… it was just a matter of time before italian coach disease hit you…dont worry.. we are used to it.. allegri did that 4 years .. and the fans loved it..

  4. no Borini please, if Rino want to try it should be Mussachio over Zapata, he’s younger, faster, def better & good with ball, he play as WB early in Argentina, or try Gabbia, he can play as CB/WB/DM

  5. I think Gomez is a better option at right back as Montella tried him there towards the end of last season and he did well. Not sure if he is still on the roster though.

  6. Damn… remember at the beginning of the season when we said that three players in the same position is too much? Now all of them are out for one game… I wonder if Ignia is out because of sadness for Astori?
    Zap can be a good option though, no need to risk Calabria, let him rest, we need him for the long run, wether we’re still in EL or not. Whoever plays I just hope they will make us proud, hoping for the best. Zap could be a good option vs Kolasinac physicality.

  7. man u was humiliated in they home soil by montella and his boys I think montella has proven some critics wrong by beating mourinho and his boys with the attendance with Sir Alex Ferguson present.wish Milan could do the same also

  8. It is better to loose 0-2 at home so we can fight to win for 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 and so on. If we loose 0-2 at arsenal we can not win 3-1, 4-2 at home. So we can play offensively without worrying conceded



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