Gattuso: “The team is alive and we are growing, Kessié is stronger than I was, Kalinić worked hard, the mercato…”

Gennaro Gattuso during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso has revealed he told the club not to invest in the market, and said Milan should improve in finishing and how they handle end of matches.

Milan returned from the winter break and got the three points from Sardegna Arena after beating Cagliari 2-1 in a hard-fought and rather complicated match.

Nicolò Barella gave the advantage to the home side in the 8′ minute (Gianluigi Donnarumma could’ve done much better), but the Rossoneri – for the first time this season – managed to react and overturn the result. Franck Kessié scored in the 35′ minute after a controversial penalty call and then again in the 43′ minute thanks to a Nikola Kalinić assist. There could have been more goals in this match but Donnarumma – and especially Cagliari keeper Alessio Cragno – produced some important saves.

Ricardo Rodriguez got sent off in the 80′ minute but after strong pressure from Cagliari, they lost Barella to a red card as well (88′). Both sides finished in 10 men, but Milan – despite not having a great performance – had more luck and returned home with the points which got them to 7th place.

Leonardo Bonucci, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Lucas Biglia and Ignazio Abate with Cagliari players at the end of Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Leonardo Bonucci, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Lucas Biglia and Ignazio Abate with Cagliari players at the end of Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

“The error of Donnarumma on Barella’s goal? Yes, he made a mistake, but when it was still 1-0 he kept us in the game with a miracle, so these things even themselves out, and we are happy for the performance,” Gattuso told Premium Sport at the end of the match. “We must take it one game at a time and then see how we end up. We are working hard; the players deserve credit, we are growing.

“The final minutes of the game? The players on the bench were laughing because of my reactions but if we conceded a goal then there would have been little to laugh about. We must be careful because in Benevento we were embarrassed and conceded in the last moment [their ‘keeper scored].

Nicolò Barella celebrating during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Nicolò Barella celebrating during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

“We have to raise the bar from this point of view. I think that Lucas Biglia had a good match, Giacomo Bonaventura was also tired in the final moments. We missed Suso a bit as he found very little space, but I’m happy. We are growing and we’re playing good football, too.

“Kessié? It’s clear that he is stronger than I was, because he has seven or eight goals in his legs per season. In any case, we’ve got to focus on the collective and not individuals, because with individuals you don’t get anywhere. The team is alive, and we have great room for improvement.

“André Silva? There are 11 games coming up in 43 days, so there will be room for everyone, including Silva. André’s time will also come. It’s my responsibility at the moment if he doesn’t play and it is I who must have the courage to throw him into the mix and make him perform at his best. He is a young and talented forward who just needs to improve in a few areas.”

Franck Kessié celebrating during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Franck Kessié celebrating during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

Speaking to Sky, Rino added: “The final corner and the risk of conceding a goal? In my opinion we have to improve on these aspects. We are doing very well but sometimes we forget that these matches have to be taken home until the end. In the first half we did well, in the second we were suffering a bit, we cannot sleep like that on a corner in the 90′ minute.

“What’s changed in my Milan? We have to think about one game at a time. We have room for improvements and I think about the collective. I was surprised by the availability I found in these guys, there’s great application and will to anything I propose during the week. I was afraid of having to go nose-to-nose since there are so many young players, but it’s not like that.

“If I’m exhausted after a game like this? I only lost my voice, but I’m not exhausted [smiles]. The strong winds in Sardinia [the game was nearly postponed because of this situation]? It helped us in the first half but penalized us in the second. On Sunday we won away from home for the first time in two and a half months. We made many shots towards goal? We have to improve in the finishing, we create a lot and collect little. I like the performance of the team in the last meters very much. We only think of working because we have 40 very, very difficult days ahead.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Nicolò Barella during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Nicolò Barella during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

“The lack of understanding between Bonaventura and Çalhanoğlu? Many times when Rodriguez has to push forward, he doesn’t push like Calabria does, and Bonaventura doesn’t do the same movement that Kessié makes on the other side. Jack prefers to play the ball at his foot, like Hakan.

“This bond can improve, and we know it. Kalinić? I know that for a striker the goal is everything, but he worked hard for the team. The biggest difficulty is having to choose the starting XI every time, I’m sorry to leave some players out. If André Silva can be the best buy of January [he’s yet to score in Serie A]? I see how he trains in relation to his age. The greatest responsibility is mine and I must find a way to give him confidence and minutes. The chance will surely be given to him, he’ll play.”

Nikola Kalinić during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (
Nikola Kalinić during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (

Gattuso also had a post-match press conference after Marco Guida’s final whistle: “This is a team that knows how to play football, I’m happy because the thing that makes me proud is the fact that despite having a young staff these players are always available. I was afraid that we’d have to go face-to-face with the players but instead I would like to thank them because I see great availability.

“My team has shown to be in good conditions in the last 3/4 games. It’s difficult to play at this stadium and we knew that. Cagliari are a very intense team which can easily put you in trouble. It was a complicated match. My team showed that it can play the ball very well, although there is still room for improvement. We played some quality football in the first half, Kalinić played well.

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Leonardo Bonucci celebrating at the end of Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma and Leonardo Bonucci celebrating at the end of Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

“We create a lot, but we have to improve in finishing. Our wings did a great job today, they had a great interpretation of the game and gave little space to our opponents. This team has a lot of quality. I see great responsibility from the boys and a sense of belonging.

“The standings [the Rossoneri are two points behind Sampdoria who are 6th]? We focus on one game at a time. We can’t afford to make calculations regarding the standings. We still have a long way to go. The management could have done something in this transfer market, but I asked them not to because I believe in this team. Some of our players are very young and so many of our players can still do much more. My duty is to enable them to make the most out of themselves.

Gennaro Gattuso during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on January 21, 2018. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)

“Barella? Two ago I wanted Barella when he played for Como. He is a very interesting player, and he also was two years ago. He has improved a lot and has great room for improvement, he’s a great team player. The duel between Gigio Donnarumma and Alessio Cragno? For many years [Milan goalkeeper trainer] Alfredo Magni was the coach of Cragno at Brescia and it shows. At the level of methodology of working they are similar, although Cragno has less physicality than Gigio.”

The next two matches of Milan are very tough, as they face Lazio in Serie A and then in the Coppa Italia. The Biancocelesti of Simone Inzaghi are in 3rd place and yesterday beat Chievo 5-1.


  1. We did not play badly. Even the much criticized Donnarumma produced some decisive saves. Our win was not only the fruit of luck.

    However, the first haft was better than the second, where we were constantly under pressure, but we stuck it out …

  2. “The players on the bench were laughing because of my reactions but if we conceded a goal then there would have been little to laugh about.” correctamundo signor allenatore. thats right mentality.
    Suso is easily contained because he’s slow and isnt skillful enough. Try another formation or play him in different roles to develop him as player.
    Kalinic didnt play well by all means but he hustled and thats admirable.
    No one talks about the referee but i think he’s incredibly harsh on cagliari players. Every 50:50 decision went milan way. Im not complaining but i felt sorry for cagliari.
    Now lets beat lazio

    • That’s something that might be symbolic for us, for those who like symbolism – I like it in theory, but it rarely shows – the refereeing, as I’ve thought the same about referees but that they were more harsh against us, so I cant feel sorry for them, for once lady luck was smiliing towards us this season, Dont know how many other games we’ve been lucky in.

      • Yeah, with (not so) great performance comes great officiating. Haha. Hey, maybe thats why juve get so much break from the refs. Ill never forget serie a 97/98.
        Milan have been unlucky with the officiating so its nice not to be on the wrong side of questionable refereeing for once. And if it means milan will rise again then so be it. Still i gotta say, if ref pulled that kind of crap on milan, i’d be pissed. I mean, kalinic even contributed to the defence with his flopping around, and every time he did the ref awarded free kick. Kinda like raul in ucl 02/03 vs milan and dortmund. Whats done is done, milan won. Im not complaining and wouldnt have it any other way but all the same i felt bad for cagliari, a small club which actually was the home club in this particular match

        • Haha, it’s said that you create your own luck…apparently not, eh? 😉
          Yeah exactly, that’s why I feel it was nice that we could catch a break for once. Just think of the refereeing during our game with Crotone, he was against us to the max. Cutro didnt get a single free kick, VAR against Kessie – it kind of was justified but still – and the seven minutes added time, from where Id ont know… just to mention some highlights. So these things happen, and like I said, its nice to be the beneficiary, so i couldnt care less of the opponents tbh haha

    • You finally get it that Suso is not an efficient player? Developing him? I would rather develop the gluing of the team instead of 1 overhyped talent. Sell the smuck, only thing Milan must do. And also sell Dollarrumma, another overhyped player.

      • Whoa whoa calm ur tits madame frisian flag. Ive been saying suso’s slow and predictable hence milan’s 4-3-3’s predictable since later part of last season. In other words, I knew suso’s ineffective hence i said 3-5-2 all the way and suso needed to be am/ss to become better player. However, if what u claimed, 4-3-3 is easy and is right formation for milan, is true (Its not btw) then who else can play as winger better than suso? Selling him now would be retarded decision. At least milan had van bommel functioning well when they foolishly let pirlo go. What would be the excuse to let suso go when milan are still foolishly use 4-3-3?
        Regarding donna, i think ive made my point clear since last summer mercato.

        • Yeah but you also claim Suso is doing some Messiesque things, like you did with your Bonadinho.

          Selling Suso wouldn’t be retarded, because you can easily invest in a better winger or use Silva on the right side, didn’t you think about that?

          My attack would be

          Bonaventura – Cutrone – Silva

          And yes believe me, 4-3-3 is one of the most easy formation to play. But again, for you it may not look easy and hey… I can understand…

          But leave it up to the people who have knowledge. Stick with turning the sate baking the nasi. Getting hungry

          • Yes sometimes messuso pulls a messi-esque thing with his dribbling, cutting inside, free kick and passing. remember his messi-esque goals vs lazio and inter?
            Regarding bonadinho, its just my way of trolling the biggest troll on this blog. I’ll give u a hint: he adores boateng, allegri and bonad10nho.
            Buy another winger in the middle of the season? Even if milan can use suso’s money, which winger would join milan at this time?
            So, TWO coaches dont trust andriy to play in his natural position and ur idea is to put him out of position on the wing?
            Yeah 4-3-3 is so easy, thats why van gaal, a man of good insight, chose 5-3-2 in wc ’14, right? Hell, even 4-3-3 purist like barca dont use 4-3-3 all the time if they dont have proper players for it. Case in point: barca 5-0 betis 2 days ago.
            Whats wrong with sate? Sate klatak after “catching dutch fire” is the best thing ever

          • No you get it all wrong, Van Gaal chose 3-5-2 because of the lack of defensive quality.
            Even Van Marwijk chose 4-2-3-1 in 2010 because Heitinga and Matthijsen weren’t that reliable as Stam and De Boer.

            Again, 4-3-3 is a very simple system. Football formations do not have to be complicated you know.

            As for Suso, he is overrated. And I see Andre Silva having same football characteristics as Ronaldo from Madrid. But those characteristics are just moments, get it?

          • André Silva can’t play as a winger unfortunately.

            In Porto we tested him sometimes as a winger but he was awful… so I guess not.

            but I heard Milan are trying him as winger…so..

            He has to play like how he plays for Portugal… in 4-4-2 formation… otherwise…

          • Hmmmm interesting AC4M…..

            What do you think about Silva now? You think he deserves playing time or can you understand the decision of the coaches for not playing him?

          • If you ask me if I think Silva deserves more playing time.. I would say yes.


            I understand Gattuso… its like Suso or Silva…

            I think its all about the formation… if Milan continues to play 4-3-3 Silva won’t get much chances to play.

            with 4-3-1-2 Hakan behind the strikers Silva and Cutrone/Bacca (should never had gone now we have Kalinic that is not better..)….

            problem is where would Suso play in 4-3-1-2 formation…

            Silva needs to have a partner with him… like Ronaldo with Portugal.

          • for example with this formation 4-3-1-2






            would this team be worst? I don’t think so.

          • Whoops mathijs got schooled by ac4m, the biggest andriy silva fan around here. As if playing players out of position isnt milan’s biggest stupidity.
            And no, van gaal, the cruyffian, didnt pick 5-3-2 (not 3-5-2) just because holland defence was weak, but also because they didnt have proper cm and wingers to execute 4-3-3 well. Van gaal’s barca also didnt have strong defence but he did use cruyffian 4-3-3 or 3-3-3-1 anyway. Its only after their deadly wingers figo and borivaldo and iconic deep lying playmaker pep left that he started to use 4-4-2 like current barca is doing now. He knew theres no way he could pull 4-3-3 off with holland and barca without proper wingers and cm.
            Van marwijk used 4-2-3-1 because he wanted to be pragmatic using 2 dm at the same time instead of playing offensive minded cm/am like van der vaart or afellay to accompany on fire sneijder.
            And yes suso IS overrated but that doesnt mean hes not important for milan, especially when they still stubbornly use 4-3-3. who else would u play as rw? Hakan? Borivaldo? Silva? Some even say conti, as if he’s future italian bale. Havent we seen enough ‘experiments’ already?

          • Hahahahaha Milan10, you funny peanut. I only asked AC4M what he thinks of Silva, schooling me is difficult and impossible for you, you old snake catcher.

            3-5-2 or 5-3-2, its how you see it. When you are defending it’s 5-3-2.

            But no, Van Gaal had decent CM, I mean Sneijder come on…. No you can’t handle me.

  3. Second half was as usual – no pressure from Milan side, struggle to create anything, let opponent play and impose their game.

    This is something the team needs to improve it goes on for couple of seasons now. It cannot be like this especially against sides like Cagliari and Benevento, they need to finish them

  4. A win is a win no matter how we play but to be honest we are really missing that X factor needed to put fear in your opponents just like juve napoli and lazio do….a good win let’s keep it up….hoping for a point atleast against lazio….forza milan

  5. Lol I see the mess at the match article but that totally was besides the point.
    I don’t care about how much he earns, I am not paying his salary.
    I see an 18 year old goalkeeper with that much quality.
    I have not seen any other goalkeeper who is aged 18 and plays as good as he does.
    I have seen his performances in his debut season. In the season after that. And this season.
    This season he has not been as assured as he was in the last two. But what, you expect a kid to have three straight stellar seasons?
    He made some sporting mistakes in a few matches, what is wrong about that? Nobody does that?
    Oh yes, the wrong thing is he earns 6mil. As if you are paying that.
    So yeah, I don’t give a rodent’s rectum about how much or how little he earns. I see quality performance from an 18 year old with all the positives and the negatives that comes with it. The bonus is he is from our academy. So seeing comments like those there every time he makes mistake in a match was a bit irritating. If you are so furious about every single mistakes he makes, then you should be equally appreciative for every saves he makes, don’t you think? Of course you don’t.
    Cya all in the next match!

    • This guy on this clip: was slightly older than 18 yr old in this match but look at how well he played. Rarely such a young gk could decide the result of ucl ko match on his own. I mean, look at that unreal schmeichel-esque save at 0:36. If donna ever pulls something close to that in an important match then we milanisti should take turn being his daily slave

      • It’s not for nothing that all the old legends say that Milan doesn’t need Donnarumma to be big again. They see it all from a distance that he is just overhyped.

        Also they reject the most of the squad, which I can understand very well.

      • Nice and educational video about true GK skills. Because Neuer was transferred to Bayern at an older age, there’s a common misperception that he was not top level earlier.
        I see it differently: he was wise enough to realise when he was ready to present himself as a star. Probably one of reasons he is who he is.

    • Without offence (I mean it), but claiming that Donna is the best 18 year old GK you have ever seen means that clearly you haven’t seen (or remember) Neuer and especially Buffon at this age. Even De Gea.
      Don’t get me wrong, personally I believe he is an amazing talent with huge potential. And of course he is allowed to make mistakes – especially in his age. But you have to admit that playing the card “Quality is not of age” was completely wrong – mostly because it’s not true in his case. Let alone the idiocy “Maradona of GKs”. All these, coupled with his salary (of course it matters – you may not pay it but it’s not fantasy football, it affects many aspects in the team) don’t help it. And unfortunately but unsurprisingly they have affected him. As you say, his evolution goes to the opposite direction – in a period he is supposed to prove to be considered of top level. Right now, he only proves – purely performance-wise – that he isn’t. Yet. And that shouldn’t be a problem – as long as he (and many fans) stop the overhyping and treat him as he is: “just” a talent. Not a star.
      Last thing about the salary: it’s not about the salary itself, it’s about what the salary means. Salary in such cases is also a statement. If you’re paid like a star, you are expected to perform like one. The salary defines your “league”.
      It’s called expectations management and in my eyes Donna simply messed this one up big time.

      • Young buffon with his spiky blonde hair, young totti with his “tintin” hair and young nesta and pirlo with their “girl next door” hairstyle were the coolest mafiosi ever

          • Ah yes indeed, good times for us tifosi as well. I still mad at del piero for his stupid finishing and time wasting in euro 2000 final. Maldini and that golden generation minus buffon couldve won that trophy if it wasnt for him

      • I haven’t seen Neuer at 18 ^^ Seen him after he is well into his 20s.
        Obviously. I clearly stated that.
        From my perspective that is immaterial. There have been legends and champions. But they have grown old or retired or still at their prime. Key fact, they are not still 18.
        So yeah, I have not seen another goalkeeper at his age this good right now.

        PS who started that Maradona of GK thing? Not me.

        • It was in fact fattiola who started that maradona of gk bs and as a result milan have been had big fckn time by thinking the way fattiola wanted them to think. Milan shouldve sold donna for 60-80m and bought horn/leno as replacement and been done with it

  6. Gattuso has the right mentality of a winner, of a Milan material, he-s the right person on the Milan bench right now, much much but much better than Roma material Morontela. We should have not started with Morontela this season, he compromised our season with his stupidity !!!!

  7. How can it happen that even players try to laugh at GATTUSOS concerns about drawing?!

    Man something is really wrong here!!!

    I would cry if that would happen again to us.

    • Thats because Milan has given up on a european spot. They are already planning for next season.

      It would be nice if we can finally get Belotti and Galiardini from Inter. The former Atalanta midfielder is still highly rated but he is not doing well under Spaletti.

      Just imagine Gasperini grooming our young players with some of his young Atalanta stand out players?

      Mix that with some experience players like Bonucci and it will pay dividends.

      Since we cannot compete with signing top class world talents we should bring in a coach who is good at developing players like Galiardini, Conte, Kessie, Cutrone, Donnarumma, Silva and Belotti.

      If we take that approach within 2-3 seasons we will be the best in Serie A and one of the top teams in Europe.

  8. He did not say no to new arrivals, that is a lie meant to fool fans and observers. Clearly, we need a left winger and midfield reinforcements. The fact that our owner doesn’t seem to have any funds is more likely the reason and that the summer spending was only possible because of a huge loan from a hedge fund firm. We hardly even know who owns Milan now and we certainly don’t know who will own us just months from now. Oh, and Milan has fair play issues and is still.being investigated because of this.

    • Exactly!

      He should be ashamed saying those things now in public.. its very easy now that he’s not in charge.

  9. I hope Gattuso bring some primavera players for the first team… as we won’t buy in this market.

    I hope he brings my fellow Tiago Dias… Gattuso likes him.

  10. Suso is too much of a one dimensional player and Milan rely to much on him.

    Let’s say they sell him, not now but in summer (due to lack of funds that’s a strong possibility), then Milan have options:

    Either buy a new winger (each side one) promote Dias if he is the material, another playmaker and stick with 433

    Go with 442 and try to relaunch Silva up front with either Cutrone or Kalinic or someone new. 442 was the formation that brought us more than any other in last couple of seasons

    Go with 4312 with Hakan in the hole and again relaunch Silva with another up front

    Of course these experiments should only be executed after this season

    • Suso is fine. We just need better players around him and he needs improve more on his final passes.

      Our formation and playing witb 1 striker is putting too much pressure on Suso as most teams now are doulbling up on him which leaves little to no space for him to play his A game.

  11. Sad to say but I’m actually terrified of lazio. They are scoring so much this season, they have to be the top goal scoring team right now. And we have to play them 3 more times at least this season.

    Only other team I might be more afraid to play is juve.

    • Sarri just read ur comment and he felt hurt and insulted that u didnt mention napoli. Now he takes it personally and when napoli meet milan he’s gonna bring wrath hammer with him. Nice going mate

  12. I lost all my respect for italian coaches.. the sentence “work hard” is DESTROYING AC MILAN..

    yes flamini WORKED HARD… poli WORKED HARD… bertolacci WORKED HARD… bonera WORKED HARD….

    but how about FOOTBALL QUALITY????!!! Allegri..inzaghi… gattuso.. you italian morons.. how about FOOTBALL QUALITIES???

    What is “worked hard” ?????? Kalinic worked hard???? yes but he also missed goal HARD… but he is forgiven because he work HARD? Italian coaches are JOKES nowdays

  13. I don’t understand this “Donna bashing” syndrome taking hold in Milan fans.
    For the first time in living memory Milan has Italy’s first choice keeper in its ranks. This is cause for celebration. What exactly are you Donna bashers trying to achieve? Push him to Juve?

    • Donnarumma is overrated, overhyped and overpaid. Selling him abroad would be a good thing.
      Many other keepers are better.

      • @Mathijs.
        Donna has been first choice at all youth levels (starting with U15) for Italy where he has played under 4 or 5 different coaches.
        Unless you have some pedigree you wanna share with us, I will take the opinion of 5 Italy coaches over yours.
        Btw he is first in line to take over from Buffon as Azzurri’s numero uno.

      • One more thing since Donna is so bad why must we sell him abroad and not just to Juve, so that we can weaken them?

        • Because, in the spirit of the great sir alex ferguson, ‘we wouldnt sell them a virus’? And of course because well established club like juve has more sense than to splash 60m on garbage like donna. Only psgs and man citys of the world do that

          • @Milan10
            There you go again with your selective answers. If he’s “garbage” why is he Italy’s number 1?
            Ahead of other talented Italian keepers.

          • Because italy is garbage? Did donna do well at euro u21? No. Is donna doing well at milan? No. Is he better than retiring buffon? No. Is he better than neuer? Hell fckn naw.
            If handanovic and allison were italians, would donna be #1? Hell naw. Had donna been around during euro 2000, would he have replaced injured buffon? No way in hell. So, what does that make donna? An average gk, thats what. Makes so much sense that he’s gk of worst italy in 4 decades

          • In what world is Dollarrumma Italys number one?

            To my knowledge Buffon is still number 1. So I’m totally with our Eggroll roller Milan10 here

  14. No wonder Italy didnt qualify for the world cup. They need a new number 1. Plizzarri is way better especially with the ball at his feet.

    For every good save by Donnarumma there is a silly error. Keepers like that are not great they are average.

    • @nick
      Buffon was first choice then. As a diehard Milanista I wish Plizzari turns out to be better than Donna. At the same time I am a realist and know that Donna has some advantages over other talented keepers, his physique and composure are the most obvious.
      “For every good save by Donnarumma there is a silly error”. That’s a lie!

  15. For the market they say we’ve decided for no buys this January, but I think we should get deulofeu for various reasons. The most obvious of all he’s a natural winger that fits into 4 3 3 so he’d be good, he has already talked to former team mates that he wants a return to Milan. Also since coutinho arrived he has been frozen out of the squad, he doesn’t get selected. If we can get him on loan for with an option to buy for cheap he should be considered, can play both lw and rw

    • Why does milan seem to be the only club who doesn’t do dry loans for their talented youngsters. Always something trying to appease the interested club recently.

      • I haven’t seen the official confirmation yet…… it said could be a buyback or could be a % of a future sale…

    • Disgusting. The irony is that FINALLY when Berlu’s italian youth project was coming to fruition with Donna, Calabria, Loca, Cutro, and up and coming Zanelatto to mention a few, they sell the club and now we have directors who dont know how to spend, but want to spend and dont know what to do with our talents – just like Inter.
      Juve is an example in so many ways nowadays, it hurts. Perfect transfers, replaces players and you dont even notice the other player has left, all youths out on loan in Serie A are either from Juve or Roma, and they’ll probably make Barella their signing as the replacement from Marchisio. See a lof ot similarities between them. Marchisio is a bit more elegant though.
      Sucks to be envious of them both on and off the pitch smh

  16. Lucas Moura going to Tottenham…. another player Milan should have signed in the summer…

    … here it is… a RW.

  17. Getting deulofeu would have been beautiful but if we don’t sell paletta, Gomez, Mauri, we can’t even loan any player becos of d salaries… Milan is trying to lower it’s wage bill

  18. Pastore just came in for draxler and he already sets up psg’s 3rd goal with nice through ball to meunier. And as if to add insult to injury, the commentator said pastore might be on his way to inter.

    P.s. As i wrote this he just set up neymar’s disalllowed goal.



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