Report: Deulofeu wanted to return to Milan, but the Rossoneri have no interest in signing the Spanish winger

Gerard Deulofeu during the UEFA European Under-21 Championship Final between Germany and Spain at Krakow Stadium on June 30, 2017 in Krakow, Poland. (Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images)
Gerard Deulofeu during the UEFA European Under-21 Championship Final between Germany and Spain at Krakow Stadium on June 30, 2017 in Krakow, Poland. (Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images)

Gerard Deulofeu’s agent firstly proposed his client to Milan, but found a closed door at the Rossoneri headquarters.

The agent of Deulofeu, Gines Carvajal, was in Milano yesterday for a meeting with Napoli director of sport Cristiano Giuntoli.

The league leaders are believed to being close to an agreement to bring the 23-year-old back to Italy, but according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, the first club in Deulofeu’s head was in fact Milan.

Di Marzio claims that the representative of the pacey winger offered the player to Mirabelli and Fassone, but the Rossoneri management showed no interest in opening talks, as they don’t consider him part of their plans. Deulofeu played the second half of last year at Milan on loan.

The focus of Milan in this transfer window is strictly to sell players and they are not expected to sign anyone, so that of course includes the Barcelona player, who seems likely to return to the peninsula.


  1. Off course not, limited player. Perfect example of a bad decision making player. Not good enough for Milan

    • can say the same for Suso too…
      we need deulofeu in our team but sadly Napoli knows his value than Milan(who are without wingers)…

    • funny calling him “limited” when Milan has Bonaventura and Suso. (Berlusconi said that they are the best Milan players)…

      well i guess why Milan has been *** last years.


      • Deulofeu is a headless chicken. He is very predictable and easy to expose if u have played against him once. + he is RW, we don’t need it.

        • who said to you that we don’t need a RW?

          First of all he can play both wings…

          didn’t miss useless bonaventura 2nd half of season when he Deo was here.

          but yea I see that u like the Liverpool reject..

          • Do you even watch the games? Bonaventura was our best player before his injury. Deulofeu prefers to play on the right , and he is selfish as f. Suso is much better. Also the ” Liverpool reject” was competing with coutinho, sterling lallana. While your precious deulofeu was not even good enough for mighty Everton. Sevilla didn’t want him either and he wasn’t even good enough for barcelona’s bench.

        • hahah yes yes ofc

          If I watch the games? probably more than you.

          Bonaventura is one of the reasons why Milan is absolute garbage these days.

          “Also the ” Liverpool reject” was competing with coutinho, sterling lallana. ”


          Deo was competing with Dembele, Messi, Suarez, Arda Turan, Paco Alcacer

          In Milan he played in left wing and even his poorest match is better than sh*bona best match.

          • I wrote he not good enough for their bench. Is Messi and Dembele on the bench? And since when did he become a striker? Suarez and alcacer are not competing with him for a spot. Dembele has been injured all season. A big opportunity for Deulofeu to shine, but he failed. Even the LB Alba has been a bigger threat in the attack than Deulofeu.

        • limited?? men, we need someone like him who can make break defense line… he can dribbling and score…

          suso and bonaventura?? their movement its too easy predictible and so selfish… thats why kalinic so hard to score…

          wake up bro… its 20th century and you’re still count with crossing ball and crazy thunderball?? you better bring bierhoff to play again at milan…

    • I agree. Having him wont hurt but not as good as people think he’s needed. @+milan, Suso is far better dude

      • susonis better?? cant dribbling, his movement bring ball from right to center and make some curve ball… every defender knows that..

        defou needs improvement passing and reduced his ego then he become perfect….

  2. He would be an excellent addition, exactly what we need. No one on our team has his technical ability, and he can also play on Suso’s side to help rest him once and a while. And he’s quite cheap if the reports are correct- less than what we got for SES.

    I would swap Musa or Silva for him and some extra change.

  3. This guy’s impact in the 2nd half of last season has been overlooked, he had some selfish display but noone can say that he was not feared by opponents and made our attack more dangerous with his speed, skill and technique. His excesses isn’t a problem as that can be controlled by the coach, and furthermore, the price is cheap. I’d rather see him join us than see him at Inter or elsewhere in Serie A where he would make them stronger.

    I guess the loser mentality just kicked into Fassobelli’s head and they already gave up on the season. Bunch of prodigals.

  4. Lol, the picture is perfectly chosen.
    Anyways, I think its the wrong move, but perhaps Fassobelli has another player picked out for the future, another one who will flop. We already know that Deulo knows Serie A, and Milan and he did well, helped us a lot. Think this is wrong, especially if we allow Inter/Napoli to snap him up and strenghten them further.

  5. please please please get him back ! :c what a blunder it would be to see him slip through our fingers to a rival team, selfish player true but who knows with gattuso maybe he can have some discipline to be a team player

  6. A big mistake by Milan management. I think the real issue though is that we dont have any money.

    The club is in massive debt so they cant buy anyone even if they wanted to unless we sell.

    So since we already suck, I have an idea. Lets sell Donnarumma to the highest bidder and promote Plizzari. Storari can still deputize and mentor him.

    That way we can use the money from his sale and get a winger and another midfielder.

    What do we have to loose? Donnarumma has butter fingers anyway and he will continue to make silly errors. He is so overhyped and overpaid its not a big loss to sell him. Trust me!

    • Butter fingers.
      Brilliant observation.
      That ‘Trust me!’ was so Trump-like. Yes I trust you like I trust Trump. Trust me.

  7. I don’t like Mirabelli saying that we don’t need anybody and we will only sell. If we are going to move forward with a 4 3 3 or 4 2 3 1 we need a lw more than anything. Whether it be deulofeu or somebody else to save this season we need a lw st and cm but a lw more.

  8. I also think it’s a bad decision…though selfish like suso but he will be an added threat upfront. Hakan is gradually getting grips on d LWF role, so d MGMT may be right. I think d only enforcement needed is in d CM role….dats y we went for jankto but udinese is not willing to negotiate..Milan have to sell one or two players to raise money for deal, since no buyer is coming, we can as well close d mercato

  9. Fasobelli are the cause of our shortcomings this season. If there is no money to buy Deulofeu, why can’t they just negotiate a loan with obligation to buy in the summer after we have sold Donnarumma cause Raiola will come knocking again and it will be different compared to last summer as we were not gonna gain that much from his sale.

    Fasobelli perspective : 1.Sell Donnarumma to the highest bidder.
    2. Bring Antonio Donnarumma to the starting(Due to his cup match heroics)
    3. Sell Andre Silva
    4. Sell Bonucci to Chelsea/Real Madrid/Barca
    5. The books are balanced

    Fasobelli : “We had to act due to economic struggles the team were facing. At least now the coach(Mancini) will have lesser new faces in the squad. Rannocchia’s experience will help Romagnoli.

    We are losing our DNA people and it hurts me some fans are not seeing this. They want to send Loca away, I fear they are the last academy products we will cherish.

  10. milan need defou or jesus corona from porto… good dribbling, and can make score… these players can make problems for defense line… they’re only make some improvement for passing…

    when they’re dribbling enemy defense line will be open so our targetman will be easy to score…

    Look at milan now… Our centre forward cant do anything, 4 defense players still in penalty box with him… what suso and bona doing???

  11. what’s the point for pacey & technical player when the coach doesn’t need and can’t utilise ’em?



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