Mirabelli: “Donnarumma never asked to leave, we will protect Gigio and Milan from those trying to damage our club”

Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on November 28, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on November 28, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli talked about the situation of Gianluigi Donnarumma, making it no secret that he thinks agent Mino Raiola is fully responsible for the latest media circus surrounding Gigio.

Despite keeping a clean sheet in Milan’s 3-0 win over Hellas Verona in the Coppa Italia last night, Gianluigi Donnarumma left the pitch in tears as all throughout the match, the Curva Sud booed him and sang songs against him & his brother Antonio.

The reason for the hostility of the Milan ultras is the media reports which suggest that Donnarumma and his agent Mino Raiola are looking to annul Gigio’s contract with Milan and walk out of the club as a free agent. The Italian newspapers claim that Donnarumma sent a letter to the management, letting them know that he was under ‘physiological pressure’ from the club and wasn’t serene when he was signing in the summer the contract which ties him to the Diavolo colors until June 30, 2021.

Another issue that surfaced in the media is the buy-out clause in Donnarumma’s contract – or the absence of such clause. In June it was reported that the goalkeeper has a buy-out clause in the excess of €80m but as it turns out – this clause was never deposited and so Milan can ask for any price.

Sky insists that all parties – including Donnarumma – were fully aware that there is no release clause, but some other sources say that Raiola, who is apparently speaking to Paris Saint-Germain about Gigio, is trying to cancel the agreement with Milan because the clause wasn’t deposited.

The Curva Sud's displaying a banner against Donnarumma during Milan-Hellas at Stadio San Siro on December 13, 2017: "Moral violence, 6 million per year and your parasite brother? Now go away, the patience is over." (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
The Curva Sud’s displaying a banner against Donnarumma during Milan-Hellas at Stadio San Siro on December 13, 2017: “Moral violence, 6 million per year and your parasite brother? Now go away, the patience is over.” (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“Our position is clear, and we have said it many times: we do not need to sell anyone,” director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli told reporters after last night’s match at San Siro. “If a player did want to leave, he would have to tell us first, then obviously a club would need to meet our demands.

“We will not be grabbed by the throat by anyone. We have a clear idea of what to do as a club and if we are not capable of protecting the image of our club it’s correct that we step aside. We will always protect both Donnarumma and Milan, there’s someone who is damaging our image and the image of who is probably the most representative player of our team. Gigio is an exceptional guy, I spoke to him and he never said he wanted to leave. Otherwise he’d never have signed through to 2021.

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Gennaro Gattuso at the end of Milan-Hellas at Stadio San Siro on December 13, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma and Gennaro Gattuso at the end of Milan-Hellas at Stadio San Siro on December 13, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“Perhaps there are gentlemen who wants to organize something deliberately, but we will look out for Milan’s interests in every arena. The whistles against him? We understand the fans are upset, but they ought to jeer the opposition and not our own players. It’s not all Gigio’s fault and we must support him, because he is part of the club’s heritage. We must protect him, as we know where the rot is coming from. We hope to resolve this situation soon. Mino Raiola? I have no meeting planned with Raiola. The player has a contract to 2021, so I have nothing to say to Raiola.

“We are closer than ever to Donnarumma, because we have no intention of selling him. If he wants to leave, he has to beg us, but I spoke to him and he never asked that. He loves Milan. We will protect Gigio and Milan from some gentleman who is trying to damage our club.

“One day, Gigio will realize where the good and the bad really is. There is some gentleman who is becoming more of a showman than anything else. We can laugh it off, but won’t let him get away with it. Possible offers? Anyone who wants Donnarumma will have to meet our demands.”

Milo Raiola at the PSG store on the Champs-Elysees avenue on July 18, 2012 in Paris. (GUILLAUME BAPTISTE/AFP/Getty Images)
Milo Raiola at the PSG store on the Champs-Elysees avenue on July 18, 2012 in Paris. (GUILLAUME BAPTISTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Mirabelli, whose beef with Raiola started in the summer, also gave an interview to RAI Italia: “We have little to clarify, we are sorry for what happened on Wednesday. Gigio didn’t tell us that he wants to leave, he’s our heritage and there’s someone who wanted to create this little theater. We know where the evil is, and we’ll try to fix it in the next few days. A football club like Milan must be respected and the players, who are important assets of the club, must be respected.

“Raiola? I don’t know who orchestrated this confusion. We, Milan, struggled so much to have Gigio until 2021 and we are happy for it. We would like to keep him also beyond 2021. Donnarumma never asked to leave, he is sorry about this situation and we have to resolve it. We need to reassemble the team, the club and the supporters. We know where the pitfalls can come from, well get ready, the fans have to be calm; we will not give in to any kind of blackmail. Milan does not need to sell Donnarumma, if there is a player who expresses his will to leave then he will do so on our terms.

Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on December 6, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on December 6, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“The alleged letter of Donnarumma? When I heard these things, I laughed. There are certain laws, maybe someone doesn’t know them because they’re not an Italian citizen… if someone has felt defrauded then there are courts. I repeat, when I heard these things I laughed.

“The player was happy to renew the contract.” Mirabelli and Milan fans would like this situation to be resolved as soon as possible, as the Rossoneri already have enough problems on their plate.


  1. I hate that fat pig. I hope Dona makes a clear statement soon himself and ends this situation. This isn’t good for the team.

  2. I still hope that this farse will end with Donnarumma sacking fat fucking evil pig of an agent. He is still our kid and if he do that he is welcome to stay.

  3. I’d love him to just sack the bastard but I’d imagine it would cost a lot of money to part ways with the fat pig
    Alex Ferguson said years ago how eventually agents would ruin the game and that’s exactly how it’s panning out

  4. Good interview, good to come out and protect him. Like Ink has said, there is no reason to boo him. So far he is performing and he is still a Milan player, why boo him? Like the comments above say – still hope he will part ways with Raiola.

    • Indeed mate.
      Good interviews from Gattuso and Mirabelli.
      We should just leave these behind and get on a winning streak.
      Finally managed to see the full game. This style of play can be successful.

    • Booing/whistling Donna is just giving raiola more fire power to try and tear Donna away, not smart by the fans IMO

      • Exactly, I forgot to mention that, this is exactly what Mino wants. Now Donna is a victim, and if he leaves, he can still say that Donnarumma loves Milan, but the fans created a hostile environment in which Donna cant stay in etc… freaking mind games. Mino is going full emperor Palpatine smh

  5. Then he can use his *** phone to open *** Instagtam/Twitter and say he is not *** leaving Milan!

    But no… His agent will be mad! I think it’s all part of a plan. Like what happened with Neymar
    1. Raiola spreads the rumors
    2. fans get mad
    3. Donna Cries
    4. He will say I’m gonna leave because of fans
    5. Milan would sell him for lot’s of money
    6. Raiola would get tons of money for the transfer

    If he eventually says he want’s to leave then we should sell him. even right now I don’t want him at Milan. I don’t care that he didn’t say he wants to leave. I care that he didn’t say he wants to stay when fans are going crazy about it.

    • Lol.
      Bet you don’t like the points he gets the team as well.
      Why do you care if he leaves or not? What the *** does it matter as long as he is performing up to the standard on the pitch?
      If he wants to leave at the end of the season, he will leave, but I have NEVER seen him act unprofessionally and NEVER seen him give less than 100% effort on the pitch during every *** match he has ever played and that should be the only relevant thing to the fans. Maybe you have? Would you kindly point out to me when?

      Ps. Why do you love to throw *** so much?

      • It’s OK if he wants to leave and that’s his business and nobody else’s. But it’s a dirty game to play with the team and fans to not sort things out. If you play for a team, it should be part of your professional life and he should act accordingly.
        If he wants to leave, he has to make it clear so that Milan directors can make a decision about our next #1 goalkeeper.
        It’s not exactly like changing your panties, and you do it whenever you feel right.
        That’s the problem with Dona. He leaves everything in limbo and that’s suspicious.

        • People are saying he sent a letter to management (lies) and that has caused this uproar in some fans.
          So if that is true – as the bashers believe, how is he making it unclear for the management if he wants to leave or not?

          • Same way he did in summer. He signed the contract at the very last minute. And now, we got this. Don’t you think something is not right here?

          • Ink, did you read the part of the report which said indications are that Raiola is leaking such info to the public?
            See I assure you, Donna is not the only goalkeeper alive who can earn us points.
            I want him to stay and do well at Milan, but I assure you, if he goes today Milan would get someone worth wearing the jersey to fill that vacuum.
            Nobody is bigger than the club.
            What is wrong if he send a simple tweet about wanting to stay just to calm the situation.
            Things are already difficult for us as it stands, why allow a greedy agent compound it with this drama.
            Once again, i don’t support those whistling or booing him, but he should sort this out which is something he can do with a simple tweet.

          • Lets say something is not right, and ofc Donnarumma will possibly leave very soon.
            But what and whose purpose does it serve to boo him and whistle and hate on him in December, while he is performing 100% to his ability on the pitch for us?

          • @Dodoz
            Ofc Donna is not the only goalkeeper who could give us those points.
            Why don’t you try to buy a replacement in December?

            What I am saying is, couldn’t all this wait till next summer? By then situations would be clear and if there is reason for fans to be angry we could be angry without creating all this fuss.
            That is why I say, this is idiotic from the fans.

      • While he has given everything I also want him to show his love for this shirt, the situation that’s going on isn’t good for him, the fans and most importantly the team! This situation can make a negative impact so he needs to clear the air and speak up. If all he said was I’m happy and never leaving, the fans would love him, mino would shut his mouth and he’d become a fan favourite again and he’d work in peace. What’s happening now will have an impact somewhere. #gigigomollalo

  6. Because we have a history and wearing Milan jersey even in Serie B is something to be proud of. You dont get it but ok! How about distracting Milan’s dressing room? Was it hard to issue that he dont want to leave instead of crying? Is it professional? We started to act like a team and He started again. Sorry but you are being naive about the situation.

    • And ofc it is very smart for the fans to do this on 13th December, freeze him out and distance him, and then buy a replacement on 14th December, because the season ends on 13th December.

      Also, these rumours have been going on for quite a few days. I have not seen any sign of distress in the squad against Bologna, and also against Verona. Have you?

  7. While fans maybe shouldn’t have done what they did, if true that raiola is bringing this to the media to stir the pot, Donnarumma should speak up. Fans today have asked gigio to speak and finally hear his thoughts, everyone get behind the hashtag #gigiomollalo

  8. definitely he is not the first player to cry in situations like this he is still a teen 18yrs playing at top flight you shouldn’t conclude that he is unprofessional says who.one of the best goalie in the world.if you are among the fans I guess you will boo him as well.if he is going let him do is job and go in peace

  9. Agreed these r both good interviews, especially the gattuso one. I know last game was against hellas bteam but i loved everything gattuso did that game starting with the starting lineup, substitutions to save our key players, and not being satisfied with anything. Other note really loving rodriguez, yeah hes a bit slow, but seen so many games this year where every ball is perfect. Such an intelligent player. Really liking monto these days as well, playing with heart. Calabria seems to gotten over that early season defensive debacle and is covering his side well, good cross for silva header over. If i had to nitpick Silva should definitely play left and switch w cutrone when they play together w 3 up front, silva doesnt look like much of a poacher and has a lot more on the ball. Hear a lot of haters on suso but my opinion is thank god we have him, in and out of games, sure, but such a sick player

  10. Let’s make something clear here. Dona isn’t giving everything for Milan. He’s giving everything for his own career. He can’t show a poor performance since he wants big clubs to have an eye for him and he wants to raise his value, which has declined since summer.

      • Depends on which perspective you look at it. If you want to tell yourself that you have a great goalkeeper until the end of the season, or winter, who knows, then I agree with you. It’s not a bad thing.
        But if you want to know if you have a committed goalkeeper in your team who’s part of your long-term strategy, which he was supposed to be, that’s not good.

        • What if the goalkeeper allegedly (probably ‘fake news’ – in a Trump voice) sent a letter to the management already and made his intentions clear that he wants to leave in the summer?
          What news is it then?

  11. a traitor is always a traitor!! since the summer to me he is dead to Milan, he is a scumbag and nothing more!! If he really loved Milan he would have fired that agent, but no he keeps playing these saga games every transfer window. This season he’s been shit anyway since he gets 6m a year!! sooner he leaves the better it is!! Go dollarumma go now!!! Amen!

  12. Whats the big deal in him coming out to debunk such rumours(if it is)?there was once some speculation of Suso leaving during the summer,he immediately came out to assure us he was going to stay even while there was delay in his contract situation.I’m sincerely against booing,but then again if Ronaldo and Casillas have been booed by their own fans then who is Donna?Figo was thrown a pig face by fans that adored him for years..yes its not right but this is football and milan where fans demand 100% both on and off field,thats the way fans show their displeasure,if he really has the champion mentality of the Ronaldo’s of this world then he should get over it.I dont see why its such a big deal.

      • So u want to play the age card?were u not the same person that said Donna is not too young to earn £6m during the contract saga in the summer,so why then is he too young to be booed?to whom much is given,much is expected.

        • Integrity, morale, principles and performance have no age. Dollarumma has none of these. What teenager earns 6m net and performs shit? At the age of 17 he became an idol for millions of Rossoneri fans worldwide. At 18 he makes 6m net. What does he give in return? I want him out and no more excuses.

  13. I am surprised 6 million per year then plus 1 million then you talk about moral violence please you need to duck out of milan now I am begiñing to understand why curva sud is angry .How can you accept 6m plus 1 then you talk about being forced to sign the contract if he is leaving then milan should sue both parties to court I mean him and the fat swine.then again I pity the club he is going to cos the drama will definitely have a season 2

  14. some News say
    psg offered dona a 12 million per year contract a couple of months ago
    thats why Money addicted big fat riola is creating this caos
    to make dona move to psg
    that he can cash big time
    dona needs to make a choise simple
    he wants to play for milan and focus
    then get rid of riola
    he is after more Money and short term fame
    then stick with the fat big
    and ciao

  15. Milan is a top club and no player is bigger than Milan. I truly believe that Donnarumma is also behind all this nonsense. If he wasn’t he would have got rid of his agent who has been trying to destroy Milan’s image since the takeover from the Chinese.

    Raiola is an arrogant racist pig who clearly has issues with anyone who is not Italian. Typical fascist. Why would any decent player want to be represented by Raiola when there are tons of top agents out their that are professional and not controversial drama queens like Raiola.

    Donnarumma relationship with Raiola is beyond the pitch and that’s why he is remaining loyal to him.

    Milan should offload him asap as this is too much negative energy that will destabilize the team morale. He is not the best keeper around and there are plenty of better options to replace him.

    Despite Pepe Reina’s age, Napoli hasn’t renewed his contract and Milan should pounce on the opportunity to sign him as we need world class professional players.

  16. Kaka22 . . Great points there concerning the latest Donna palaver . . !
    I agree . .

    Plus, you totally buried a certain commenter . .

    Forza . . !

  17. 70 mil, sell Donna.
    Buy a gk and torriera.

    Sell kalinic, hakan and biglia for 55- 60 mil, and buy forsberg and barella.

    We would be better placed.

  18. Donna is just hiding behind his agent, in my opinion if he feels the rumours going round r not from him then he should speak out and focus and that will also make Mino shush! After all Icardi had a furious spat with Inter ultras yet he was vocal in his decision about Inter and that he wasn’t going to leave no matter what. That’s the kind of heart and desire expected from Donnarumma instead of crying. He should be man enough to face the Ultras and tell em I love milan and I want to remain.

  19. Every single of in curva sud including the president of curva sud is a hoe! For years Galliani and Berlusconi DESTROYED milan.. where were you???? Let me tell you where you were.. the preisdent of ultras or curva sud was so fare up his mother ass so he didnt even realise.

    Now you are bashing donnarumma???? Curva sud and their president is the biggest whore in the entire world

    • How exactly did they destroy milan? Shame that there are supporters who think like that. They don’t print money at home, things do change in life. They did their best for the team. Certainly things are not happier or feel more secure with the new owners. Things are not as easy as 1-2 Arabs investing infinitely in their teams might show. The reality is different.



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