Gattuso: “There is great despair in the locker room, it would’ve been better to get stabbed than concede this goal”

Gennaro Gattuso during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso says the 2-2 draw against last-placed Benevento ‘hurts and burns’ but also claims that ‘I cannot reproach my players for anything’.

Gattuso’s debut match as the coach of Milan will forever be in the history books, but for very different reasons than the ones Rino and the fans were hoping for.

Basically everyone called it, and it really happened: Benevento won their first-ever Serie A point against Milan. And it couldn’t have been done in a more dramatic way.

Giacomo Bonaventura gave Milan the lead in the 38′ minute but George Pușcaș equalized in the 50′ minute. Eight minutes later, Nikola Kalinić made it 2-1 Milan, but Benevento, who played with a lot of desire and a brilliant attitude all throughout the match, had their enthusiasm increased in the 75′ minute when referee Maurizio Mariani (wrongly) showed Alessio Romagnoli the red card.

Benevento, who lost 14 matches this season, were pushing hard to finally get a point in Matchday 15: in the 94′ minute, Abate committed a foul and gave away a free kick; and it was the head of Alberto Brignoli – the Benevento goalkeeper of all players – that found the ball to beat Donnarumma. The Juve-owned man became the first keeper since Massimo Taibi (April 1st 2001) to score in Serie A.

Milan threw away their lead in the very last moment of the match and Benevento got a point. The most worrying part, perhaps, is that the Diavolo should be thankful they even won a point, as they were second best to the 20th-placed Giallorossi all throughout the encounter. It’s an embarrassing day in the history of Milan, who now have 11 points less than they did last season after 15 rounds.

Lucas Biglia, Cristian Zapata, Mateo Musacchio, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Nikola Kalinić and Leonardo Bonucci at the end of Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (
Lucas Biglia, Cristian Zapata, Mateo Musacchio, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Nikola Kalinić and Leonardo Bonucci at the end of Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (

“It certainly burns and hurts,” the former midfielder, who wore the Milan shirt from 1999 to 2012, told Sky Sport Italia. “It would’ve been better to get stabbed than concede this goal. It hurts to concede goals like that, we suffered in the final 15 minutes, but conceded a bizarre goal. I never would’ve expected to concede at the last second with the opposition goalkeeper on target.

“What I said to the team? I just have to thank these guys for how they worked this week. As for the spirit we put on the pitch, we surely can do a lot better, but I saw a spirit and I saw guys who sacrificed. It’s normal that at this moment we must understand many things, we have to improve on the mentality and the physical aspect, because how we’re doing now is not enough.

Benevento players celebrating during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017.  (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Benevento players celebrating during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

“We must start again from the spirit that I saw. This team might look like it’s just wandering around not bothered by anything, but instead I saw a really downhearted side in the locker room today. We are Milan and must do more, because the current level is not enough.

“So many times today we could’ve attacked vertically and sometimes we made different choices. I saw a team that took the field well, but this is not enough and we must understand how to improve this team and how to bring everyone to give their best. I think we will succeed, if there is this spirit and this desire then you can build something good [Milan are currently 8th in the table].

Gennaro Gattuso and Giacomo Bonaventura during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017.  (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso and Giacomo Bonaventura during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

“It was my first game on the Milan bench, a side I represented for many years. At a mental level, I had thought we’d done it, but instead we made a naïve mistake giving away that free kick with Abate. I got angry at the referee because just before the foul he whistled at Kalinić for something that wasn’t there [Rino and Bonucci were arguing with the ref]. It hurts and we are here licking our wounds.”

Alessio Romagnoli getting shown the red card by referee Maurizio Mariani during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Alessio Romagnoli getting shown the red card by referee Maurizio Mariani during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Speaking to Premium Sport, Gattuso said: “The guys gave their all, we conceded a strange goal and at the moment that’s just what our luck is. I want to thank the players for showing their desire and commitment from the first day I arrived. It’s a period that goes like this and we pay for our first mistake. There is great despair in the locker room. We lick our wounds today, will work to improve the fitness levels and mentality, but I cannot reproach my players for anything.

“We could’ve developed our play better and with a little more personality, as we lost the ball too many times playing out of defense. Trying to do something new is good, but we knew that despite the defeats, Benevento have been doing much better in terms of performance lately.

“We knew the difficulties and I knew we’d find strong opponents as it’s been 3-4 matches Benevento didn’t deserve to lose. Now we must look forward. If I’ll insist on these 11 starting players? It’s a question that makes me smile. Romagnoli already will not be there because he’ll be disqualified. We need to evaluate the players during the week. We have a long way to go and a lot to improve.”

Gennaro Gattuso, Leonardo Bonucci, Lucas Biglia and Ignazio Abate talking to referee Maurizio Mariani at the end of Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso, Leonardo Bonucci, Lucas Biglia and Ignazio Abate talking to referee Maurizio Mariani at the end of Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

Gattuso also spoke in a post-match presser at Stadio Ciro Vigorito: “We have been working together for a week and we have changed some things. I need time to make the team play like I would like. There are no consolations or excuses. We didn’t always play well but we tried to win until the end.

“Benevento did not deserve to lose in their last five games and against us they scored in the last second. They made their own luck. I get very involved in every game, and I really wanted to win this one. The changes I made? We were not keeping possession of the ball with our midfielders, the only one who was doing the job was Kessie. I wanted to bring the win home and that’s why I subbed-in a defender. I don’t think they troubled us until the 2-2. There is still a long way to go.

“The bright side? The hard work during the week, the team spirit and the desire I have seen. Work pays off so we have to remain together in this moment, there is no point in getting upset. I have to be the first to show conviction and serenity. There are many matches to be played and no one is pleased.

Gennaro Gattuso during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso during Benevento-Milan at Stadio Ciro Vigorito on December 3, 2017. (CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

“We are not giving the impression that we are doing things with grit and our heads clear. A win today would have given us confidence, unfortunately we didn’t win, but we have to continue improving without giving up. If we hadn’t conceded Brignoli’s goal [the first goal ever Milan concede from a keeper], we’d be talking about a different spirit shown by the team. This is our new starting point.

“We cleared the ball away often towards the end. Our opponents manage to trouble us because we started playing with fear and we definitely have to improve in this. We stop playing completely in the last 7-8 minutes of the game. It’s all psychological, it begins with the fear to lose the game.”

The next Milan match is on Thursday against Rijeka, but it’s a game for the protocol as the Rossoneri already secured qualification to the next EL round. Next Sunday, however, they host Bologna.


  1. I hope Rino slapped Abate after that faul in 94. minute. It’s normal to expect from veteran full back with bags of experience to stop anonimus Benevento player and not give free-kick in dangerous position…but hey that’s Abate & sadly he’s not the only one in our defense with positioning and decisions of a dead cow…

  2. I don’t blame Rino, not yet anyway. Players were so slow and lethargic today that I almost knew we are not gonna win today. Lot of them linked up like they playing first time in life together.
    And on top of all, they panicked every time when Benevento approached our box. Like it’s Messi instead of Memeshaj or legend Ferenc
    posessed that Romanian Puskas. They have no guts. And something dramatic has to happend. I would even benched half of the players that played today and vave chance to some younger guys. Gabbia, Bellanova, T. Dias , Locatelli and Cutrone should all get a chance to prove themself. And A.Silva has to play. Especially in a pair with Cutrone.

  3. Rino is saying all the right things, props to him for not going after the ref for the red on Romagnoli. Felt Kalinic was dead those last 15 minutes providing absolutely zero pressure/threat from the top along with the Abate mistakes that ultimately lead to the equalizer.

  4. I’m very disappointed. I can say, that I have seen lots of things – even what happened today – but now it was too much!

    I listen and read everything about situation around the club, I mean there are many experts to listen to, but this is enough. Everything is going worse and worse. I think, all this started in 2009, when Carlo was sacked. Today, I can’t say anything. Everything is tried out

    I have watched almost every match and things isn’t improving.

    • we missed at the angelotti área to introduce youth.
      angelotti build his succes with milan on a team average age more then 31
      when he got sacked and the old finished
      untill today
      we had to wait
      for dona=calabria=gabia=bellanova=locatelli=cutrone and some more
      yet we are going sadly the same way.
      not trusting our own blood
      how comes this is not seen

    • Comment:seriously am tired of it all
      I feel like going into that field now we have no playmaker and no player who can ginger the whole team even if they are 5 goals down
      donarrumma only controls his defence line so what about the midfield and forward

  5. Our problem isn’t in the coach. We sacked Allegri and see what he did with Juve. We lack players with quality. For now, we only have Donnarumma and Bonucci.

    • You have A point we don’t have players Suso montolivo Kalinic Bonaventura Abate Biglia many of them no great team will buy them

    • Please tell me what ALLEGRI did with juve??? If he was a real coach he would have won CL. The only reason why they didnt win CL was because of allegri.

      Dont praise allegri for making juve with serie a. Juve did NOT win serie a because of juve bing good.. they won because ALL the other teams are crap. Milan, napoli, inter, roma.. they are all crap.. napoli, inter, roma are defentitely better than milan.. but they are still crap even though they have 1 or 2 star players..

      Juve came do CL finals because the teams they met were WEAK.. just look at barca.. they drew against a team i dont even now.. so you think allegri is good.. but he is the most booring and coward coach in the entire world.. i feel sorry for his kids.. he must be the most BOORING dad in the world. Milan started to fall due allegris arrival at milan.

      • Star players don’t win you games alone. All those teams you mentioned are well oiled machines with a game plan.

      • Alegri took over well build team from Conte and didn’t have to do anything. He lost champions league twice and now it seems that Juventus are starting to fall apart a little. Allegri is a small team coach and will be out of Juve soon enough. I wish we could get Conte to be our coach.

      • I agree…

        Allegri was a significant reason for our decline…

        Sure, Carlo could have done a much better job of planning for the future…

        But we were in good hands with Leonardo, he should have been given a much longer leash….

        Allegri made us mediocre…

        Dorf almost brought us back to life…

        Everything else since then has been a comedy of errors…

        On a side note…How can any one of us defend any manager who continues to start Kalanic when they have the option of rotating Silva and Cutrone ? I dont care if Kalanic scored today, I dont care if Kalanic is tall, Cutrone and Silva have both earned the opportunity to proove themselves, Kalanic has done nothing while wearing red and black.

        • All u guys talking shit about allegri are complete nuts. He WON the serie a with us in his very first season and nearly won it in his second season as well only to be denied by Conte. Even though ibra and thiago Silva were sold he still managed to qualify us for the cl next year with crap players. So it’s obvious that the huge decline was due to the shit management of B & G. I mean who sells our best players and not replace them adequately and still expect us to succeed? No coach could have saved Milan’s decline with the crap load of players we had post 2013. So it’s pretty simple, we simply lacked quality players all these years leading to the perpetual failure of coaches. And regarding his success with juve, well, he just got them to two cl finals by beating Real Madrid(2015 semis) and Barca(2017 qf) along the way on successive occasions and u guys still think he’s shit? Wtf man. He really deserves more respect from us and if u guys have someone to blame, it’s galliani.

          • I feel sorry for you. Allegri AT THE TIME.. had BY FAR the best serie a team.. STILL he almost LOST scudetto the first year. Allegri should of won seria a by at least 25 points if he was a real coach. You dont under stand.. so let me put this in another way.

            Allegri had a FERRARI and the other teams had a FIAT in 2010. Allegri WITH his FERRARI only won the race by 5 meters. And STILL you are PRAISING HIM??????!!!

            Allegri with his FERRARI should of won by 1000 meters.. but he didnt. So no, he did acutally in his first scudetto showed me that he isnt milan material.

            His second year..he played 3 defensive midfielders for almost 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Thats why we didnt win second year. Allegri was against ANY type of creative players.. he only wanted bommel, poli, flamini, muntari players in midfield. Pirlo, dinho, robinho, pato was all used wrong.

            Allegri is the MAIN cause of milans failure, only dumb fans dont realise that.

          • I’d argue that Milan won the scudetto at a time when Inter was in the decline after the Champions League triumph, Juve was just starting to finalize their rebuilding process, and Roma, Napoli and Lazio were nowhere near where they were today.

            Allegri has had the luxury of having to coach in a league that is rebuilding itself. He is a mediocre coach, and on multiple occasions, he has proven his inadequacy.

          • I have to admit that he’s not doing badly with Juve. However just because he’s doing better there doesnt necessarily mean he was good in the past. It’s like backing Torres’s performance with Milan because he’s doing well in his current club. Allegri is one small reason why we are in this poor mental state. He shouldve easily won the scudetto on that second season youre talking about him qualifying us to the CL. We gave up from then on and were always only fighting for CL spot when couldve challenged for the league in his third season. Ibra and Silva were sold and the team obviously got weaker but many people seem not to noticed or forgets that the other teams were not really that strong either. Galliani didnt do a very good job because he couldve done better but the squad in Allegri’s first 3 seasons on paper not inferior to more than 2 Italian clubs. I will never understand why people believe Allegri to have done well with Milan. Oh dear.

          • Yeah, people are crazy here. Allegri is one of the leading coaches in the world. Period.

  6. “We stop playing in the final 7-8 minutes of the game.Its all psychological,it begins with the fear to lose the game”.Finally someone who understands this,the mentality of the team is weak,hopefully Gattuso can solve this but unfortunately we need results ASAP.If it were Montella i bet he would have said “we were unlucky the keeper came out to head the ball”

  7. “We stop playing in the final 7-8 minutes of the game.Its all psychological,it begins with the fear to lose the game”.Finally someone who understands this,the team is mentally weak,hopefully Gattuso can solve this but unfortunately we need results ASAP.If it were Montella i bet he would have said “we were unlucky the keeper came out to head the ball”

  8. “We were not keeping possession of the ball in midfield, the only player doing his job was Kessie” yes, and what a job he did. This was his best game imo, looks like he enjoyed his talk with Rino before. The problem is though that Locatelli wasnt brought on, with his energy and technique on the ball, he should’ve been brought on. Not Biglia. Im honestly done with chances for Biglia as he is nothing other than awful. I hope we sell him ASAP. First thing he did coming on was pass the ball to a Benevento player smh. Not that this loss is his fault, but he just doesnt cut it for Milan. Kalinic too, if he didnt score that goal then what. Benevento’s goalkeeper scored a more difficult header ffs. Also think that Bonaventura, despite his goal and assist, was poor in the overall performance, but he made up for it at least. I’ll keep saying it – two strikers is what we need, hope that Gattuso tried this formation and these players now, and then tries Loca in midfield with Silva and Cutro up front and keeps them there indefinitely.

    • You’re right, unfortunately I questioned the purchases of biglia and kalinic and hoped they’d prove me wrong and sadly they haven’t. What’s even worse is that these two players take game time away from locatelli cutrone and Silva. Biglia was always a good player but I didn’t want him due to his price tag and age. Who would have thought that he’d be our WORST signing so far (at least calhanoglu has scored a couple and never been terrible).

    • Completely agree with two strikers idea. He sholuld try also different type of 3-5-2. We have good defensive midfielders(Montolivo, Loca, Biglia, Mauri, Kessie) let’s use 3 of them and play with both Bonaventura and Suso on flanks- where they are in their best and use two strikers in front of them. Surely Milan would create mor chances and it would approve alleged verical play that Gattuso wants.

  9. During his first game in charge of AC Milan Gattuso claimed the spotlight as he shouted ‘I am going to kill you’ to Gigio Donnarumma who was guilty of not shouting and giving enough orders to his teammates at the back: “Shout or I am going to kill you”, Gattuso has reportedly told the young goalkeeper.

    Just a bit of smile in a very sad day for AC Milan.

  10. I will give you another chance gattuso. If I see either of kalinic, zapata, bonaventura, borini or montolivio on the pitch i will turn off the game .. and you as a coach are finished in my eye. I will rewatch when conti is back

  11. 1) some friends on various whatsapp groups are celebrating inter becoming capolista. Good coach = good, concrete results. Morontella = well,
    2) milan actually played with more sense of urgency, especially in first half, but they still lacked creativity. That can still be improved in time. Loca couldve been solution but lets not overrate him (i still remember some guy on here called him “better version of busquets. Extremely laughable). Kalinic also thrived playing as post player because he was actually good in the air. His (1 on 1) finishing was still bad though
    3) u know ur garbage when even borini playing outta position’s still contributed much more than u. Just because abate was ok nearly a decade ago doesnt mean we have to wear nostalgia glasses all the time.
    4) i mentioned donna’s tendency to tip the ball forward, not over the goal or to the side, during cagliari match last season (the one particular match morontella shouldve gotten sacked after) and it appears to me that he hasnt learned anything yet. When will madrid come with 60-80m offer? All those money and Plizzari on goal would be much better than watching madrid with de gea on goal; its not fair to other clubs.
    5) roma’s red card was perfectly fair prof fault; 1) benevento player wouldve been clear through on goal, a goalscoring chance, 2) roma didnt get the ball, 3) roma was last man. It was bonucci’s and biglia’s fault though, not roma.
    6) why didnt rino use 3-4-1-2? He’s real milanista thus shouldve known milan always play better with 2 st. Regarding 4 at the back being stronger, lazio 4-1 milan anyone?

    • Let’s be clear on the 1st goal we let in. I screamed at Donna for the block straight to the center; it was terrible. But it was a very difficult shot after a quick counter that our midfield let in. And yeah, a six million per year GK is expected to do better, but is also allowed to misblock as such every half season or so. Sell him? Him and Bonucci are the only real quality players we have.

      • Well, donna the sinner pulled that crap vs cagliari, atalanta etc last season and roma, benevento and many more this season so i guess its a trait. I mean, hell, even neuer’s deputy has done better job so far this season than donna. Saw his saves vs mbappe last night? He didnt block the shoots forward asking to be killed on rebounds. Hell, there are bunch of gk who are just as good if not better in la liga and bundesliga.
        My point is, milan should sell him exactly because donna is (still) world class but easily replaced so they can use the money on playmakers and cm. saw tolisso’s and james’s performances last night? Abbiati and antonioli were hot prospects too growing up

  12. Gattuso told Donaruma “Shout or I am going to kill you” lol thats what im talking about but he needs not to repeat Montella’s mistakes such as starting Kalanic but i really do wish him much success since they treated Seedorf and Inzaghi a bit rough when they were in charge

    • Yeah. although they didnt treat Inzaghi rough when he was in charge, if he was someone else he would’ve gotten fired mid season but he got a full season just because he is Inzaghi. Seedorf was treated badly because he got results but he was easier to replace than 75 % of the squad. It’s definitely too soon to call for Gattuso’s head. At least he knows the problems, hopefully he can fix them.

  13. Two strikers Silva Cutrone ,Kalic if needing goal near end of match we can go direct.revert Bk to four man defence and replace biglia with like to see 4312 cos we haven’t world class wingers but need two strikers.too many times the lone striker gets isolated same with bacca and he was proven goalscorer ,we haven’t got the players like real or psg to play with one up front.

  14. The main problem, there is no creativity and good ball for our strikers… How can our striker make goal as long as our midfileder and suso play act like messi… Our striker neeed goood ball… Once agaim i said, our striker need good ball… And please play silva as starters… Just sell suso… No wonder big club dont want him…

    Bring some players who can dribbling and passing… Sell the selfish players like suso, bona… They cant play as a team… They feel like messi…

    No wonder nobody giant club want them…

  15. In the end, we dropped the two points by a lucky goal in the last second. Bad luck indeed but Gatusso is no magician. Neither was Montella.

    Both play Kalanic, because Kalanic is our best seria a striker. Deal with it. As bad as he his (I think a lot of you here are exaggerating, but he’s no sheva that’s for sure), that’s the reality. And yes, both Cutrone and Silva (in that order) should get more minutes.

    And when one of Jack/Suso is not at his usual self (this time Suso), this game is an example of how we look like.

    Last note: I hope Rino can at least reign in (pun intended) Bonucci a bit. I mean, I’m still happy that we have him, but someone should tell him to stay the f*#k back when we are leading.

  16. While we are worried about what we saw on the pitch he’s talking about the players good attitude in the locker room. Well Rhino ,team is going nowhere without ideas on how to play football. Good luck with only teaching them fighting spirit and discipline!!

  17. How do they expect to win with players like….

    etc etc you know…

    Never seen such an overrated CB like Romagnoli… at least he’s not playing next match.

    Its all Nutella’s fault!

    PS: ah! Kalinic played like I said… and scored.

    • well focus on EL……how we want win it if we cannot beat seria a bottom teams…….can you imagine if arsenal will be our openent in play off? there are lot of teams in EL this year who we easily overcome actaul milan ….. please please …forget about EL trophy……. anyway forza milan
      i just want to see play good football…..we are ac milan, we have to perform like

  18. This is football.
    That shit happens in the 95th minutes from time to time. Get over it.
    Almost everyone would have been singing a completely different tune if it finished 1-2.

    And ofc, no Loca, no party.

    We should just focus 100% on EL and get to CL.

    • Maybe it was good that this happened so Gattuso knows what he’s dealing with. The mental problem is a fact but he got to see and live it for himself. He says the right words, let’s hope he has the tools to deal with them.
      And yes. Hopefully Loca and Cutro starts along with Silva, and they all stay in the line up after it. No more Biglia, i’m tired of him.

      • Absolutely, mate.
        Especially the chemistry Loca and Cutrone has. They have played together in Primavera basically since they have memory. They know what the other is doing. We need to utilise this.
        And that is why our youth products are so important. They know each other, and they play for the shirt.
        And most of all, they don’t need to ‘gel’ because they are already gelled.
        Transfer strategy should be 1-2 world class players, and then with a stable squad consisting of players from previous seasons and Primavera.
        Fasobelli really screwed it up (as I feared they would).

  19. Our midfield is too weak. Only Kessie is strong in midfield. Montolivo and Biglia are not combative enough to win the ball off of our opponents. Too often Milan gets out muscled in the midfield.

    I don’t blame Gattuso for this draw which feels more like a loss in my opinion but if he sticks with Kalinic instead of Silva we are doomed.

    Milan must buy in January. We definitely need a good defensive midfielder, a creative midfielder and a world class striker. Therefore, offload Calhanoglu, Biglia, and Kalinic.

    Our defense is under too much pressure all because the midfield is weak and only Kessie fights for the ball to win it back. He cannot do it all by himself.

    Aubameyang is a must buy, so that we have a top class finisher. Pullisic is a must buy and definitely someone like Luis Gustavo is desperately needed in the midfield.

  20. It seems like everyone here has all the answers for Milan to succeed but I will tell you all this. It will take at least 3 seasons for AC Milan to return to form. It is virtually impossible for a coach to buy 11 players for leagues all over the world and get them to play together in one season. As much as you might say about Montella, he was on the right track of trying players to find the right formula. It can’t be easy for any coach in this world to get 11 different players with no experience of playing together before to work in harmony on the field. I don’t expect many of you to agree with me but if you’ve played the game for a while or coached anyone u would understand what I’m saying. Btw gattuso has started with the wrong attitude by criticizing Andre Silva. The player is young and very talented and with time he will destroy serial A. Our problem for the last 4 seasons or so has be the service our strikers never receive. I’m not a fan of montella but I have to be realistic. And I’ll end by saying that gattuso is not a coach and he will prove it eventually.

  21. this is what carlo said: “Whatever decision you make, if the club doesn’t protect you, then you are dead. If you drop a player, he goes to the club to complain and they back him, you’ll lose face with the other players. You can’t recover from that. According to the media, I was fired by Bayern because I had five big players against me!”

    I am wonder, Is this our real problem? Is the club protect certain player, so the coach can’t have freedom in selecting best player and formation? Is that culprit is Bonucci?

    • Probbaly / may be bro.. if u the coach i have dare to change dramactily bonucci, kalinic and suso to the bench i think milan can go the top

  22. Some people said signing 11 player was a mistake, some people say we need more signings. Our problem is we don’t really know what our problem is

  23. But I stick in my opinion that 3-man defence wouldn’t work with us. Its advocates always pointing Lazio game which is only bad defeat that can happened during season, but if we stick with 4-3-3, I think we would get 10-12 points more than we got now

    • We played 3 man defence because bonucci. If gattuso dare to change 4 man defence i think milan go the top

      • We would get maximum 9 points againts benevento, torino, and genoa, and get minimum 1 points againts Inter, but this 3 man defence with no clear idea how to attack ruins everything. If we stick with 4-3-3 that the players know, I bet it would be different story.

        • How on earth can we play 4-3-3 ?name me one club that play it succesfuly with type of midfielders that we have? Where is that creative player that would strech quick a pass on flanks and then be fast enough to support same one?
          I get that you are dissapointed in results that we are getting lately but 4-3-3 comes as at least 5th formation that we can use. We have only two wingers and Kalinic would be even worse if played in that formation. 4-2-3-1 is ok. 4-4-2 rigid but it gets a job done. But 4-3-3 doesn’t work for us. Not even on FIFA man.

          • 4-2-3-1 is 4-3-3 derivatives with 2 wide striker dropping out as an attacking winger, and dedicated trequartista (which we don’t currently have). I won’t againts it as long as we don’t play with ridiculous 3-man defence.

          • umm exept it’s not derivative. there is 4-3-3 with attacking midfielder and two holding midfielders. In this case you have 2 defensive midfielders usually one regista and one btb. Also that man in those three behind attacker are more attacking midfielders than wingers. I trained football when I was younger and tbh I was bad at it. But at least I understood tactics and formation.
            And that ridiculous three man defense works almost for every major team in Europe. Lot of teams are using it and they are smashing and crashing with it. I wouldn’t dwell on three man defense as much on midfield and attack, because we are not efficient enough and defensive 3 have little communication if none with midfielders. Try to notice that in last games. Like when Borini didn’t warn Musacchio that he has a man behind, or Kessie gave up on guy in front of our box without even telling Bonucci to take him on.

          • So 3 man defense is working with the type of midfielders we have? Now tell me whats working with this 5 at the back (you guys called 3) ?

          • Yeah I think it can. In a different setup possible be a great cohesion. I always favored 4 man at the back but as of lately I see that Milan can work with three good CB’s. Bonucci and Musacchio are surely good defenders. It remains for Romagnioli to be more cosistent but he also played some good games this season. And as I said you can’t blame just defense for conceding goals, in our case that middle is making some bad mistakes in communication with back 3, and that would probably happen even if we have 5 at the back.
            As for, as you say, 5 at the back, tbh sometimes it looks like we have 9 at the back, with only Kalinic close to the half-way line. And that is terrible because we can’t even think about a counter-attacking. Those are the things that need to change.
            1. Kessie can’t be in our box if we wan’t to use him every time for a counter attack. He is not even reliable at defending in penality area.
            2. Suso and/or Bonavetura should be at least in a 10 ft vicinity of striker when we defend, so they can help out building a half counter or God forbid, a full counter attack.
            3. Somebody other than Bonucci should stay deep and try to find a right pass, or control possession and that can be Loca, Montolovo or Biglia if he manage to pull himself together.
            4. And wingers should cross more instead of passing a ball to the middle or losing it away.
            5.2 strikers. We need to play with forwards, Now if we have Suso and Borini on one side and they just pass the ball one to another than there is a big chance that we are gonna give away that ball, and guess what our defense would high on the pitch that any player faster than Lapadula is gonna rape them.

  24. AC Milan: Arab group prepared to take over club, build new stadium

    According to what it filters from London financial circles, the Arab group could even take the majority stake in AC Milan, which is currently (supposedly) held by the Chinese businessman, and would be supported by a US investor specialized in real estate. The rumor is an indication of the strong will to follow up on the recent talks with the Municipality of Milan for the construction of a new stadium owned by the club.

    • ExActly what i was suggesting last season: a nice rich arabs. They have the money AND the passion and wouldnt treat milan as just an expendable asset

  25. The stakes were low but this really felt like a stab , and i have kidney stones i know what im talking about , just like the final with Liverpool . The team should keep their head down for a long time , no one had a draw with Benevento so far ffs . Someone tell Gattuso that Kalinic is underperforming badly so someone else should try that spot , bye bye Champions League for the next few years , or maybe Europa League is the answer ! We do have a special bond with european football , but one can only hope

  26. At this point with how poor our attack and finishing has been I would even take bacca back. This time last year at least he had goals. We only have 21 goals for and 20 against. That’s pathetic. When are we going to see a consistent run of results and good play from this team?

  27. When Ac milans biggest fan in crudeli has had enough and calls this team embarrassing, that’s when you know the struggle is real

    • The struggle has been real for a few years now; hopefully the new investors that are rumored will help.

  28. @sheva: napoli often changing 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 during the game only by changing hamsik position. Give me better explanation why 4-2-3-1 isn’t 4-3-3 derivative

    • In 4-2-3-1 as I said you have 3 man behind striker who can be target man or a poacher. Instead of wingers you have 2 wider attacking midfielders who are usually drifting wide and stretching opposition. But they are not wingers and have more shoot/assist obligations.
      Napoli is just using Hamsik as a advanced midfielder sometimes and Jorghino and Allan are just ajusting their position depending how offensive he is. But I never seen Insigne or Callejon play anywhere but on wings. So that is probably REAL derivative of 4-3-3 and not 4-2-3-1 😉

  29. Conti – – – Musacchio – – Bonucci – – – Rodriguez
    – – – – – – Locatelli – – – Biglia – – – – – – – –
    Suso – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Deulofeu
    – – – – – – Cutrone – – – – Silva – – – – – – – –

    Bring that guy back and play 4-4-2

  30. …with so many coaches on this site I wonder how Milan still has a problem with the bench….bring this, bring that, play this play that, and of course my favorite “fire everybody”. Have you ever wonder if those players/coaches want to come to Milan now?

    • Well, if u wanna talk about how good milan, especially morontella, gattuso, abate etc are then go right ahead mate

  31. How did this turn into yet another “allegri is crap” debate?
    Allegri is one of the best around simply because:
    1) he won serie a coach of the year award while mou was still around
    2) he won multiple serie as. That he lost to juve in his 2nd season at milan was because ibra and ts33 injuries late in the season AND juve being UNBEATABLE for whole season. Theres no shame in that.
    3) he made average milan win vs barca, arsenal etc.
    4) he took juve to 2 ucl finals, beating barca AND madrid along the way, a feat not even conte could pull off. Yes he lost twice in 3 years but so did simeone, ferguson, lippi and capello at some points of their careers but that doesnt make them bad coaches.
    5) just because he inherited winning squad doesnt mean he’s bad coach. That means he is actually AT LEAST as good as previous coach, conte. Moyes, benitez, hell even van gaal and ancelotti also inherited winning squads but u dont see them winning as consistently as allegri do u?

    P.s. Anyone who thinks seedorf and leonardo are better coaches than allegri clearly has sniffed some cheap glue one too many times

  32. No offence to anyone, I don’t see Gattuso succeeding with 3 man defence. You just can’t continue with what has been failing so many times and think you can just fix it. We concede easy goals not because we have bad defence, it’s because of the structure and the quality of your midfielders. We don’t have a solid mid to play with 3 defenders.

    Soon as he notice this the better. I simply don’t understannd why 3 man defence…

  33. To all the fans out there Fawaz al kohair is the man behind Arab fund willing to invest in milan…..though he is billionaire and one of the construction magnate in Saudi Arabia owning more than 19 shopping malls but he was one of the guy who got detained at recent corruption purge by crown prince Saudi Arabia…..anywaz but it’s business as usual for them a billionaire and with considerable financial backing to take milan where it belongs atleast more transparent than current Chinese owner, if this so called Arab fund are willing to invest in milan……on top of that he has already invested in Italy with one of the biggest shopping mall in Europe and working on same area where planned milan new stadium is being proposed….now it all depends on how Chinese wants to conclude the deal….where as Arab fund are in view of acquiring 55 to 70% milan shares and plus management control in them….so let’s pray and see how things turn out in near future…..

    • its gona happen
      as mr li has no exit route.he doesnt have the Money.never had.
      maybe all just a big set up.for Berlusconi to make his dirty Money clean.
      and go back to politics.
      as u wrote,
      it is business as usual
      no place for emotions and heart
      we milanista suffer too much
      in the end milan is big enough to be buyed one day from a transparent owner
      tough times for us
      there is Always light
      milan for life



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