Gattuso: “Benevento? We’ve to imagine it’s a CL final, my way of working is different from Montella’s, Kalinić…”

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

Gennaro Gattuso expects a ‘battle’ against 20th-placed Benevento tomorrow, defends Nikola Kalinić, and says ‘we tried something new in training, but the three-man defense remains’.

On paper, Gattuso could not have asked for an easier opponent for his debut match as the coach of Milan as they man who replaced Vincenzo Montella will face Benevento, who have lost every single one of their 14 matches this season.

But also due to that fact, the pressure is on Rino and his players to bring back the three points from Stadio Ciro Vigorito (Sunday, 12:30 CET kickoff). Today Gattuso sat at the Milanello press room for the traditional pre-match press conference and appeared to be aware of what’s at stake.

“I would like to thank the boys for their positive attitude and disposition,” said the 2006 World Cup winner and former Milan midfielder. “I am very pleased with the work done this week. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I have seen great desire in this week. What we worked on specifically? On the mentality. It’s no secret I like to see a strong mentality, intensity and team spirit. We tried something new in training, but the three-man defense remains, and we worked on clear concepts.

Gennaro Gattuso and the squad during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso and the squad during training at Milanello. (

“Benevento? This is going to be a battle. It’s true that they have 0 points, but they have changed since Roberto De Zerbi took over. They are dangerous and have a strong mentality. We’re playing in a passionate atmosphere and I think Benevento deserved more against Atalanta and Juventus. We have to close our eyes and imagine it’s a Champions League final, because that’s how important it is for us.

“My history with [Benevento coach] Roberto De Zerbi [the two clashed when Gattuso was coaching Pisa and De Zerbi was coaching Foggia]? I’ve seen De Zerbi a couple of times and we cleared the air a long time ago. He’s not the first person I argued with – certainly not the first! – but it’s Benevento against Milan, not De Zerbi against Gattuso. Fighting with me is not difficult [laughs]. For me the only thought for tomorrow is the points. We cannot afford to make mistakes in this match.

“There is tension, as I know we have everything to lose against Benevento and we aren’t going through a good period of form, but since speaking to the players and the staff, I’ve felt calm, as I saw the right work and enthusiasm. We’ve got to prove it on the pitch now. If I’ll sleep tonight? I hope so, but it’s my players who must do it… I can also afford to sleep a few hours less.

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

“An ex-Milan coach I use as reference? Every coach I worked with gave me a great deal, even those with whom I didn’t win. Today it’d be easy to say I want to follow in the footsteps of Carlo Ancelotti or Arrigo Sacchi, but I prefer to say I just hope to do well and get good results.

“I’m on a rescue mission to save Milan? What’s in the past is in the past. I want to clarify, my way of working is totally different from Vincenzo’s, it’s a Segreto di Pulcinella [an open secret]. I found these guys a bit distressed, they are struggling a little in terms of intensity, but it’s not because they were trained badly, it’s just a different approach and methodology of training. We have to step up the intensity and mentality of the side. There isn’t much time to get to work, but results help you work in a more relaxed manner, make you feel more enthusiastic, less fatigued, it all helps.

Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo Bonucci during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo Bonucci during training at Milanello. (

“La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote on the return of the ItalMilan? I don’t know… my Milan will be made up of those who perform better and work harder, I don’t pay attention if the player is Italian or not, I need everyone. This week, for instance, they made it difficult for me to make choices.

“If I worked well this week? I feel comfortable. I didn’t have any difficulties and from day one in training, I felt good with this team. As days go by I realize how difficult it is to manage 24, 25 players. This is my biggest concern because I would like to involve everyone. For the rest, I have no worries.

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

“There’s importunate in re-evaluating the summer mercato? It’s true but for many, like for Kalinić [who is favorite to start tomorrow], it just takes a goal to change everything. It doesn’t take much to go from bad things to the most beautiful images. Nikola, like others, needs confidence but if he always tries to score and is always in position to score then it’s an important parameter for me.

“Can Kalinić play on the side like Mario Mandžukić [the Juventus striker usually plays as a winger in Massimiliano Allegri’s set-up]? Maybe he can, that would give us new tactical solutions but today it seems difficult for me to ask him that. The only one who I could think of at the moment [that can play like Mandžukić] is Cutrone due to his acceleration and intensity. Nikola must keep playing as a #9.

Nikola Kalinić during training at Milanello. (
Nikola Kalinić during training at Milanello. (

“Biglia’s condition? I spoke to him. There are millions of talented players in Argentina, so it’s no coincidence if he is first choice in their midfield. Knowing his style of football, he can only do well when he’s in good shape and this season he has been courageous enough to play for the team even when he was carrying an injury. In that role, you need to use up a lot of energy. I spoke to him, as he is a fundamental player for this team, but his fitness levels have to improve.

“My heir? I was asked this question the other day too… In terms of characteristics, [summer signing Franck] Kessié is closer to what I was, but Leonardo Bonucci has leadership and charisma qualities. I hope there will be many leaders in the squad who can step up and help their teammates.

“If I’ve found a reason for the sub-par performances? I’ve talked to 4-5- players and then with all the people of Milanello to clarify everything and about what I want and will do. We are all in the same direction and I spent my free time talking with all the people close to the team. I haven’t talked to all the players yet, but I would like to study their past and what they did before coming to Milan. With Kessié, for example, I talked about the positions that he had before being here.

Lucas Biglia during training at Milanello. (
Lucas Biglia during training at Milanello. (

“If I ever thought I’d become Milan’s coach? Honestly speaking, the objective since the moment I hung up my boots was to do this job. I didn’t imagine doing it within four years. I could’ve joined the staff of Allegri four years ago, or train the Primavera already then. But then my physical problems arrived, and I thought that my time had come to an end here and it was right to seek new experiences elsewhere. It was disappointing leaving something extraordinary, but I felt the need to try new things.

“If I’m ready for the Milan bench? If I said that I was ready for the first team when I was presented as Primavera coach in the summer, then it would have been a lack of respect. Today I still have a lot of things to improve but I will never stop working to grow. Now I just want to be able to create a group.

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

“If anything positive remains from the Montella time [Vincenzo was at Milan for about a season and a half]? Of course there’s something left, and on these bases we will try to verticalize more and attack the depth. But after a week, thinking of changing everything and everyone would be crazy.”

It will surely take some time before Gattuso would be able to instill his philosophy and ideas into this squad, but the one thing that is certain is that nothing but three points tomorrow can be accepted.

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Mathijs Savicevic

Montella all over again. 3 men at the back and Kalinic in first 11?!

I’m wondering what Donadoni or Gasperini would’ve said to the job. These guys could help.

This means absolutely not that I don’t have any confidence in Gattuso. I hope he’s right and brings good results. But the first signs seem very negative to me.


He can’t just change the formation and the style of play overnight. The players need to accomodate to the change of coach and his style, so he’ll impliment his ideas little by little. The most important thing now is to support gattuso and the team and to get the 3 points!

Mathijs Savicevic

Fair enough, but if things don’t work then you better change these things.
Only positive thing is that he plays with 4 midfielders. With only 2 controlling the midfield. That’s better than 3. Because that was too crowded.

Manga la figa

I think everyone knows that we’re going for Conte or Carlo for next season and they don’t want to known as caretaker coaches at this stage of their career.
For better or worse Rinos the best we’ve got. Can t be any worse than that clown Montella


“Can’t be any worse than that clown Montella” Sure it can. We are in 8th position and we could easily get further away from our goal if we dont start winning soon.


He has two games this week at least wait a little bit to see

kow otoo

let wait n see hw de lads will play b4 anything. Rino z a new coach wit different mentality n ideology, de fact dat montella worked wit 3 at de back n wit kalinic yet failed does not mean Rino can’t play same n win.I think we shall return to sansiro wit all de 3 points…. Forza Milan


What a language? ..z hw n de wit..


The pressure now is on the player and the coach so lets relax and see what will happen in the future and beside Rino is a good coach with great ideas and tactics..


I believe in positive change in result and performance

Rikimaru Tenchu

Lol Jupp used same players in same positions after Carlo left Bayern and improved the team.

Three things can change the season for Milan and confirm the team will improve:

1. The player believe in and respect Rino and decided to play for him.

2. Rino’s more vertical approach produces results. (It’s not very Serie-A-like tactics buts it’s modern and suits young teams.)

3. Good Fortune.


Emphasis on the first and last point.
Well said, mate.

You also get a cookie for your user name.


didn’t u guyz feels the ‘rhino’ breeze..
so much interesting to see our players with the ‘rhino’ attitude..
those attitude had been missing fron Milan these past years!!
a win is a sure thing, but I wonder how much they score!!

Milan Boy

We hope that team spirit and attitude will make the difference. Someone mentioned Ancelotti,
bringing him back will take us many years back ward. He is not revolutionary and his kind is not the type of coach we need now, he is a coach that thrives in an already made team, although I cannot explain the reason for his failure at Bayern.

Baresis Dream

Many years backwards is exactly our glory days!

oluwa shevy

talk is cheap.prove MI wrong convinced mi tactically n produce results.wish u best of luck forza Milan


Here comes Robert


I feel you brother, @tenchu