Berlusconi: “The Chinese always met their commitments, Elliott felt able to provide them with a considerable loan”

Silvio Berlusconi during Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on May 14, 2011. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)
Silvio Berlusconi during Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on May 14, 2011. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)

Silvio Berlusconi has reacted to the new wave of doubts over the new ownership, saying that they’ve always kept their commitments to him during the sale.

Yonghong Li, through Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux, officially bought the club from Silvio Berlusconi’s Fininvest in April.

Despite spending heavily in the summer, there are still many doubts in the newspapers regarding the financial structure and strength of the club and of Mr. Li in particular, with the New York Times and Forbes running stories this week about him, claiming he may be not who he claimed he was when acquiring the club.

It is also said that UEFA have asked Milan for additional documents regarding President Yonghong Li as they want to examine those before giving them an answer regarding the Voluntary Agreement (earlier reports of the Rossoneri’s request being denied by UEFA were premature).

“To sell Milan, Fininvest entrusted advisors, law firms and banks of international standing,” Berlusconi wrote on Twitter today (Wednesday). “The Chinese buyers always met their commitments, and an important fund like Elliott felt able to provide them with a very considerable loan.”

While waiting for an answer from UEFA, Milan have important encounters coming up which they have to win to keep the Champions League dream alive. Tomorrow, they face Austria Wien.

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Suracho is law

I, Suracho (joined this blog 1.5 years) predicted looooooong back before any of you milan fans could even use 1% of your Iq that these chinese were frauds. Not a single one agreed with me, they called me names , dishonoured my country , dishounered my dignity by breaking the dislike button, but I never slipped from my opinion. And now when the pages of this mysterious books are getting unfold , now you are able to see the world in broader perspective. Now do you realize these chinese habe no money? Do you realize how corrupt that country is?… Read more »


Let’s just think about.. okay ?!? Do you think those Chinese will bay all these amount of mony to lose it ?! ..If so than they are fu**ng crazy .or do you think that any one can bay this amount of mony ?! I did my degree there and I know they are much smarter than doing so specially when it comes to investment . Investment means you put your mony some where expecting it back with plus some growth in it so this what they are welling to do and this will not teak please in Seria c .… Read more »


You sold milan to a broke man. After all you said about handing milan to a safe hand. You better stop talking silvio cos u caused all these mess!
Sachi said sign sarri. You said No!
Sachi said again sign gianpaolo(sampdoria) you refused but signed miha and montella respectively.
See what those 2 coaches are doing.


Miha isn’t doing too bad really.


Yes bro.


Why is the investigation of the Chinese Milan owners done by American journalists. Don’t u think it the AS Roma ,James Pallotta who is behind all this negative publicity abt Milan. He is from America and he has been critically of the project before.


Berlu you have orphaned milan.

First you used milan for your political gains and when milan no longer got you political mileage, you abandoned it and sold to whosoever paid maximum money without worrying about Milan’s safety and future.

We are in deep shit because of you berlu.
You built milan, and then destroyed it , and yet you claim to have undying love for milan. Smh.

Mathijs Savicevic

I agree


Whatever the future holds for milan doesn’t really change the price of fish in the market.


Exactly. Therefore i prefer sushi.

Hailé Selassie

This is a predictable situation when you fail to affirm your status as European top club. Milan case is a bit of a complex one. President Li knew he couldn’t buy Milan without a strong back-up from Elliot firm and berlusconi didn’t really check on how reliable Mr Li was before selling Milan to him. So now that he finds out; he has to back Mr Li to succeed. Berlusconi is clueless.


My personal view on this matter was quite fixed (and expressed) for months now. It started as a suspicion (2 years ago) and it became a certainty last year. In my eyes, the entire case is pure money laundering. Let’s look at the facts: 1. The potential buyers had all the same profile: Asian no-name brokers. Never a European, an Arab, an American, a Russian etc. And never a tycoon or conglomerate; always a broker. Meaning: very hard (even for authorities) to track back. By contrast: Inter: Suning. 2. The selling process took extremely and inexplicably long time. Meaning: problems,… Read more »