Doctor Mazzoni: “Biglia is improving, it’s too soon to say when Calabria will be back, we are pleased with Conti”

Davide Calabria during training at Milanello. (
Davide Calabria during training at Milanello. (

Stefano Mazzoni gave the usual update on the injured players, discussing Lucas Biglia, Davide Calabria, Marco Storari as well as talking of Andrea Conti.

This evening the last matches of the November international break will be played and starting tomorrow, Milan will fully focus on Saturday’s Napoli match.

There are some players, however, that will miss the trip to Stadio San Paolo due to injuries and Milan doctor Mazzoni spoke to MilanTV on Tuesday for the weekly update.

“Biglia? He is improving,” he said to a reporter from the Diavolo’s official TV channel. “He underwent specific treatment and personalized training for a couple of weeks. He will partially resume full training with the squad this afternoon and he will progressively increase his work alongside his teammates in the next days. This work will tell us, depending on how the tendon responds, if he’s going to be fully fit to train with the rest of the squad or if he needs a couple days more.

“Calabria? It’s been less than 10 days since Davide suffered a sprained [ankle, resulting from] a heavy blunt force trauma in the [same] ankle that gave him some troubles last season. His improvements are significant, but it’s too soon to say when he’ll be back, he hasn’t resumed training yet.

“Conti? Andrea has started with a light jogging. In two days, it will have been two months since he had surgery. The fact he resumed training, or better this light jogging is positive [you can see the video of him jogging above]. It’s too soon to say if the prognosis is going to change for his injury, because this depends on how the knee will respond to more strain being put on it progressively.

“But after two months we can say we are pleased with how things are going, absolutely. Storari? Marco is suffering from a bad back and for this reason he won’t take part in today’s training.”

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“Storari? Marco is suffering from a bad back.”

Of course he is …


Of course, Grandpas usually tend to have bad backs. Smh

Manga la figa

Lol, à la Dida!!!!
Guys wanna know the dif between a buffoon of a coach and a great coach?
Ventura who couldn’t even qualify against weak teams and Conte who almost had us beating Germany. Whom by the way was so winded after defeating us that they fell to a second rate French squad.
My point here is Ventura and Montella are one and the same.


No difference; they are both average coaches

Ross Oneri

In recent years Milan have experienced a great deal of injuries, someone have actually commented on fitness level of our players. I can’t remember who it was but surely this is something from training.

This by no ways means I’m siding with Montella. The dude is clueless, especially that 3 man defence he love so much.