Official: Kalinić joins Milan on a four-year deal from Fiorentina

Massimiliano Mirabelli, Nikola Kalinić and Marco Fassone at Casa Milan on the 22nd of August, 2017. (
Massimiliano Mirabelli, Nikola Kalinić and Marco Fassone at Casa Milan on the 22nd of August, 2017. (

Nikola Kalinić is now officially a Milan player and he’ll be wearing the #7 shirt.

Milan have been looking for another striker for over a month and the name of Nikola Kalinić was always high on the list of the interesting profiles Montella, Mirabelli and Fassone all agreed on.

At the end of last week, an agreement between Milan and Fiorentina was finally reached, and after yesterday’s medical at La Madonnina clinic and at Milanello, the Croatian arrived at Casa Milan for the official signing and of course, the triple handshake.

“Milan are delighted to announce the signing of Kalinić from Fiorentina ACF on a loan deal with obligation to buy. The player has penned a 4-year contract through to 30 June 2021,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s website reads, confirming the arrival of the 29-year-old ex-Dnipro man.

It is believed that Milan will pay Fiorentina €5m for the loan while the buy-out is set at €20m. The player is expected to earn €3.5m per season including bonuses. Kalinić is the 11th signing of the summer, after Mateo Musacchio, Franck Kessié, Ricardo Rodriguez, André Silva, Fabio Borini, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Andrea Conti, Antonio Donnarumma, Leonardo Bonucci and Lucas Biglia. suggests that Kalinić will not travel with the squad to Skopje for the Europa match against KF Shkëndija and will instead stay at Milanello to train, so his debut in a Milan shirt can be against Cagliari at San Siro next Sunday, in front of President Yonghong Li who’ll attend the game.

“Good morning everyone,” Fassone said to the fans watching Kalinić’s announcement live on Facebook, with the player and DS Mirabelli alongside him. “We are here, we had lost a bit of the rhythm in this last month. I think that with Nikola we have completed the squad, having signed 11 new players this season, and I think with Nikola it has been a strong more than two months long.

“We are here today to officially announce him because he wanted Milan so much. He has immense passion for our jersey, so has his family. This has made it possible for Massimiliano and I to put a positive end this negotiation with Fiorentina. I think that we started talks with Fiorentina and with his entourage back in June, two months have gone by [the Viola initially wanted €30m for him].

“He was the player we wanted to complete our squad for his experience and quality. We have always said that we wanted a mix of young, talented and more experienced players, create our backbone with experienced players: Bonucci, Biglia and now Nikola who completes our squad. Finally, almost at the end of August, we made it, we are happy and proud that Nikola is officially a Milan player.”

Mirabelli added: “I want to welcome Nikola, as Fassone said he kept us busy for a few months, but we really have appreciated how he strongly wanted to become a Rossonero. But now we want to stay to him enough with the jokes – send the ball to the back of the net, otherwise we’ll send you back.”

Speaking to MilanTV, Kalinić, who scored 20 goals last season, said: “What convinced me about Milan’s project? I’m very pleased to be here, I’m very happy, this is a new start and I hope everything goes well. I can only say that I will give everything on the pitch to help the team and to win.

“I’ve already been to Milanello and met coach Montella [Vincenzo strongly wanted to sign the forward]? It went well. We only spoke for five minutes. He told me: ‘finally you have arrived’. That was about it. If I’m ready to play more for the team and contribute in the defensive phase? Yes, of course, I am ready. I am only focusing on the team and preparing myself for the season.

“I scored a lot against big teams in my two years in Italy? Yes, I must continue [scoring] like this. Now with Milan I hope to keep as I’ve been doing. Let’s see, I will give everything on the pitch. The hat-trick I scored against Inter in 2015? That was my first match at San Siro and it was great.

“Scoring three goals in Italy is hard, it made me very, very happy. If I feel the pressure of playing at San Siro or if I’m excited about my first match at home [many fans are expected at San Siro against Cagliari]? No, I don’t feel pressure at all. I’m only focused on playing well and only that.

“If there is a special reason why I chose the #7 shirt? Not really. My number is 9 but this time it wasn’t possible because André Silva has it. Number 7 was available so I took it, only because of that.”

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Angry ranting from “Perfect10” about Kalinic taking no.7 in t-5,4,3,2,1….

van basten

welcome kalinic.
now u are the present for montella
hopefully you will give us milanista
off topic kalinic
all turkish media claim emre mor is coming to milan
can some one say
is he good
i know he can play on both wings


Welcome Kalinic!

And the Emre Mor rumours have been denied by Turkish media is not really reliable and I’ve heard mostly negative things about this kid so I hope it doesn’t happen, even though we need a winger

van basten

your comment about the turkish media is so true..
milan just offered 15 +paletta+niang for lazio winger keita
that would be the cherry


Sky sport italia claims Milan has denied the rumor of Emre Mor to milan


Welcome Nikola Kalinic #7. Wish you the very best in the Milan Jersey.


Summer signings best to worst (All things considered; ability, fee, necessity, age etc.);

A. Donnarumma


How can you wrote something like that when some of players didn’t even had a debut game?

This is the thing you can wrote mid season when all players have at least 10 games in their feet.

Remember Kucka? Or Robinho, Sheva?


Musacchio should be in the top 5. Solid player so far and was very cheap in todays market.

on a side note, as Kalinic did not cost that much, I hope Milan can get Forsberg or Dolberg. If both ‘berg’s joint the club then madness!!!

Daniel Medeiros

I’d love both ‘Bergs’ too. But I worry about playing time for all these strikers. Forsberg would be the natural option to start at the LW, since he’d be the only real left winger in the roster (Borini should be used only in extreme situations, like in case of several injuries to the front line). Suso has proved he belongs in the starting 11 too. Then, assuming Montella sticks with the 4-3-3, we have only one spot left to Silva, Cutrone, Kalinic and Dolberg to fight for. I don’t know if that’s a great idea to have so many quality… Read more »


spot on mate. The only problem is that most of the players including the bergs are young and when they hit their mid 20s they are worth crazy amount. Personally if i could get them on the books, I would and loan out the youngster to clubs that promise to play them 60% of the time if not more. If that means playing in a second tier club or abroad then fine. For example take both bergs and let them play for their club this season and maybe we might trim the club a bit more next summer so they… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Borini should be way higher if you consider value-for-money; perhaps even top 3.


Borini is 2nd worst signing of this mercato, just above antonio donnarumma.


Borini is 2nd worst signing of this mercato, just above antonio donnarumma.

Baresis Dream

Seriously think about it. A winger with international experience at his age that can play on both sides and is willing to sit quietly on the bench. I mean I don’t think 5 mil is the steal of the century but the guy’s gotta be worth 10-12 mil, no?


Naw mate. Borini looks good because he has great teammates around him when in fact he’s not better than bertolacci and cerci. Had he played in inzaghi’s or miha’s milan he wouldve been exposed for average player he really was/is, just like how average he was in epl. Even messuso didnt celebrate borini’s goal vs shkendija because he knew borini’s average at best.
I think borini is good squad player but he shouldnt wear #11 and become regular starter.


Unfortunately bro, I think u r wrong…all d signings are gud, d day dey signed for Milan, dey all became a team, none of Dem can singlehandedly play a dey are all gud n Milan players…no discrimination


Well as a lifelong milanista i certainly hope they’ll all turn out good in the end. However, if we were to rank them in order of importance, surely borini wouldnt end up above bonucci, kessie, musa, biglia, hakan, andre silva, conti, ric rod and kalinic would he? That means he’s 2nd worst signing or should i say 10th best so as to prevent the evergrowing borinisti from losing their minds.


Biglia is down in your list haha

Do you even watch football? He’s definitely among serie A top 5 midfielders


Well I would’ve loved to see Belotti or Auba take the #7 jersey, but Kalinic can be good too, lets wait and see 🙂

Wish you all the best in the red and black jersey.

Forza Nikola, Forza Milan!


Welcome. I’m sure you will be a success.

He looks good in a Milan shirt.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Welcome, Kalinic. You took the Number 7, please do us proud in it.

Mirabelli is a Boss LOL


Silence us with goals as you’re not our favourite choice. I wish you all the best in your new Milan adventure.


Lets be honest, he isn’t an upgrade and the deal doesn’t look good on Fassobelli. 25 for a average striker, 3.5 Million for his wages for four years and given the number 7. For what? To be a third fiddle who will sit on the bench and mentor Cutrone. First of all Kallinic’s ass is not gold nor is his words worth that much.


I see a Dzeko in him….. Same way we signed Bonaventura, Kucka, Suso etc.. Let’s give him a chance to prove himself. MO

#1Milan Fan South Africa

If Kalanic score more goals than Bacca in his first season I will forget about about Bacca and get me a Milan Tattoo.

Kwabena Adu

Of course he can score more goals than Bacca did in his first season considering the midfield we have now,Bacca played with one of our worse midfield but he did quite well,I wish he had stayed one more season to see how he turns out,But unfortunately he doesn’t fit in Montella’s tactics


Forza Kalinic, wish you all the best and hope you can push this team forward.

Forza Milan!!


Oh well, right or wrong is my beloved rossoneri i guess. Benvenuto kalinic. Another dm/cm like krychowiak/kampl/cabaye/marchisio (fat chance) and maybe another winger and milan are set for at least 2 seasons. kalinic chooses #7 btw. Does this mean valuable and beloved member of this blog, perfect10 a.k.a. Sheva jaaack lover is gonna jump in front of moving train like he promised? Also, i noticed that borini has become new jaaack to him. Should i find appropriate nickname for borini too? Boridoni maybe? Or iborinmovic? Franck ribori? Lastly, i would like to say buon compleanno kgb, king giacomo bonad10nho. I… Read more »

Daniel Medeiros

Lol great nicknames for Borini! He’s been getting a lot of love around here, which I don’t get at all. He’s a good athlete and hardworking, but that’s it. He’s barely a football player, should’ve been a triathlete or something like that. On the dm/cm department tho, you need to make up your mind… Krychowiak, Kampl and Marchisio are very different kinds of players (don’t know much about Cabaye, tbh). But I agree we need one more guy there (and ofc a winger too, so we can bury Iborinmovic deep in the bench). Of the 3, I’d go with Kampl,… Read more »


maybe 11borinimovic ca be Kessie back up with his limitles will & stamina…


Or maybe he could be curva sud’s drummer. He’s so fit i think he could bang the drums for 90 mins


Well, i only mentioned milan’s reported targets. Kampl or krychowiak would be fantastic i guess; kampl as kessie’s competitor/back up and krychowiak as biglia’s so loca could play further up the field as mezz’ala. Too bad milan didnt get thiago maia as i think the youngster he has great future ahead of him

abba salman Ayagi

Welcome wish to reflecate the performance of legendary No 7 ie Sheva


welcom Niko, now u r Diavolo so i support u, don’t waste our no.7 please…


He is a Milanista, his family is made of Milanista’s.

Welcome, I hope you end up like Kucka – putting haters where they belong and suprising everybody with your skill!


Welcome kalinic! You have taken much criticism from me but you are here now and have my full support! Hope you make me eat my words and have a fantastic season! Now are we fully complete to compete in all competitions? I think we will be signing ibrahimovic come October and then we’ll have a strike force everyone will fear.. FORZA MILAN!


I never doubted kalanic. I love his one two pass and his flicks. Good for counter attacks, has experience and badly wanted Milan. Welcome Nico. Prove them wrong doubters.


Welcome Nikola, suprise those who doubt you be our james vardy

Coach Seedorf

Welcome Kalinic!!! Prove all your doubters on this blog wrong. Those calling you average will soon find out the truth about you. I remember this guy destroying Mancini’s inter defence. He is certainly a good addition for our attack thou I would have loved a Bacca stay as well

Perfect 7

What!!! Kalinic!!! Allegri’s bonera. Montella’s Borini!!!lol anyway I like the idea of having kalinic, cutrone and silva as our strikers.
Kalinic= target man
Cutrone= poacher
Silva= advanced forward


Mojdanis, is that u mate? Haha

Perfect 7

No just a long time reader 1st time commenter who wanted to troll the troll perfect 10 lol


good tolling man. congrats


Well good for u mate. Someone had to do it and took one for the team


hahaha I wouldn’t miss a number by 3 mate, but his effort to trick me is breathtaking. Or maybe this is his younger brother trying to follow Perfect10 or old “Sheva” steps, now when he is… you know… (chuuu! chuuu!)

Perfect 7

Haha no dude 7 is a better number than 10 and I have nothing to do with perfect 10. You took his name “sheva” when he left but no 1 us linking you to him.


you sir are my new favourite person on this blog! hats off

Baresis Dream

Welcome Kalanic indeed. You provide a massive improvement (in terms of variaty, experience, and depth) to our current strike force, even if we were expecting world class names. And I personally understand that scoring 20 goals in seria a definitely puts you higher than the “mediocre level” some people on this blog believe you to be.

Now how about that extra winger? Delufeou anyone?


I don’t think we should be expecting any signing till next year (january), because Marco Fassone said something like that.
asking for more after 11 players would seem ungrateful.
we bought/loaned
A. Donarumma
Conti, Mussachio, Bonucci, Rodriguez
Kessie, Biglia, Calhanoglu
Andre, Kalinic, Borini.
What else could you ask for?


Lionel andres messi


SOmeone should cut me the slack here… Kalinic is definitely an upgrade compare to bacca, he sure knows how to move the ball at his feet amd link up play between the midfield and the attack, i understand the fact that most of us want either belloti or auba, but i do not need to remind anyone that follow every bit of the transfers stories that neither the former or the latter wanted to join. Hence Kalinic always afirm his love for this shirt, the guy played with fiorentina whose midfield isnt has solid as ours presently, i bet you… Read more »

karunwi taiwo opeyemi

Good buy, all the best. Forza milan.


Benvenuto Kalinic, as all players who sign for us, you have my full support! I actually believe in Kalinic, but hope to see Silva and Cutro play a lot as well. Interesting to see how we will play when we have our full squad available.
All the best!


U guys see milan are making an offer of 15m plus paletta and niang for keita.. I don’t like what keita is doing to Lazio and he has his head set on juve but if he changes his mind he would fit right in here. Can play lw and striker wonderfully. And take krychowiak on loan!


Keita’s attitude is even worse than niang mate, very immature and arrogant. Thats the reason why la masia dumped him in the first place. Also, he already said no to milan so hell no to keita transfer.
I wonder why milan didnt capture ghezzal on bosman rule though.


“But now we want to stay to him enough with the jokes – send the ball to the back of the net, otherwise we’ll send you back.” apparently this very sentence from mirabelli hurt fiorentina mgmt so much. Like, seriously?


Did it? What did they say?


Well, as u can see in the presentation clip, mirabelli jokingly said he demanded kalinic to bang in goals immediately or he’d send him back there (fiorentina). Apparently fiorentina mgmt took that comment way to personally as they considered the word “there” derogatory terms towards fiorentina as a club and firenze as a city.
I blame liberalism for this hypersensitivity/politically correct bs


Yeah I know, liberalism, so evil! Not like Donald Trump isn’t running the US into the ground…


Mirabelli say the truth, Montella still want Kalinic even if Auba / Belotti come / not,
that words make Fio react furiously…


@olayiwola u have just said it all,all Milan needs from us now is support and stop criticism,I love ur comment on borini am beginning to like the guy,he has his own importance and montella knows y he brought him in,he is a hard worker and does not hold on to the ball stingingly to claim glory


Next signing: 15Mio€ + Niang + Paletta for Keita Balde!


I want to know,is the size of our attack good enough for 3 competitions


dear Efosa,
Milan’s attack is big enough for any competition…


Our bugatti with quatro exhaust. turbo edition with the luxury interior is painted half pink and half orange.

Kalinic to milan is like amazing sex without orgasm. Bravo Fassone.. you built an empire, and you complete it would kalinic.

I know all of you.. kalinic would get away with only scoring 3 goals this season.. there is always belivers.. and forgivers.. and blind people. Borini and Kalinic will be our bonera in front. From auba.. from belotii.. from costa.. to kalinic?? Kalinic as a sub is even too strong

Perfect 7

Haha preach and save us from our own delusional minds. Haha dude you not a milan fan so just stop with the drama and mabe people will take you seriously. Oh savers of the sane and leader of the insane. Preach and make us join your bullshit crusade.


dude… don’t jump in front of running train,
just hang yourself it’s more clean & effective… #Ka7inic


Sexualizing a mercato? What a whole new trend! Though I doubt that you’ve ever had a climax, and that’s why you have so much oppressed anger to vent out here.

Dulla Zanzibar

Kalinic,nice for starting new era but not for scudeto.attacking mid field please!

Honorable N0⁴

Just as God said to David, Nikola is now a man after my own heart….
I will be your No¹ Fan…. Welcome Bro


Welcome to milan kalinic.
Bang in the goals and make us proud.

Don Bay