Official: Bacca leaves Milan and joins Villarreal on loan with option to buy

Carlos Bacca with a Villarreal shirt (via
Carlos Bacca with a Villarreal shirt (via

Carlos Bacca has officially joined Villarreal, who will be able to decide whether they want to keep him or not.

The arrival of Nikola Kalinić from Fiorentina is imminent (he is expected in Milano this evening or tomorrow morning) and the Croatian is coming in the place of Bacca, who officially joined Villarreal.

“Villarreal CF and Milan have come to an agreement for the loan of Colombian forward Carlos Bacca, who will wear yellow for the 2017/18 season. The agreement involves a purchase option for the player at the end of the season,” a statement on their website reads.

Bacca joined Milan in the summer of 2015 from Sevilla for €30 million. He had a strong debut season under Sinisa Mihajlovic but did not entirely fit in the system of Vincenzo Montella. Villarreal reportedly pay Milan €2.5 million for the loan and the buyout clause is set at €15.5 million.

The 30-year-old scored 34 goals in 76 appearances for Milan. It was important for him to play with consistency ahead of the World Cup in Russia next summer. Good luck in your new adventure, Carlos!

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Good luck Carlos!

Who knows, with another midfield (speaking about last season) and another coach you could have been superstar… shame it turned out like this…


Good luck, Bacca. Coach and player did not see eye to eye. It happens. I’m not taking sides.
We have now launched an offer for Vidal in Munich. He would make twice as much money than he is making now in Germany. Doubt it will happen but this proves we are not done yet.


we are gonna cross path in the europa league for sure…..
that would be a really interesting game to watch even tho we gonna kick your team’s ass eventually.


Vidal story has been quashed by milan,its just a fabrication of stories by some sport journalists.


I hope montella knows what he is doing. Bacca.. 65 shoot on target.. 31 goals in serie a.. He is a lethal striker.


Montella was a striker. He knows what he is doing


He never realised his dream to play for Milan in Europe. I see the irony now, Bacca has two straight Europa league titles and Kallinic lost his only one to Bacca. And we think that the croat is better than Kallinic. Villareal sure got the better deal and I project it won’t take long before we start poking Kallinic because he is not any better. I like to believe that the only reason Kallinic will arrive, is to be an experienced cover up for Silva and Cutrone. Fassobelli must have known that Cutrone and our talented youngsters are a potential… Read more »


I’m all set and ready to poke Kalinic after he plays a couple of games :p

Good luck Bacca and thank you for all those goals.
Always underappreciated by a section of Milan fans.


So since bacca’s sevilla beat kalinic’s fiorentina means bacca is a better player than kalinic? Wow! Great logic


I agree


Hope Kalinic will be up to the task, Bacca may be a better goal scorer, but Kalinic fits in better to Montella’s game plan, so we’ll see how this turns out, this team is much better than last season – on paper – and Kalinic will be in a better team than Fiorentina – once again on paper – so we’ll see what happens.
Good luck in your next adventure Carlitos!


Thanks for everything Bacca..

Takus Maximus

The way the anti Bacca and the Milan got rid of the top scorer of the team, I will laugh my ass off when Montella keep the team as a mid table one. La liga is way better than serie A (juventus has won it in the last 5 years consecutively with roma and napoli trailing behind)


I just hope kalinic doesn’t take number 9 cause if he does that’s a signal aubemayang or belotti won’t come. If kalinic does arrive I wish you all the best and make me eat my words!


Andre Silva already has number nine.


I meant 7 lol sorry! Just thinking of aubemayang Instagram post

Baresis Dream

With an OPTION to buy?! Meaning it’s not compulsory? So we are getting 2.5 million for not having him on the bench this season. I understand Montella doesn’t like him, but unless I’m missing something, this is a ridiculous deal. Scandalous even.

B Hutama

Thank you for everything Carlos Bacca! You are a great strikers but you played with many average squad in two season. Thanks to bring us to europe as your promise. Good luck!


personally, I supported your exit for montella demand.
I wish you all the best, even I will try to watch Villarreal match because of you.


Bacca is a one trick pony. I enjoyed him during the nice run at Sevilla especially during their Europa league victories but he is way out of his depth at Milan and Serie A.

One dimensional strikers will struggle in this league.

I wish him the best but like Montella rightfully said, they want a striker that can do more in all aspects of the pitch.


U mean like jumping? because I really doubt kalinic would’ve taken bacca spot without his height, Montella think is getting a lewandoski-Ibra-Mandzukic kind of player, Kalinic is one dimensional player, I’ve seen bacca trying to score with all the talent he had, and he did amazing things.
but hey, maybe suso could for once in his career deliver a good cross to the box and hit kalinic in the head


“Maybe Suso could for once in his career deliver a cross into the box…”

I’m not sure if I just don’t understand your figure of speech or if you are just a fool. Suso was hands down the best crosser on this team. Still top 3 in this team.


hahahahahahaha ,u are confused he tries but all of his crosses end in the cb of the opposing team, best crosser enough of this blog for today.


Best crosser on this team last season ****


Crossing the ball right at their feets, suso do always the same dude, im sick and tired of seeing him play, all other teams have figured him out, he is good for a RM role not at more advanced roles, he needs to improve a lot of his game to be more effective, trust me, he won’t acomplish what he did last season, he will be useful to hold the ball so Conti can deliver a cross, see him, that is how a crossed is executed


Kallinic is not a one dimensional striker. Bacca is right footed and cannot use his left foot to save his life. Kallinic uses both feet and scores literally at the rate as Bacca in a poorer team that’s lacking quality. Kallinic holds up the ball better and he helps out more on his defensive duties unlike Bacca who just stands around waiting for someone to pass him the ball. You guys just like to hate on Kallinic when he is clearly a better all round striker that fits better into Montella’s formation and tactics than Bacca. Kallinic has Serie A… Read more »


Well Nick, hope u are right, but in any way I see him better than bacca, U can’t compare styles but fact, and in fact bacca is a better goal scorer


Thanks bacca, even though you were not ibra, you are ten times better than kalinic.

You will sell more shirts than that ugly ghost kalinic, seriously, no wonder D&G didnt extend the deal with milan. Muntari, constant, kalinic, taiwo.

Okay, this is NOT fashion show, this is football. Looks doesnt matter, but still, you need to think about everyting when you sign a player.

Kalinic: Football abilites: Limited. Looks: no comment Selling shirt: Maybe 2. Making milan a better brand: No way. Will sit on the bench due poor performances: Yes.


FK man… Bacca-Crutone could’ve been be deadly. Anyone hating Montella already? I hate coaches who have bigger ego than brains. These kind of idiots thing they are better than anyone, thinking that one idea is big enough to win it all, mediocre thinking. That isn’t doing the homework, that’s why milan can’t handle smaller teams, what is Montella scared of? One formation might be the way to go a few years ago due to transition from coach to coach, but enough already! One formation for all the season worked for Miha because 422 is safe enough for any team, with… Read more »


I bet our wingers such as Suso and Bonaventura will score x2 goals compared to last season with Nicola Kalinic up top. Over two years bacca made 5 assist and that playing as a complete striker and two attacking wingers beside him. Its not good enough. Good luck Bacca! Hope you find a team where you can hold a more limited role so you can show what you are good at. And that is scoring goals. and goals alone. No fit as a lone striker who are instructed to both lead the attack and connect the midfield. We need someone… Read more »


An assisting poacher? all right I see why some love Montella


Poacher? he have been instructed to play complete striker all along.And that is why he is no longer with us.




good luck Bacca,
a player who once called the new Sheva even only a season,
thank You & good bye…


This is why some world class players hessitate to join milan, Milan kissed his boots to have in at MIlan, he had a good season and then BAM a change of coach. Montella switch formations changing Bacca role, He didn’t get anything out of Bacca a guy who in the same year was wanted by Real Madrid and Bayern Múnich, I wouldn’t change Bacca for suso, I don’t see Italy squad to change just to fit bonaventura either. A good coach built his team arround his best player,.and in the moment that was Bacca. Some of you need to understand… Read more »


I’ve been saying that bona and suso are to slow for the wing for over a year. But having someone able to hold on to the ball up top will help them alot in that regard. As they will have more time to advance up field with a striker capable of holding on to the ball longer then 3 sec. But dont get me wrong i love bacca too. If you zoom you can see its his name on my kit in the picture i have.


I reaaally hope kalinic can hold the ball, because i don’t see 433 working I think it all comes to conti and rodriguez, they are so good that they will do the width and the crossing they could créate the space and there bona and suso could be deadly at scoring or assisting right at the corner of the box, not the corner of the field

Signor milan

Without good team you made your mark in milan. Wishing you good luck in your new team Carlos Bacca.

Signor milan

Without good team you made your mark in milan. Wishing you the best of luck in your new team Carlos Bacca.