Milan accelerate talks with Fiorentina over Kalinić, want him available against Crotone, possibly already vs. Shkëndija

Nikola Kalinić celebrates during Fiorentina-Torino at Stadio Artemio Franchi on February 27, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Nikola Kalinić celebrates during Fiorentina-Torino at Stadio Artemio Franchi on February 27, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Nikola Kalinić’s move to Milan appears to be just a matter of time as there are reports the club wants to have him registered for Thursday’s EL match.

Carlos Bacca will tomorrow complete his move to Villarreal as according to’s Antonio Vitiello, the Colombian will join the Spanish club on a paid loan (€2.5 million) with option to be bought for €15.5 million (and not an obligation, as previously thought).

Bacca’s space on the squad will most likely be filled by Nikola Kalinić. The Fiorentina man has been a target of Milan for a long time and now the deal seems close. According to Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano, Fassone and Mirabelli are looking to close the transfer as soon as possible. The intention is to have him in the squad for Sunday’s Serie A opener at San Siro.

There is also a possibility to see Kalinić with Milan before the match with Crotone (20:45 CET) as Di Stefano claims that if the deal is closed tonight, then the player could have his medical tomorrow and be included in the squad to face KF Shkëndija on Thursday evening in the Europa League.

The Rossoneri will most likely pay €25m plus bonuses for the 29-year-old Croatian striker. Everton are reportedly offering €29m for him but the desire of the player has always been to join Vincenzo Montella and Milan. The Viola wanted to include Luca Antonelli in the negotiations but the fullback did not want to consider it. Premium Sport expects Kalinić to sign a four-year deal worth €3m yearly.

There is still no full agreement between Milan & Fiorentina (the method of payment is the issue) but the parties are close. In addition to Kalinić, it’s still possible to see another striker or midfielder arrive.

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is he better dan bacca …..I don’t kW


I couldn’t say if he’s a better finisher or no, but he is deffinitely more creative and mobile than Bacca. He’s also better with the ball at his feet, and he’s faster! I do think he is an upgrade from Bacca


My oppinion too. He’s better than Bacca, it’s more difficult to score against italian defensives than spanish defensives. Good luck and forza rossoneri !

Milan until my casket

Yes he is ! Well for our style of player anyway , as bacca had problems holding the ball up and bringing others into play, also kalinic is a good target man and decent finisher , good at finding space and making space for others too … good buy in my eyes but we also still need that top top striker to polish things off


Better for Montella’s game style. Kalinic is better in link-up play than Bacca. Bacca is a better finisher.
Montella needs someone to be involved in the game and not just score goals and this is what he is going to get. Kalinic is a good buy in my opinion. Serie A experience, very good technically, proven goal scorer.


i think Bacca is better finisher, while Kalinic is kind of player who make other players around him play better, he sacrifice, bit imitation of Zlatan but Kalinic run more,


No he is not. Lets not be hypocritical. However good he will be at Milan, Bacca could have been and better. People keep saying he is good at linking up play. I have seen the dude. He is a player who relies on service to score goals just like Bacca. Now Fiorentina will probably use the 25 Million that Milan will pay them to sign Berardi who Milan could have signed or perhaps schick who are promising This Italian mentality of old age and experience is overrated especially when doing it without using common sense. This one of the reasons… Read more »


The much smarter choice if we are really playing with 2 strikers up front, would have been to pair Silva/Cutrone with Bacca.
A deadly finisher paired with a forward who goes deep and works hard. That was the perfect blend.
But we just threw it away for…. Kalinic……

Baresis Dream

Pretty much the same price range, but better fitting to what Montella wants.


Well, idk how to feel about the Option to buy,,, He will be 1 year older by then and probabbly even cheaper :/ I really want Kalinic to get here ASAP as it now seems a fact, so he can get some practice time with the team. Honestly the guy is good idk why so many people here talk bad about him


He’s good but not auba good, thats why some milanisti want other options. Its simple really


Benvenuto kalinic, wish u all the best in ur time at milan.
Now lets hope milan can get auba too

Milan until my casket

Didnt 90 percent of us including me say this about bona .. sometimes what seems average turns out to be very good indeed and what seems very good turns out very average !


Lol… nice ending there. Did u jux make it up?

Milan until my casket

Haha..yes !


Yeah but i didnt say anything bad about kalinic in that particular comment mate. on the contrary, i wish him best of luck because i only want the best for milan. Also, mind u, theres always a chance that new player could end up like bertolacci, gilardino, matri and lentini.

Btw, r u john the baptist? Why did u change ur username mate? Trying to emulate sheva are we? *wink

calcio friedo

he isnt better than bacca but gives more for the team and improves the players around him with his link play, Bacca on the other hand jus offers a pretty decent return on his finishing and very little if any work rate in other areas but at 29mil I feel we should look elsewhere anyway


Sigh I didnt want him and like most Milan fans I really wanted to see a top striker arrive to send us back into CL but we’ll have to settle for Kalinic and wish for the best. All I can say despite what the critics said about him I just hope his qualities can be used to push the team into CL and not bring us down. Good luck to you Bacca as always hope you reach your goals in Spain. Forza Milan

Milan until my casket

Don’t worry our Milan will still buy another striker:) and it will be a super super striker ..


I saw two articles linking Milan to Dolberg so here’s to wishful thinking


Sick of seeing certain “pundits” and so called expert talk down a player. Montella wanted him thats good enough! He will suit Montellas plans!


Matri seemed to suit Allegri’s plans, see how that turned out.


Firstly you can’t compare the quality of kalinic and Matri as players.

Secondly you can’t compare the squad we have now to the squad that allegri had at that time.


Actually, he made a valid point; Many coaches favorites turn out bad sometimes. Fellaini, vampeta, gilardino, de judas, matri are just a few examples of that.
I certainly don’t want kalinic to be part of that sad list


short of words


I see no reason getting this guy.. I don’t know why will have Silvia for 40million. Is he going to seat on the bench or what ?


Comment:it would not be nice if we sell Barça and eventually we do not get our much awaited striker. No point at all


Hope montella will give us the need result now since his kalinic will finally arrived. I’m of the opinion that he will not produced any better then Barca. Hope montella goes very soon and behind his kalinic..


I bet some of u guys haven’t seen Kalinic play,the guy is so decent,,fast with the ball at his feet and aswell a well positioned good finisher!! I do watch all single serie A team matches.. He’s a real upgrade to Bacca that i can testify!


R u by any chance the guy who went by the name of angry italian dear sir?
“I do watch all single serie A team matches.” So u watch at least 10 games/week all season long? Fat chance. However, i agree that kalinic has great positioning sense, a true poacher.


milan10… what bothers me now is his resale value because at this point, i don’t think anyone is gonna offer something closer or higher to/than his initial cost….
Unless the great Nikola kalinic put in that world class performance that on the same level with auba, lewa……


well we know how this is gona end this guy was never a goal machine and not a assist king just becouse montella wants we spend 30 for a striker 4 years and give him 3 mil salary later on we will find no club who could pay his wages and buy him as this kind of guy get greedey even if they would rot on the bench they will not leave becouse now they belive they are worth 3 mil now we can just loan them out and pay the salary untill they run out of contract short we… Read more »


Milan are a football club not some used car dealer mate. Who gives a flying fvkk about resale value, its not our money anyway. when a great club buys player the plan is to buy only great one whom they’ll play until the contract or the player himself expires. Remember warren buffett’s modus operandi? He seeks good value for money company, buys it whole or part of it through shares and hold it forever


lol that reminds me what ever happened to that Bonera guy


I agree. it’s definitely a better buy than Belotti. Okay, Kalinic is not as good as Aubameyang, but midfield and defence are more crucial for mounting a decent push for Champions League. With a fully functioning midfield you could even stick the likes of Berbatov up front and he’d look the part.


i saw a picture of kalinic in milan jersey, the colour really looks good on him…
presently without kalinic, we are dangerous on set pieces, now we crazy….haahaaha


He is OK, was hoping for someone better though.


At least he knows how to play in a team, will fit the montella-style, knows the league and doesnt cost as hell. He is more than avarege. But i have to say, im sorry for belotti, as he is a great player and he will proove its worth. He is Milan-fan and would fit our profile. The only question would be, if he could repeat the last season.


good one, a squad player, not a main wepon but we need it,
if we gona war with giants we need a bigger gun, Aubameyang…!!!


Stupid Milan fans they Åre satisfied with ok players.. better tha. Muntati players.. not as bad as we think players..we will achieve nothing like that low mentality


just because you are underestimating kalinic. he is just underrated and you believe in this.


Kalinic is a much much better player than are you as a fan, mr. imperfect !!!


Well said but unfortunately Galliani came through with his brainwashing. The only reason I can be ok with the signing is if Kallinic will be a bench warmer.


our famous donkey buys continue
in the end
we will need to loan him out and pay his wages
4 year contract
why get an old donkey for 30 millionn
when u can have a a young horse for 35 in dolberg


That’s you Italian Mentality.


Kalinic, Silva, Auba… Cant be arrested for dreaming tho.


Is he our Mr. X?

Baresis Dream

Kalanic is a welcome addition to our very depleted striker force (now that Bacca and Niang are practically gone). With him we have an okay choice of strikers in seria a terms; but make no mistake – we are still the weakest in that department in comparison to our direct rivals – Juve, Napoli, Inter, and perhaps even Rome. Let’s hope that our strong back line and solid mid is enough for 4th place.


I honestly think we need a striker that will guaranty us 20+ Goals i don’t think Silva is ready and and as i said before he is more like a false 9 same as Kalinic so we need a true number 9 like Belotti or Aubamayang to take this team to the next level and a really good back up midfielder. So yeah if we are going to get another striker whats the point of Kalinic since we already have Silva unless we are planning to utilize a formation that will use 2 Strikers. A 20+ goal scorer and and… Read more »


Great buy in my opinion, but why are we getting another striker after Kalinic? What was the point of getting Andrea Silva? Three center forwards battling for one spot in a 433? Or am thinking we are going to switch to a formation that facilitates two strikers? ad really not sure whats going on…..I mean i thought we needed one striker, a winger as Suso is the only true winger we do have and and another really good midfielder all around like Hamsik that can fill in pretty much anywhere , but since we are gunning for another striker a… Read more »


My top 6 this season is Juventus at first i mean they have weakened this year with the departure of Bonnuci and Alves and i still think there favorites, Napoli 2nd because they have kept there core which i am sure will be better than last year and under the same coach, Inter in 3rd as they were a stronger team than Milan last season and now they got Spalletti as coach as some good smart reinforcement as they didn’t need to splash as Milan did this Market. Milan and Roma fighting for 4th if Milan mercado closes with the… Read more »


once you officially become ours you will get our support. welcome! Kasper dolberg is next! dolberg will be the next striker to be signed.


A lot of people seem to think this departure


Stupid move, don’t care what anyone says. If Montella wanted a striker of his style why didn’t we just buy Dolberg? Same price, less wages and far more potential (probably on par now) He’s no better than Bacca, don’t kid yourselves. Bacca had no service last year. If we’re getting a top striker as well (Belotti/Aubameyamg) this makes even less sense as it will leave Andre Silva with very little playing time. Aubameyang/Belotti as a starter with Suso supporting would be perfect. Silva and Dolberg sharing the spot as their replacements, both getting plenty of playing time in the Europa… Read more »


i believe to dolberg would have been a much better choise can cover all 3 spots in front of a 433 i tall and fast for his age already great but this fear of montella wanting a expirienced seria a striker after buying 10 new players(building a whole new team) what wuld made it different getting a young classy forward well what to do after all this good buys there must have been a donkey lets hope kalinic will live his best years still if not throwing 30 mil out of the window and someone else gets a talent who… Read more »


Montella just like allegri is not interested to have a perfect standard starting eleven, thats why he doesnt want 1 big striker that promise him 28+goals, he rather have 5 halfstrikers so he can rotate, borini, kalicnic, niang etc.. this is good…because now montella have his matri, and now he will answer forit

ojo solomon

@Mr Italy nd Milan 10,i support u guys comment,sum pple dnt watch serie a week by wek,me I watch all Seria game both Saturday nd sunday,pls stop rubbis talk abt kallinic,d guy is beta far Dan Bacca,wen bacca was in sevilla he only score true pass he is not d kind of player dat giv pass to other team,nd I dn lik dat kind player,wat football is abt is impact on d pitch,kalinic is a gud strker bcs I watch his game in fiorentina nd for me Is as bad as u pple think,bacca style of playin nd score goal… Read more »


I’m a professional writer and my mother tongue is English, but I struggled to read this. If a point is worth making, why not write properly? Keep text-speak for texts. Lots of people here aren’t fluent in English so writing like this doesn’t help them. Grammar? Punctuation? Spelling? Make the effort!


i would always go for the young explosive of course kalinic wants to go to milan famous for giving high wages and even keeping players loaned out untill they run out of contract and pay their wages a guy like dolberg is right now to get for 35 in a couple of months his price will rise to 50-60 but montella is sleeping dolberg is expirienced in 433 can even play on both wings where kalinic will just take the space for silva nd cutrone and the worse is he is not even a prooven goal scorer where young dolberg… Read more »


Dolberg,Dolberg,Dolberg… U have a prospect in Silva and u want to buy another prospect instead of someone proven… I just pray you never run a football club


im just sayin
the good thing on dolberg dolberg dolberg is
he can play on both wings and in striker position
i would sell niang and loan baroni
get dolberg
who can cover suso and jack on the wings
where silva can fight with kalinic
as even silva can play left wing


shutup about dolberg already…..
get a job huh or get him yourself ….


well mate
we are all here to share out opinion
writing like that
u dont seem to be a fair milanista
not been able to argue calm
can anyone in this blog say
if would have 30-35 avaible for buying a striker
would go and buy a 29 yrs old kalinic


the way you always hype the dolberg guy was killing me…
the guy isn’t worth the hassle really, he lacks the temperament and anger….
thats exactly why i flopped during the europa league final against ManU….

am so sorry for the abusive words earlier….


I honestly believe some of u guys are 15 years old!!!!!!!!!!! what did u think new owner would buy 25 new players or messi ronado Neymar caliber?
they needed strikers their targets didn workout so they went cheaper option that still fits bill


What is his statistic last year ? anyone please


Bacca goes to Villarreal. Niang wanted by Spartak. Still thinking that bacca dont get enough suplay in the past season. With New signing in midfield, there is a lot of hopes that he will be better dis season. For Niang, more mature after loaned. had speed but still need to reduces his over confidence when bring d ball. After all, hes better than bori(ng)ni. But maybe…. M-A-Y-B-E, coach need forward that have more patience and could run looking a room while waiting a ball goes to him, after our coach wanted to play ball from deffense… Wish managemen give our… Read more »


Unexiting to say the least, hearing some of the names being linked and him along side, with the premise being bringing a start striker signing, his inclusion is disingenuous to say the least. Hoping he isn’t being considered ‘Mr.X’ as he’s about as far away from it as one could imagine.


Never seen dolberg play but I watched his YouTube clips.. . The guy is a beast for 19

Gifted Italian

Kalinic is a great target man and we all know Suso is known to put in decent crosses. I cant be the only one to see the potential here…


Comment:i think kalinic is ok and is a better player than bacca.dont forget he scored 26 goals in all competition last season,if kalinic score 26 goals in fiorentina last season i have on him that he would definately score 30 goal with milan.this is because we have a better squad this season than fiorentina of last season.forza kalinic!!!wishing u all the best.


Comment:i think kalinic is ok and is a better player than bacca.dont forget he scored 26 goals in all competition last season for fiorentina,if kalinic can score 26 goals in fiorentina last season i have hope on him that he would definately score 30 goals with milan.this is because we have a better squad this season than fiorentina of last season.forza kalinic!!!wishing u all the best and proof the dauters wrong.