Bacca very close to leaving Milan and joining Villarreal on loan with obligation to buy for €17-18 million

Carlos Bacca celebrating during Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on the 4th of March 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

Carlos Bacca looks set to return to La Liga after two years as an agreement with Villarreal is imminent.

It has been known for weeks that Bacca is not in the plans of Vincenzo Montella and the Colombian was not included in the squad for the Europa League playoff.

Bacca also hasn’t been involved in all training sessions recently and today he arrived to Milanello four hours after the rest of the players. He left the training center shortly after arriving and his exit appears to be close: he’ll go to Villarreal.

Carlos had his heart set on a return to Sevilla, from which he arrived at Milan in 2015 for €30m but Los Rojiblancos are only willing to take Bacca on loan with option to buy, which the Diavolo don’t agree to. Villarreal, meanwhile, are offering a loan with a €17-18m obligation to buy next summer.

According to, Sky Italia and Alfredo Pedullà, the deal seems like just a matter of time. Bacca scored 34 goals in 74 appearances in the Milan jersey. His exit makes room for a new striker.

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Buy falcao!


Tbh I’d be really happy with Falcao. He’s no Aubameyang or Belotti, but his form the past few month have been sensational. Just look at the performance he put in for Monaco last game, or his against City in the CL. Not my favourite option, but still a really good one and better than Kalinic imo. Criminally underrated.


Milan will compete in Italy this coming season based on this three bases;
1. We have at least two players in each role and that for me bring about competition.
2. We are Milan and this is our time to shine
3. We have more competitions and that will strengthen our might………
Smoking my weed


it is written all over your comment….
you don’t need to tell us….


They have to pay for the loan. It shouldn’t be free.


what’s the difference? they have to buy him for 18M next season. 2M now doesn’t change anything

Manga la figa

At this point whatever we can get for chew-baca the better.
Hope he gtfo real quick


I never liked him as he is a very limited player but I find it annoyingly funny that we’re selling him for less than 20m while Fiorentina are going to get nearly 30m for a not-that – much – better Kalinic. Smh


Agreed, plus Kalinic’s contract is expiring


, I wonder same


Can someone tell me why Milan sells there players so cheaply yet we fork out way over the top for almost anyone we sign?
I know maybe not that many were interested in Bacca but to let him off for less than 20m given today’s market is ludicrous considering you’d have to pay vast sums of money for very average players let alone one like Bacca who’s a proven goal scorer


the reason is because they are not even near avreage player ,all our players where all medicore apart from dona,and up coming locatelli the rest where weeklow,so if he goes on a cheaper price i will not be suprise @ all


No I don’t agree with that, we’ve been letting good players leave for peanuts for years


Since when fassobelli overpaid for a player? Maybe slightly more for Andre Silva and that’s about it. Sell bacca cheaply? At 25M, no takers. At 20M, clubs offered loan deals. AT 15M, only 1 serious bidder. What do you expect. When other teams don’t feel that he’s worth 25M, doesn’t this sums up everything. Lapadua was sold for 12M quite swiftly. Over the last 4 to 5 seasons, we have been signing free transfers or players around 5M. What price do you expect these players to fetch? We didn’t sign some young prospects for around 5M. We signed players who… Read more »


Why would I want them to be sold? I never said that,
Suso was bought for €300,000
But going back over the last ten years we do have a tradition of letting players go either to quickly without been given a proper chance or selling them for far less than what there worth
Christante, Saponara, El Shaa, Poli, Lapadula, Kucka to name just a recent few and De Shiglio for just 12m is total bullshit
I’m not saying any of the above were extraordinary players but they were worth more than what we got


You should watch Lazio-Juventus and you’ll see why MDS worth “only” 12mil. On the other hand the supply and demand rules apply to football too. We have bought expensive players because there was no secret we needed more than 11 players to look decent and make a competitive team, and the teams we have bought the players from know this, and we have sold some players with apparently less money than some of us might think they worth, because let’s face it they were a dime a dozen and Galliani transferred them to Milan just to have 22 players to… Read more »


Ofc, only our new signings ”need time” to gel, and MDS doesn’t need time to gel in Juve because he is the world’s best fullback.


Valiantly defending fasobelli as ever I see, Mr. Ck.

Andre Silva
Bigila (albeit necessary)
I would Calchaneglu here too, if he fails – I think he will.

Sold Kucka for peanuts.
Sold Crociata – not loaned out.

Also, everyone, meet Ck, who thinks modern football doesn’t need playmakers, and players like Fabregas, Mata, Pastore etc etc are useless. And Milan doesn’t need anyone like them.

Sorry, couldn’t resist taking this shot :p


Only ones who are overpriced are Biglia and arguably Silva. Conti was sensational last season, still young and we needed a player in that position. Borini is a loan and will cost like 5m lmao. Kucka was trash last year, just look where he was sold to understand why he went for “peanuts”. Calhanoglu had reported interest from all over Europe before the ban, we’ll see soon I guess, but around 21m isn’t really an ‘expensive player’. Bonucci and Silva are expensive players. Idk who tf Crociata is so I don’t really care if he was sold lmao. But that’s… Read more »


I was hoping for a response from Ck, not ak 😛

Kucka was ‘trash’ last season? He had ups and downs, but he was ‘trash’?


Ink I always wonder if you have even the slightest knowledge of football Andre Silva-38m he was originally valued at 60m and was bought at that rate because of Porto facing ffp and in comparison to mbappe who is currently valued at 180 and who I think has not really performed more than Silva and considering Silva has scored goals both for Porto,champions league, and is already a starter for Portugal,I think that was a steal. Conti-24m,Walker 50m,4years older and not much better than Conti if at all…. Need I say more Borini-6m,Paulinho was just bought by barca for 32m,a… Read more »


Oh yeah mate, I mostly always bark mad to hide the fact of my glaring lack of knowledge of football. Comparing with Premier League now about Walker and Conti, are we? In that case, no comment. Paulinho and Borini….. hmmm let me think…… Suso was bought for 300k, a guy who could not make it in Livpool. So what? ‘ Bigila – I know why he was needed, I know why he was priced higher. But we got hanged up by Lolito on that deal. For 22mil, we deffo could have a younger (more fit – not injured) player with… Read more »


u told her to think haha


Playmaker hahaha. Meet that who says that we don’t have a playmaker hahaha. You are the one who said Milan did not sign playmaker. Everybody here knows that calhanoglu and biglia are playmaker. Selling kucka for peanuts? This is what he’s worth. Kucka is only a ball winner. He can’t pass at all. He’s not matIc nor kante. If he is sold below his worth, there will be a queue. Is there a queue????? Matic for 5M, the whole world will be after his signature. Sold Crociata hahahaha. Have you even seen hI’m in action for 1 full game? Someone… Read more »


we are not good in selling
we are better in buying overpriced and selling under value
i guess we just too openly put players out
that looses their value
like showing we are desperate
30 goals in 70 games
why make a desparete face for this guy
well hope we learn at one point

Baresis Dream

Kucka was sold on the cheap leaving no cover for Kiesse. And we did get overpriced a bit with Silva, Biglia, and maybe Conti.

But big clubs never get the good deals, in particular if they target a single player for a specific position.


Finally. Never liked him from the start, he was good finisher but brought nothing other than that. However, he lost his confidence last season and his finishing was not that deadly anymore. Hopefully we can end up with Aubameyang replacing him, but even Kalinic is much better than him imo. We need an experienced striker anyway, Silva still isn’t proven and neither is Cutrone.17-18m is a surprisingly good deal, if only he’d gone to West Ham last year, or China lmao. That being said, he was a good professional and I hope he’s successful at Villarreal.


come on Bacca still got double digits last season when the whole team was shit [with the exception of suso and donaromma]. He is better than Kalinic but a fair evaluation will not be able to be made as Kalinic will have a significant up-grade in players playing with him. Secondly, Kucka was not trash, to say that makes me question if you even watched milan last year. defending our selling tactics makes no sense at all, we have definetly sold some player on the cheap like SES, however it is only a handfull. As most of the players we… Read more »


34 goals in 74 matches with that mediocre midfield is not bad, selling this guy cheap makes no sense but its Montela’s choice.


17M for a 31 to who can’t even play a one two or a simple layoff for a midfielder to shoot isn’t cheap. He’s only a goal poacher and that’s about it. Kalinic may not be clinical but he improves team play. He can hold up play, enjoys being fouled and can string simple passes, do simple one two and layoffs for midfielders to shoot. With him, silva, calhanoglu, bona and kessie can score more goals. His height will be more useful than bacca for RR and conti’s crosses. I don’t think Montella made the wrong choice. Of course I… Read more »




kalinic is 29 and bacca is 31. The big question now is that, is kalinic an upgrade to bacca?! I hope we have a better and serious upgrade to bacca.


Kallinic is not an upgrade. He’s just a different type of striker that fits better into Montella’s formation and tactics.

And honestly speaking Kallinic and Bacca are on the same level. Their statistics shows that.

Dont know why everyone thinks Kallinic is a downgrade in terms of quality to Bacca.

Bacca is not a 30-40 goals per season striker like Aubameyang, Lewandowski, CR7, Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Diego Costa, Antoinne Greizman, Higuain or Cavanni. Smh


The only explanation is that bacca has a low appeal compare to kalinic… and our squad in general thats why they going for peanuts.
i will miss his celebration tho… it always gives me hope whenever a scores, especially whenever we are losing…

Carlos Ahumada Bacca…


If kalanic puts silva on the bench in going to be pissed. People want the 3 5 2 but that means we lose 2 of suso bona and canu just to bring romagnioli in. 4 3 1 2. Mussa and roma compete for the Cb position and suso and canu compete for the number 10. Bring in auba ad a second striker and use kalanic as a sub. Our full backdate finally capable of offering width in a narrow formation .
Conti mussa bonnuci RR

Kessie biglia bona

Auba silva

Canu as quality subs


Dont Sell Crutone
Buy a top target NO REJECTS


Off topic.
Did you guys see how mds was used yesterday? MDS is just overrated. Thanks to fassobelli for bringing bonucci, his absence was seriously felt yesterday. Meanwhile ciao bacca. And those of us complaining of kalinic, he is better than bacca imo. I hv watched him several times and he is a big threat to defenders…good on air and feet.


DeSciglio was horrible. I Honestly don’t know what some Milan fans saw in him.

He was at fault for Lazio’ s winning goal and I’m happy we got rid of him.

Bonucci or Biglia should be Milan’s new captain. I don’t see anyone from our current squad who has better leadership qualities than those 2.

If we did, Montolivo would have never worn the captain’s armband as he has absolutely no leadership skills or personality.

Bally One

This is time 4 chellenge so milan don’t take low quality strike if we comfer about bacca and kalinic so is alredy bacca is better than kalinic and then falcao falcao is pacing 32y so my opinion falcao and bacca is de same if milan can take attack taking auba or belo

Kwabena Adu

I thought Bacca and Kalinic were on the same level why don’t we try him this season and see how good he can turn around.I hope Montella made a good decision if not then he have himself to blame


Mixed feelings with Bacca’s exit. He gave us a good first season, but he clearly struggled in Montella’s system, even Lapadula made him look average last season. I wished he could have evolved his game to fit the new system, but I guess you can’t teach an old Dog new tricks. Wish him all the best.

On Kalinic as his replacement, he seems a little upgrade (considering the tactics). I feel we will have more than 1 player coming in the attack, a wingerlike striker as well.


I will miss seeing Bacca lumbering around up front, struggling to string two passes together and then throwing a hissy fit when he gets substituted.


The biggest problem last season was a weak midfield that put pressure on our defence because we couldn’t keep hold of the ball.But the new signings kessie,biglia,and calhanoglu will improve midfield alot.bonucci,musacchio Rodriguez class signings,just need that proven goalscorer up front ,auba perfect but expensive


atleast Bacca left will make room for new striker & Cutrone stay,
hope next will be Sosa & Niang, but if they stay also good as backup (Biglia & Monty is injury prone)

i’ll say it again & again… Kalinic maybe good but he’s no super striker, 29yo in last year contract shouldn’t worth 25m,
go all out 4 Auba & get Zlatan free,
we can get Kalinic & Badelj (if Montella really wanted) 4 free next season as replacement of Borini & Montolivo…


Valuation determines market prices, Bacca is not wanted at Milan, Kalinic is fiorentina’s most important player… So that for me is the difference in their prices

Baresis Dream

Well, Montella wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, so what can you do.

If it were me, I would keep him as backup, especially in this so-called transition year. With our injury history, and the number of games on our calendar, he would have come in handy. Also in those games when you are pressing for a goal in the final minutes, and you want to add a finishing leg.


This Bacca sh***t gonna be forever, no club want them.
At the end of the month they’re going to be on clearance, big sale buy one get one 1/2 (thanks to Galliani)


Arrivederci bacca. I always though ur gonna lead milan to winning significant trophies just like in ur sevilla days, shame it didnt work out for u. Best of luck in ur next journey faithful rossonero.
Regarding falcao, i dont think he’s the right player for milan because:
1) why would monaco sell him now that mbappe is joining psg?
2) his style of play is similar with bacca, a poacher.
3) he’s very injury prone. And theres even rumour that he’s actually older that whats stated in his document/paperwork.


I’m actually going to miss Bacca. I wish Montella would have at least tried him out with the new supporting cast.


What makes you miss him? His dribbling skills? His strength? His winning mentality?

Takus Maximus

The goals nobody else could score and saved montellas ass from the chopping board

B Hutama

I prefer get the potential player or rising star like dolsberg.. our strikers, cutrone and silva are enough to be good. If falcao is not overrated price like kalinic, it’s ok.

Mamoon Alvi

Actually in previous uears milan bought chep players or mostly bought free players and once they failed milan let them go for free and believe me this board is here to earn and dominate the did not sold any player for free.