Fan asks Aubameyang to return to Milan, the striker answers: “I want to but they are sleeping, what can I do?”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang during Bochum-Borussia Dortmund at Vonovia Ruhrstadion on July 22, 2017. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang during Bochum-Borussia Dortmund at Vonovia Ruhrstadion on July 22, 2017. (Photo by Christof Koepsel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, during an Instagram live chat with fans, said that he would love to return to the Rossoneri.

Nikola Kalinić appears to be the likeliest candidate to strengthen the Rossoneri attack this summer but the big dream remains Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Borussia Dortmund have seemingly closed the window on his sale after the friendly against Milan in late July, but the player – who last week said that he is happy at Dortmund and is ready to stay – still desires a return to red and black.

Yesterday the Gabonese striker did a live chat on Instagram and one Milan fan asked him to return to the club where he grew up; Auba answered in Italian: “I want to, but if they are sleeping, what can I do?”. Another fan made the same request, and the 28-year-old replied with: “I dream.”

Auba then went on to do an impression of the San Siro announcer (“and with the Number 7….”), as can be seen in the video below. Auba’s brother, Willy Aubameyang also playfully left Pierre a message during the live message: “Aubameyang come to Milan” followed by laughing emojis.

The words of Aubameyang are coming after he told Sky Sport Deutschland: “We’ll see what happens. Whatever happens will happen. It’s a difficult situation”, although there is some confusion online whether he was talking about his own future or about that of his teammate Ousmane Dembélé who is wanted by Barcelona. It’s almost unthinkable, of course, that BVB would sell both.

On Friday, Mirabelli was attending a Torino match and talked to a Granata fan. “We won’t take Belotti, don’t worry,” Mirabelli said, to which the fans replied: “Is Aubameyang better?” and Max laughed.


  1. What the media are writing is that Milan now only have 30 Million left to spend after the acquisition of Biglia and Bonucci with the latter being unexpected which interrupted Milan’s transfer budget. Bonucci was never in Fassobelli’s plan but the CB is a good buy. But otherwise Milan should have had 70 Million to spend on Aubamenyang who I believe have been the true Milan target since summer. Galliani told Auba to come back and he replied “With Pleasure”. So I’m not surprised that he would like to return so badly by saying things like that on insta. On the other hand I hope Han Li should come through and increase the Milan budget again or maybe he doesn’t have to since he said “Milan will spend whatever is necessary”. Dortmund wants to sell Auba but only for the right price although they wont admit it. They already have his short time replacement who is Philipp and his long term replacement Isak are in place. Auba will be 29 next year and I don’t think anyone will be willing to pay 80-70 then. So lets just hope Auba is the one.

    • Just because milan supposedly only have 30m left doesnt mean they cant buy 70-80m rated player. Milan can make arrangement for the yearly payments through installment agreement like they did kessie. Hell, they can even put bacca in the deal.

    • Fassone and mirabelli in the beginning have low budget. They have to spread several player or one player only then came bonucci, so they request another budget to mr Li and he approved it.
      So milan could buy another player. I believe it will be belotti (75 + niang) except cairo rejected then it will be kalinic.

    • How would the Media know? Only a few people know our true budget, as it should be. We get different number thrown at us by the media every minute. Only when the merkato ends we will truly know.

    • Well, this is what I mean about prioritizing our transfers instead of splashing the money left and right.
      Just imagine if they had gone for Auba transfer instead of going for Andre Silva or Conti first.
      We could still get Silva and Conti, but we should have just gone for the players we need most first.

      LB, Playmaker, Winger, CB, Striker. That would have been my order of priority if I was DS. Hire me, Milan.

      • Yeah, you have a point. But things are not so simple. You can’t just walk into a store and buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

        Personally, I would prioritize Donna first, as I’m sure Fossobelli also had in mind, but who knew what to expect there. Silva was signed really quickly (quite a bit of overpriced imo), so as not to instigate a bidding war; same for Kessie.

        However, for the life of me, I still don’t know why we sold Kucka for two cents.

      • Medicine after death. We have signed quality players… We need to sell Bacca, niang (he is staying as confirmed by Montella) and a few others to generate some cash. With this and in addition to whatever budget we have we can sign one or two attackers.

        Suso would have been a good disposal to Tottenham but we can’t afford to lose him. We need to give our youth players a chance to grow alongside the experienced one. More can form part of this project.

      • Lmao. Funny thing is that we did just this but your mind can’t fathom it. We arranged Conti, Biglia, Mussachio, but some of the deals delayed as is expected with transfers. We needed a team to be ready ahead of time because we are starting earlier than other teams in italy.

        • Did just this, did we? 🙂
          Oh my poor mind, completely missed to fathom it.
          What will happen to me, I am doomed!

          • Yh we did. In this mercato we’ve gotten a lb, playmakers, CBs, a winger, striker and much more. Maybe not the ones u wanted but the administration cannot buy every Milan fan’s desired target, can they?

    • latest news: football italia
      milan will go for kalinic 25 + dolberg 35
      as they plan to lay also the future foundation of a strike force silva-cutrone-dolberg
      and get kalinic for a short term solution and a mentor for dolberg
      i personaly like the idea of dolberg
      he is used to play in a 433 (what montella if we like or not seems to prefer)
      is tall and would be a good partner for silva

  2. Instead of Kalinic, please MILAN should go for D.Costa of Chelsea.
    The asking prices are now very close, so no need to acquire Kalinic please

    • @evans. The problem is that Costa only wants Atletico. Otherwise he would have been a better fit than Kallinic who is the last resort.

    • Are you Costa in disguise? A true Milan fan will never want him because of his ethics. Will give Cutrone more chance any day above him. At least will get the return after 1-2 years.

      • What about Dolberg, I saw an article with his name on it and he could be one of the players mentioned by management that wasnt talked about in the media, I’m not for Kalinic thats for sure and Costa is trouble plus he has his eyes set on A. Madrid and thats good for me. But if Aub isnt coming then i dunno I just want the best for Milan and that is to get back in CL.

        • dolberg seems a verry good striker for his young age
          he is also used to play in a 433
          could be a future star

    • Why choose someone who doesn’t LOVE you? LOL
      No for Costa. If we can’t sign Auba or Belotti then Kalinic is acceptable buy (in 20-25m ofc not 30m). He LOVES to join us anyway haha

      Still, I want Auba to come home #Comebackmeyang

  3. I think Milan is just using kalinic to distract both Torino and Dortmund so they can reduce their asking price. Auba and belotti are the main targets. just imagine mirabelli going to watch Torino’s coppa Italia match yesterday. Milan will definitely make one final attempt for both auba and belotti .

  4. 70-80m for 28yo Auba is good to go in this current transfer market situation, the price is go higher and higher haha
    Bring him home! haha

    I prefer Auba (28yo, 80m) then Kalinic (29yo, 25m). Auba’s magnet is stronger than Kalinic in term of profit outside football IMO

    Forza Milan

  5. I say that Auba can make milan attacking trio one of the best he can revive the club with his wonderfull goal scoring opportunities. I think he is the right choice but if he really wants to join ac milan he doesn’t even care that milan are sleeping at this moment , he should join the club with his hands open wide for the club . Aubameyang it’s your decision but if I were you I would join ac milan

  6. Go all out for aubamayeng.
    Get him even if it takes 80 mil. Because he will provide the finishing touch to all the transfer activity we have done so far, both on the field and off it. If he is willing to sacrifice UCL for us, we should definitely make this happen.

    Earlier I thought 80 mil might be too much, but after seeing 222 mil splshed for Neymar, I know it’s worth it in today’s mercato.

  7. We must try really hard to sign young Argentinian sensational talent striker Lautaro Martinez at all cost! So we still should have the money to sign rising star striker Moussa Dembele from Dortmund as well! And last but not least, cause Biglia is injured, we must also another versatile and creative midfielder as well, who i really hope will be Jean Michael Seri from Nice!

    • Dembele isn’t rising… he is a star already and he wants Barcelona. We already have 2 young good strikers and Locatelli will jump in for Biglia he has proven himself multiple times

      • Sorry bro, he’s talking about Celtic’s Moussa Dembele not Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele. The one who linked with Barca is Ousmane Dembele

        But I will be very happy if Milan can sign one or both of them haha 🙂

        PS: Bring back home Auba #Comebackmeyang

  8. Well if that’s not a come get me plea I don’t know what is
    Just give Dortmund what they want already
    Why are the even considering Costa who doesn’t want to come and is a rotten apple anyway when they have one of the best strikers in the world practically begging them to sign him
    Whatever about not having enough budget left that’s only paperwork which can be arranged in installments, I seriously doubt PSG had 200 odd million just floating around to buy Naymar
    We’d have a goal scoring machine to rival anyone else in today’s game and I’d think he’d be the perfect player to play alongside Silva who’d act as he’s battling ram to make space
    They’d be a match made in footballing heaven
    Please sign him while the windows still open

    • Why would Dortmund accept installments? They lose one of their best players now, someone they don’t want to sell, and get paid bits and pieces along the way.

      • All clubs pay in installments and use the contract of us having to pay them to use in getting the money from there bank to get a replacement, that’s it simplified but more or less what makes the world of football revolve

        • Not true I think. Most transfers are paid in full lumps. With FFP rules in particular, installments don’t make sense unless your desperate to sell the player (lack of cash, player wants to leave) or are worried that his price might drop (e.g. Belotti).

          Think about it. You are Dortmund. You just lost a (say) 80 mil player. You need to replace that player, and you need to replace him now. Now, if your balance sheet shows you got only 20-30 mil this year for him, FFP makes it hard for you to buy that 80 mil player even if you have the money. And that’s assuming you have the money.

          If Dortmund sell Dembele for huge money this summer, they might accept installments. Otherwise, it will be quite hard to convince them.

          • “Not true I think. Most transfers are paid in full lumps.” R u seriously telling me u dont know that most expensive transfers like transfer of pogba, kaka, crespo, lukaku, neymar to barca, ibra et all are paid in installments? Not every club is as rich as psg u know. For gods sake and for ur own good please do ur own research before commenting mate, didnt i tell u that already? Oh, and pretty please, with cherry on top, watch and read more about football

        • Naz…. not all clubs mind you..
          Psg paid in full for neymar, the cheque used was leaked online last week or xo.

    • football italia news claims today
      that milan made a final offer for boletti
      75 plus niang plus paletta
      i dont know
      strange games
      they took too long to deal with dona
      in the end he got what he wanted
      now they deal too long with abu
      just give dortmund what they want
      why offer 75 for belotti
      and never offered 75 for abu?
      well this transfer period is realy nerv killing
      sometimes i want just to close the computer and open when it is finish
      but like a super drug
      now abu
      mirabelli deserves a oscar
      what he does
      galliani dreamt of

  9. He’s worth it no doubt. I hope he comes.

    But isn’t he a little too similar to Andre Silva? They have the same playing style except Aubameyang is obviuosly much more mature at this point, whereas Belotti, Kalinic and Diego Costa are totally different players.

    • I dono, Silva likes to drop deep to collect the ball, and Auba preferes to run in to space. It could work. But as long as Montella wants to go with one striker up top i dont think it matters much.

  10. Mirabelli will reportedly make another offer for Belotti, 75 millions + Niang but will be difficult as Torino are not convinced by Niang

    • latest news say (football italia)
      milan go for kalinic + dolberg
      i like that version too
      as dolger is a tall guy-young but is verry used in playin 433 could learn from kalinic
      and build the future strike for of milan

  11. Is it auba or belotti fit for milan… belotti
    I believe the most suitable player.
    Belotti has spirit and tenacity. He is like inzaghi with better ball control.
    Auba has speed. But not fighting spirit. He seems always calm but run faster than anyone.

  12. Dis suspense it becoming too intense…particularly becos fassobelli are not making any bids…we have about 3 targets now,auba, hello to n kalinic still not ruling out MF. Making a choice of d 3 is so hard…auba at 70m is good bargain considering he can deliver at d biggest stage for anoda 2 or 3years n d experience..belloti at 80m also not bad becos he is going n can still attract bigger offer in case we chose to sell him later, he can also grow to become a Milan legend, though limited in experience on d big stage, it’s obvious dat he is a born lion in front of goal, at 80m I think he is a better bargain to auba for 70m….kalinic, d least prestigious of d 3 but not a bad team player considering d montella formation, he comes good at 25m n d extra budget can be used for further additions in d MF….who do u chose as an adm?

  13. Belotti will be around 70m + Niang & Paletta while Auba 70m cash,
    if Fasobeli can convince 1of’em for instalement pay would be awsome,
    we’ve to go all out, Belotti will be good but Auba better…
    i think we get Auba now then Belotti naxt season, i guess Belotti price will be less, all big clubs got their star striker & Toro got harder competitions, i don’t think Toro’s cinderela story last longer cuz serie a titans already awaken…

  14. Aubameyang will be great! I’m confident Fassone and Maribelli will get us someone special.

    Montella will have his work cut out but I believe he will do well.

    Just look at Allegri at Juventus now compared to his last season at Milan.

    The problem wasn’t Allegri, the problem was that lunatic Galliani who was signing players that we either didn’t need, didn’t fit our formation and players who weren’t good enough.

    So we constantly played these below par players out of position like Kevin Constant as left back or worst the signing of Mesbah and Taiwo.

    Even Sosa, Vagionni, Ocampus, Matri, Urby, Essien, Muntari, Paletta was such a waste of money it’s beyond ridiculous compared to the quality players we have now.

  15. Aubamayeng is a finished product while bellotti is still taking shape as a top striker.

    So yeah auba gives us greater guarantees than bellotti, and after spending so much Milan can’t afford to slip up now.

    So as far as I am concerned aubamayeng takes priority over bellotti, while we can add bellotti next season if he repeats his exploits this season and proves he has what it takes to perform at this level season after season.

  16. I don’t think our budget is a problem. We are apparently ready to launch a 75m bid plus niang for belotti. If we offered 60m for aubemayang I think they’d find a median at 70m.either those two strikers I’m happy with but aubameyang is proven world class top 10 striker in world so I’d prefer him. Belotti next year!

  17. football italia . news

    milan plan to buy kalinic and dolberg from ajax
    pay 25-30 for kalinic and 30 for dolberg

    i personaly like the idea
    putting the foundation of the future
    and have a expirienced striker who can help them grow

    as dolberg is a tall guy like kalinic
    and cutrone more like silva

    whatever outcome
    all the targets for me makes sence
    i trust mirabelli and montella to make the right choise

    fully support them
    great times to be milanista

    • Kasper Dolberg is a risk in my opinion. Although he is a good striker, he is not world class like Aubameyang or Diego Costa and he doesn’t have any experience playing in Serie A like Belotti and Kallinic.

      Serie A is a tough league that prides itself on excellent defending.

      Even the smaller teams are very good at defending. So It’s not an easy league for strikers.

      Andre Silva has no Serie A experience. So to have two strikers that needs time to adapt to the league is a big risk and potentially a bad investment.

      Either we get one of Aubameyang, Belotti, Diego Costa and Kallinic who is pretty much already a Milan player then it would be a waste of money and a big risk to get Dolberg.

      Just my opinion. Someone like Edison Cavanni would make more sense if we fail to get Aubameyang, Diego Costa, or Belotti.

      Maybe PSG would be open to selling him if they get Alexis Sanchez to play with Neymar.

  18. If they are about to spend 25+ millions for Kalinić then why in god’s name did they splash 38+ millions for Silva? To bench him? To suck up to Mendes for future cooperation? And what does that mean for Cutrone who begs to stay at Milan and prove he’s Milan material?

    Till now Kessie, Conti, RR, Bonucci and Biglia are the only logical buys, don’t know where Hakan will fit in 433 and who’ll exchange places with Kessie on b2b position. And I see no proper wings except for Suso

    Dolberg? If Andre Silva and Dolberg can play on wings then OK we have attack set for years to come with Silva-Cutrone-Dolberg but I highly doubt we’ll see this trident

    • i agree with you.
      the buys we made
      could be that montella wants to switch mostly from 433 to 352
      then 433 rodriguez can drop in to the 3 man defence and calkanoglu can come in the middle
      but it seems that the buys have not been made to be for one system
      if montella would stick to 433 was no need for calkanoglu-more need a winger
      if 352 then we did not need baroni more another defence
      maybe all is a future plan
      hakan makes sence if we get rid of monto and suso
      loose two for one quality midlefeld
      realy hope they will not waste calkanoglu on the wing
      he is so much more effective in the middle
      jack can and did the wing good-drift inside and score
      lets see where all this goes
      dolberg can also play in both wings 433 – then kalinic and cutrone can cover the middle
      thats the mind games in the transfer period
      just montella and mirabelli know
      we all are guessing and dreaming
      well for me spending 80 for one player is crazy
      always found it too much
      even if the player is good
      30-40 are good prices to spend on players
      if everyone jumps on the same train even knowing the bridge is not ready
      just becouse some rich man put their dark money in the football world
      does not mean we fans should with close eyes say
      “oh yeah -thats he times-we have to addapt“
      dolberg+ kalinic or belotti or abu or in the end just kalinic(that would be galliani style)
      i am crazy to see milan this year
      cheers to all milanisti
      i like this blog
      feels good to connect

      • seems that montella wants strikers who can play on the wings-silva/dolberg
        that would ease for him to switch from 433-352
        just in the middle he needs some one like kalinic/abu/belotti
        but abu or belotti are with 70-80 verry expensive
        considering he has not resolved the winger problem
        so he may want to resolve all at one
        get kalinic + dolberg
        as dolberg is young and already used to play in a 433 on wings and in the middle

  19. Juventus struggling bad without Bonucci. On paper Milan have the the best defense. Only time will tell who will win the scudetto but I’m feeling confident in our chances.

    Looking at Juventus vs Lazio it is clear to that Bonucci left a big hole in Juventus defense.

    It will not be easy to replace him especially with a declining and inconsistent Benatia. Lol.

    I’m loving it. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  20. We sure need a striker than can at least score 20-30 goals a season and i doubt Kalinic can do that.With all this heavy investment failure to qualify for the CL will be a disaster

  21. Well I would pref auba or belotti over Kalinic/Dolberg.

    Would be amazing to see a line-up like this next year;
    (Or atleast smth like this)
    Conti – Kessie/loca – bona/hakan – ricrod
    Silva belotti

    Lets see where the transfer saga ends!

    Forza Milan!

    • i love the idea of 3-5-2
      but my fear
      we do have not good enough backups for the defence this year
      as roma is injurry prone an musa also
      we would risk too much playing all our 3 star defender at once
      i guess this is why montella prefers still 433
      as he can always during the game switch to a 3 man defence
      dolberg makes more sence if we gona stick mostly to 433
      as he can play on both wings and in the middle of a 3 man attack

      • dolberg that didn’t register a single shot against ManU in europa league final….
        dolberg can never be successful in seria A, he is not the kind of striker that can strive in seria A….
        he is just a waste of time and space…. our very own silva gat more potential than him, hell even cutrone has more hunger and temperament than your shitty dolberg…

  22. Kasper dolberg is a fascinating idea, I would absolutely love him at Milan.

    Silva, dolberg and cutrone- awesome trio for a decade at least.
    But we need someone to mentor them and kalinic surely can’t be that guy.

    • You can’t rely on two new players with no experience in Serie A as Italian league isn’t easy to play. Plus Silva and Dolberg are youngsters who need top forward to study from. Buying Dolberg is a risk IMO.

      Italian media reports, Fassobeli are waiting for an extra budget to make a shot for a big meat in attacking zone. I don’t get it why Kalinic is the hottest right now. It’s not logic, observing Belotti, saying Auba is your fate and stretching time for Kalinic? Then media says Kalinic is the hottest as well as directors are waiting for money?!

      The second illogic thing is paying 30 for a bench player like Kalinic (They say he is supposed to be on the bench) when you got Silva. Just don’t tell me Silva will learn anything from Kalinic… If you have that amount of money go for Aubameyang! Sell Bacca for at least 25, its ur 55 then only 30m is needed to sign Aubameyang.

      These days you can’t trust media. I hate it so much to listen Kalinic Kalinic Kalinic all the time! Alright he maybe a little upgrade of Bacca but not a player we need.

      I’m waiting for Gabonese! 3-5-2

      CONTI — KESSIE ————- BIGLIA ——- RR
      —————– HAKAN / JACK —————–
      ——— SILVA ———– AUBAMEYANG ——

      The worst thing is that Suso can’t fit in this lineup.

      ——— KESSIE — BIGLIA — JACK ———-
      SUSO ————– AUBA ———— HAKAN

      Now Silva is out. Anyway Montela has to think… Plays who is in the best condition

  23. If we are gonna get Dolberg than we should leave Kalinic in Fiorentina and keep Cutrone with us. In that way we would have 3 young talented strikers with different attributes and Niang 🙂

    P.s. I saw De Sciglio slip against Lazio. Man that less famous Lukaku owned him, haha. He was awful. When I saw him slipped i caught myself waving to him

  24. 1) did any of slack jawed milanisti watch barca – madrid match? Now thats how u execute 4-3-3 perfectly. At least 2 great playmaking cm in midfield, 1 modern st with good link up play, and 2 fast (playmaking) wingers and fullbacks.
    2) barca source on twitter claimed they told dybala that his style isnt compatible with messi thus barca wont target him as neymar’s replacement. Im starting to think that messi is getting too big for barca and they should let him leave as no players should be bigger than a (mes que un) club. I mean, he’s been uncompatible with everyoone; eto’o, ibra, villa, sanchez and his argentinian teammates, and im sure neymar left because he’s tired of being messi’s literal wingman. He also refuses to be substituted, he even gets to choose his own coaches and which players barca should buy or not. Like, really? I hope theres no player in milan who think he’s bigger than the club.
    3) did any of slack jawed milanisti watch lazio – juve? Lazio executed 3-5-2 admirably and they successfully contained juve’s midfield and dybala. I laughed my bottom off when lukaku owned di judas and made match winning assist. Milan offered 40m AND de judas for bonucci but juve said they would like separate deal for him instead. What a blunder. Im telling u, milan can win scudetto this season.
    4) regarding milan new st, dolberg is hot prospect but he’s not finished product yet while milan needs proven mature st so i think, as much as i dislike him playing for milan, kalinic is better option. If milan really wants dolberg maybe they can buy him now but loan him back to ajax so he can get precious playing time. Also, playing with 3 st upfront (silva – kalinic – dolberg/cutrone) isnt a good idea at all. Who’s gonna pass the ball and help out the fullbacks?

  25. Cutinho, I wanted him in milan years ago. I know that Milan10 is one of those you thought that was crazy. Maybe for he was brazilian.

    Imagine cutinho behind pato in milan. WOW. Strange that pato isnt injuried one day after he left milan.. yeah it was not milans or allegris fault. It was the… weathers fault in milano.

    Pato + cutinho with a coach without military training, would be scary

    • ‘Wanted him in Milan years ago…Milan10 is one on those who thought the idea was crazy” , so u finally reveal that u are Sheva. Lol

    • Do you even watch football or you just write something and assume that It’s correct? Pato gets injured all the time. Even after leaving Milan he just kept getting small(out for a week or month) injuries. That is why he ended up in China. One of the biggest talents without any doubt but unlucky

  26. What do you guys think of Pato as a fringe player? I don’t want any bashing here. It’s Just a Question?

    His only issues are injuries and can be managed without a heavy workload.
    He should be cheap to acquire and has massive talent still.

    Oh well, maybe it’s nostalgia speaking

    • Pato has always been something special for milan, only injuries stoped him. And under allegri half our team was injuried, just watch youtube vids of allegris tranings in milan. Allegri didnt train smart with the players, he train for military action.

      He wanted flaminis he wanted poli’s he want van bommels, he wanted muntariss. only people wo just ran ran ran ran ran ran ran.. technical abilities?? NO.. just run run run run run run run.. that was allegri tacticts. No plan, no strategy no creativity.. just run run run run run run run run..

      Pato without allegri would be lovely

  27. who is better morattta or bellottti

    who is more expeensive??

    pls forget bellotti for now a season wonder let him play two years consecutively if he is worth it sign him



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